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Has anyone else seen it, or an I the only one?

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I’ve done my best to research this phenomenon, if it even is one, to no avail; there is not a single dream journal in print or through the Internet grape vine that can ease my unsettled heart. Two packs of cigarettes and a house to myself are all I have each night, and the light from the screen projecting the deepest and darkest corners of the internet are as comforting as a polite mugging; I just need to sleep without dreams.

A few years ago, my father died. He was a good, Nordic man, a sailor and a veteran with a heart of gold and a liver of blackened steel. After my mother stole my siblings and I away from him when I was a child, only to bring us to our jailor of an abusive stepfather, he has been my protector. My drunken, jobless, kind hearted saint of a father. In the last few years of the boozing haze of his life, an entire twenty-four pack of beer would be drained within twelve hours every day; each night he would fall asleep with a burning cigarette in his hand, and an aluminum can at his feet. Our ranch style deer shack of a house never burned to the ground, but that would most likely be an improvement. I’m currently nestled deep in the woods, the developments of concrete jungle miles away from the original homestead.

When he died, I was twenty-three years old. I had no family, no husband, and no morals. On my twenty-fourth birthday on an unseasonably cold day in May, I buried him. The priest and I had the occasion to ourselves. I’ve been doing drugs for most of my life, but the remainder of my money and pathetic inheritance fell into the deep hole that is cocaine addiction. A year ago I tried to sell my couch in exchange for a couple of measly lines; even today, I’m not far from that mess. No much longer after that, I tried to kill myself.

Earlier in that week, up to the attempt, I had been catching squirrels running lose in the attic, and had no idea how to get rid of them. So one day, drinking a beer on the back porch, I went to the sack I had them in, and tied it to the end of my black Mustang’s exhaust, got in and revved the engine for the entire woods to hear. When I opened the back, the corpses were charred black, slicked with grease and grime; it was then, I knew I wanted to die.

I jumped into her, my Black Widow, the Mustang, and shut the garage door. The ignition clicked over, engine blaring in the small concrete cube of a room. I laid back with a beer, and closed my eyes; not even crying. But fate, or so it seems, wants me to suffer; my father’s navy buddy, Ross, heaved the door open at the last minute, screaming, “Kris! Krissy!” and dragged me out, semiconscious into the gravel driveway. He saved my life, and after such a kind deed, he died of lung cancer three months ago.

Fast forward to two days ago; I was upstairs sleeping, and suddenly the door slams. “I’m home!” my father bellows. Clear as day, as certain as the keys I’m using are real. I ran, tripping every step, to the stair overlooking our door, to see nothing. Just the cold and reassuring loneliness that there isn’t a soul on Earth that cares about me. Even my dreams have started to turn.
For years, I’ve read scary stories. They give me a sense of power over life, a feeling of control. The words on a page that send shivers down your spine are a thrill difficult to achieve in other places, but there is very little truth in any story out there. But my dream, the dream is reality. Reality is the dream. Only in the sense that reality is the escape, not the other way around.


The night of my father’s voice, I slept deeply. The bed in my father’s old bedroom sits in front of a closet door, but in my dream it was blocked by something. At the wooden footboard of the antiquated frame, stood what looked like a man. Very tall, well over six feet, dressed in dark colors; he wore what looked like a suit, but memory on the clothes is hard to come by. His face was very long, almost a horse like quality, and pale. His irises were dark as well, and his expression was both blank and sinister. His mouth was extremely wide, and when he opened to speak, there were so many teeth I would certainly regret referring to him as a human being. But he never spoke, acted like he had changed his mind, and smiled. An ear to ear, wider than the Grand Canyon smile. And with that same grin, he lifted an overly long arm with boney fingers like that of a massive spider, and reached out for me. With his pointer finger out, he touched my forehead, but never actually made contact with bone; rather, the finger pushed my brain inside the skull. I felt as if he was informing me, touching me with knowledge, but what? I have no answer to that question.

Last night the dream was similar, but he wasn’t at the bed’s end. He was standing at its side like a family member stands beside the hospital gurney. He leaned in close to me, the features of his smooth and pale face nearly translucent and corpse like; the corpse that’s been found floating under six inches of bathwater for days. This time he produced two fingers, like a peace sign, and with the same terrible smile, pressed my eyes back, again never touching skin. His touch this time was cold, like having an ice cube against bare skin, only worse. On both occasions I have awoken from the nightmare with the closet door ajar, when it was clearly clicked shut each night. And thus brings me to my current predicament.

The closest thing that even reminds me of my experiences come out of works of horror fiction, and certainly not legends or tales from other horrified victims. But the symptoms have been invading from the dream world more and more; I hear frantic running up the stairs in the morning, doors slamming, whispering. The closet at the foot of the bed is cold, like a meat locker, and I can’t find any family photographs. And worst of all, the sun sets in a matter of hours, and the closest hotel is sixteen miles from here. Would driving through woods in the dark actually help my situation, or just be another chapter in a grisly paperback in a five-dollar bin at the bookstore?


I’m preparing tonight, with light and heat, as well as nailing the closet door shut. If I need to, the car’s garage bay is open and the keys in my pocket, but I haven’t been to hell and back to be frightened off by a figment in my own head. This is my only home, and despite the crippling sense of being alone in the dark, I certainly don’t need a friend like him.

Credit To – M.D.T

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73 thoughts on “Has anyone else seen it, or an I the only one?”

  1. I have not seen this entity, but I have seen a similar one. I was in a field on a hill surrounded by trees when I suddenly became aware of something that didn’t belong. It was a humanoid shape moving oddly through the grass close to the treeline far below me. It looked not unlike the head and upper torso of a young girl, with unkempt black hair hanging loosely all the way down her back, stuck on top of two legs that were much too small for its body, but with those same arms you were describing: long, thin, and bony with clawlike nails. I think it was wearing a ragged and faded dress, but the clothes are difficult to remember. As soon as I detected it the rest of the dream began to fade away as if I was looking at it through lenses going out of focus. It was moving as if running but without so much as tilting its torso and its overly long arms hanging straight down by its sides and dragging on the ground. As if it had caught me detecting it or it had been seeking me out from the start it “ran” up to me immediately. It covered what seemed a great distance before I could even react and as it drew nearer my dream faded more and more until all I saw was the entity. It approached me until its face was almost touching my own. It had pale, gray-white, almost translucent skin. I don’t remember a nose, but I can’t say there wasn’t one. Its mouth was as if something had ripped off the flesh from cheek-to-cheek, exposing rows of misshapen and jumbled teeth. Where there should’ve been eyes, there were only holes gouged into the entity’s face. It didn’t move. It didn’t interact with me in any physical sense. But I was overwhelmed with a sense of hostility and wrongness emanating from it. As a lucid dreamer, I used my maintained awareness to consciously drive this invader out. I made a motion as if I were literally “shoving” it out of the dream. When I did, instead of the conscious force I was creating coming in contact with and driving out this malignant entity, my arms just sank inside of it, as though I had just pressed them into cold, black tar. As with tar as well, my arms became trapped. I couldn’t move and this wave of an emotion I can’t quite appropriately describe joined the emanations of hostility and wrongness. It was as if I had done what it wanted, or more, it found my actions amusing in some sickening kind of way. I immediately awoke as if driven from my own dream-state. However I still felt the presence of this entity lingering on the edge of my mind, like it was in the room with me but I couldn’t see it. I used some techniques I had learned to drive it and any other entities out of my sphere of influence (it took several attempts) and then I reinforced the spiritual barrier I had up. It lingered on the border of my influence for a while but I eventually lost track of it. I haven’t encountered it or any other entities in some time and I too have no small amount of curiosity as to who or what I encountered. I have thought about reaching out and contacting it, but every time I do, I remember that wave of indescribable emotion I knew was coming from it… Like a moment of pleasure a cruel child gets before pulling the wings off a grasshopper.

  2. I can’t wait for the day people stop using the same description for the antagonist in every creepypasta. Enough is enough.

  3. Tyler: It was good i felt that some of this was actually frightening but also weird rate:7.5/10

    Adam: This was a truly and sincerely deep story, I am astonished by the elegant writing techniques and pacing. Rate:8.9/10

  4. the one who understands

    look, the closet door opening is probebly just the wind shifting in your house, happens to me all the time. dont get me wrong, I have encountered ghosts and still live (possibly) with one, but try ing to move wont help, demons latch on, but if its a friendly presance then you need to ask it to leave you alone, I know it workes because i would hear laughing every night so i said “i dont care if your here, just please dont hurt me”, never heard it again. I live alone. Please dont correct my spelling, i hated that part of school, my forte is math.

  5. IKnowStuffKinda

    If the title (spelling errors aside) is a legitimate question, look up Sleep Apnea (or Sleep Paralysis)… It sounds similar. Or also, the paranormal route, this sounds like many “Shadow Person” stories… and Yes, I did this research because of a similar experience.

    …If the title was for dramatic effect… well, then, NEVERMIND!

  6. There were a few things about this story that made me dislike it. The first being that you described your house as a “deer shack” then go on to talk about having a garage. When I think of shacks I do not picture it having a garage. Second being that you were a cocaine addict who resulted in trying to sell your couch for a few small lines. Yet you did not try to sell your mustang? Lastly the timeline was everywhere and hard to follow.

  7. Ive seen it. This thing has been coming out of my closet for a few nights now. Last night i dreamed i was laying inear the edge of the bed and i opened my eyes to see him right there. The part that i dont like is i have a kind of bunk bed, but i have a desk instead of another bed underneith the top bed, so my bed is about six and a half feet tall, and when i opened my eyes in my dream he was right rhere, his face just inches from mine.

  8. I loved this; I really hope something like this doesn’t happen to me! So scary, If this is real then I am totally screwed.

  9. When she said, “very tall man, dress in a suit”, I was like, Slendy :D! But then she said he had a horse face and facial features, I was like ” oh .-. “

  10. MiKayla((paranormal expert))

    I suggest purification. burn sage, spray holy water, put brick dust in Windows and doorways and a circle of salt around your bed

  11. Really good. I’m certain I had a dream like this but it was a little different. It was an(or should I say boy) that was wearing a plain hoodie and jeans he did the same thing but seemed to always turn my lamp off and wasn’t bony he was more human.

  12. Megan understands

    I’ve had a similar experience…
    Day 1 – I wake with an unexplainable urge to look at the wall to the right of me, and find a light projection that looks like 2 eyes just staring at me, the only problem is that it’s currently 3 a.m. and there’s no light to of made that. I turn back at the TV, but suddenly I hear tapping. I turn back to the wall, the eyes still there, as well as a black hand with sharp pointed bony fingers tapping the desk that sat beside the eyes. It would hit the desk with it’s pointy fingers and I would hear the tap right at that moment, so I couldn’t explain what it was, but I knew it was real.That made it all the more terrifying. Help me understand

  13. Technicaly if the events are real including her dream then it is a true story c: and the one letter typo was a mistake any normal person would make, the N and M are directly beside each other on a keyboard so if you type correctly the mistake would be very common to you…. Just saying.

  14. you said you did cocaine a side affect of cocaine is hallucination weird dreams pretty much what you have been saying renaissance writers did cocaine for those reasons people thought they can connect with the dead while using cocaine pretty much by doing cocaine you screwed your brain up and this is what your brain is doing because its confused on dreaming when you are awake what’s real what’s not your brain is unstable that is why you are experiencing what you are experiencing my opinion rehab and what ever you do don’t relapse

  15. I have seen that same figure as well. It is the reason I don’t leave any doors in my room open at night. I left my restroom door open and let the light from the light outside the bathroom window in and there it was walking towards my bed. It came right up to me so I started telling myself its time to wake up and when I thought I did, it looked me in the eye and smiled wide. Real wide with sharp teeth. It looked very close to the aliens they show on TV from the Alien autopsy stuff. I turned my head to go back to sleep, blinked and it was 11 am the next morning.

    After reading your story, I thought I should share mine to tell you you are not alone.

  16. everyone can just calm down about the spelling error in the title. it was probably an accident, since the m and the n buttons are RIGHT beside each other

  17. Um. I think the guy in the nightmare was Benedict Cumberbatch. Well over six feet? Horse-like face? Pale skin? Only thing is the teeth, but it was a dream.

  18. Ah. I enjoyed this story, and if it is true then thank you for sharing. I feel honored. If you had the courage to share your story, then I will try to share my story also. Thank you and this may not be in my place but I love you. Bye bye :)

  19. If you are going to tell people that they need to learn how to use and grammer and proper spelling, make sure that you are correct first.

  20. Oh my god, you people need to get of the Internet learn how to spell, and to use grammar in your sentences, reading all of your comments make me feel like this is an argument between preschoolers, if any of you had any kind of idea as to what a demon wants with a person than you should know leaving, or trying to break free from a demon is potentially dangerous, the demon doesn’t care about location, it’s cares about the person it’s enveloped, go ahead move locations, that might just make it angry. [Removed the unnecessary ragefit at the end, calm down. -Derp]

  21. I don’t get it. You’re acting like it’s a demon, but all I got from reading the story, is that it’s a friendly entity. It feels friendly. What did it do wrong? Touch Your forehead? Seriously?

  22. Weather its true or not I try to give advice any way because I have paranormal/demonic “issues” of my own. Honestly I would bless the home and try to get a paranormal investigator to look but taking into thought on your daylight predicament I’m not shure how you would work around that…

    1. Not always solid advice. If the entity in question is malevolent then blessings *can* help, but just as often they end up doing nothing but pissing the thing off and making the situation worse. If you’re going to try a blessing, BE CAREFUL.

      That said, I do agree that if this story is true, she should start with a paranormal investigator to gain some insight. After all, who’s to say this entity is “bad” in the first place? Aside from being creepy, I’ve read no evidence in support of this in the testimony.

  23. This may be based on a true dream, but not a story.
    I like the idea of the story, but it’s proven that we dream either our worst thoughts or our best wishes, if you were seeing him, you were already thinking of him in the back of your mind, try making him less of a dream and more of a reality. Because just because your imagining it, doesn’t make it scary. Make it more real to scare people. Frighten them with the thought of you going crazy rather than you having a nightmare

  24. Word of advice? Get out.

    Pack whatever you may need to start a new life, load it in the car and get out of there. Whatever that thing is it is very, very bad news.

    Also, make sure to check the back of the car before you go. This thing feels like the kind of bastard who would hide in there…

  25. … I know what it is, you will never be able to get away. Don’t stay alone keep track of when time rushes; there is nothing you can do but try to survive.

  26. Matt:
    Ridiculous. ‘based on a true story’ should be reserved for pastas that are.. well.. BASED ON A TRUE STORY. There must be evidence of some sort that can be provided, or it differs in to way from other pastas, and thus makes this entire category pointless.

    A fairly good story, but certainly not ‘based on a true story’..

    How certain are you that it wasn’t based on A true story?

  27. Ridiculous. ‘based on a true story’ should be reserved for pastas that are.. well.. BASED ON A TRUE STORY. There must be evidence of some sort that can be provided, or it differs in to way from other pastas, and thus makes this entire category pointless.

    A fairly good story, but certainly not ‘based on a true story’..

  28. I decided to respond as if it were real because its a reflex at this point. I actually deals with the supernatural quite a bit more often than I would like to. If that was in fact a true story, because with the writing style out actually did seem so, please follow my previous instructions. I just couldn’t tell if it was a true story or not. If it was just a story, good job on making it realistic.

  29. I think you may have a demon. It could even be a poltergeist. In other words, I would suggest finding a paranormal research team to come and help you Get rid of it, whatever it is. Its definitely not a normal ghost though. You could try to get the catholic church involved, but that could take years…

      1. WhatDoesTheFoxSay

        Okay, wow, I really can’t believe this needs explaining… Look up at the title… It says “Has anyone else seen it, or an I the only one?” AN? He replaced all the m’s with n’s…? Your comment was slightly amusing until I realized how shallow it was. And I can’t believe I wasted a whole 60 seconds of my life writing this comment. *facepalm*

    1. I don’t find your succumbing to making the same spelling ‘mistakes’ impressive either. Not only is it unlol, but it is also a contribution to the global retardation pool of humanity.

      1. WhatDoesTheFoxSay

        Thanks, but I find that HUMOR is needed to ensure that assholes like you don’t take over the world. And I don’t believe that I was trying to IMPRESS you. Also, you really need to watch your choice of words, because the term “retardation” (or anything related to retard) can upset people with a family member that has issues. Not everyone is as smart as you think you are.

        1. To “Professor” as a person with a mental disability, and who happens to work with children who have mental disabilities, I kindly ask that you refrain from using a word so coldly and ignorantly. It is disrespectful and frankly I like to read comments to see what opinions others have on the story I just read, not to be offended by some fool throwing around mean words

  30. I do not own the wbsite listed, but for my name I put my username.
    Anyways, I loved the story ^_^ there were one or two parts that were slightly bland and didn’t merge well with the story but I liked it a lot!

  31. Nice story. There were quite a few lapses, though.
    1.) The title. Misspelled, unrelated.
    2.) The father coming home. That seemed to be unconnected, and the timeline jumped around a bit.

    I really liked the concept. I enjoyed the story very much, and the morbidly pleasant description of the ‘dream entity’. Overall, I would say well done. However, several grammatical and chronological errors and inconsistencies prevented this from being as enjoyable as it could.
    6/10. Excellent effort.

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