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5 Haunted Locations in Melbourne

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Most of the time, Melbourne is associated with rich culture, daring architecture, and active nightlife. At least, that’s what regular tourists think but for those of us, horror enthusiasts, the most exciting part of this city is its eerie side and spooky tales. Believe it or not, locals claim that underneath the vibrant exterior look and bright stress of Melbourne, ​​there are dark areas that have terrorizing history. 

If you’d love to explore the haunted places of Melbourne, it’s best to start with these 5 spine-chilling places that will terrify even the bravest ghost hunters.

Crown Casino Morgue

The Crown Casino in Melbourne has all the sparkling tiles and is fun, but as everyone knows, there is much more than meets the eye. Many people believe that this famous casino is the one that is cursed because of the mysterious deaths of the people who once walked there. As a result, even the luckiest, the most risk-taking gamblers sometimes refuse to visit this place and instead, prefer to bet on online options like $20 deposit casino Australia. However, it still attracts various horror enthusiasts because of its creepy concept.

As a matter of fact, the casino in this hotel has its own morgue, which is known to be paranormal. Some visitors and employees were very sick of, alarmingly, seeing apparitions or sudden changes of temperature in some of the corridors and various strange sounds in some of the corridors. This mortuary gives a gloomy spin to the usually glamorous casino ambiance and that’s why it’s considered one of the most chilling locations in Australia.

Pentridge Prison

Believe it or not, a place that was once Australia’s worst criminal in history is now a tourist attraction that inspires thousands of people from around the world. And if the idea of discovering the haunted side of a paranormal prison seems something you’d go for, then Pentridge Prison is definitely worth visiting. 

Once you’re there, chances are that you’ll feel disturbed by the cells, painted dark, and the corridors that seem strange and spooky. The silence is often interrupted by the echoes of the inmates’ screams. The facts, stories, and real incidents of ghostly occurrences, such as sightings of shadows and a drop in the temperature, turn Pentridge Prison into a notorious place for thrilling fun.

Princess Theatre

While visiting Crown Casino morgue and Pentridge Prison should be on your touristic list, you should know that the Princess Theatre itself has the best of both. It is Melbourne’s grandest theater and also probably the most haunted place. 


In the theater, you might meet multiple famous ghosts, such as the actor Federici, who died in the middle of the performance in 1888. Some of the performers and patrons have also seen a man dressed in clothes from a previous century wandering backstage. Although the theater is breathtaking in its design, many definitely still leave feeling scared of ghosts.

Old Melbourne Gaol

Melbourne Gaol is best described as the dark ages of Melbourne’s social history as it was a place of crude punishment and condemnable executions. The goal imprisoned most of the dangerous criminals from the period of the 19th century, and one of the most recognized anti-heroes, Ned Kelly. If you haven’t heard of Ned Kelly, you should know that he was a person who robbed people, killed three policemen, and spent most of his life escaping. 

However, his ghost isn’t the only one in Old Melbourne Gaol. Participants of the ghost tours have reported sensations such as hearing voices, cold feelings around the area, and the impression of being followed. For this reason, paranormal activities are often reported in the building, and you will find many people visiting the jail with the intention of experiencing a ghostly encounter.


Victoria Market

As late as at night, Victoria Market shows no sign of life, no vendors, no customers, nothing but desolate whiteness. It was constructed where the first cemetery in Melbourne had been established, along with the ghost stories suggesting that those buried there are still around. 

Traders and night staff have claimed they have seen apertures of paranormal nature like ghostly figures and sounds. This contrast of the bustling and busy market space, in combination with the ground that is eerie and supposedly haunted sets the scene. That’s why it’s another worthwhile place for horror enthusiasts.

Bottom Line

As you can see, these 5 places tell a different story of Melbourne that goes beyond the present-day popularity of cultures and trends. Whether you are convinced or not, there are so many spooky structures and events in the city that a ghost tour makes for quite a fascinating adventure into the dark. Therefore, when you’re next in Melbourne, try to be daring enough to explore these creepy places and learn more about the eerie stories that are hidden in the darkness.

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