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Leon Czolgosz

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Leon Czolgosz, the assassin of William McKinley, the 25th President of the United States, was electrocuted for his crime on October 29, 1901, at Auburn Prison in Auburn, New York. Among the personal effects found in his cell was a U.S. quarter stamped with the date 2218. The face in profile on said quarter was not George Washington, but rather a face which has yet to be identified.

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50 thoughts on “Leon Czolgosz”

  1. Panicking!SepticKilljoy

    This was soooooooooo scary. Made me start running around screaming and crying like a little girl.


  2. Panicking!SepticKilljoy

    This was soooooooooo scary. Made me start running around screaming and crying like a little girl.


  3. but surely if the person went back in time to kill McKinley the different course of history would mean that person would never exist or want to go back to kill McKinley meaning he would never go back in time to kill him and thus change the course of history and… well time paradox.

  4. Why would anyone expect the quarter have George Washington on it? Washington quarters were only minted since 1932.

  5. Just saying, this is more reassuring and wonderful than creepy. Guys, the world isn’t gonna end! America is still going to be alive and kicking in 2218!

  6. You guys don’t get it. Even if we lived until 2218 it wouldn’t matter, we still wouldn’t find out who was on the coin. The point of the story is that he went back in time to assassinate McKinley in order to change something that would have happened had McKinley lived. So the coin with the unknown person on it was from the future BEFORE it was changed. When he changes the past, it changes who was put on the quarter, among other things. So just like we don’t know what the future would have been had McKinley lived, we don’t know who the person on the coin would have been.

    1. Considering that this was posted years before (2008) even existed (2011), somehow I don’t think OP is the douchebag here.

  7. I think the problem with this one is the date on the coin. None of us reading this right now will live to see that date, so its like.. whats the point. Should have put it at like 20 years in the future. That way it can be “Oh whats gonna happen in our living future that will require time travel assassins?!”

  8. @Louisa:

    “I donโ€™t think there will still be coinage in 2218.”

    No. We’ll have to use bottle caps instead.

  9. He was given the coin by a guy from the future if it was time travel to stop William McKinley from ruining the future.
    Also lol necropost

  10. Chol-gus
    Long O on the Chol. Gus as in the name.
    If you’re really good at Aztec pronunciation you can attempt an S sound before the Ch.

    1. No, that’s actually incorrect. The following is an excerpt from “The Authentic Life of William McKinley,” published circa 1901:
      “Czolgosz, the name of the man who shot President McKinley, offers a lingual problem to nine-tenths of those who attempt to pronounce it. It is one of those names which the English alphabet cannot spell phonetically, and which the average English-speaking person stumbles over in trying to express after hearing it spoken by a Russian. Written according to its sound, the name of Czolgosz, or its nearest equivalent, is ‘Tchollgosch,’ or, more broadly speaking, ‘Schollgosch.'”
      If you’d like to hear it said, Stephen Sondheim created an excellent musical based around presidential assassins.

    1. Constipated Unicorn

      Actually,YOU fail. The pasta was written in 2008.

      2008+210= 2218

      2008+ 1,210+ 3218

      know your facts first before making yourself look like an idiot.

  11. Good catch of the coinage mistake. The guy behind Czolgosz was a nigra, who the secret service thought was the assassin, instead the nigra was the first guy to “thrash” Leon..

  12. I don’t think there will still be coinage in 2218.

    And they didn’t even have Washington quarters back then. Washington quarters were introduced in the 1930s. They had Liberty on the quarter around that time.

    This creepypasta just isn’t creepy when you think about it for 2 seconds.

  13. I bet you a quarter the picture wasn’t of William McKinley!

    Seeing as how he was from the future, you’d think he could have come up with a better escape plan than: “Get almost thrashed to death by the crowd.”

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