The Fugavi Incident: A Drake Blackwood Case File

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📅 Published on January 14, 2014

"The Fugavi Incident: A Drake Blackwood Case File"

Written by Michael Whitehouse

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I won’t bore you all with the details of my work, that can be for another time. What is important is that I have made the decision to share my case files with the general public. Most of the cases I’ve been involved in have revealed themselves to be distinctly ordinary, or tangled up in lies, hoaxes, and even mental illness. But there are a few instances which I continually come back to. In the quiet hours of the early morning, these are the facts which weigh down on me and keep me from sleep.

I don’t know if this is just a form of self therapy (I definitely could use some) but perhaps some of you who are fascinated by the bizarre, and are compelled like myself to discover what’s truly out there beyond the humdrum world we seem to live in, that you might find the following case studies of some use. I know it gets said here a lot, but names have been altered and all sensitive information has been redacted. Please also be aware that these are my personal notes and as such are not written in story format. They are for educational purposes only.

Case 34: The Fugavi Incident

I travelled to Somerset in the South of the country last Saturday, May 3rd. Having been contacted by a friend in the local authorities down there, I was brought in to consult due to the similarities with the Whitman case. Two local boys, James Carney (15 yrs old) and Donald Lewis (16 yrs old) had stayed out later than allowed by their parents on Wednesday the 30th of April. At approximately 11:04pm both boys found themselves on the outskirts of the town and, in realising the time and worrying about how angry their parents would be with them, they decided to take a short cut on the way back.

To make it home as quickly as possible, James suggested cutting across a large field known as The Fugavi Patch. Donald was hesitant in doing so as the large patch of grass was often avoided by locals as it had picked up a reputation for being unsafe, especially at night. Interviews with the families of both boys, neighbours, and the local school headmaster, revealed several second-hand accounts of alleged experiences there including strange dim lights, whispering, and an unpleasant smell associated with The Fugavi Patch.

Despite Donald’s hesitancy, both he and James climbed over a metal gate 5 feet in height and proceeded to cross the 298 metres of grass to the other side. As both boys approached the middle of the ground, James began to complain to Donald about feeling nauseous along with a warm stabbing pain in his stomach. As they continued on, James became increasingly disorientated and began to sweat profusely, while retching and then vomiting several times. Donald panicked and, believing that James required medical assistance, phoned for an ambulance from his mobile phone. James grew delirious, collapsing to the ground, asking Donald several times: ‘Who is that man standing over there? What does he want?’. James pointed repeatedly to a row of tall hedges on the other side of the field, lit by a nearby street light, but Donald could see no one.

As they waited on the ambulance, James grew frantic with fear, pointing and screaming across The Fugavi Patch in the direction of the hedgerows, yelling about a man walking towards them. Donald tried to calm James’ fears by telling him that there was no one there, but James screamed and thrashed around on the ground clutching his stomach in agony, crying out for help. Finally, he lost consciousness just as the ambulance arrived.

James was rushed to hospital, but was unfortunately Dead on Arrival. The autopsy recorded the cause of death as being a ‘cardiac arrest brought about by a violent allergic reaction to trace chemical waste, still present in the soil from a metalworks factory which occupied the field twenty years previous.’ I was able to contact the owner of the land, a Mr Adams who was very upset about the whole ordeal as the locals blamed him for the tragic events. He produced papers clearly showing that the entire area had been decontaminated and was supposedly quite safe.

The death of James Carney has left the small town community shocked and traumatized, but the official explanation seems to have been well accepted. I cannot, however, dismiss the strange events surrounding the boy’s death. The sickness and excruciating stabbing pain he experienced before collapsing, the man he screamed about walking across The Fugavi Patch towards him, and the horrific marks and sores on the poor boy’s body; one in particular which stretched out across his abdomen and looked uncannily like the imprint of a human hand.

Credit: Michael Whitehouse (Official WebsiteAmazonFacebookTwitterYouTubePatreonWattPadSmashWords)

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