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He Sees

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I jammed my hands into the pockets of my pullover sweater, and hunched my shoulders slightly against the morning chill. The spongy forest floor cushioned and muffled each footfall into near perfect silence. That explains why I didn’t know I was being watched. Followed. Never alone. Unsafe. The towering redwoods used to bring me comfort, sheltering me with their spiny branches. Then there was that day. Just that one day. Changing everything. It was morning, a bit early. Just after dawn.
The ocean fog had rolled in, shrouding everything in a thick mist. Even though I was young, just a teen, I knew my mom would be okay with me walking around this early. I had grown up in these woods after all. I should have noticed that new tree. A tree that hadn’t been there yesterday. A tree that shouldn’t have been there at all. It wasn’t even a tree. But I didn’t take notice because an odd rustling, swishing sound approached me from behind. A light chill ran across my shoulders as I spun frantically to look at the source of the noise.
My cat, Anna, trotted up to me happily through the fog and rubbed her head on my leg. I ran my hands through her long, silvery fur. How could I have been so paranoid? She almost always followed me on my walks. I strolled a bit longer, Anna following me unusually closely. Suddenly, she darted off into the forest, leaving me alone. I didn’t know that was the last time I would have see her alive. How could I have?
“Hm. Must have been a squirrel,” I said slowly. I kept walking. Then I heard it. An unearthly yowl. An animal in pain. A cat. My cat. “Anna!” I shout into the grayness, crashing through the undergrowth towards the sound of my beloved pet. A small clearing opened in front of me. Empty. Lifeless. An old redwood sat at the other side of the clearing. I stepped toward it. Closer, until it was six feet from my face. Bile rose in my throat as I saw a symbol scrawled on the bark. An ‘X’ superimposed on a circle. Written in blood. Fresh blood.
A buzzing sound filled my ears, like that of an insect. I stared at the symbol, not knowing what to think. The buzz increased in frequency until it was a high-pitched ring. It hurt my ears. They felt like they were on the verge of bleeding. Yet, somehow, I still managed to hear a soft laugh behind me; an evil snicker. I turned slowly, and saw him. It. Whatever the Hell it is or was. It was So. Tall. 10 feet maybe. At first I thought it was a logger. I had seen some pretty big loggers in my life. But what logger wears a goddamn business suit in the forest? And I have never seen, or will see, a human that tall.
And what human has that many limbs? Along with two abnormally long, spindly arms, it had…others. Tentacles. Four. Six. Eight. Maybe ten. It was skinny, too. Unnaturally slender. I saw something in its hands. In it’s white hands, something silver and gray…and scarlet. In each hand. Dripping scarlet off of soft fur. The ringing in my ears gave way to his laughter. Filling my ears. Filling my mind. Cramming itself into my soul. Eating away the good. The happy. Leaving darkness, blood, pain.
Several emotions flood through me at once. Rage. Sadness. Pain. Above all, fear. Undiluted fear courses through my veins along with frantic adrenaline, making me feel as though I am freezing and boiling at the same time. An awful cough rattled my bones, forcing me to my hands and knees. My back arched slightly as I inhaled, sounding like death. But that was impossible. How could I be Death? How could I be when he was standing before me?
I glanced up briefly, hoping he would be gone. Hope was crushed. Crushed in the face of fear. He was still there, closer. About 5 feet away from me. I was still on the ground. Then he moved. He leaned towards me. I didn’t look up. He bent down and grabbed me with one of his long, bony tentacles, binding my arms to my sides. He lifted me off of the ground as if I weighed nothing. My eyes fluttered closed. I felt him grab my chin with his hand. Even with his palm on my chin, his long fingers reached into my hairline. His hands were surprisingly warm.
I opened my eyes slowly. I opened my eyes to look upon his face. Our heads were about 3 feet apart. At first everything was fuzzy. I could see shapes. I saw the outline of his head, tilted slightly as if in curiosity. He angled my head another way, and my vision came into focus. I opened my mouth to scream. He had no face. Smooth, white, bald blankness. No eyes to examine me with, though that was what he seemed to be doing. No mouth to laugh with, but I knew he had. I will never forget that laugh.
My scream never made it. Impossibly fast, his hand slid up to my mouth, clamping my jaw shut, displacing some of my hair, which had been tucked behind my ear. He shook his head slowly. I flailed, kicking my legs wildly. In the same unnatural quickness, another sharp, angular tentacle wrapped itself around my ankles, immobilizing me completely. He shook his head more emphatically, squeezing my jaw until it felt like my bones would snap.
Even though I willed myself against the impulse to cry, a tear rolled down my cheek. With unexpected tenderness that contradicted the extreme pressure on my jaw, he reached up with his other hand to brush away the tear and tuck my hair out of my face.
He tilted my head this way and that, and when he seemed satisfied, he shrugged a little and carelessly dropped me on the ground. I landed on my back, the air pushed out of my lungs. I managed to breathe after several seconds. He stood over me, watching, staring down at me. He waited for me to catch my breath. When I did, he kicked me viciously in the ribs, flipping me over onto my stomach. I felt a rib crack, sending searing pain through my chest. That, coupled with the pain in my jaw, forced a small whimper out of me.
He chuckled at my pain. Then I watched him walk away. Every breath hurt. I watched until the fog had almost completely hidden him from view. Then he stopped suddenly, and turned back to look at me again. In an instant, he was right behind me, he grabbed the hood of my sweater and lifted me off of the ground again, the hood practically choking me.
“What do you want from me?” I managed to say. More cold laughter. With abrupt cruelty, all pairs of thin tentacles pierced my back. What did I know of pain? Who was I to say I that I had known agony? He did nothing to mute my screams, which echoed through the forest in a haunting song of misery. The pain was nothing I had experienced, or will experience ever again. I heard someone shout my name, far in the distance. He raised my body over his head, and gave my body a little jolt, driving the knives of agony deeper into my chest. My screams doubled in intensity.
He finally flung me to the ground, and more bones broke. Blood trickled out of my mouth. My sobs rolled through the clearing, and then the darkness closed in.

I remember waking up in the hospital, hearing voices on the other side of the curtain. Voices talking about how I was lucky that the eight stab wounds missed any vital organs, any organs at all really. He just nicked a lung. A few broken ribs, a cracked ulna. I heard them say that the body of a convicted felon was found hanging from a tree they day after I was attacked. Convenient. Convenient for him and clever of him. Everyone would think that the criminal had killed himself in an act of remorse for what he had done to me.
When my parents asked me what happened, ‘What did I remember?’, I lied. I told them I remembered walking through the forest, and the man had run up behind me, and stabbed me. I told them I blacked out almost instantly. The police questioned me a little, but since the case was pretty much closed, they didn’t really bother me after that.
He didn’t kill me. He didn’t kill me on purpose. He didn’t because he’s not done with me. I still see that symbol now and then. Here, there. Everywhere. I still have scars. Nobody knows the truth. Nobody but you now. Now that you know him, he knows you. He will find you. You might not see him right away. But he sees you. You might get lucky. He might kill you from the beginning. Or you might be like me. You might be haunted by that slender man. Then he takes you away. He takes you away eventually. He makes your life a living Hell until you welcome death. Ah-I see he has finally come for me. He stands behind me now. He is behind you, too, somewhere. Waiting. Watching.

Goodbye.  ⊗


Credit To: Shannon

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95 thoughts on “He Sees”

  1. I liked the descriptions of the amount of pain and death experienced. It was a very traumatizing and intriguing read. By the way, I think Slender is a boss in this story. X}

  2. personally, i loved this pasta. it’s different from the other slender pastas. nicely written, good concept, nice buildup and just an overall good read. good job and keep up the good work, i hope to read more of your work soon.


    and for everyone hating on it and saying it was terrible because it was about slender man, if you hated it for that stupid reason, don’t comment and make the author feel bad. look past the fact that it’s a slender pasta and look at how it’s written and all. the hate is unnecessary.

  3. In my opinion, I thought this story was exceptional. Yes there are grammatical errors. But you guys can’t do anything about it. We all make mistakes because we’re human. So what if the story doesn’t line up with Slender Man correctly? At least the author tried to create something for our enjoyment. I’m not saying criticism isn’t needed, but some of you take it to the extremes. Personally, I thought this was perfect. 10/10 my friend ;D

  4. SCARY! he’s real tho. i have seen him in the forest behind my woods. I’ve seen him at school even. im so scary

  5. It was a good pasta, not too long, not too short. I think that too many unoriginal pastas are being posted though. You added in some new aspects to slenderman I’ll give you that. But I hope to read a pasta by you with a(an?)unique, original , I don’t know how to put this, an original “creep” so to speak. Other than that I think it’s a pretty good pasta.

  6. I am so sick of these slenderman fanboys. I’m reading a decent pasta, then BAM! It’s slenderman and I feel cheated

    1. Omfg please tell me you are joking. At what kind of school do you teach (secondary school, high school, etc.)?

  7. god damnit. slenders my hero. but he killed the creature i love most dearly. he…he had better done because he had to or something would happen to him… or… or im gunna… i dont know…

  8. Hes theeee teleporting teleporting teleporting thin guy! Got a buisiness suit (WITH A RED TIE). TELEPO… O crap slendy behinds me.

  9. Who gives two slags about grammar errors, everyone has to be a grammar nazi these days. Anyway…i loved the pasta very much.

  10. That Strange Girl

    Very well written, my creative writing teacher would be proud. I felt like he was right- oh hello mr. slender man ;)

  11. Wow…. You jump into the action pretty quickly. In this story, he does all these harsh, evil things. Slender Man is mostly known to be mysterious and, in a way, stealthy. He stalks his prey, and totally gets them by surprise. Here, he’s more like an extreme thug. He comes out and attacks the girl (you) directly, whereas, in most cases, he creeps up from behind and simply takes you. I don’t mean to sound like one of those critical asses, but I don’t think this story really fits with most of the common understanding of Slender Man. But the ending: Absolutely perfect. Best ending I’ve heard. Ever. Period. Times Infinity. Overall a great pasta, though. Nice :)

  12. He is behind you, somewhere. Waiting. Watching….
    and then one day he will come to your houses cx kbeed op90uhcpj’;i/kx˜√≥…… HelP mE………dcoax i8h79ooyføflu

  13. Minecraftian Creeper

    I never finished the story because my chicken cousin wouldn’t finish it with me after the dead/dying cat part

    1. Minecraftian Creeper

      I never finished the story because my Chicken Cousin wouldn’t finish it with me after the “I didn’t know that was the last time I would have see her alive.” part

  14. I love this story! I don’t care what all the negative feedback says! This story is amazing! Plus, you made Slenderman more interesting to me.

  15. I don’t understand why this has such a high rating.
    It’s poorly written, not as poorly written as many other pastas, but still poorly written.

  16. Dammit I wish just once JUST ONE! slenderman would acutaly come for me pff I’ve been waiting for weeks and I havn’t seen the symbol ONCE! Not fair :(

  17. I have to agree with some of the others..slender man is getting a bit old…but, I lie the way you executed it. You didn’t go with all the cliches. Slender man was never anything frightening to me. More like intriguing. This was a good spin on him in my opinion. Sort of a sadist. Something along the lines of cat and mouse. It seems quite interesting….

  18. I saw 10 feet tall and in a business suit and stopped reading. ENOUGH WITH SLENDY ALREADY!!
    Let the thumbs down-fest commence.

    1. I agree that the story started out really good until I noticed it was about slenderman then I stopped reading. Slender man is getting so old it’s becoming lame enough already be original come up with something different!!!

      1. Someone you wish u never met

        If you don’t like slenderman or this story don’t make the writer feel bad! And I like the slender man stories!

  19. I did not enjoy this. In my opinion, you need to read more novels in order to expand your vocabulary. I also suggest developing a fresh, individual writing style with less cliche terms. Since there are SO many Slenderman pastas, you have more to compare to, and your frequent usage of choppy sentences did not set the bar very high.

  20. So. Many. Sentence fragments. And weirdly short sentences. Why.

    I would have considered this fairly well written if not /every/ sentence had been so short and choppy; it felt kinda like the story was being coughed out. Sure, Slenderman has been done a lot, but the writing itself is at least better than a good deal I’ve seen on here. You just might need to try reading your work aloud to yourself to see how it flows, and try interspersing some longer sentences among the short ones to make it “feel” a bit less awkward. Short sentences are great at imparting a sense of rush or urgency, but when they’re almost all your story is composed of, it makes it oddly uncomfortable to read.

  21. Thank you all for the positive and negative feedback. I do realize that some of my sentences were poorly constructed and written. Thank you for pointing those out. Also, in my defense, I wrote this when the Slenderman mythos were far more obscure and I had hoped to create a new outlook on them. Again, thank you for all the feedback and please keep it coming!

    1. Wooh, finally, an author that takes criticism well. I was a bit harsh with my comment, but the story itself wasn’t bad when I took the time to read it.

      1. grim reapers son

        are you an aspiring writer? Because if you are, then job well done. I mean, the are a little choppy, and the structure is a little…well its not bad but try reading your next pasta to yourself and fix any errors you may have made. And I said next pasta cause I hope to read another one written by you.

    2. Yes, but you used the marble hornets symbol. You can’t watch marble hornets, use their symbol, then make him son crazy sadistic murdered. I would not have a problem with this unique take on the slender man if you didn’t steal elements from marble hornets.

  22. I personally enjoyed this story very much. The only thing I would look out for are a few, VERY FEW grammatical errors. Other than that, very tasty pasta! Well done! 8/10, Eye approves!

  23. To give this pasta a 0\10 because you don’t like 2 grammatical errors is crazy.

    It deserves at least a 5\10 even with said errors, simply because its so diverse and interesting compared to other Slenderman pastas.

    1. It’s not so much the grammatical errors as it is that it robbed me of being able to get into the story. The errors themselves led me to be unable to enjoy the actual story, which in itself wasn’t bad. The real problem is that the errors weren’t tiny, they were huge and made suspending disbelief very difficult for me.

      1. Kelly-Jo Samuels

        U didn’t allow urself to get into the story. Silly human. I dislike simpletons who think they know everything.

  24. Personally, I didn’t think this story captured the image of Slenderman properly. You make him out to be this sadistic guy who tortures people and then lets them go. But often, he’s rather known to make people disappear without a trace instead. Plus I never heard of Slenderman ever laughing before. If this story wasn’t about Slenderman, but an original monster or even a killer, it would have been pretty good.

    1. Slenderman is a fictional character..meaning u cannot point out those kinds of flaws. “I’ve never heard of him laughing before.” That’s unique, not an error.

    2. Actually there are stories of Slender mutilating people and putting their organ’s in bags and stuff. There are also stories of him taking people to a beter place as well as just taking the to god knows where?

        1. I’m a witch, so I do not believe in God, or at least not a singular one.
          People say I should run, but we all know how well that works.
          People say Slender Man isn’t real. Wish I could say the same. I saw him again tonight, and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen him. He’s getting closer.
          They say I need to trust God. If that’s the case, I’m as good as dead.

  25. “I should have noticed that new tree. A tree that hadn’t been there yesterday. A tree that shouldn’t have been there at all. It wasn’t even a tree.”

    “I turned slowly, and saw him. It. Whatever the Hell it is or was. It was So. Tall. 10 feet maybe.”

    I stopped reading at this point because your sentence structure was atrocious and the story itself was just a cluster of cliche. The only thing even remotely creepy about this story is the fact that it managed to be scheduled with what appears to be damn near no effort. 0/10

      1. I think the sentences are supposed to be choppy. I think it builds suspense. You shouldn’t look at the sentence structure anyway. You should just read and enjoy the story. Though this didn’t represent Slenderman correctly, it was a good story. Alderman causes people to disappear without a trace; he doesn’t torture them, or even try to kill them.

    1. Haunted by Him

      That was a bit harsh. This is my favorite Pasta (the kind that doesn’t make me gag) after all, even though Slender Man is haunting me. For some reason, reading stories like this sooth me from my fear.

  26. This pasta was pretty tasty. :)
    I don’t usually get into to the slendy stuff on here, but this was effectively emotional and descriptive, well done Shannon. :D

    1. Endoplasmic Reticulum

      That doesn’t mean he can’t laugh now and then. That’s the thing about slenderman, barely anything is known about him so anyone can make him do anything in a story.

      1. Yeah…but the game doesn’t really apply to the original creepypasta. It annoys me when people think that Slendy originated from the game. Great pasta by the way!

    1. Yeah this was decent for a slendy fanfic, but still a 0. I’ve read maybe one slendy story (By the Fire’s Light) that even broke into 1 territory. This story was terribly boring and didn’t need to be written. I’m going over to crappypasta to look for something better.

        1. grim reapers son

          Well technically he is named Der Grossmann, but maybe in a different part of Germany, yea. Good story by the way.

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