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I Used To Be Fearless

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I used to be fearless.

Horror movies never really scared me. Scary books had no effect. Haunted houses are meaningless. I was never a child who slept with the covers over their face, or with a night light. As a little girl, I never felt the need to crawl into bed with my mother after having a nightmare. I never really had nightmares to begin with, and the few that I did, most would never consider a nightmare at all.

I’ve simply never been afraid of what goes bump in the night. Our home security system kept away fears of very real humans with dark intentions, as did our rottweiler, aptly named Killer. As for threats outside the home, well, who could be afraid in a nice, white, upper class community? I’ve lived in a bland bubble all my life, never knowing what fear is.


So why should I ever be afraid of the dark?

Up until this moment, I haven’t been. I saw it as childish and illogical. Of course, I don’t feel that way anymore. I’m writing this to you now as a warning because it’s too late for me. I know that now, and it’s brought on a surreal sort of calm…When I finish warning you, it will be all over. So forgive me if I’m being long-winded…I enjoyed life a bit more than I was once willing to admit.

It all started with what I thought was a virus. I had been linked to a video called “Girls and Boys Come Out to Play.” It sounded harmless enough. I thought it was an art student’s film, perhaps. The person who had linked the video promised it was very good. Well worth watching.

I can’t remember the video. All I can remember is the feeling it brought up. It wasn’t fear, but it was close. I was uncomfortable. I was unnerved. I was also vaguely ill.

From then on, things only got worse. The background on my computer had changed to a picture of a disturbed looking young woman who stared at me from a black abyss. Every now and then, and growing more frequent by the day, strange noises would emit from my computer, even when the sound wasn’t on. Screaming, strange laughter, grinding noises…

At the time, I was annoyed; the fear hadn’t settled in quite yet. Then, the faces started popping up, like those ridiculous ‘screamers’ that scared my friends in high school. Yet these were different. They looked real. They were the faces of the dead; and they had died violent deaths.


I wish I could say that I stopped using the computer, but I couldn’t. My job requires me to use my computer frequently. What was I to do? I had no other computer available to me.

I tried to take it in to have the virus removed, but no one could help me. They said there wasn’t a virus. They said the computer was fine.

Meanwhile, it got worse. The faces weren’t just popping up; they would stay. And with those horrible, rotted eyes, they would hold my gaze. I couldn’t look away from them and their terrible, mocking grins. And oh, God…the smell. My computer forever had a vague stench of death around it.

I thought I was going crazy. I thought that perhaps someone was messing with me. The people at the computer repair place didn’t know what they were talking about. Something was wrong, but I knew that it had to be something very real that just had to be fixed.

So I got a new computer. Everything was fine for a while, but then it all came back, and in full force. Now there were voices. Now there was screaming. Now, the rotted faces showed their stinking bodies. I could see every maggot, every fly, every pus-filled crevice…And they were calling to me. Telling me that soon, very soon, I’d be joining them. They were so angry that I had tried to get rid of them, and now they would make me pay.

I didn’t know what to do. Ignoring the problem wasn’t working. I thought maybe it was the fault of a friend from work. Perhaps it came from the emails they had been sending me? I never thought it was the video. Not for a second. After all, that just wasn’t logical.


I was at the end of my rope. Today, I unplugged the computer and began packing. I would go on vacation, clear my head, and pray that everything would be back to normal.

A few minutes ago, I realized it would not. The power went out, and for the first time in my life, I felt true fear. I had no idea that in a few moments, it would become mind-numbing.

I stumbled through the house, looking for a flashlight, when I saw that something was still giving off light.

The computer.

The unplugged computer was on, and the woman in the background was moving. Beckoning me over.

I couldn’t help myself. I sat down across from her with the darkness caving in all around me. And then the woman, like all of the other images I’ve seen before, began to rot away. The whole scene rotted away, and then the screen went black. And without light, without a means of seeing my reflection, I saw her behind me for the briefest of moments, a bloody and rusted knife in hand. The computer came back to life, and my old background had returned.

But I know it’s not over.

So I’ve decided to come here. I know you all like to be scared, right? Well, take it from someone who has only very recently known fear: it’s not always worth it, and not everything is fun and games.


Of course, you probably wont believe me. Why should you?

The thing is…I haven’t been completely honest with you. There was no video. It was a story. A story quite similar to this one, though with subtle plot differences and perhaps better story telling. I know all of you like stories that might give you a good scare. That’s probably why you started reading mine.

Now that you’ve read this, you’ll share my fate. I know it’s cruel, and perhaps unfair, but it has to be done. I just hope that you can take comfort in knowing that when I’m the woman haunting your computer, I’ll be a bit more gentle. If I can, I’ll use a blade that’s a little less dull. Pictures of those who came before us who are a little less grotesque. Sounds that are a little less alarming.

But then again, you DO like to be scared, right?

Don’t worry. I wont ask you to repost this story five times. Nothing will save you. After all, nothing could save me.

The power is still out. And I know, behind me, the woman is waiting for me. I’ll see you very soon.

Goodbye for now.

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224 thoughts on “I Used To Be Fearless”

  1. Yeah, you screwed up with that ending. I was scared shitless until your brought up the “You’re next” part.

  2. i didn’t favor this story nor did i dislike it but i did like that twist in the ending. i was not expecting it. good read overall

  3. It was good, but I highly doubt I’m going to die from reading it, it was fun, but untrue. I give it an 8 out of 10 :o

  4. I am in my room its dark every where except for the light of my cell phone… And every evening im alone in my house… I used to play computer but now im too scared to even put down my phone ;-;

  5. HOW DARE U TRY TO GET ME!! (Uses gun to kill the woman) HA! try to take me now. uh-oh. OH MY IM SO SORRY. I DIDNT MEAN TO BREAK THE SYSTEM

  6. it started quite good…but turned out to be just another "i’ll kill you" bullshit…i want those 7 minutes of my life back…

  7. Ah, another story that makes the d*ck move of going ‘now you will die’ at the end of it. The concept MIGHT have been good the first, or even fifth time it was done… but these internet horror chain letters have been going around since the dawn of the internet, and they have not gotten any better with the ten millionth rewriting.

    Once again, it is a shame that the author decided to make this move, because whilst there are a few cliches, and a few errors, it is actually not badly written, and the concept is good! The fact that they turned it into one of those irritating stories that try to scare the reader by breaking the fourth wall, rather ruined it. This could use being re-done without the whole ‘ooooh, now it’s coming to get yoooooooou!’… which is a huge disappointment for an ending.

  8. The story was average, if it wasnt for all the other witness stories it would have been creepier. also i had to check my background, i saw slenderman……..nothing strange here

  9. The Awkward Dancer

    LOL I love how at the end she’s just like “LOL, I’mma kill you” and I’m just like “LOL!” and then I call the Ghostbusters and stuff happens.

  10. I read this story 3 nights ago and i did have a power outage. but i never had my screen be replaced with that grotesque background. and if the woman was behind me wouldnt i not be alweijf;afjrgekejrsggksf

  11. I think the weirdest part of this was that I was reading during a storm, and the power went out all except for my laptop.

  12. Hah!! I’m using an I-phone!! Ahahahahaha!!! You’ll never join the mass of twisted and horrifying things right behind me right now!! Take that!!

  13. My god this scared me. Great job with the plot — I\’ll be sleeping with the lights on tonight!

  14. But wait… her friend watched it and recomended it to her so wouldnt she see her friend if since she would die first? Then show up on our screen and kill us? But one of you will die before me and i wont see her i will see you but then shes lying and its AHHH!!!!!!!!! Confusing pasta is confusing.

  15. Boring. \’You will die now\’ endings just suck, they aren\’t scary and they\’re overdone. Bad pasta is bad.

  16. Waitwaitwait… Wait

    So you’re saying that this isn’t the same story? Then WHY would it have the same supernatural powers as the original? And even ignoring that, if you end up haunting us, then why be a dick and kill us? Why not just go, “…But I’ll end it here, and just come visit you. Maybe I’ll bake you cookies and punch that annoying 12 year old brat who thinks he’s a good troll?”

    I mean, come on. If I died and had the ability to infect something so that I was summoned, I would be a cool ghost. Why does everyone – even nice people – have to be mean when they become a spirit? Is it some sort of unwritten ghost code? “Be a dick to the living or else we will downgrade you to will-o-the-wisp status!”?



  18. well i will just add you to the list of people out to kill me so your like number 5000 yea have fun fighting of the rest of the people and things out to get me

  19. Send this to five people or the computer woman will gouge out your eyes! I’m totally serious!

    “lol jk it wasnt a video i lied it was a story lol”

  20. What the hell? Crap pasta is crap I suppose… I could go onto almost any youtube video and get that exact storyline (albeit condensed)…chain letters=fail

  21. VoodooJonnyboy

    Good story, but i hate “Chain” shit, it annoys me to see “Now you must…” at the end of a story. just plain ruins it

  22. Oh, crap. I’m using my dad’s computer right now, and it’s just barely recovered from a virus and zoomed in on the desktop and very pixelated, ahhh, I’m so terrified…

    This is why I despise chain letters. 0/10.

  23. Wow. Another one of those, ‘Lol, ur gonna die’ things.

    Never believed them when they were on Youtube, not going to believe them now just because they are on creepypasta.

    Gay. Moving on.

  24. *arches eyebrows* I don’t like like to be scared per ce, I just like a good spooky story some times. Meh, had potential. Potential blown.

  25. It started nicely,really promising.
    But I saw the end coming.
    Another creepypasta like: “hey read it im so miserable i want to haunt you boo hoo”.
    Im tired of this tipe of pasta

  26. … Ugh. Would have been better if the twist was something about the video, rather than “Ha ha! There was no video! I just killed you for no reason!”

  27. I liked it. Bit overplayed, but it was a new way of telling it. :) I do have to agree it would’ve been much scarier ending with, “…with no means of reflection, I saw her standing behind me with a rusty knife.” Probably didn’t write that correctly, but that would’ve been a great end. Perfect, “Gotcha bitch!” moment.

  28. So… at least 141 people (142 counting myself) have now read this. Are all 142 of us going to be seeing you soon?

    And if so, i’m pretty sure 142 of us can overpower ONE of you. Mwuahahahha.

    Good pasta is still good though.

  29. This started out really good, particularly for a computer-addict with no functioning lamps like me (darkness, I swear, is something that suddenly starts scaring you). But when I got to the middle, I thought “Oh no, another YOU, THE READER, SHALL DIE AT THE HANDS OF A HORRIBLE CURSE FOR NO READILY APPARENT REASON pasta” which ruined it all. Especially since I turned out to be right.

  30. That was depressing, It started off sounding really cool, and then evolved into this combination of The Ring and a stupid chain letter.

  31. it was good til it turned into a chain letter. In other words, Cool story sis.

    also the main character is a fucktard. If that happened to me, I would throw the fucking computer through the window and go live in a cave as a hermit completely seperated from humanity, id like to see the zombievirusghostchainletterwomanheroinhorrorjapaneseladywhogotmurderedbyherhusbandandisnowaevilkillerghost get me then.

  32. Yo whore git back in mah pimp-house b’fore I have t’ slap me sum rotten face! Still owe me dat $76 fo’ you knife. Bitch better git back inna kitchen ‘fo I beat that lily-white ass.

  33. This was creepy and it started well and pulled me in, but I lost the fear at the bit with the bloody, rusted knife. Tis a crying shame.

  34. I actually felt a twinge of fear and regret as I reached the revealing point in the story.

    Congrats on convincing me to possibly just watch DVDs tonight instead of my usual internet browsing.

  35. ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    think im gonna cry. this is so scary. i felt shivers down my body. i feel a need to never go on youtube again! im not sure why but this is the most terrifying story iv ever read. im so scared right now. i cant help looking at the door. i <3ed the story. congrats to the person that made me pee my pants. i <3 the story.

  36. Nothing out of the ordinary, but the idea and presentation was shit-pants scary. Not so sure why this one appealed to my fear at an abnormally high level, but bravo to the author for making me watch the door with wide eyes.

  37. Good beginning, had some really good creepy parts however towards the end it got a bit ridiculous and cliche. I mean really the part with the bloody, rusted knife in the hand behind her reeks of the over used spare parts from urban myths, dependable if your aim is to scare a bunch of preteens into wetting thier baggy jeans and mini skirts but I get the feeling that with a few exceptions the IQ in here is higher than that. Also I would have to agree that it seems to be that the author is trying to make an internet version of The Ring or some other ridiculously brainless Western mangling of a good Eastern horror. The only thing rotting in this story is the ending.

  38. this was really good. i bet everyone was saying SHIT SUCKS. i think everyone thought STOP WRITING PLEASE. i didn’t even think THIS WASN’T CREEPY IT SUCKED. all the comments i agree with, not one says anything like THIS IS ALMOST AS BAD AS THE RING.

  39. Too much of a… YOU WILL DIE LOLOLOL feeling.

    But otherwise, good.
    In fact, back when I was 6, my sister was using the computer, and every so often, these pictures of obese people have sex would appear for a split second. I’m not trying to joke and be funny, it would just randomly happen.

  40. I know that this is commonplace, but everytime I read one of these stories I can’t help but think, “What if this is the one that really comes true?”

  41. This just sounds like the plot of the movie Pulse mixed with The Ring but instead of a T.V. it’s a computer(and in pulse it’s the same thing the girl get’s a “virus” and faces and screams show up but they kill her friends also …terrible movie)

  42. This just sounds like the plot of the movie Pulse mixed with The Ring but instead of a T.V. it’s a computer(and in pulse it’s the same thing the girl get’s a “virus” and faces and screams show up but they kill her friends also …terrible movie)

  43. It started out really good and scary. I’ll admit that. But like the others have said it is dull at the end. Should have described the death or something.

  44. Well, now let’s attempt to count how many things are after me. There’s you, creepy woman/man/narrator, there’s the WITNESS girl (aka La Muerta Blanca), there might be the pale face, there’s the skinwalkers, the god/demon guy, the man who lives above me, there’s the overachieving Sam, possibly the Boogey-Man (though he probably won’t get me), the person from “For The Few” that’s everywhere, doppelgangers, the hair-and-eye thing from “Last Hope”, the “perfect” thing that I make imperfect (from “Full Of Joy”), Zombies, Zombies that have coherent thoughts, the stalker ghoul, something that wants to kill me from “Thanks”, Death, the stranger from “A Chat Over Dinner”, the things that communicate through caps, the things that like watching me sleep at night, the people who take all my information just to know it, the people that if I notice them they notice me, Hatman, the things that stalk the bird, the man that haunts you if you don’t leave an offering at the cemetery, The Sumi, the Tapping guy that’s in my house now, my guardian angel, The Intruder cat-like thing, “Jkqxxllyuo”, Kuchisake-Onna, The Doctor, and CandleJack.

    I mean, this isn’t even all of the people after me, just the ones that follow me pretty much everywhere!

    God, can’t you all wait? I’ll be there soon enukds,

  45. I just loved how it suddenly changed from being a good horror story with a promising end to a ‘you can’t escape me’ story.
    Also described in the story was how the woman just couldn’t resist sitting back down in front of the computer. That’s how this story is as well, you just can’t resist reading it to the end. Very well done.


  46. you can use scary pictures on my computer and please use a sharp knife just covered in fresh blood. old blood and rusty knife arent comfy!

  47. LOL! I have a Mac too xD.
    That was pretty good, but kind of a let down in the ‘fresh ideas’ department.

    The funny thing is, I was going to search for the video anyway. Well, I was considering it haha.

  48. PewPewLaserGun

    The beginning half or so was really awesome and creepy, it drew me in very well, but the ending after that completely ruined the creepiness with the “lol its not actually a video its a story so i gots u lolz” cop-out.

    I am profoundly disappointed. =(

  49. The whole time reading, I thought some picture of.
    Pancake man would pop up.
    So I had to read it with squinted eyes.

    It would’ve been better if something had popped up, it would’ve been scary then.

  50. The Pale Apparition

    Hmm… I wonder how would NOT being a fearless person help with the matter? Since when it will happen anyway, then why would more fear be good? Better to watch, cold and fearless, waiting without the paralyzing horror- yes, one would die either way, but on the second version- in case the person really is fearless, the end is quicker, and pain, like everything else, has limits.
    It would be good pasta, if it didn’t have the amount of plot-holes it now has.

    -Continues being fearless person reading (hopefully ‘tasty’) pastas for entertainment.-

  51. “without a means of seeing my reflection, I saw her behind me for the briefest of moments, a bloody and rusted knife in hand.”

    k if she didn’t have a way of seeing her reflection, how did she see what was behind her?

    bad pasta, i’d say

  52. Fae, open a book yourself. Your whole post was a run-on sentence. Don’t be hypocritical. And put the thesaurus away, please.

    Anyway, I really liked it. Shat brix. Turning off computer now, thxbai.

  53. a very good pasta, very good description, loving the gore, however there are too many pastas with the narrator wanting us killed, I think they all want us to die, WTH, that means no one will read their stories then.

  54. Just like everyone else, if this wasn’t another “WITNESS” ordeal it would have been very scary. The writer also thought a virus could make her computer smell like dead things.

    Otherwise, the idea of this happening to me makes me shit brix.

  55. Sir Shoop Whoopington

    eh, it was alright, definatly lacking as a creepypasta
    good thematic writing, but lack of actual fright and als it was too long

  56. This is decent I guess, but Jesus, it’s like I’m havin a fuckin sleepover with all these dead chicks showin up at my house.

    Ring girl, Grudge, Last Hope Drain Girl, and now this wannabe Bloody Mary hooker?

    I don’t have enough Pringles for these goddamn heifers.

  57. Okay well…
    It started off good.But then..
    Just one of those, “Now you will share my fate” things.

    Those are just boring and redundant.

  58. this was shit…..boring…dulll….btw if u anyhow decide to invade even my recycle bin, i will fucking break ur neck so hard that u wont recognize urself

  59. As said from multiple others, the “YOUR TURN” concept is incredibly bland. Not to mention it’s a bitch move, there is absolutely no point for it in this pasta. It isn’t like The Ring where if you pass it on you can avoid death, this is just simply killing off random people with you. Kind of hard to sympathize with the girl after that.

    Did like the computer Portal of Death idea though. The woman in the background was a bit too much like The Ring, but faces of the dead popping up onto your screen at random times would be absolutely terrifying, even if a normal person would only need to see that happen once or twice to never touch their PC again.

  60. Man, I’ve read so many WITNESS stories by now that if they were real, the ghosts/demons/supernatural buggers would have to form a line and draw numbers to find out who gets control of me next.

    And it wouldn’t even be permanent. They’d have to pass me on to a different specter after a set amount of time, and if there was any damage, they’d have to pay a repair fee.

    I should probably charge for insurance policies too.

    “For only 15 extra souls, you don’t have to return me with a full tank of sanity! Another 20, and you get full coverage for any damage sustained!”

  61. yeah two big horror cliches here that really bug me. First the whole “I’m dying and its too late for me so I’m writing a note to tell you what happened” thing is really started to wear thin on me. Is it just me, or do many other stories on here start out exactly like that? Second, I agree with MisterVercetti that it should have stopped at “Why should you?” It was pretty good until it included another cliche: now that you read this, you’re going to die too, bwahahaha!! Those two things ruined it completely.

  62. Highlordmugfug

    You’re a bitch. Leave my computer alone and fuck off. I’ll just get rid of all of my electronic stuff and move to a goddamn deserted island (which is what your dumb ass should have done). You better learn to haunt a tree you dead whore.

    Stories that threaten to kill me only cause me to think up easy ways to avoid whatever vengeful fuck is after me. Not a bad story but this genre/concept just makes me hate revenge hungry dead people.

  63. The moment you said “It will all be over soon” I knew what was going to happen. but i still hate these stories. They creep me out.

  64. JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING: why isn’t the story called ‘Boys and Girls Come Out to Play’?

    Narrator said the video she watched was called that, but then at the end it turns out video WAS PHO-er, a story.

  65. You should’ve just stopped at “Why should you?” Everything past that just served to drag this otherwise excellent pasta into the mud.

  66. man, i kind of wish this was true. i want to haunt a fucking computer, i’d make his/her computer rain dicks whenever someone else enters his/her room.

    that’d be so fucking awesome
    i could even have a cult someday maybe

  67. …speaking of hallucinating something weird on the computer, is it just me or did this domain expire yesterday? I went to and saw an ad-filled domain parking page.

    I’m very glad it’s back. Do you need more donations or something?

  68. I fear what I do not understand. Computer ghosts can’t frighten me because I’m a programmer and know what goes on inside the box. If something weird is happening that cannot be explained, that either means magic is real or I am hallucinating…

  69. Can she put up the original one with better writing? :P
    Boring “OH, YOU’RE FUCKED NOW” pasta gets a 2.

  70. Thing In The Drain

    Ugh. I’m kind of tired of these pastas. “Oh snap, you read it, oh, now you’ll die too”.

    I mean, it started out a little different, kind of creepy. I guess the idea behind it was overused, but it was executed pretty well. Maybe I should look up that video anyway….

  71. Better than the comments led me to believe, but not substantially. Certain elements of good storytelling are totally absent (sympathy for the narrator/protagonist or otherwise emotional investment), certain elements of good pasta are totally absent (direct, to-the-point scares or suspense).

    A note to all future authors: when your reader realizes s/he’s reading, you’ve lost them. Things like the rusted, bloody knife, the obvious dumb-heroine “ohmahgawsh, this is weird but it’s my only , guess I’d better stick it out” logic, and the contrived twist (“It wasn’t a video, it was a stoooooryyyyy!”… okay, so why didn’t you just tell us that to begin with, even if you were still gonna spring this crap on us at the end?) all serve to fuck up the actual story, which was pretty decent overall.

  72. Comment Leaver

    I love this pasta. I like the concept that not only did they accept thier fate but also thier new role as the ‘killer/ghost.’ Awesome. ^^

  73. And without light, without a means of seeing my reflection, I saw her behind me for the briefest of moments

    ^Shoulda stopped there for ultimate creepy effect (but with a more polished end of the sentence). The bloody, rusted knife completely took away the chills I was getting. And the “Oh, it’s your turn to die,” part made the whole thing overwrought.

  74. Woah… You mean I get to be a dead person that can come back as a computer virus and kill people to make them join me? Sweetness. BD LOL

  75. It’s always funny when things like “I knew it was scary, but I had no other computer!” come into play in these stories. There’s this massively unnerving paranormal event happening and he just figures he’ll keep at it? Shouldn’t the obvious touch of the supernatural come first?

  76. Well i’m really dissapointed :( the ending really ruined it, i got into it from start and then at the end it was one of those ‘your turn’ pastas…..
    the images she was talking about reminds me of the 666 video. boring pasta.

  77. The execution was different, but the plot line was the same. It’s just another “WITNESS” pasta.
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  78. … You really need to read more, please don’t get offended (I’m not a good writer neither) but it urges you to open a book; as I said before don’t get ofended but this is the classic internet-sort tale you recibe in your emails almost daily (maybe a little more elaborated) but the level of horror you manege is… shallow; like gore films just that without the advantange of grotesque images and intense sound, but creativity it’s not an apriory talent the only thing you have to do do grow is to READ; if you like to write horror read horror start with short stories rather than novels, read whom ever bu READ.

  79. Miss Betterdone

    I agree with The Game. The ending was very predictable.

    Side note, though: I’ve noticed all of these people who are getting stalked by these creepy monsters like to pass on their fate. If this thing is so terrible, wouldn’t you NOT want to give it to someone else? If this were me, I wouldn’t tell anyone about it, thereby ending the curse with myself.


  80. Yess, it started out well, but the ending was average. Not particularly scary. I did like the description, however. I was trying to eat and it definitely made me lose my appetite.

    Oh, and may I just say to WHO WAS PHONE? that I’m loving these many updates? Good job, luv. Keep it up!

  81. *needs to move to another house due to this one now being filled with bricks from a creepypasta related shatting*

  82. “Haunted houses are meaningless.” “Are” should be “were,” since it’s all in past tense. Nice story, I didn’t like how it felt like a myspace forward though.

  83. Lately there seems to be too many pastas that because your reading it, you will suffer the same fate as the writer. Oldpasta is old.

  84. D: I don’t like thissss~
    The story was good, but it was really scary xD Ehhh I’m scared of using the computer now D: Thanks alot >:

    1. did u even read it? it turned out to be a story like this one. Now I shall get U!!!

      P.S keep cool and keep slender!

  85. Your lack of mercy astounds me. Though my actions are much more cruel, I at least allow a chance to avoid them for the worthy.

    1. Stories like this is why I use my brother’s 3DS to read this… No background, no lady =D

      Also, tell me why as soon as the story ended I heard a high-pitched shriek coming from outside my window that keeps repeating in my head…

    1. g̡̳͈̼͈͉̳͔̘̼͈͍͔̱ͩ̽ͫͬ͆̓̏̔ͤ͊̈́͐̄ͥ̈̐͛̚o̴̷͇̺̻̙̣̝̫̞̻͚̝̥̱̙̔̆͑́̊ͪ̂̅ͯ̂ͭͦ͒̂͛ͣ͟͟d̡̬̭̠͕̙̲̪̞̟̺͉͇̤̠͚͈̏ͯ̇̐̍ͧͣ͐ͮ̌ͦͩ̚͝͡͝ͅ ̷̥̤̙̫̠̣̲̭͚̝̈́ͧͬ͆̅́͟s̶̴̢̟̪

      i totally agree

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