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Less Than A Second

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You’re in your room late at night. You’ve been on the computer for a while now, and it’s almost time to get some sleep. The light behind you is still blazing, cutting a swath through the oppressive darkness of whatever ridiculous hour of the morning it is. In a sleep-deprived haze, you amble over to the light switch and flick it off, and instantly realize you screwed up. Your headphones are lying on the floor, and without the light to see them you’ll probably step on and crush them. Resolving to turn the light back on so you can grab them, you spend less than a second in near-perfect darkness as this goes through your mind. Then you flick the light back on.

You’re not in your room, anymore. It’s as if fifty years of disrepair have ravaged your once-loved living space. You’re also surrounded. You can’t really see them, mostly just their shadows are visible as they crouch on all fours all around you. The only features you can make out are hundreds of mouths of jagged, grinning teeth, and a set of glowing, red eyes to go with each twisted smile. You almost have time to scream. Almost.


Credited to James V.

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62 thoughts on “Less Than A Second”

  1. Damn it, I was listening to Ghost Sounds from YouTube and, believe or not, in the video I heard “I see them” while reading the phrase “see them” from the story here…

  2. Damn you. Every night i go to bed i walk downstairs using my cell as a light so i don’t need to go back up and turn the light off. way to scare a 15 yr old

  3. hi, dont turn around

    its an interesting concept, the fact that, any second some horror can pounce upon you, the fact that as you breath something can be watching you… so did the headphones make it?

  4. Some pastas make me want to laugh evilly. This is the best of those. 10/10 good job, Mr. V. My signature has never felt more appropriate.

    Fear the Darkness


  5. If I’ve learned anything from this site, it’s that I should keep my headphones by my computer. But I do that already.

  6. Eh, I’ll live. ‘Specially as I’ve done this THOUSANDS of times. Turning the light off and then turning it on real quick.

  7. And then monsters. Right. Okay, okay, I get that the point is the utter betrayal of reality at the briefest drop of a hat, the horror of never really being able to know what could happen to you even from one second to the next. But it’s still in the form of “And then, monsters.”

  8. Hmm… hit rather close to home, what with my tendencies to stay up on the computer till ungodly hours… Short, sweet, and and to the OH GOD MONSTERS point…. and makes me think of the times when I’ve had to turn the light back on for whatever reason….

  9. @Alpha:This creepypasta was alright, although I felt it wasn’t really “written as good” as it could have been.
    Delicious pasta none the less.

    Lol, delicious irony.

    Good pasta
    *thumb up*

  10. haha a furry creepypasta
    furries distort time, making life horrible
    note the end as they smile
    they just found a yiff partner

  11. I didn’t really care for this one at all. I feel like putting these stories in the second person is cheating. It’s like “hey, what if the scary thing happened to you?” directly instead of having you identify with the characters. I can deal with it most of the time, as it’s pretty popular with these pastas, but not with something this short.

  12. I liked it. It’s creepy if you’re in the same situation they were in…(I am). Kinda paranoid about the light switch now….

  13. You could’ve made the overall story better, but the ending was fantastic. Try again, you’ll probably make a really good one.

  14. Yahweh & Aye, I think it’s not just a ‘random ending’, the point is that everything changed so completely and horribly in… well, less than a second. The idea of such a thing happening to you is what brings the creepy.

  15. This creepypasta was alright, although I felt it wasn’t really written as good as it could have been.
    Delicious pasta none the less.

  16. I agree with “Z” (The first comment, in case you couldn’t figure that out.). Not really scary per se, but certainly an interesting idea. I did like the ending, though.

  17. Hmm. Intriguing concept. However, this is one of those pastas that’s only really creepy/terrifying if it happened to you. Reading it, I really didn’t find it scary at all.

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