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Holder of Song

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In any city, in any country, go to any mental institution you can get yourself to. When you reach the front desk, ask to visit “The Holder of Song”ย. You will be guided to a single door leading to a long winding staircase. It will seem to take you up higher than the building should stand. There will be a door at the top of the stairway that opens into a dim hall.

Heat will wash over you. Proceed down the hall, and at one point, it will suddenly get much colder. When this happens, you must stand perfectly still and make no sound. If you hear a baby crying, turn around and run away. The baby’s cry will follow you. If you hear it for the rest of your life, you’re lucky, for when it stops, your first-born child has died.

If there is no cry and the heat returns, proceed to the door at the end of the hall. Open it.

The room will be awash in green light. In the center will be an old woman turning a music box that produces no sound. Her legs have both been severed at the knees. When you speak to her, you must look her in the eyes. She hides a spear fashioned from the bones of her legs, and if you break eye contact, she will impale you and leave you in agony to bleed to death. She will respond to only one question. Ask her, “What was the song they used to play?”


The old woman will begin singing. The song is in a different language, but the melody is beautiful; serenity will wash over you. You will be presented with the image of children playing and singing. Things will turn grimmer. The children will begin fighting, then killing, then disemboweling each other with sharp rocks. The image will continue of children spreading death and destruction more horrific than you could ever have dreamt. But still, you will remain calm and peaceful. You will see a naked boy drenched in blood, singing with delight as he runs through a hellish wasteland, pursued by unspeakable monsters. They find him, and mutilate him utterly. Still, the song will continue from his dead lips.

An intense pain will stab at your chest. Your heart will feel like it is about to explode. But still, you must not break eye-contact with the old woman; if you do, an exploding heart would become your happiest dream. If you don’t shift your gaze, the pain will cease. The woman will stand up (you will know not how) and place the music box in your hands.


The music box is object 6 of 538. When its song plays again, they will all come together.

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31 thoughts on “Holder of Song”

  1. That was a good list of creepy/scary thoughts and images, but I don’t think enough of a connection was made between them to create a full story.

    You got a nice dark mind for Creepypastas though, so keep on writing.

  2. Im totally gonna try this! …… OF COURSE I’M NOT I DONT WANT MY FRIKIN FIRST BORN TO DIE!!! i havent even given birth yet though

  3. Nicole
    January 6, 2013
    one of the best that i have read.

    o.e this is hardly anything at all Nicole…….just read Brank’s Candy Factory. ;)
    And also…..

    September 26, 2013

    Very bad name and, Oh god… we go again with that joke.

    Anyways, nice little short story there, but, I definitely wouldn’t do that crap all for a little music box. It just risks too much, for too little in my opinion. I would rather do it for……..the most LEGENDARY GAME IN THE OPINION OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Considering how non-creepy this was to me and considering that I wouldn’t be stupid enough to do that for a music box, I rate this 4/10. And I re-recommend people read Brank’s Candy Factory. It is my most favourite story at the moment ;)

    Grim Gamer

  4. there are holder stories where they say not to let the come together, should i? should i travel to an insane asylum and ask the front desk lady? or will they just put me in the back with the others, will they really lead me to a place of metaphysical powers, of a strange and lethal reality, are there really people waiting for them to show, and waiting for the next person to look,i believe. i believe in everything, who is the holder of light?

  5. these are incredibly repetitive, author, stop using the same basic plot and spice it up a little!


    Always watching…

  6. I’ll be surpised if the Holder Of Song can sing World Is Mine, though he IS the holder of song. He should know that song.

  7. So, if I decide to open a loony house, and a questor of the 538 shows up, what happens? Will I automatically know what to do? Will some satanic demon appear to me in a dream beforehand and tell me how to prepare for any number of these people? or will it just automatically happen without my knowledge and be only visible to the questor themselves?

      1. Just someone...

        Are there others like these? More than 500? Where? What website? Plz tell me cause im iterested in reading ALLof them. (Just curious)

  8. If one were to already be insane and desensitized to the horrors of the world, what may happen to them if they were to follow these instructions?

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