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Julia Legare

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A few years ago I was spending some time with friends exploring old, supposedly haunted, places. We were at the Edisto First Presbyterian Church, where a girl named Julia Legare was buried in her family mausoleum in 1852.

People reported hearing unearthly screams time and time again, but never investigating the cause of it. Fifteen years later, when they opened the door to the mausoleum to inter the next family member who had died, finding her corpse huddled in the corner next to the door, arms outstretched as if still trying to find the exit.

Well, my friends thought it would be a funny idea to shut the giant stone door (which was originally open) behind me and pick me up in the morning. The bastards left me there… I tried and tried, using all of my strength, but I couldn’t budge it, it had taken four people to put it in place. In the dark, I resigned myself to the night ahead of me.

Now, I normally don’t frighten easily, but sitting there in the relatively small place, surrounded by a looming pressure that I couldn’t begin to explain, the darkness itself seemed to try to consume me. From all around it felt like weight was pressing against my skin, making even breathing hard. I sat in the dark for what must have been hours.

Then I heard the scratches. They were faint at first, I was sure it was my imagination, but soon they became more and more frantic as time passed. I huddled up in one of the corners farthest from the door and tried to cover my ears but nothing could stop the growing cacophony. This all may have lasted for a few minutes, but each second was an unbearable eternity.

Then, a loud scream echoed through the darkness, it was a wail of unrestrained pain and fear. The scratching stopped. For the first time I could distinctly make out the sound of a girl sobbing to herself, the pitiful gasping of one without a shred of hope left.

I felt such sorrow at the moment, such pain, that I think I forgot how to be afraid. In my heart all her suffering seemed to resonate. Inexplicably, I found myself apologizing aloud for everything that had happened to her. Hell, a part of me wanted to reach out and feel for a body to hug, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it for fear that I truly would find one.

I don’t know whether or not she heard me or was even aware of my presence, the sobbing continued and I could again hear fingers against the stone slab that was the tomb door.


I fell asleep at some point, which I felt was a merciful gift from the fates. I’m not sure how long I was out, but I was woken by a loud and powerful thud as the door slammed against the ground outside. I could tell from the light gray outside that daybreak was near, so I must have slept for at least a few hours.

I stumbled outside and went to a small unlocked prayer house. I think previously it was a segregated mini-church, but regardless, I leaned against the door and waited nervously until my ‘friends’ arrived. I approached them as they clustered around the fallen door, two of them were kneeling next to it with faces of shock.

There were bloody streaks covering the interior of the door, some with light scratches from fingernails, many without. I think now that she must have shrieked when they broke away from her hands, but I can’t be sure.

At first, they looked to me, then checked my hands, then nervously glanced at one another. I was rightfully pissed with them and told them every detail of what I remembered, wanting them to know what I had been put through.


Finally, after I grudgingly got into the car and we started to head back, someone spoke up. My friend said to me “We were afraid to say anything, but look at your face.”

I later found out that many times people had tried to permanently seal the entrance to the mausoleum, including enough heavy locks and chains that it would require heavy equipment to remove it, only to have it found torn open with the door lying on the ground once more. This was in the 1980s, the last attempt of many through the decades. It seemed like some force was ensuring that it was impossible to ever repeat the mistakes of the past. This is something I am understandably quite grateful for, but to this very day I am chilled to the bone when I think of what happened that night.

When I reached from the back seat and adjusted the rear-view mirror, I saw that there was blood caked on my face. Just like the streaks upon the stone slab, there were dark red lines on either side, as if someone had gently cradled my face with torn fingers as I slept that night, feeling the warmth of another for the first time in over a hundred years.

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165 thoughts on “Julia Legare”

  1. /People reported hearing unearthly screams time and time again, but never investigating the cause of it./

    These ‘people’ make me so mad, and the likes of them are still around today!

    The ending gets me right in the guts, so lonely.

  2. Your peanut gallery addition would be decent if it weren’t stated that it took four of them to close the door. One person alone can’t move it. Two, maybe. But your statement implies it shut quickly enough to trap the ‘friends’ inside.

  3. Those people would not be my friends anymore. 10 minutes would be funny. Locking someone ANYWHERE for an entire night is sick.

  4. i have to say, when i read that last part, i felt so sad for her that i had to blink back the tears. i know how she feels. it’s strange, but even though i’ve only spent the last six years alone at night, i feel like it’s been a century.

  5. little miss black cat

    * starts crying* bwaaaaaahahaha that wasn’t scary it was just sad bwaaaaaaaaahahaha * sneezes on hanky.

  6. lollipop_gestapo

    I see now you’ve written it correctly, but regardless, this is the one posted. I have to say, the idea was great, but the writing was off. It’s got a good re-tell sense; the kind of story that gets passed around. “This happened to a friend of a friend of mine…”

  7. The first two paragraphs are really confusing, it changes from one time frame to another really abruptly there and then changes back.
    Anyway, good story and good writing.


  8. This pasta is – well, it kind of… it’s like, this pasta has alfredo sauce, and the others have marinara sauce. Different flavour; some prefer one over the other. Personally, I like alfredo sauce better :)
    That’s the best way I can explain it in pasta terms XD

  9. For the record… I did re-write this. I wrote it in reply boxes in a thread requesting OC Creepypasta years ago, then submitted it when I saw it being reposted a bit. I didn’t even re-read it before I posted the thing, which is bad, but it was just me screwing around.

    So, this is it with a tiny bit of effort. I know it isn’t perfect, but I think it is at least a bit more bearable to read. Wish I could get it swapped out. =P

  10. I thought this was a beautiful, sensitive story. I enjoyed the essence of comapassion between two souls: one who has passed, and one who doesn’t remember. I lost my beloved grandfather less than 10 days ago, and this brought tears to my eyes, but a peace in my heart. Thank you :)

  11. I think this was really good but a few parts seemed weird to me. HOWEVER I still think it deserves its high rating. I’m happy it was written the way it was, without any violence or things like that. The way Julia cradled the sleeping narrator’s face before leaving was unique and beautiful.

    But the weird parts; The girl didn’t ditch her friends and hate them for it? None of the friends admitted to feeling terrible about it or wanting to go back immediately after? Also… The narrator’s reaction to waking up and finding the door slammed down… I feel like a few comments on how freaking weird that was should have been made, or maybe how the narrator thought her friends had saved her…? Idk. Understandably she was super tired.

    ANYWAY, it was altogether a great read and I love the idea. Delicious pasta.

  12. They put you inside?????? I would have beat the shit out of them! I’ve seriously been there before, I live 45 minutes away from Edisto. My friend saw her ghost sitting on the roof and he actually spoke to her. It’s funny how these people talk like its just a story. The door seriously will not stay, no matter what you do to keep it there and there are scratches all over the door from where she was left in there alive. That place and Middleton place is scary as shit.

  13. This pasta was good. It took a detour from the ghost/ghoul trying to kill or drive crazy. Sometimes a sorrowful spirit makes things more creepy.

  14. the hash slinging slasher

    this story was a refreshing change from the gory, bloody, terrifying stuff i usually like. Next time i stay up all night reading the creepiest pastas i can (which will probably be very soon) ill think of this story to get some sleep (maybe)

  15. i actually really liked this one it had the feeling of something that could actually happen but seems to unreal to
    it would seem creepy to other people maybe but someone like me it just seems kind of sweet :) aw 10/10

    @truncheon- maybe ill lock you in a mausoleum for 100 years, see how you like it huh? not all girls are vain, self centered, people

  16. I loved this! Beautiful, sad and at the same time fricking horrifying!

    And to the signature Zanei: by summing the story up in your second paragraph, you made me shit brix. Somehow you made it worse!! WHY DIMMY WHY

  17. Aww poor ghost girl. I would\’ve shat myself if I was the dude in the story, I could /not/ handle being a cramped space where a young girl slowly died. But I do feel sorry for the girl, an over all good read, even if the writing quality was mediocre. Would eat this pasta again.


  18. I agree with Violent Harvest, it wasn’t too realistic with the way the narrator reacted inside the tomb- never mind friends locking you in overnight! Maybe an hour or so but overnight? Without any protection from the cold and etc…

    But meh I’m nitpicking! Great pasta.

  19. TheGhostInTheCloset

    I thought it was beautiful :) not all scary stories should have terrifying conclusions. In some cases a happy ending is welcomed..such as in this story.

  20. i’m the type of person who dosen’t care about anything at all, and thiss made me feel sorry for the girl, also ne1 kno if narrator a guy or girl?

  21. I thought this was an enjoyable read. Not creepy, but just…heartbreaking? I didn’t expect the ghost of Julia Legare to be merciful and forgiving. Well done, I would definitely order this pasta again. Perhaps more Ragu sauce, though.

  22. It’s 10000000x better than the pastas I usually read here. It actually has a reason why the ghost does what she does, instead of just a random mash up of scary incidents in one long overly detailed story that gives away to a really pathetic ending. This one was actually creepy, and had a real plot. Although I think he could’ve been trapped in a different way instead of being shut in by his friends… but other than that, this pasta was pretty delicious! <3 Thank you! And don’t listen to bricks… it would’ve been a really sucky ending to have the guy with his face cut up instead. ^^ Thank you!

  23. first off, it made me cringe inside when I read that this was at Edisto, the beach I’ve gone to every summer of my life.
    but I must say, it was very creepy. I like it.

  24. I thought it was awesome because its an actual place and “Julia Legare” was supposedly a real person buried there.

  25. Not scary, but very well writte and…dare I say it…very heartwarming.
    Urrg… I’m gonna go brush my teeth now.

  26. Screw people who say this is bad. It’s not. I didn’t find it scary, rather melancholy. But it did make me feel really sorry for the girl, and the person being forced to stay the night. The end is just beautiful. :’)

  27. i thought that was quite good but i got confused at the end :S i was half expecting you to say his/her faced had been ripped off

  28. Alright pasta.
    I think detail was lacking. Not enough imagery. It could have been much better.

    And why didn’t her friends tell her she had blood on her face? I mean, come on.
    She also didn’t seem nearly freaked out enough. A normal person would probably lose their shit if they were locked inside a mausoleum with rotting corpses for an entire night. And she didn’t even question how the door was opened.

    All in all, the plot was a good idea, especially the part when Julia’s corpse was cradling the victim. it just needs revising.

  29. Good pasta is good.

    Different from the gory stuff I’ve been seeing recently but still achieved the chilling effect. Like many have already pointed out, some areas could be improved to make this an even better pasta than it is already :]

  30. It’s not scary or necessarily frightening, but definitely well-written and very haunting. I think a lot of commenters are overly critical of creepypasta. This was a great example of how a pasta doesn’t need to be “OH NO IT’LL EAT YOU” or incredibly gory to be effective.

  31. I actually quite enjoyed it. Although it was somewhat predictable in parts, it was very touching and fairly creepy in the sense that it’s something that I might imagine in the dark.

    I do agree with one of the earlier comments that said most anyone would go insane through this type of torture, as well as sleep being quite impossible in those circumstances.

  32. Second to last paragraph seemed unnecessary. It did not take away from the story, just seemed like a random idea thrown in.
    Extremely sad pasta. 10/10

  33. Fantastic story, very original and different from the typical “GO HERE DO THIS LOL U DED OR U GET SOOPER POWERS” or “TEHN WHO WAS FOEN?!?!?!!?!!!” type bullshit. 9/10

  34. yeah, my names julia too, thats what got my attention :P
    i loved this. Reminds me of that creepy pasta about the guardian angel who follows you everywhere, in the sweet fucked up kinda way
    but yeah. it was creepy. but cute

  35. not heartwarming
    i do not feel sorry for julia
    i feel sorry for the person who had to stay overnight
    if i were them i would’ve shat oodles of brix when i found out what had happened to me
    they must’ve been scared out of their mind

    also, never says the narrator is a man
    could be a woman
    so it doesn’t automatically mean it has a “love story” ending just ’cause julia wanted some tlc

  36. Bricks, that’s the worst suggestion for this story I could have ever thought of. The paranormal subject in this story was a caretaker, not a malignancy. Not every story of the unknown needs to be like the Day of So Much Blood.

  37. The author is a terrible writer. But the message was creepy as shit, and similar to an experience I actually had. And could write about if it weren’t already done here.

  38. delicious pasta. it’s kind of cute, no brix shat, nothing terrifying, but it was a good, believable ghost story that wrapped up well :3

  39. this storey made me feel sorry for julia. i really liked it,but i was too busy being sympathetic(keyword Pathetic) for her. good pasta though,makes you tingly in the tummy

  40. I liked it a lot. Everyone else is just sad and expecting way to much on here. It was one of the rare ones that didn’t require the OH SHIT factor to really be a good story. Great job. ;)

    P.S. The realism is very well written, sounds like you’re writing from an actual memory. ;)

  41. This is what I’m talking about. Real, genuine, old-school ghost story. No rituals, no curses, no phone, just a great little story.


  42. It was weak in my opinion. A nice idea, but sleep inducing word choice and as someone has stated already…very predictable.

  43. wonderful story nicely written would like to forword it around in lue of the holiday season. Very believable the mind is such a powerful part of humanity. You could really scare yourself to death.

  44. I go down to Edisto frequently, and this is a real legend. Not the bloody gunk part, of course.Also, the church is one of those places where it’s said that you can see strange lights if you drive up and honk your horn three times.

  45. A nice break from what’s usually on here. As mentioned by someone above, the creepiness is partly in the fact that… well, the spirit COULD have done something bad, but it didn’t.

    I know this place is “creepy”pasta, but creepy =/= evil or bad. Sometimes the unsettling idea that the spirit/body of a dead girl in a mausoleum cradled your head while you slept after bloodying her hands on the door to make sure you got out is creepy enough.

    We can read all the dark evil bad stories we want, but sometimes one that gives you a smile isn’t such a bad thing.

  46. Other than “finding” should be “they found,” I don’t see what’s nonsensical about the 2nd sentence in paragraph 2. It’s not nonsensical as long as you can figure out what they MEANT to put. :/

  47. I loved it. I wonder if it’s just me that doesn’t like the endings that spoil the fun. I’d have liked it more if it hadn’t said “as if someone had gently cradled my face with torn fingers as I slept that night, feeling the warmth of another for the first time in over a hundred years.” If you’d just left it as streaks of blood on the face, I still would’ve gotten the same idea, but there would’ve been an added sense of unknown-ness to it. And I would have liked it better, I think.

    But the story itself was still excellent. It reminds me of the time I spent the night at my grandma’s house.

  48. I really liked the concept, but I found it hard to get into the story due to the writing style. Maybe I’m just sleepy or something, but it seemed like it just sort of jumped around without being really clear.

  49. This was a nice mix of sweet and eerie. It had that classic ghost story feel to it, but at the same time I wish there were more. Nonetheless it was great pasta :D

  50. This is one of my favorites that I’ve read on the site. It illustrates both the humans and the ghost very well in only a short few paragraphs. I like how the narrator is frightened at first, but then towards the end, he begins to realize that what she was really needing was some comfort after all those long years. Amazing story.

  51. OMG what a good pasta it was delicious it’s like a really good pasta get it becuase it’s creepyPASTA so I’m saying tht i would like eat the pasta so if it’s a good story i say its a delicious pasta om nom nom nom i would eat it again beacause you eat pasta and its called creepypasta so i would eat it again ur a good chef lol becuas chefs cook psta

  52. Anji — That is exactly what happened, in real life. They heard strange screams in the following days but never investigated.

  53. Heartwarming and yet gorily disgusting at the thought of scraping off my fingernails. I like how the ghost, though the experience would be terrifying in real life, her actions were benevolent.

    Although far from straight up scary, this was pleasing.

  54. Very tasty pasta.
    You could edit a few things to improve it a bit, in my opinion though. For one thing, if people heard ‘unearthly screams’, it’s unrealistic that no one would bother to look into it. Instead, maybe you should say that they never found the cause of it. And while the narrator was freaked out while hearing the noises in the tomb, I think you should spend more time describing his (?) fear and panic, so that the reader can get into it more as well. Lastly, the narrator should act angrier at his friends, because what the fuck, what kind of friends would do that?
    Overall, I liked this story a lot. Better than many of the pastas I’ve read lately. It was very creepy, but the ending was rather touching. No pun intended. It succeeds at being a spooky read, and gets the point across without overdoing it or trying too hard.

  55. very nice, didnt have the creepy factor i was hoping for but still very good

    if i could change one thing, i would switch the order of the last 2 paragraphs

    the fact that the place and girl are real is very creepy tho lol

  56. This is the reverse of a lot of stories on CP. There are quite a few stories that are strong up until the end but then are a letdown. This one is a bit weak overall, but the ending really works.

  57. This was really poorly written. The grammatical errors made me wince, and greatly detracted from an otherwise really good pasta.

    If the author were to edit this, it would probably be one of my all-time favorite pastas.

  58. The writing seemed rushed until the end. Like the author was trying to get to the point, but once they reached the end, they wanted hold off a little on the reveal. Not exactly a winning flair. I was also confused on what gender the narrator is; I thought it was a chick, but the comments seem to indicate it’s a dude. Who cares, though. Basically, it was a nice concept with a nice ending, but it wasn’t very good overall.

  59. If anyone is interested, the location and person are both quite real. Worth checking out if you’re in the South Carolina Lowcountry. It’s a pretty well known story in the area.

  60. “writing is very high school”? what the fuck man?

    What is this? Wall-street journal? Way better than recent stories about any malevolent entity.

  61. *sigh* I was thinking when he fell asleep he died and it was only his spirit that made it outside. Then his friends come back in the morning to find two dead bodies in the mausoleum.

    Then I read the ending and I was like..”really..?”

    I like my ending better.

    Who hears screaming and just says.. oh it’s better not to check into it. And they find a dead body and decide to play a prank rather than tell someone? That’s not very believable.

    Unless he was hanging out with four sociopaths. It sounds like a teenager wrote this, someone who couldn’t exactly think something out before they wrote it.

  62. I don’t think your reaction inside the tomb was realistic. If someone was sealed inside a tomb with no way out and there was screaming inside, you would lose your mind. There’s no way in hell you could sleep. Outside of that, I liked this.

  63. Okay, I’ve read it all now. Good to see that what I pointed out was the only nonsensical part. The pasta itself was pretty weak though. The writing is very… high school. You write as though you WANT me to scared, not as though you’re ALLOWING me to be scared.

    Be more subtle. Your approach goes too much in the direction of “well there was a big scary murder and therefore you must be terrified why are you not scared hey huh look there’s blood and everything”. At the end, I felt no fear — only total indifference. “Meh”. To be honest, I can’t even recall exactly what the story was.

    I didn’t like it.

  64. I haven’t even finished reading this story yet, but one note to make — the second sentence in the second paragraph makes absolutely no sense. Read it again.

    1. lollipop_gestapo

      Yeah I read it just now, years later, and had to reread that sentence a bunch of times. It’s definitely not written down correctly. Story has a,”rough draft,” feel.

  65. FIRST
    Then who was fingernails?

    Pretty good pasta. I liked it.
    I liked the idea of the supposed bad guy being kind of a good guy, cradling him as he slept.

  66. Who was sappy feel-good creepypasta of the year?

    Although it wasn’t too scary itself, it really does sound believable enough that it could have been true, which is kind of creepy in itself. Just think of the train track kids who always push stopped cars off the track.

  67. Awh, this was actually really sweet~
    Writing was nice, intro not unbearbly long, story was to-the-point and generally this was really good :3

  68. I really liked this one, Its the kinda pasta I like…One with a back story and that brings sympathy for the spirit into the story :) Very yummy pasta, nomnom :P x

  69. The story in itself was mediocrely written. If you had spent more time in maybe adding detail or making it creepier, then it would have been somewhat better.

    I shat no brix today.

    2/5 :(

    1. I think the fact that it was like someone’s account of an experience gave it the right feel, though.

    2. I don’t think the point of the story was to make you scared, I think it was supposed to make you think, and to maybe slightly creep you out, perhaps make you feel bad for Julia. Delicious pasta, gave me goosebumps, and not just from the fear factor.

  70. A tad predictable at times, but delicious nonetheless. Would definitely eat again. The ending is a nice touch, shows that even spirits sometimes retain humanity

  71. It was an alright story, but it just lacked a shock. You could have done it better by saying something like bloodied nails had cut open his face.

    1. Naw. The sadness of the woman holding someone living for the first time in many years after her death hit me harder than a cheap monster shock ever could.

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