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Let me start by saying that this is a very true story from my childhood, and if you visit the big library in the Nottingham City Centre, and check out their newspaper records, you will actually find information about the events detailed here.

This story takes place around 15 or 16 years ago. I was just 7 years old, and my cousin Dale, was around 9, maybe 10. He was staying with me while his mother was away looking after a sick relative. Since I was an only child, I didn’t have many toys, and my Sega Genesis was busted, and so we didn’t have much things to do that were entertaining.

Our days consisted of watching cartoons on our cable television, followed by Dale teling me scary ghost stories at it turned night-time. My mother, sympathysing with us, and wanting us to do something more active decided to purchase a pair of walkie talkies for us to play with. We had fun with them, journeying to a neighbouring Strelley Village, and hiding far apart in the woods, while the other person would try and find them by using the walkie talkie. Since we were quite young however, we weren’t allowed out of the house for very long, and so we had to be home by 5pm. We returned home later (about 6) and had our dinner. By this time it was around 7pm. We decided we would call it a night, and packed all of our toys away and got ready for bed.

However, we didn’t pack the walkie talkies away. Dale was staying in the spare room, and I had my own room, and so we planned to talk to each other through the walkie talkies until we fell asleep. That’s when we heard the thing that would change us forever. It was about 11 at night, and we had been telling ghost stories over the walkie talkies for hours. All of a sudden, whilst Dale was telling me a story about a monster that supposedly haunts the same woods we had been at earlier in the day, his voice was cut off, and replaced with the usual static noise the walkie talkies produced when the talker had accidently let go of the button used to speak. I waited for a few seconds for Dale to carry on speaking, when I heard a faint mumble coming from the small speaker. “That’s odd.” I thought. The speaker was still emitting static, but I could definately hear some kind of movement and speech. All of a sudden, the sound of crying could be heard through the static. This was very creepy to me, and so I dived out of my bed, and rushed to the room Dale was staying in. He was sat bolt upright in bed, also listening to his walkie talkie, which was emitting the same sounds, if not a second or so behind mine. The crying grew louder. “What is that?” Dale asked. “I thought you were playing a prank.” When I told him I wasn’t, his face dropped. He switched his off. The sound still emitted from the walkie talkie I was holding in my hand, making it impossible for my walkie talkie to be picking up sound from his. “This is creepy” said Dale. The crying and mumbles through the static seemed to get slightly clearer, and louder. I switched mine off too and went back to bed.

All kinds of ideas were flowing through my head. Perhaps I was picking up the sounds of the afterlife? Perhaps my walkie talkie were simply broken and producing weird sounds that just sounded like crying and mumbling? I tried not to think anything of it, and went to sleep.

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I was awoken the next day by a massive bang which seemed to be coming from downstairs. It was around 6 in the morning, and I rushed downstairs to find my mother and cousin Dale looking out of the living room window at our neighbours house next door. A large police van had pulled up outside, and our neighbour Jessie was being led outside by several officers. She was screaming profanities and insults, and even tried to run from the officers at one point before being pushed into the back of the van and handcuffed. We were shocked by what had happened, and generally confused. Jessie had been a new neighbour, recently moving into the house next door with her baby after our old neighbour had died of old age. She had kept herself to herself, and as far as we had known she was very quiet, and didn’t seem like the type of person that would be arrested for any reason.

It wasn’t until the next day when we recieved our daily newspaper that we found out what had happened. Jessie had murdered her baby after apparently seeing horrible apparitions of an elderly person in her house that had tormented her for weeks and she had finally snapped and turned loopy. This wasn’t the disturbing part though. The disturbing part was that fact that the baby monitor in the room the murder took place had been switched on during the murder.


My cousin and I had heard everything.

Credit To: Elmarco

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44 thoughts on “Interference”

  1. Anonymous
    May 1, 2013

    Ermygurd! This joke again!

    April 13, 2013
    I had an experience eccept it was two people having… let’s just say some “fun”. I was scarred for life ;_;

    And I feel sorry for this guy T-T

    Anyways. X) Nice little story you got there! I would hate to be talking to someone and then hear random crying and muttering as well. Especially near the middle of the night… XD

    I rate this 7/10 and I recommend Brank’s Candy Factory to this of you who like candy… O~O

    Peace out!

    Grim Gamer

  2. I’d like to say say that I myself do live in Nottingham, and so I could always go and check this out. I’m heading into the city centre tomorrow although I’m not sure what library it’s talking about. I’ll be sure to inform ou of anything I find :)

  3. I’ve had something like that, luckily, nobody died but it was frightening, my best friend at the time and had walkie talkies and pretended to be ‘spies’ when we both heard screaming, not baby screaming though. We turned them off and later, for some reason, turned them back on only to hear someone mumbling what sounded like a string of numbers… I don’t use walkie talkies anymore

  4. This was really good!! But my brother and sister are playing with walker talkies right now, and I’m freaking out, lol.

  5. Hmm, I know yo said that no babies were harmed in the making of this pasta, but plausibly it could happen. Hearing the baby being murdered, I mean. The ghost part not so much. And that would be rather traumatizing. Sometimes the best creep outs are the ones you don’t notice until after they happen. It’s disconcerting to know you were in danger/scariness was going on and you were oblivious. Very vulnerable situation.

  6. Great pasta. Really enjoyed it. I live in the UK too, so I might have to visit Nottingham at some point. Checked Google maps too, and it seems Strelley Village is a real place too.

  7. My bestfriend has a 2 year old, but when she was first born, she used the baby monitors. I would always imagine something like this. This really terrified me. I always enjoy scary stories that are not about ghosts, or what have you.

    1. Haha thanks! It actually sorta did! Everything in this pasta is true, aside from the actual murder. Yes, me and my cousin did pick up interference from my neighbours baby monitor, my neighbour did have supposed hauntings from an elderly ghost, and all the events of the day (such as me and my cousin playing in the woods) were very real.
      The interference was inspiration for this story, but I can assure you, no babies were killed. If that were true, that would be a terrible thing for me to write about lmao


        I had an experience eccept it was two people having… let’s just say some “fun”. I was scarred for life ;_;

  8. I wrote this! Thanks for the positive comments guys.
    When I say that the events in this story are very true… well, they are to some degree. Me and my cousin did in fact receive walkie talkie interference from my neighbours baby monitor. No, there weren’t any murders however, and there sure as hell weren’t any ghosts involved.
    Glad you guys enjoyed it though! Maybe I’ll write some better creepypasta soon.

    1. I think he meant that they (narrator and his cousin) were able to figure out that the baby monitor was on the same frequency as the walkie talkies and the talkies picked it up. Either way I love how original it is. Very nice work.

      1. You’re right! At the time we were young, and didn’t realise that our walkie talkies were picking up signals. it was only until much later (A few years at least) that Dale and I were reminiscing, and someone made it clear to us that Walkie Talkies are capable of interferring with baby monitors and vice versa.

  9. This made me very sad actually. :( Don’t get me wrong, it’s well written other than a few minor grammatical errors. It’s a good story..I just have a baby and this made me sad. :,(

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