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Last Will

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This is my last will…I’m recording this now. I don’t have much time left. Well…not so much of a will, really. Everyone I know is dead, missing of seconds away from death.

I don’t know how it went so wrong. It was supposed to be something that would grant me eternal wealth, riches and longevity. Something that I heard was supposed to be how Caesar rose to power. Me being the idealistic man that I am, I decided to try it. The information was scattered far and wide. On top of Mount Everest, inside the 5001st paving stone on the Great Wall – everywhere imaginable. Everything fit together precisely and beautifully. This is how it works.

Go into the “slums” of your city and wait for midnight to strike. You must bring along three items – a coin that was made on the year of your birth, an object that holds music – like a CD, a tape or an MP3 player and the left eye from a two-week-old puppy. Stand on any street and wait exactly five minutes. If you did it correctly, there will be the sound of a single footfall behind you. You must then place the items on the ground, say your name aloud and then walk straight ahead for five minutes. Not sure what you’d do if there’s a wall or a bend in front of you. Follow the curve of the road or go around the obstacle maybe? Anyway, there’s no time to muse over the small details.

If you’ve followed those steps to the exact letter, you’ll get great power and life and all that in a couple of days. After that, you’re set for the rest of your life. If you didn’t…well, that’s where I am now.

Wait. Did you hear that? A sort of…squishing sound? Like wet…I don’t know. The mic on here probably isn’t powerful enough to pick up those sounds. After I didn’t get my wealth and power, I did some research on this particular ritual. It’s not some crappy internet meme like Candlejack or the strange Creepy Pastas on old rituals. It’s powerful stuff – old black magic. Old…as in really old. If what I’ve read is correct, this stuff was considered old when Rome was the only world superpower. Some of the reports have crude drawings of the thing that appears behind you. HP Lovecraft has nothing on those images. I’ve also read reports on what happens to those like me…the ones who fuck up.

Man, those are the worst Nightmare Fuel. Reports of people being found torn in half, their internal organs sucked out their eye sockets…and the reports of the people who are found alive. Their seemingly insane babblings and yells of unspeakable things. Of course, they speak them…rendering the whole “unspeakable” aspect a moot point. I don’t want all those to happen to me. That’s why I bought an old style revolver with me. It’s loaded with silver bullets coated with salt. The way I make it, if five bullets don’t kill whatever it is – the last one will go into my brain.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, I guess I didn’t follow everything to the letter cause I got no power. After the research left me a quivering heap in my apartment, I began to slowly accept my fate. All of my affairs are in order. All my family…shit man, strangely…all of them died a few days ago. I mean, I was on the phone with my father, just talking about life and where I was going – when he screams and gurgles. It sounded wet. Really wet. I kept listening – trying to hear the killer…five minutes later I got nothing. When I went over to his place to see for myself…police were all over the place. Questioned me for a bit and then got me to id the body. Or at least…what was left of it. Christ; my old man didn’t deserve to die that way. All this death for a stupid wish. All my friends? Dead, or dying. I just came from the hospital. Pulled the plug on my ex. Literally. She was pretty torn up – again, literally.

I’m preparing myself now. I’m going to place this recorder inside this dumpster and leave the lid propped up. Hopefully whatever it is will make some sort of noise. Anyway, I won’t say my name here. You’d probably Google it to the high heavens anyway. OK, goodbye to everyone who is listening.

Save yourself.


Full recording of a tape found in an empty street. The only sign of the individual (John Doe) was a rather large puddle of blood near the far wall. Further investigation found said revolver – unfired. The last five minutes of the tape are transcribed below.

JD: All right you son of a bitch, I’m here. I did everything and you didn’t deliver! What the fuck is wrong with you? What the hell are you anyway?


JD: What? That doesn’t make a lick of sense! You can’t be serious! Step out of the shadows! I wanna see who I’m dealing with.

(A single footfall is heard)


JD: Oh Christ.

(Silence, then a scream that trails off into wet gurgling. Crunching sounds heard for the remainder of tape)

Forensics have found tracks leading away from the pool of blood. the tracks do not match any known human or animal on record.

Credited to LordRex.

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127 thoughts on “Last Will”

  1. The sound of a football?
    And just tell the readers to position themselves toward an open area. “I don’t know what to do in this scenario” makes for some awful ritual pasta.

  2. Bring along a CD or other such thing, it’s how Caesar rose to power. Don’t worry about the details in the case that you can’t walk a straight path for five minutes. It’s an old ritual, considered old back when Rome was the only world superpower. These inconsistent, uncooked pieces of pasta made me want to puke. I stopped reading after the fifth paragraph.

  3. Bring along a CD or other such thing, it’s how Caesar rose to power. Don’t worry about the details in the case that you can’t walk a straight path for five minutes. It’s an old ritual, considered old back when Rome was the only world superpower.
    These inconsistent, uncooked pieces of pasta made me want to puke. I stopped reading after the fifth paragraph.

  4. I enjoyed this pasta there was the mistake about the music and Rome but apart from that a well cooked pasta with a yummy sauce.

  5. Proudly insane

    It’s okay. When I started to read, I thought about how I could do this.
    Step 1. Take two steps outside my door.
    Step 2. I need a coin, my iPod, and… Shit.

  6. Tip I have my Roman great great great great great great grandfather’s mp3 player.
    P.s. please quit saying my name. Or at least live closer together.

  7. Hey guys, wouldn’t it be funny if he disappeared right after he said Candlejack? It would’ve made a better stor

  8. I’ts obvious, isn’t it? This was written not long after the Candle… well, you know what I’m talking about. Candlejack was obviously busy, what with all the people saying his name, and he took a while to get hi

  9. I think he died because of the puppy seeking revenge. Imagine: “Who are you?!” then from behind the dumpster, a tiny puppy with an eyepatch and a look of murder in his eye. Dun Dun Dun!!! just thinking of that ruined this pasta for me.

  10. …”Bring an object that holds music, such as a CD, mp3 player, or tape”?

    Kind of makes me wonder how this ritual could’ve been performed and deemed ancient by the Romans if those things didn’t exist until recently.

    Fail pasta is fail.

  11. “Go into the “slums” of your city and wait for midnight to strike.”
    Depending on the city, you could meet certain death if you just tried that part and nothing else.

  12. I did this one and all I got was a pissed off guy who followed me down the road for five minutes, honking like all get-out.

  13. Ah ha, I read it as ‘footBall’ too. I was like, wtf? A foot ball? What?

    It was okay…
    It’s missing something, though.

  14. So he doesn’t know where he went wrong in the ritual, his life is being torn apart by forces beyond his understanding, and his reaction is “Hey, but you should try it out, I must’ve just messed it up somehow!”

    That was the main part that jarred for me. Should’ve either made it so he knows exactly where he went wrong (maybe the part where he mentions to walk for five minutes, he could say that he came up against a wall and made the mistake of stopping), or have him say the whole ritual is a lie and warn anyone against trying it. The matter-of-fact instructions after the introductory paragraphs of how he’s cursed and hasn’t got long left just don’t work.

  15. There are a few errors with the story, but it wasn’t too bad.

    The puppy’s eye thing was sort of “WTF,” but then again, lust for power, & all…

    The reason he didn’t use the revolver is, I believe, because nothing actually APPEARED before him until the footfall. Then he was too shocked, & then he died.

    Great dramatic buildup. Bad ending. Read like a cliche, underbudget horror movie.

  16. 1: a coin, stored music, and a puppy eye? really?

    2: i don’t think they wrote down music that far back, or (if it is that old) had any from of currency that could be considered a coin, what did they use?

  17. Wait, anyone who doesn’t follow this ritual gets killed? Its no wonder all his friends and family died, they didn’t do the ritual! Did anyone else on the planet do it either? They will all die to! I am going to die because I didn’t do this ritual! Poor inhuman beast has his work cut out for him in the coming months when he realises that nobody is doing his ritual…

  18. My apologies for double posting, I just realized one thing: This guy is either incredibly courageous or just plain fictional :P
    Yes I do know this is a fictional story
    However, he was faced with his death and said “well you’re full of shit” to basically Cthulhu
    Problem: he had a god damn revolver, where’d it go? Why didn’t he use it?

  19. This was actually pretty good. It was capable of making me nervous for the night. Combining it with five or six other stories at the same time (lucky me) I managed to be paranoid as hell for roughly…oh yeah, still am! =D

  20. I’m really confused.

    It said if you did it correctly you’d hear a single footfall..

    He heard it.. because that’s when he said, “Oh Christ.”

    What gives?

  21. In all, it was pretty good. There are some things that bothered me. The left eye of a puppy?! Poor puppies! T_T And if I knew there was some THING out to get me, I’d have already used the revolver to kill myself. I wouldn’t wait to see if I had a chance of killing it ’cause chances are, I won’t stand a chance. :/

  22. Could’ve been good, too inconsistent, etc. I think some of you judged too harshly without reasoning, and some of you didn’t think about it at all.

  23. I know what he did wrong. It was the coin, see in the story it said the coin must be made in the year of your birth so he must have grabbed a coin marked for that year…but they are actually made the year before.

  24. I agree with hamburger, (one of the peeps who left the comment, scroll up) that the monster thingy was satan. But I personally call it the “Gurgle Monster!” ^^

  25. This was terrible.
    The modern objects (mp3 players, memes and so on and so forth) which tried to make this seem real failed miserably. I mean, what is this?
    This was horrible.
    The creature tried to have the old “What you can’t see is scarier” rule but it failed, he even mentioned candle jack for Chri

  26. I like the basic premise of this one – the “ritual gone wrong” angle – but I didn’t like this particular pasta too much, sadly.

  27. i read footfall as footBall.


    oh well.
    after the puppy thing i didnt like this one.

    it didnt “make a lick of sense”

  28. I’m sorry. You lost me at “On top of Mount Everest, inside the 5001st paving stone on the Great Wall…” That’s some major geography/history fail right there for a story which depends so much on the reader recognizing the historical legitimacy of the ritual.

    Overall, I think you just tried to do too much with it, switching settings and delving to deeply into things that don’t actually matter to the core of the story and the jarring POV switch near the end.

  29. :o
    that was sooooooo good. but the puppies eye thing was messed up.

    i think the monster thing with the one footfall was satan.

  30. i’ve read this before….i think. Still creeps me out a little, probably because i read it late at night.

    I think it’s a pretty good story but why did it have to be a puppy? seriously thats animal cruelty >:( gawd they should have made it a human eye…yeah that sounds better :)

  31. “I just came from the hospital. Pulled the plug on my ex.”
    Spent the rest of the story wondering why he had power of attorney over his ex.


    And I’m not ready to take out the eye of a poor two-week old puppy, just to do something that might get me killed.
    No thanks, I’ll pass.
    Overall, I thought this story was interesting.

  33. Pew Pew Laser Gun

    That was fucking shit. All this cliche ‘crunching sounds heard for remainer of tape’ and ‘tracks do not match any human or animal on record’ made me sick. This was so uncreepy and just plain horseshit that I want to find the author and reenact what happened to the protagonist and his family on the author, and his family. I don’t normally get this angry over a badly-written creepypasta, but that’s because this creepypasta isn’t badly written. It’s so fucking shittly recorded that it does not deserve to even be called writing, I feel incredibly, personally embarassed for the writer.


  34. That was pretty well written, actually. Aside from a few blaring errors, of course. One being the “of” instead of “or” in the beginning portion. The second is that he said Candlejack and di

  35. people, when the character says “something that holds music” he only uses the MP3 player as an example. There are other devices that hold music that Ceasar could’ve gotton his hands on. An old voilin perhaps? Or maybe even a choir boy (you never know)? For all we know, Ceasar knew how to sing and his vocal cords were a legit excuse for “something that holds music”. You guys need to think farther than just this century when you read these. I know that I would normally tear it to shreds when reading an incosistency like that but there are things other than your iPod that produce music.

  36. Now wait a minute, how do we define “left eye from a two week old puppy?” Does the puppy have to be killed exactly fourteen days from its birth? Does it have to be to the day or to the hour? Do you have to perform the ritual the same day or does the eye expire? Is that what he did wrong? I think that’s what he did wrong. What if the puppy was born in one time zone and you rip its eye out in another time zone? Does the puppy even have to be dead? Why can’t you bring the whole puppy? Technically you’ve still brought its left eye.

  37. “an object that holds music – like a CD, a tape or an MP3 player”

    Obviously the person leaving their will here reworded this for modern times. Why else would it talk about “slums”? Sheet music could have sufficed, or, more along the lines of creepypasta, a human mind could carry music.

    And as far as the people talking about the coin that was made during the year of your birth… it doesn’t have to have the date written on it, it just has to have been made then. Re-read it.

  38. “an object that holds music – like a CD, a tape or an MP3”

    “this stuff was considered old when Rome was the only world superpower”

    yep, sounds legit to me

  39. I agree with Xombi, the Creepypasta, TV Tropes, and meme references made it sound like it was trying to be real too hard.
    Other than that it is OK. Squishy sounds…

  40. The puppy’s eye seemed like an unnecessary attempt to be gruesome. The narrator seemed to think very little of acquiring such an item. Plus, the reference to crappy memes and Creepy Pastas made this piece seem like it was trying too hard. There were some nice little snippets in this but overall I am most certainly not creeped out.

  41. i personally enjoyed this,not as scary as some of the oldies nad the goodies,but it kept me reading,possible part ofa greater book,sometime in the future????would buy eleven

  42. Read this one before, not bad.
    I like the frantic sounding narrator.
    I don’t like the way the family started to die though, it didn’t make much sense [was it a result of him messing it up or what?]

  43. This is one that could actually be better, longer. Was interesting regardless, not the best, but certainly not the worst.

  44. John Doe’s the killer from se7en… Kind of gave me a mental image of him when you said his name, and i pictured him to be similar to the John Doe in se7en, which is a nice effect but i doubt it’s on purpose. I think it’s pretty good. Most rituals say what’ll happen if anything goes wrong, but this one’s actually told from the point of view of someone who failed. I like it

  45. Alright, but I think that the first part of the story (the recording itself) should of been switched with the last part. It would of made it more professional, offical looking.

  46. Excellent. Not as thorough as I wouldv’e liked, but the references to real life objects makes the character jump out and seem a little bit more real.

    Yet this is also why it sorta killed itself, in that the person sounded like a guy who lurked on the /x/ boards of 4chan or here on creepypasta. All in all however, it was genuine enough to garner attention from the reader.

    Obligatory: THEN WHO WAS SQUISHY?

  47. Should have ended “Forensics have found tracks leading away from the pool of blood. the tracks do not match any kno”

  48. I’m usually very picky,
    But I liked this one for some reason.
    Could be because I’m sitting alone in my dark bedroom,
    trying to get back to sleep,
    And am easily freaked out under those conditions.

    But still, good pasta.

    [Though the “All my family…shit man, strangely…all of them died a few days ago.” pulled me out of the story. I wasn’t fond of that line.]

  49. So, this ritual was old when Rome was a superpower?

    …did they have CD’s then? Or dated coins? Readily available puppies for the slaughtering?

  50. Is J.D “special”? because when faced with an unimaginable hell beast I doubt I would accuse it of “not making a lick of sense”. Bad writing or admirable sang-froid?

  51. Any sympathy I had for this prick ended halfway through the third paragraph when he mentioned the eye of a puppy.

  52. Ah jeez. I can’t believe I read a creepypasta at 2:30 in the morning. I’m going to try to sleep and not freak out at every noise now. D:

  53. Nice, except for one thing:

    “You must bring along three items … an object that holds music – like a CD, a tape or an MP3 player….”

    How does that match up with this?

    “Something that I heard was supposed to be how Caesar rose to power.”

    “…this stuff was considered old when Rome was the only world superpower.”

    Aside from wondering how Caesar got ahold of an MP3 player, I liked this one fairly well. Perhaps it should have been “a musical device” or something, so it could mean a fiddle or harp as well.

    1. Maybe that’s the point: The guy who performed the ritual just hadn’t understood it properly. There is no obvious deviation from what the narrator thought to be the proper ritual, is there?

  54. I remember reading this in the forums and genuinely liking it. It has enough information to let you know what was going on but still had enough mystery to keep you wondering what the hell just happened. God job.

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