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Stop. No, don’t look. It just encourages them.

You know who I’m talking about. Them. More specifically, her. Keep those eyes focused here, don’t look. Don’t even glance. Use your peripherals, because I know you see her. Just at the very edge of your vision?

Glance to the left side of the monitor, but don’t glance beyond it. There, your peripherals should have picked up a bit more. You saw her in the corner, didn’t you? You saw her black hair billowing across her pale face, the loose nightgown she wears over her emaciated frame. She’s been there for a while, just waiting. That’s how they spend their time. The spirits of the damned. The ones unfit for heaven, yet avoiding hell. The ones who walk the Earth with their sins on their shoulders. They live in constant, insurmountable, indescribable pain. The story goes that when St. Peter takes pity on a soul who has committed a grave sin, like murder, rape, torture, cannibalism, or worse, he punishes that soul and sends them back to our plane, to exist among the living until they’ve successfully repented for their sins.  But first, he rips out their eyes, so that they can covet nought. Then he tears their jawbone from their skull, so that they cannot speak evils.


No, don’t look. She has moved closer, but that is only her curiosity. She can’t actually see you, not as you could see her. She sees in outlines, in blurs and motions. Her empty sockets let her see a person’s soul, yet it is useless to her. She lives not on the person, but on the body. Her spirit hungers for communion of the flesh, but she is eternally denied. Only the Savior can be a proper conduit of communion, to satisfy her cravings. She has tried, though. She has tried often in the past.


She certainly has taken an interest in you, hasn’t she? You see, she feeds on the living. She, like many before her, found humans to alleviate her ailments. She starves for communion, but humans like yourself can work as a…placebo, of sorts. She’ll try to get you to turn, to see into the voids which take residence over where her eyes used to be. She’ll pull you in, hypnotizing you with the dark, hollow sockets. She’ll close in even more, excitedly exhaling on your supple skin. She’ll jab  her rotted teeth into your slender neck and lap the blood with her flopping tongue. I’ll scrape in with my fangs and scoop out your flesh like ice cream. I’ll yelp with glee at the warmth of your innards as I slash into your fatty abdomen. I’ll pull the bones from their sinew and suck the marrow out like a candied filling. I’ll jab my bony fingers into your eyes and take them for my own. I’ll rip your jawbone from your skull and use it as my own. I’ll become whole again, with your help.


But it’ll only work–
–if you look.

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210 thoughts on “Her”

  1. Wow, I wrote a creepypasta pretty much EXACTLY like this one. I had no idea it even existed, that must be why it ended up on CRAPPYPASTA.COM.

  2. Ok so at the part where it said “You saw her black hair billowing across her pale face” when I was looking to the left side of my computer screen, I nearly lost it. My background is a screenshot of a fake Tommy Wiseau twitter account, and, as all profiles go, a picture of him with his long black hair and pale face is to the left. I couldn’t tell you if this pasta was scary or not because I was laughing the rest of the way through.

  3. Good length. Good content. I certainly got the creep factor with the end, there.
    But if you are a tortured soul with no eyes how are you typing this?
    Am i interpreting it wrong?

  4. insertfunnyusernamehere

    omg I am sitting in pitch blackness with my lap top right now shitting bricks.
    I love reading the comments after I get this creeped out, lol they make me laugh and forget how scared I am

  5. This probably would have been creepier to me if it wasn’t daytime and my 13-month-old wasn’t running around the room behind me, shouting for no reason… I really liked it, though! I’ll try reading it again a few days when it’s dark out and the kids are asleep… That should do it…..

  6. That’s kinda creepy because I have a painting that my mother did hanging to the left of my monitor and it sort of looks as described. o_O

  7. Wait, creepy dead lady, are you trying to tell me that I should change the freaking channel? Why than you, because I really don’t want to have to listen to twilight playing in the background!

  8. A bit cliché. An entire paragraph describing gore. Oh and the whole pale-woman-with-black-hair-wearing-dress/gown is by no means the most overused imagery in horror.

  9. I disagree with the reviewers who think the rapid switching from 3rd to 1st person narration was ineffective. I thought it was awesome. :)

  10. I loved this. The only thing that would have made it better was if somehow you made it so we imagine something out of the corner of our eye. Still amazing. I loved the change to first person at the end.

  11. Holy shit. I glanced to the left. You know what I saw? Her. She was close, too. She came closer as I read. In a moment of stupidity I turned to look. I made a dying whale noise and almost fell off my chair. I relaxed when I realised it was just my mother. And she was looking at me as if I was a total retard.

    Amazing pasta, though

  12. the hash slinging slasher

    CURSE MY INSANITY DX I SAW HER I SWEAR TH- oh hey! its just a kitty com’ere kitty ^.^ OH WAIT THERE SHE IS AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. while reading this, my reaction
    *you see her? part*
    me: “hmm..”
    *she has been a damned soul*
    me: “aww, i want to give her a hug, but let me finish this”
    *she will blah blah*
    me: O_O “okay a little gruesome but, lets keep reading”
    *but-only if you look*
    me: O-O “im sure as hell happy that i didnt look.”

  14. thats weird because when it said look at the corner of the screen i saw an image then read on to see that the description of her is exactly what i saw but it went away after i finished reading

  15. “glance to the left side of your monitor”
    I’m reading this on an iPod!!!
    Sounds like the grudge. Why can’t these evil beings have blonde hair???

  16. JulietStarling

    Holy shit. Creeped me out even though I didn’t imagine anything. First started to get unnerved by “She certainly has taken an interest in you, hasn’t she?” Love the way you slowly got more graphic and switched to first person.

    Love it.

  17. Chris Fiera(pen name)


    Great pasta, the beginning sounds like mine, the titile attracted mine because it’s the same as the pasta i’ve been working on. it shall now be called “The girl”

  18. Anonymous Insanity

    This one made me afraid to turn to the side. Very creepy, and I like the sudden change from third to first person. The pasta suddenly becomes not so much a cautionary message as an entity communicating with you.

    I think I need to stop reading these right before bed…

  19. I seriously have to say this. THAT WAS AMAZING! great post, i’m at school right now, right next to a door and this girl walked in and i swear to god i almost exploded! way to go :D

  20. A tasty pasta, to be sure. My only real complaint is that the transition at the end wasn\\\’t very smooth, and kind of kept it from going into full paranoia territory. Still pretty scrumptious though.


  21. I dared to look to my left, only to find a wall with a GTA IV map on it. Well, it’s good to know that she’s stuck in Liberty City, I guess! I’m still scared to play GTA IV though D:

  22. Wanna fap but can\’t due to crazy jawless bitch? Here\’s how you too can get rid of this problem.

    Step 1. Notice her but don\’t let her notice you noticing her.
    Step 2. WAIT for her to get within arm\’s reach.
    Step 3. FALCON PUNCH!
    Step 4. Throw her back into the TV/Ship her to Japan/Back down the well/Other generic crazy ghost bitch disposal methods.
    Step 5. Fap.

  23. Nice. Would’ve scared me if not for the fact that there is a wall a few inches to my left. Nice try, missy.

    The only place you could be now is to the right, which is just ridiculous. You don\’t exist. I\’m looking to the right right now to show you that you ain\’t reaOHSHITSHITSHIT

    Wait, no! I’m full of cholesterol! I’ll give you hypertension and you’ll die again! I-I’m too chewy! No! Stop! Don\’t doAHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  24. Wait… if you\’re right next to me than how did you post this pasta telling me you\’re right next to me?


    ………………….. OH GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. Creepy girl, white nightgown, pales skin, long black hair? Now where have I read that before? Oh yeah, that’s right, every single fucking pasta on this sight. Moar originality pl0x

  26. it didnt really work out for me cause there is a wall not even five inches to my left. But im pretty sure it would have if there wasnt a wall. thats a scary story lol.

  27. i read this and out of the corner of my eye saw something and got scred shitless. turns out it was just my shadowthat was in the left corner of my room XD

  28. “She’ll jab her rotted teeth into your slender neck and lap the blood with her flopping tongue.”

    Dude what the fuck. I couldn’t keep reading after this lump of shit.

    Pasta fucking sucked hard.

  29. Fantastic pasta. Its been a while since I’ve read one that actually creeped me out a little. Wonderful imagry.

    I am sure as hell not looking.

  30. @mooooose: yeah, that sounds hot to me too.
    Also, how ca she byte if her lower jaw has been ripped out? Pretty meh pasta.

  31. If she pokes out my eyes… She’ll ruin them… And if she ruins them… How can she use them…

    “’ll jab my bony fingers into your eyes and take them for my own.” She does so. ” Oh, wait…” SHe says with honest surprise. ” It seems that I have ruined these eyes.” “Here, you can have them back.” She says as she places the eyes back into your skull. “Sorry to have inconvenienced you.” She says as she walks out the door.

  32. I didn’t see anything in the reflection of my laptop’s monitor, but I sure as fuck am not turning around any time soon.

  33. Good write, I kind of predicted the ending as much. But still, great details and structure. But allow me to give you a massive FUCK YOU to you. I have a large mirror on the left side of me, and looking through peripheral vision, it kind of did look like a girl was in my room D;

  34. My computers in the corner and there isn’t anything to the left of it except the wall, so I didn’t read past the first paragraph.

  35. Brix were shat.

    Not to mention the fact that my house is a hundred years old and happens to be where there hundreds of revolutionary war soldiers were buried. And I have a freakin’ enormous mirror that FALLS OVER RANDOMLY in my room. And I saw her… I’ve seen her before, too…

    Delicious, eerie pasta, but I don’t think… the lights will be going out tonight.

  36. @Gegner:

    I think that they’d have to choose for themselves to repent and not eat people. If not, why bother sending them back to repent if they aren’t given the choices to allow them to do so?

    imo lulz

  37. Aw, didn’t like the ending. Wished it had been more strong/forcible.
    But otherwise, deliciously spine-chilling pasta.

  38. Damn it. I was going through the site last night, and wouldn;t read this one out of fear. Thoguht reading it in the iddle of the sday would be better. Now I’m home alone, and can’t stop looking over my shoulder…. GREAT PASTA

  39. DigitalMadness


    But I see my mom sitting on the couch to the left out of my peripheral vision. My computer is in the living room

  40. great story! although it’s best read at night with dim lights. the overall impact diminishes if you can’t imagine something at the corner of your eye.

  41. “She’ll close in even more, excitedly exhaling on your supple skin. She’ll jab her rotted teeth into your slender neck and lap the blood with her flopping tongue.”

    Sounds hot.

  42. whitenoise: are you joking? having mirros and doors is perfect for, like, 80% of whats on this site. all you need now is a china doll sitting next to you, and maybe an old book, and you’re set for every story.

    but yeah, i’ll admit, it was a good little while before i could convince myself to look left.

  43. I thought it was good at first. Creepy, well written. Then the end suddenly just changed to first person and left me saying “whuuuh?”

  44. There’s a mirror on my right, a door on my left and another door behind me. A terrible arrangement for reading creepypasta.

  45. Brohan and Brosef

    The last paragraph is just describing a gory scene.

    Things aren’t creepy when they’re just gore.

  46. I really don’t get some of the people posting here. Creepypasta = fiction, so what the hell does it matter if we throw in a religious backstory? I’m a friggin Atheist myself and I saw no harm nor foul in including the Christian-based explanation of why a fictional spirit is fictionally ripping apart a fictional “you”.

  47. I’m laying on my bed reading this on my blackberry. Only thing to my left is pillow. Lol and it seems some atheists are having the same problem as i am, only i am a christian. St. Peter Is catholic stuff btw. i think we just get judgement. That’s it. Not to start a debate or anything… But seriously… WHO WAS FATTY ABDOMEN?

  48. This was an interesting story, right until the shift in perspective in the last paragraph, from third person to first. It killed the fun, and made this stupid.

  49. This was an interesting story, right until the shift in perspective in the last paragraph, from third person to first. It killed the fun, and made this stupid.

  50. Terrible. Forced, trite, cookie-cutter pasta that reads like it came from some sort of pasta-generating bot.

  51. Hehe, nice pasta!
    It’s 3:11 now, dark and silent everywhere…
    and I couldn’t look to the left for like forever.
    And when I did, I got pretty evil chills.
    But I’m still alive, so everything’s fine.

  52. jack's wasted life

    ahhaha my black-haired sister came in the room when i was reading this pasta. the door is to the left of my moniter.

  53. Am I the only one who couldn’t stop laughing through the descriptions?
    Creeped me out a bit, and I see where the narrator getting excited and slipping up may have come in with the change in perspective….But I didn’t really like it. *shrug* Too many like this. Getting….A bit old, I suppose.

  54. Well, I don’t see anything to the left of my monitor.
    The right, however, is a different story…
    Beautiful pasta.
    But now I’m afraid to get up.

  55. I am so scared, I refuse to look, and that’s at daytime with people in the room. Very nicely written, enjoyed the transition from ‘she’ to ‘I’

  56. Rape My Shitter

    Bitch, please. You must have a mental disease. Assume the position, and get back down on your knees.

  57. I saw a really dark shadow of myself in a reflection and I moved forward so i could read easier when ” she” was moving closer. i am wearing a white shirt, and right at the end i turned left really fast and laughed at myself…My mind messes with me when i read these…
    Very nice pasta.
    When people read it, they’ll shit brix. BRIX.

  58. Hey, thanks for all the constructive criticism. It was a bit rushed, but the perspective change was intentional. In hindsight it probably could have been done more smoothly, but that’s something that’ll come with time.

    I do intend to keep subbing, though. Maybe I’ll actually make a scary pasta for once.

  59. I love it, but I think that only these lines should be in first person:

    “’ll jab my bony fingers into your eyes and take them for my own. I’ll rip your jawbone from your skull and use it as my own. I’ll become whole again, with your help.”

    Those are the main points from earlier, and it’ll be sufficiently creepy beforehand, while building suspense to make your point.

  60. I love it, but I think that just these lines should be first person:

    “’ll jab my bony fingers into your eyes and take them for my own. I’ll rip your jawbone from your skull and use it as my own. I’ll become whole again, with your help.”

    Those are the main points from earlier, and it’ll be sufficiently creepy beforehand, while building suspense to make your point.

  61. Hmmm, I don’t it’s a good idea to provide too much detail for the instructions regarding the peripheral vision. Because face it, I can’t see any-

  62. The change in perspective was jarring for a second, but it suddenly made the story that much more intense. However, not one of my favorites. It’s nothing that I haven’t seen before.

  63. Holy fuck I felt something tickling at the back of my neck XD But then I realized it was just my hair..after I read this pasta and looked. Brix were shat.

  64. random change in perspective for the win! (I’m serious, I just about shat myself when that happened…)

  65. Rape My Shitter

    But you wouldn’t have a problem with, say, other mythical monsters and such?

    And yes, I’m an Atheist too, but that line just didn’t mesh well. Even though I perfectly why — we have to deal with these fucks, but we’ll never meet a demon. It’s *all* fantasy, so might as well enjoy all kinds of “yay evil things”.


    If you hadn’t have done Christain references it would have been scarier to me; being an Athiest, but still very well done

  67. This was pretty good, made me look D=
    Doesn’t help that I heard sounds coming from the hallway, and what sounds like muttering from the vents, and the OH SHIT CRAZY EYELESS BITCH GET IN THE CAR!

  68. Same issue as Lieto – I have a wall to my left. And the change in perspective also threw me a little bit out of the story.

    Plus, wouldn’t it be a tad counter-productive to send souls back to this plane for repentance, yet give them the ability to dismemeber and devour the living? Is St. Peter so bored at the Pearly Gates that he has gone to dropping peote in his free time?

  69. Not…bad. I’m not a fan of christian mythos, so that was a bit of a turn-off, but other than that it was good. Excellent use of the she/I transition near the end. 8/10.

  70. Hmmm, I took the perspective change as the narrator getting all excited in the descriptions and slipping up.

  71. i sorta agree with comment leaver, really great pasta, but the change and stay with the perspective was to sudden, but very well done

  72. The transition from third to first-person was a great idea, but could have been made more smoothly. Should be a less obtrusive and sudden realization. Though, I imagine it would be tricky to phrase . . .

  73. st. peter’s a pretty kick ass bouncer, i must say. he takes pity on souls by ripping their shit up then puts them on a plane.

  74. Storries on this site never seem to scare me any more…
    I love this pasta, but I want one that’ll have me quivering and crying with fear.
    That may be hard to write though, but if any pasta authors out there that would like to take me up on this, I check this site daily.

    1. I sell them computers and the Happy Mask Salesman sells them videogames to corupt. PS…to visit my website, click my name. Im so exited to meet you…yoU HaVE SucH PRittY HAIr. O)_(O

  75. If you close your eyes, you’re eternally screwed because she’ll be in the corner of your closed eye or whatever. Great pasta, it’s quite delicious. Some creatures like this could be awesome in a horror game.

  76. I looked.

    One question though, why does it switch from third person into first in the middle of the paragraph?

  77. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, it is the middle of the day and i think i squeezed a little bit of lemonade out. good pasta.

  78. Comment leaver, it bothers me too.

    I think I’ve read too much creepypasta, as this didn’t actually scare me. Well, I also have a wall to my left.

  79. Comment Leaver

    Ok I really liked this. Still, am I the only one who got tripped up in the sudden change of perspective? I love Pasta’s like this but it felt like the ‘oh shit’ moment was really forced. :/ Anybody else get that feeling? Otherwise I loved it.

  80. I looked and saw my mom sleeping on the couch. But I’ll still be paranoid as Hell whenever I spot something out of the corner of my eye, so good job :D
    I like how it turned into 1st-person, by the way; it really adds to the creepyness.

  81. Good, but somewhat killed by the fact that I didn’t see or imagine anything out of the corner of my eye.

  82. Yeah, looking seems like a pretty bad idea.

    But the idea of someone with no bottom jaw jabbing their teeth into me…is kind of lulzy, not going to lie.

    1. Actually, there are many better Pastas. This must have been your first one. This wasn’t good/scary at all

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