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Top 5 Haunted Hotels in Canada for Spooky Adventures

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Don’t hurry to book luxurious hotels in Canada if you’re a horror enthusiast who plans to experience an exciting trip in the country. It turns out that Canada is full of haunted hotels that still operate today and tell stories of spooky apparitions and ghostly tales. Not surprisingly, paranormal enthusiasts come to these hotels from all over the world to explore the unknown and spend nights at places where lights flicker and ghosts walk in the hallways.

In this article, we’ll uncover the top 5 haunted hotels in Canada for every horror lover who’s brave enough to feel the dark side of Canadian hospitality.

Regina Casino Hotel

The hotel near the famous Casino Regina isn’t the building that has the reputation of being haunted. But the Casino Regina itself is so famous for its eerie happenings that we had to start this list by introducing it. The casino is located in Saskatchewan and has been functioning since 1996 (although the building is more than a century old, built-in 1912). An interesting thing about the Regina Casino is that it’s built in the historic Union Station — a grand structure that was once a major railway station for the Canadian Pacific Railway and played a significant role in the transportation history of the region.

Most ghostly tales related to Regina Casino originate from the times it functioned as a railway station. As one of the legends says, it’s still haunted by a prisoner from the early 1900s who died in the process of escaping. The legend of this famous ghost adds extra thrills to the already thrilling gambling experience at the building. Still, if you’re not brave enough to face these eerie happenings in person, you can always try your luck at an online casino and have a more relaxed experience without haunted happenings. 

Fairmont Empress

If you check the prices of the Hotel Fairmont Empress in Victoria, you might be surprised at how expensive it can be to stay at this hotel which doesn’t seem anything extraordinary at first glance. However, the actual reason for this cost isn’t its luxurious establishment. Instead, it’s all about the rumors about being haunted by the ghost of ​​Francis Rattenbury — the hotel’s principal architect himself. 

It seems like the spirit of Rattenbury never left the building after his tragic death. Maybe he’s just trying to protect his masterpiece or as some people believe, he prefers to scare the residents of Fairmont Empress. Either way, if you somehow notice a ghostly figure of a man with a mustache and cane, then you should know you’ve got the chance to meet the architect of the Fairmont Empress from the previous century. 

Fort Garry Hotel

For those who aren’t excited about staying at a haunted hotel and facing supernatural creatures, staying at a Fort Garry Hotel shouldn’t be a problem. The thing is that you won’t even feel the spooky atmosphere in most parts of the hotel. The only room that’s considered haunted is Room 202 where guests have reported a variety of eerie happenings.


Believe it or not, some people even dedicated a specific amount of time to this hotel to meet the ghost from the famous Room 202. However, it turns out that ghosts don’t come out exactly when you want them to. Instead, they wait for special guests and moments to appear and expose themselves. That’s what makes your stay at Fort Garry Hotel even more spine-chilling adventure.

Merrill House Hotel

At first glance, you might even think that there’s nothing unusual about the Merrill House Hotel in Picton, Ontario. But no, it’s not just another hotel with Victorian architecture and luxurious amenities. Instead, Merrill House Hotel has a reputation for being haunted. Therefore, neither spooky photographs of Victorian children on the walls, nor Zimbabwean voodoo dolls happen to be located at this hotel accidentally. 

In fact, the hotel has a history of being haunted by ghosts. As a result, today horror enthusiasts can even book a Haunted House package and experience a haunted tour of the Town of Picton, as well as some themed cocktails and a virtual reality experience. 


Saintlo Ottawa Jail

The final haunted hotel that’s worth visiting in Canada is Saintlo Ottawa Jail and chances are that you’ll consider this place one of the creepiest (if not the creepiest) on your paranormal adventure in Canada. The reason is that in this hotel guests have an opportunity to actually sleep in a 150-year-old cell block. The walls of this room are made out of bricks, while the door is the same heavy iron that once kept prisoners confined.

The haunting tales, as well as strange noises, unexplained cold spots, and figures of ghosts will likely create a supernatural atmosphere that’s hard to resist even for the most experienced ghost hunters. 

Bottom Line

Now you know that the Canadian hospitality sector is full of haunted hotels and spooky places that can offer you more spine-chilling experiences than any other place ever could. As a cherry on top, you should know that hotels aren’t the only places in Canada that are haunted by the supernatural. In addition, there are various haunted castles, cemeteries, and historic sites waiting for you to explore.

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