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I’m Sure The Wake Will Be Nice

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If traveling through the tip of the thumb of Michigan on a night with a full moon, stop at McGraw County Park. The gate will be closed but you can park in front of it. Bring a set of black clothes and change in the change rooms.

When you come out, there will be an old man with olive colored skin and curly dark brown hair and a mustache selling hot dogs in a cart. If you order one, the man will thank you for your patronage and apologize for your loss saying “I’m sure the wake will be nice.” One of your relatives – not necessarily someone close but still someone you know – will have been murdered that night.


Be sure to change back into your other set of clothes, because if you drive away while still dressed in the black clothes you’ll be pulled over by state police and arrested for the murder of your family member and the clothes will be covered in their blood.

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87 thoughts on “I’m Sure The Wake Will Be Nice”

  1. I would do this if you could pick the relative who would die. I’d pick my dad or my insane, overly religious grandmother. Both are abusive.

  2. I hate all but three of my living relatives (mother and my daughters). Doing this wouldn’t be a loss at all unless I lost the one I truly loved.

  3. I didn’t like it at all you guys should check out the kindness of strangers and eight ball there pretty good

  4. For some of us, such things are part of the means to the end. Doubly so when leaving behind a smoking gun simply will not do.

  5. So, the reward is buying a hotdog.
    The price is losing a relative.
    The risk is being charged with the murder of your relative.

    Wtf did I just read?

  6. like everyone else has sed why do this when all you get is a dead relatve and maybe arrested and you dont get anything in return unless your lucky enough to get a relative you hate gets deadeded

  7. The best part of this was the fact that some of you didn’t know what the thumb of Michigan was! That made me laugh.

    @Fry: It’s on the east side of Michigan.

  8. I’ve read this before, not sure if i commented. This is a really bad Pasta, poorly written and a bad idea to begin with. Who wants a relative they know to die? not very nice if you ask me :(. The ending was stupid too.

  9. The sausage in the hot dog is actually made out of the relative that was killed, pretty weird and freaky huh? Oh wait never mind normal hot dogs are made of humans too!

  10. If you were very, very hungry, if you had been driving so long, it’s taken your reason, there are many answers to why.
    I would do it.
    I would do it, because I could do it.

  11. um, who would do this unless they had crappy stepparents also “because if you drive away while still dressed in the black clothes you’ll be pulled over by state police and arrested for the murder of your family member and the clothes will be covered in their blood.” what a run-on sentence. and and and etc. but WHO WAS HOTDOG?

  12. anyone have any idea WHY the vendor said “I’m sure the wake will be nice.”? That’s the only part that’s really driving me crazy, coz I can’t figure it out at all.

    But yeah, otherwise hate it. It makes no sense at all, even for a creepypasta. Seriously, people need to realize there’s a difference between being mysterious and bad storytelling.

  13. I’ll throw in my 2 cents and guess that the hot dog is made out some of the newly deceased relative. I don’t mind me some random place/time/procedure creepypasta (but then, I like some of the Holders too, so I guess I’m just easily amused)…but either when it’s written as a dire warning if it’s a bad one, or there’s a potential benefit for all the risk. This isn’t really either.

  14. that better the best fucking hot dog now that i think about it ….it bettter have every thing (nothing hot though ) and i better be able to get my favorite drink too and a cookie >:(

  15. @ 11 and 13:
    The thumb of Michigan refers to a point on the lower peninsula, because it’s considered to be shaped like a mitten. It’s on the west coast. Look at a map of the lower peninsula and it should make sense.

  16. what if i felt self-conscious about changing in a haunted changing room where some weird old hot dog vendor wants to kill my relatives, meaning he knows my relatives, meaning he’s watching me change?

  17. lostmyselfalongtheway

    If you have to drive out to some county park just to get a hot dog then you must really be desperate for one. O_O
    Not to mention all the parts about bringing a black set of clothes and stuff.

  18. Ok guys a couple things. Firsst, I don’t make the rules. Second, if I didn’t get all thos people to kill all those other people where would I get the meat for my hotdogs?

    Besides, who dosen’t like a good wake?

  19. Kill a relative?
    Have to eat a hot dog that I bought from an old man in front of a dark, creepy park?
    Risk imprisonment for life?

    Well, I’m off!

  20. I thought this was bobbins, and then I read the comments. It remided me of Chekov. Thanks for helping Crabbattle and Darkest.

  21. The preson formerly known as 'Noneya'


    What if some random person didnt intentionally mean top kill his family? Say a guy in a black Tshirt and black pants takes off his blue weater because its a nice night. He nonchalantly buys a hot dog and gives the seller a strange look, but otherwise doesnt feel out of the odinary.

    Before leaving it gets chilly, so he puts his blue sweater back on, and goes home and finds his family dead.

    That aint’ right!

  22. eh
    too much like many copypastas i have seen before.

    they really have to stop the whole “if you go into a [insert random place here]…”

  23. Thumb = Upper Peninsula, I think.

    The UP is a pretty scary place.

    BTW, I won’t try doing this, unless I get to pick the relative…

  24. I hate these ones. e____e Seriously. Why the hell would you do it in the first place?

    Also, ‘the tip of the thumb of Michigan’? What the fuck?

  25. y wud i wear black at that place if i dont want n e relatives dead? even if i did want them dead, what if it’s another one and not the one i want? and who wudve murdered them?…what if i don’t want a hotdog?
    i didn’t like this…><

  26. Depending on what relatives of yours are still alive when you do this, you could set it up to get an inheritance.

    Would probobly require you to kill some of your other relatives, but meh.

  27. anon, i see two possibilites:

    1. by virtue of the ritual the information will find its way the police because you didn’t follow instructions to the letter – hence the blood staining your clothes. the tipoff would probably come from the hotdog vender

    2. people have been doing this for a long time and the police have learned to watch for people dressed in black driving away from the park

  28. I didn’t really like this one. Not sure why. Meh. =/ These ones where you’re supposed to go somewhere completely random just to find out you/someone you know/someone you don’t know is going to die/marry you/etc just erk me. They get on my nerves >_< Why go through any of that just to have a family member be murdered? FAIL

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