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5 Haunted Places in Macau: Exploration of Eerie Locations

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Everyone knows Macay for its rich entertainment industry and vibrant nightlife. In fact, people even call it “Monte Carlo of the Orient” because of its multiple gambling options. But you may not be aware of the fact that Macau is also famous for its horrifying stories of ghosts and creepy places. Interestingly, the city is full of places that are truly hidden gems for horror enthusiasts. 

Therefore, if you’re up to listening to scary stories and taking part in adventures, check out 5 of the most haunted places in Macau.

Haunted Places in Macau

1. Hotel Presidente Macau

As you probably already know, Macay is a city full of casinos. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer playing online slots that can be found at Cloudbet or gambling in brick-and-mortar casinos – you’ll indeed find something suitable in Macau. That’s why it’s not surprising that one of the most haunted places in Macau is a casino located in the Hotel Presidente Macau. 

The hotel was built in 1937 and it has been functioning even since Macay was a Portuguese colony. Throughout its history, people have heard a lot of spooky stories about the casino. For instance, you may feel a strange perfume scent, encounter ghosts, or experience something no one has been through yet. One thing is for sure — horror lovers never miss the chance to explore intriguing ghost stories behind the Hotel Presidente Macau.

2. Calçada do Amparo

Whether you’re brave enough to explore haunted places or not, if you’re in Macau, you shouldn’t miss visiting this place. Calçada do Amparo is a hidden alley in Macau that is one of the most ‘Instagrammable streets’ in the city. The reason is that it’s a colorful and lively labyrinthine alley with local shops and everything an average tourist might be looking for. But little do they know that once this place was called “Cannibal Alley.”.

During World War II, the city faced a shortage of food. The legend about its horrifying tales goes back to this time and claims that there was a person in Macau who killed overweight people in order to survive. Even though that person is probably no longer alive, we still suggest you be safe and aware of your surroundings if you decide to visit Calçada do Amparo.

3. Nam Van Lake

Other than hotels and streets, some parts of Macau’s nature are also said to be haunted by supernatural creatures. Nam Van Lake is among those creepy destinations. The thing that makes this location accompanied by haunted tales is that people have used it as a suicide sport a few times. And it all happened after one famous suicide – when a man was jogging alongside the lake and an old lady asked him if he had seen a hat. He refused and continued jogging but soon, the same woman appeared and asked him if he had seen shoes by the lake. The story ended with the woman’s suicide – a man found her legs floating in the lake.


Believe it or not, the woman had actually died a few days ago and the man had never really seen her. That’s why people think this artificial lake is haunted by her ghost. 


4. Tap Seac Square

At first glance, you might think that Tap Seac Square is a random square everyone can encounter in Macau. But surprisingly, it may be hiding a haunted part of ancient Macau and carrying the stories of ghosts and supernatural creatures.

Tap Seac Square was once a burial ground for Macau’s residents. This could be why the sadness of the place is still felt at the square. The legend that the square is haunted was spread after World War II when construction workers were scared by the ghosts. Currently, many locals believe that these ghosts are actually people whose bones are buried under the square. 

5. Kiang Wu Hospital

The final haunted location in Macau that we suggest visiting is Kiang Wu Hospital. Not only the hospital building itself is haunted, though – many people believe that the entire street, Estrada do Repouso, where the building is located, is haunted by ghosts of people who died there.


In order to understand why it’s haunted, you should know that before Kiang Wu Hospital, the land was a grave where poor people were buried. Later, it was turned into a hospital.

The staff members and some patients of the hospital reported strange whispers, cries, and weird figures a few times. Even though Kian Wu is a great part of Macau’s healthcare system, some people still prefer to choose other hospitals to avoid those creepy encounters. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know the scariest places you can go when you’re in Macau. Nevertheless, these 5 locations aren’t everything for horror enthusiasts. Besides this, the city is full of other hidden gems you can encounter every step of the way. That’s why we consider Macay as one of the best cities, not only for those who are looking for entertainment but also for people who are always ready to face supernatural creatures and have adventures.

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