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5 Haunted Places in Estonia Horror Lovers Can’t Miss

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Estonia as a nation with a long history and intense focus on traditions and beliefs is also a country with a mysterious background full of spooky legends and ghost stories that originated throughout centuries. 

In this Baltic country, visitors enjoy exploring numerous haunted regions that are considered haunted by supernatural creatures. Today, we’ll explore 5 of these spooky stops for ghost-tour lovers that are definitely worth visiting if you want to face the unknown of this mysterious nation. 

Officer’s Casino

One glance, even from far away, at the Officer’s Casino is enough to understand why thrill-seekers don’t hesitate to go miles just to reach this haunted place on Naissaar Island. Officer’s Casino is an abandoned military casino that was once a pretty lively spot for Soviet officers. Today, all that remains are its ruins and ghostly tales people tell about shadowy figures walking across those ruins.

Nevertheless, we have to admit that ancient haunted locations like the Officer’s Casino aren’t for everyone. In fact, some people in Estonia, especially those who are used to taking advantage of reputable online casino options in Estonia, might prefer a different kind of thrill. Or at least, playing safely and securely from their homes, instead of being surrounded by supernatural stories from the 20th century.

Pädaste Manor

Pädaste Manor is another haunted place located on Estonian islands, this time at Muhu Island. It’s one of the best options for a luxury vacation that is truly away from the noise of the thousands of tourists arriving in the country because of its mysterious and sad history. The legends of the manor can be traced back to the 16th-century ghost of the inhabitants. 

Interestingly, visitors who have stayed at the inn have described uncomfortable happenings, including light bulbs that flash, the sensation of cold spots, and the sound of footsteps from rooms that were empty or no one around. Some people also believe that they witnessed paranormal experiences such as the sighting of a woman wearing a white dress moving around. Lately, locals said it could be the lost spirit of a maid who died in a mysterious way.

Rataskaevu Street

Horror lovers can easily visit Rataskaevu street as it’s right at the center of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The street is well-known in the area due to its mysterious history. Perhaps, the most intriguing anecdote connected with this street is the legend that it was scooped up by the Devil himself. 

Once upon a time, the Devil himself decided to throw a party in house number 16 Rataskaevu Street and after the party, he left behind an indelible stain on the ceiling in terms of its off-color that no amount of whitewash could ever take off. 


Even to date, people have reported seeing strange outlines and hearing noises through the night, which gives credence to the belief that the house is haunted. That’s why we warn you — you might experience a feeling of being watched when one is walking down Rataskaevu Street. So be prepared, this feeling can leave you rather uncomfortable. 

Haapsalu Castle

Legends of white ladies haunting ancient castles can be found all over Europe and Estonia isn’t an exception. In fact, Haapsalu Castle is one of the most notorious haunted places in the country that has a terrific story behind it. Here, all the legends are about White ladies and everything starts from the 13th century.

There must have been a woman who would fall in love with a canon, and so she dressed up like a choirboy so she could be nearer to the man she was in love with. However, eventually, her real identity was revealed to her captors and she was walled up alive for this ‘crime’.

Her spirit in the form of a White Lady is still seen at the castle in the window of the chapel, especially during the full moon of August. Locals believe that the ghost of this White Lady haunts them and that the annual festival in its honor, the White Lady Festival, attracts visitors from all corners of the world. 


Kuressaare Castle

The fifth haunted place that’s worth visiting is also a castle, since Estonia, in general, is full of mysterious castles. Kuressaare Castle is a beautiful medieval castle with a dark past that stands on the island of Saaremaa. Its shocking history reveals that the castle was once a prison where prisoners suffered terrible fates. That could be why people believe that the ghosts of the prisoners still roam. 

The most interesting legend that can be linked to Kuressaare Castle is the tale of the monk’s ghost that is believed to haunt the castle at night, moving around in the Chapel. Kuressaare Castle is a historical building and exploring this castle in the wintertime will surely give you the creeps.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the paranormal and creepy myths and truths Estonia is a country that has a lot to tell about history and legends. The best part is that no matter how much one disbelieves in paranormal and supernatural powers, visiting these haunted locations would be quite thrilling and might even make them start believing in haunted creatures. Thus, whenever you are in Estonia, do not miss out on the opportunity to visit these shivery places and use the services of an eerie spirit.

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