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Full Of Joy

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Bright white light dapples the faces of the young, pretty music circles and echoes around the ears, fingers feel the lush dew of early morning grass, the crunch and tang of an apple excites the tongue and the nose is filled with the sweet aroma of that indefinable smell that haunts happiness. I feel my feet trail through the few spring flowers, and watch quietly as you parade in front of me.

You’re always there; the blight on my paradise. It’s like a window – a glass door into another world that’s locked and barred from the other side. You dim my light; you turn my apples into ashes as they lie in my hands. One look from you, unknowing, rots the young and beautiful, aging them into hideous spectres; creatures to haunt my waking hours. I never sleep; I cannot while you live.

Every nightmare you have, every bad thought you ever considered – every lustful glance, sinful desire, strange debauchery… All of your impurity seeps into my perfect world. It burns my plants; it destroys my sweet children. It burns my skin. Now I cannot even shut my eyes. The last whore you looked at burned away my delicate eyelids.


But don’t worry. My transformation from perfection to rot had an added bonus. Every day I scrape at the window, at the glass door. Those strange sounds you hear whenever you’re alone? The fear that creeps into your heart after dark? The creaks and the thumps you convince yourself are the pipes and the heating? My fingernails – they screech and scratch at the window, at the glass door. Each day, I get closer.


I’m down to my last few layers. Soon I’ll be full of joy again. Can you hear me laughing yet?

I can’t wait to meet you.


Credited to bez00mny.

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73 thoughts on “Full Of Joy”

  1. Oh yeah? Well, since you’re coming over here already, I’mma fap like a motherfucker to ruin your little world even more. Ready?

  2. Wait, my reflection? If so, well…

    I mean, come on. I just need to get on my bike and coast for five minutes before it would need to rest, letting me beat its head in

    And if it is some sort of Dryad, then HAH! The trees here are pathetic, which should make it easy to kill you!

  3. Ooh, I can’t wait to meet you, too! I have been hearing laughing and scratching lately; It must be you! Great! Once you break through, we can have tea and biscuits by the pier. You sound absolutely lovely. We could be great friends!

    Unless you plan on killing me. Then stay the fuck away.

  4. Meh, I’ve had enough sinful thoughts to make this guy no longer feel pain, fuck. Name an atrocity and I’ve probably thought about it, thought about doing it. Hell, half of them I’ve probably even been slightly aroused by it.

    My punishment is going to be sooo painful…

  5. Loved it. Description (especially at the beginning) was beautiful.

    So the next time you do something horrible/sinful, know that an apple tree is in pain and out to get you!!

  6. At first, I thought this was written by Mr. Welldone, but I couldn’t see Mr. Welldone crunching on an apple and waxing orgasmic over grass. I quite like this one, though the mirror thing is somewhat predictable.

  7. Man, this one really strikes a chord with me. I’ve been hearing a scraping sound coming from the boiler room the past few nights.

  8. It was different. I liked it. Not fantastic, but I still liked it. I agree it would’ve done a lot better without the cliche ‘I can’t wait to meet you’ crap. But still, yummyummy pasta.

  9. just a thought: If I managed to burn its eyes out without it even being near the glass, I’m betting it’ll be reduced to nothing by the time it breaks through.

    fear not guys, we know how to defeat it before it even gets through now.

  10. When I started reading it, I didn’t really get it. I was confused. ‘This doesn’t seem like a normal pasta.’ But as I kept reading it just got better and better. This is one of the best pastas I’ve read.


  11. A good idea, but the writing style seemed a bit off, especially in the first paragraph. I liked it, but I read the comments and I think Anonymous has a point. Should the creature be upset at me? For example, the whores want to be looked at, it’s not my fault. If looking at whores makes you decay into some unholy abomination, then kill the whore!

  12. I can’t stand these. They’ve been done to death now. “I can’t wait to meet you” and every kind of Mr. Welldone-type wankery.

  13. I hated the ending. Seems like everything now these days ends with “I can’t wait to meet you” or something to that extent. Catch my drift? Although I wasn’t in to this a whole lot. I still think the last line is being over used.. .

  14. The first three paragraphs sound like something a guy would get from a psycho-ex girlfriend or something.
    I liked that part.

    The last paragraph kinda killed it for me. :(

  15. Temporary Wounds

    OH FUCK IT! I’m sitting on a fucking chair FUCKING TOUCHING THE MOTHERFUCKING DOOR! Damn it, the lights are also off!! Aargh!

  16. Yes. Well-written pasta is a win.

    Also I need to go check what that knocking sound was at my door while I was reading, I’m sure it was just the wind…

  17. Yeah?! You think this world’s any better? You think I even knew I was doing this to you? Listen, whatever you are, I’ve got more things to worry about than you! At least you’ve had your taste of perfection, being. I never have. So bring it. All I see is a whining creature that thinks it’s too good to feel pain!


    The concept and story would have been creepier to me if it didn’t make me form a personal opinion. But aside from my little tirade, it’s pretty good. I like it.

  18. This has now become one of my favorites.
    Topping “who was phone”. <3
    Reminded me of a few things I’d rather not consider, but still good nonetheless.

  19. It was decent. It didn’t have quite the level of creepiness I expected, but it was good enough. 3.5 out of 5.

  20. Oooooooooh! I love love love loveeee the concept! A bit confusing at first and the opening was a tad oddly written, but loved it none the less.

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