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His True Name

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Although the Jewish omnipotent entity we refer to by tradition as God was first called Yahweh (I am) by the Israelites, legend has it that the high priest of Israel passed from one to another his true name, made up of 72 Hebrew letters that, when spoken, would summon his presence before the speaker. This was required for their annual ritual of asking for forgiveness of the nation’s sins – by asking face to face.

So what would happen if you found this combination? And what could you petition? Well, Jesus did provide a warning, “Fear not those who can destroy the body and then do no more…fear him who, after killing the body, can destroy the soul.” (Luke 12:4-5)


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49 thoughts on “His True Name”

  1. Believe it or not you can find the 72 ‘names’ of god. these 72 ‘names’ are actually words that Moses chanted to part the red-colored ocean. Each ‘name’ is made up of 3 Hebrew words and each is said to grant a power to help in self cleansing and enlightenment :)

    (I think that is correct anyway)

    P.S. I found the 72 names, chanted all of them and I will admit I felt weird after doing it :/ I didn’t experience fucking god or anything but I did feel as if something was close to me :/ Not something bad and cold but something nice and warm. very weird because I was outside on my phone at the time!

  2. His mere prescence unless tooken prescise precautions would cause you to be destroyed , he is that strong you would die from him being there in his fullness, almost hapened to the israeiltes on mount Zion I think, he was thousands of miles away yet they saw him and his light clear as day and their legs fell weak and they pleaded for him to leave because he was killing them.

  3. Seeker of Knowledge

    Then what was it???

    I would like to meet the entity that saved my soul thank you very much, even he said that is my right.

  4. So this is about jews right? Not the christian chruch? If it is then I am in deep sh!t because I know the Name of the God of the christian chruch. Wanna know it?
    It is Ijehova in latin and jehova in english.

  5. Wow to think that Jesus would destroy your soul shows how far apart from the truth mankind has come. And yes the qu’ran is man written. Which basically proves that it probably has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. And there are many “versions” of the bible to help people read it better. Being as how King James versions uses words like shalt. And the new living translation uses newer or easily understood terminology. Get your crap straight before you run your mouth

  6. stop with the religious shiz. let people beleive what they want and let people enjoy stories even if the story offends your religion, just fricking ignore it!

  7. My favorite Bible verse is in Luke: In those days, there went out a decree from Ceaser Agustus that the whole world should be enrolled. Yes I know it was basically saying that the king was to tax people, but I just love it for some reason. I dunno. That’s all. Bad pasta.

  8. How can you trust the Bible when their are like so many versions of it?
    trust something legit.Like the Qur’an

    1. Legit? Is that not just another version of the Bible anyway? There is in fact some proof(that can be accepted or denied) that the Qur’an(did I spell that right?) is man-written. From what I know, if Islam is taken at its most basic, straightforward, and literal form, it means:
      Either destroy all the infidels or support those who do.
      So yeah, you can get back to building bombs in your garage, by the way, what’s your address?

  9. I’m sure God/Yahweh/Jehovah has moar important things to do with his time than kill souls. I mean, he IS black y’know, he probably has to go chill with the rest of the angelic ghetto…..

    1. If he were Jewish, why would he be referencing Jesus? D-d-d-deeeerp. Anyway, there is no reason to think that there is any significance to any 72 letter name, it is never mentioned, and it is likely not pronounced how you spelled it, noone actually knows how it is pronounced, only how it is spelled, and that is in Hebrew.

  10. jesus Is warning us of satan, who can have our souls be destroyed for eternity in hell if we choose not to follow god. thanks for taking that bit out of context.

  11. Sir Shoop Woopington

    dude shortys, quit bitchig, shit
    everyone is just making jokes about it, desnt that say something about the pasta(yes i know he posted months ago, get off my ass)

  12. shortys roc my sox

    i just looked up the verse and it says “my friends, listen to me. Don’t be afraid of those who kill the body but can’t do any more than that. I will show you whom you should be afraid of. Be afraid of the one who can kill the body and throw you into hell. Yes, i tell you be afraid of him.” but it also says (luke 12:6-7) “aren’t five sparrows worth two pennies? But God does not forget even one of them. in fact he even counts every hair on your head! so don’t be afraid. you are worth many sparrows.” thats not a warning hes teaching them that god is more powerful than any person on this earth.

  13. shortys roc my sox

    who the hell ru to talk as jesus like that and trusting the bible is something you choose to do and who the crap came up with this stupid story just because i’m not hebrew doesn’t mean i don’t have friends that are hebrew and i’m sure they would think this story is a buch of crapy

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