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I Need Some Bread and Cereal, Too

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You get a phone call from your Mother. Since her car has been in the shop, she asks you to go to the grocery store and pick up a few odds and ends for her. Bread, milk, cereal, and chicken breasts.

After writing down a small list you reluctantly get in the car and pick up the items at the store. The lady cashier makes an odd remark to you, “You know, we’re in no danger of a milk shortage.” Upon arriving at her house you knock several times. No answer. You decide to try the door. It opens. You place the grocery bag on the counter. Strange. There seems to be six other grocery bags, each with identical contents. In a couple, the chicken and the milk has gone bad. “Mom,” you call out, but no answer. You make your way thru the kitchen and into the living room. Sitting on the couch, with her head cut off and neatly resting on her lap, is your Mother.

Naturally you call the police who come over to investigate. They mention that she has been dead for nearly a week. Furthermore, the police psychiatrist is at the scene and talks to you after you give your initial statement. Sitting on the front steps, you overhear the psychiatrist talking with the crime scene investigator. “It’s not uncommon for people suffering from schizophrenia to get locked into a series of repetitive behaviors,” he says.

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You think to yourself, “They can’t be talking about me. Schizophrenia? Nah. Repetitive behavior? Do they think I did this?” Suddenly your cell phone goes off. “Hello?”


“Hi hun, it’s me. Could you stop at the store and pick up some chicken and milk. Ohh, and I need some bread and cereal too.”


“No problem Mom. I’ll be right over…”

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94 thoughts on “I Need Some Bread and Cereal, Too”

  1. This is the first time!!! She’s only been killed once….which is how death goes lol.
    I’m late but hopefully you read this. The death isn’t repetitive it’s her calling n asking for a favor that keeps going. …and going .

  2. Eh…. I didn’t enjoy this one. The concept wasn’t very good in general, and the manner in which it was written just… It felt boring, flat. Where I should’ve been surprised by the reveal, as I wasn’t expecting it, it just didn’t give me a gut blow like other pastas. It has potential, but I think you should’ve worked with it more. 3/10

  3. Anonymous
    July 27, 2008

    August 11, 2013
    no, it wasn’t me this time.

    XD You guys are awesome.

    Anyways, nice little story. I love the bit at the end. I rate this 5/10 and will favourite :)

    Grim Gamer

    My right eye is red, my left eye is blue, I am a gamer, are you too?

  4. How quickly does someone forget the death or murder of a parent? Looks as if this story was inspired by the movie Psycho. If anyone else doesn’t think so, I’ll let you know I’ve never saw that movie. But I am vaguely familiar with the plot. So Don’t be too angry in correcting me. Norman Bates still thought his dead mother was still alive. That is all I know about the movie. How many first person creepypasta are there?

  5. I agree it is a little sad. Being someone with a mental disorder it creeps me out because it is something that could totally happen. Tasty pasta though. Oh that reminds me, I need you to stop by the store and buy me some spaghetti noodles, sauce and a french loaf…

  6. She has been dead for a week! Six ± One ! So why didn’t they take the body? Why was he so calm? And most importantly, WHO WAS PHONE?!

  7. This pasta was great, untill I found the greasy pubic hair in my food that was their use of thru instead of through.

  8. i actully saw this on ……..u will never guess…………………ifunny .yep thats right IFUNNY its like the universe wants me to read this these creppypastas are impossible to resist

  9. From my perspective, I think the police were responding to his call, simply because no matter how many times the same person calls they’re going to come investigate a murder claim. I believe they did remove the body the first time, and this last time the psychiatrist was with them and assuring them that the reason he has called with this claim is because he’s become mentally ill from the original trauma. The body is not actually there, just like his mother is probably not actually calling him.

  10. it was good .. although i think the writer should at least added more thing to it,like playing the minds of readers and stuff like that … but it’s really tasty .. nomnomnom

  11. He’s breaking the once a day thing though. I mean, that would be the second time he went to the grocery. You’d have thought he’d notice the first time he went to her house and found another grocery bag, or a third bag etc. But the proper question really here is;

    Who killed his Mum?

  12. dfjqwdkfhqwdf I get it.

    The body was there because the cops weren’t called at all. They know she was dead that long because they’re cops they can figure out these kinds of things with autopsies and what not. Anyways, the cashier comments on the milk because he’s been buying milk repeatedly for a while now. He only just broke from his hallucinations long enough to call the cops. At the end, he hallucinates yet again, falling back into the cycle, because he is crazy.
    I really liked this one

  13. I taught Jeff everything he knows

    Ohhhh!!! The cashier said “You know we’re in no danger of a milk sortage” because he’s been doing the same thing over and over.
    Pft, smart. Haha

  14. so if the mom has been dead for a week and he never noticed the smell of death in the house is it safe to assume that he doesnt live with his mom?

  15. I am….. I also watch you when you open your fridge I feel you pour my blood and guts out to drink……….. My life is horible. :(

  16. Pretty good story. I actually didn’t find this predictable. I thought, since there was already bags on the counter, that he had some evil twin or something. XD great pasta!!!

  17. Wow I loved this one!
    Poor Guy. I dont get it though… did he kill her or did he find her that way which made him go crazy..?

  18. Well, Molly, the part about the psychiatrist talking about repetitive looping might have something to do with the seven bags of groceries containing the same thing.

  19. So the cops left the body as it was all the other times? Lol.

    Or maybe the mother isn’t actually there, only he can see it, they can’t. And the dialogue that he hears from them bout the mother being dead for a week is just something in his head, he’s imagining it.

  20. Alright. Sorry, guys, but this one is far from “brilliant”. That was incredibly predictable and super boring.

    I give it a C-.

  21. @17

    But then if he was just calling them for the first time, THEN WHY WAS PSYCHIATRIST?

    Ahem…. then why was the psychiatrist there, especially mentioning the ‘series of repetitive behaviors’? Had they just been called for the first time, a) he would have been labeled a suspect, not a victim, and b) the psychiatrist wouldn’t have any reason to be there, much less any knowledge of repetitious behavior… as at the first time, the behavior had not, in fact, repeated.

    1. Because there were lots of shopping bags with the same stuff in it, that was the repetitive behavior the psychiatrist was talking about.

    1. I agree with you. It was a good story, but there is a reason people don’t write in the second person- it’s awkward and should be used in instructionals.

      Though, I really enjoyed the story itself. Just not the way the pasta was served.

  22. The cops didn’t remove the body the first time because they were not called the first time. The character didn’t break his repetitive loop until the seventh time he did it. Then at the end we see him gracefully fall back into his disillusion.

  23. Baby Button Eyes

    I think the cops DID remove the body but HE has been doing this for a week (getting milk cereal and bread for his mum) that’s why the cashier lady was like “we’re not running out of milk” because he keeps coming in to get some

  24. LOL the ending made me laugh for some reason, maybe because he had just reassured himself that he wasn’t schizophrenic.

      1. No, his mom was really dead. The narrator killed her. The doctor stated that repetitive behavior is common in cases of schizophrenia. Remember all those grocery bags on the counter, and the comment that the female cashier made? The narrator got a call form his mother one day, picked up her groceries, came home, and killed her. Since killing her, he’s been reliving the entire incident over and over, believing his mother is calling him, going to get the groceries again-(which the cashier has noticed), and then dropping them off at his mom’s house, only to (in his mind) get another call from her for more groceries. It’s always creepier when someone doesn’t realize they’re crazy, don’t you think? All in all, a delicious pasta with a flavor I wasn’t expecting! 10/10

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