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Why do we feel
So safe in the light,
With nerves of steel
So free of fright,
When darkness lies
Round every bend,
And sleeps inside
The most trusted of men?

For even with the sun,
Riding high in the sky.
All its light is undone,
If you just close your eyes.


Within that darkness,
Behind closed lids
Lie all of the things
We feared as kids.

All of the monsters
Under our beds.
All of the voices
Inside of our heads.

Just watch the news
Or read a newspaper.
You will see it runs loose
In so many places.

People eating people
While they yet breathe,
Mothers killing children
In ways, hard to believe.

Vicious murders and rapes,
Death, pain, and sorrow.
Yet more news will break,
When you wake on the morrow.


So, when you think thereโ€™s no place,
In reality, for monsters,
Remember the taste,
Of THIS creepy pasta.

Credit To: Jeremiah Brown


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