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Five Most Haunted Places in Las Vegas

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Attracting over 32 million visitors from around the world each year, Las Vegas is a city that is well known on every continent. As the renowned epicenter for gambling, the city offers the best casinos, fantastic show venues, and cuisine that will have you watering at the mouth. 

But there is more on offer in this iconic city than just the thrill of the game. There is a large attraction for many who like delving into the strange, mysterious, and downright spooky. This is because the city is home to several haunted sites that may make you feel like you’re not entirely alone. 

If the thought of past generations wandering around isn’t enough to scare you into staying home and playing online slot games, some of the mysterious things in the city might. So, to get the hair on the back of your hair to stand on edge, we’ve compiled a list of the five most haunted places in Sin City. 

  1. Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum

If you’ve ever watched Zak Bagans on TV, you know he is all about the weird and creepy. This was reinforced when he purchased the Wengert House in Las Vegas. Erected in 1938, the house is said to be haunted by the many ancestors that died while living there. 

The house is also said to have been home to various dark and satanic rituals in the early 1970s. According to many people who visited the house, these rituals left a constant nerve-chilling aura that even includes a demonic spirit in the basement. 

If ghosts and demons aren’t enough to give you a chill, Zak has filled the house with many items that bring even more spooky feelings into the building. The most notable of these is the Dybbuk Box, arguably the most haunted object in the world. 

This box is credited for the series of unfortunate events that followed Post Malone after he was given a private tour featuring the artifact. During the viewing, the casing protecting the box was lifted. This act is blamed for cursing Malone from that moment onwards. 

  1. Bally’s Las Vegas

Built upon the ruins of MGM Grand Hotel, Bally’s was launched after the former MGM hotel suffered a chilling fire in 1980. The fire, which originated from a deli, injured 650 people and caused the tragic death of a further 85. Most of these deaths were caused by smoke inhalation as people tried to flee the inferno.

Since the reopening of Bally’s, numerous guests have spoken out about the overwhelming aroma of smoke they encounter in the hotel. There are also plenty of reports of those that perished in flames wandering the halls. 


The most famous ghost mentioned, however, is that of an old lady who hangs out at specific slot machines. She is said to be dressed in a flaming dress that engulfs her entire body, possibly hinting at the tragic way she died. 

  1. Flamingo Hotel and Casino

The Flamingo is commonly known as being the hangout of fearsome mobster Bugsy Seigel. Bugsy was violently murdered only a few months after the Flamingo was officially opened. 

Since then, there have been multiple reports that he still roams the halls of his chosen Sin City destination. He is often said to be in the chapel, Presidential Suite, or near the pool. The chapel is thought to have been built over the site of his apartment, which explains why he enjoys wandering around it. 


There have also been reports that guests of the Presidential Suite can hear him whispering late at night or standing eerily at the edge of the bed. These reports have been attributed to the fact that this suite still uses the original bathroom fixtures he had in his room and sounds like something straight from a horror story

  1. La Palazza Mansion

Said to be the home of mobster Tony Spilotro when built initially, La Palazza Mansion has the affectionate nickname of The Devil’s Mansion. The house is said to have a secret murder room in which multiple graphic and shocking murders are thought to have occurred. 

While the mansion is privately owned and, therefore, closed to the general public, many previous owners have spoken about the spirits that refuse to vacate it. These include ghosts that scream profanities at female guests and even ones that allegedly tried to strangle a new owner. 

There have also been rumors about an elderly lady sitting in a chair staring through sunglasses. However, considering the tales that follow the other spirits in the mansion, she seems the one you’d probably prefer to run into if you’re lucky (or unfortunate) enough to step inside. 

  1. Luxor Resort

Home to the Titanic Artifact Exhibition, Luxor has been known as a haunted location since it opened in 1993. Many attribute this to the actual pieces of Titanic wreckage on display in the exhibit hall of the casino. This notoriety is due to the number of reported sightings of passengers from the infamous ship that wander around the exhibit.


However, even before this tourist magnet arrived, Luxor was known as the spot where weird and unexplainable things occurred. After the mysterious death of three construction workers during the building of the resort, people already began to think the building was cursed.

This belief strengthened after two guests jumped to their deaths from the upper levels of the building. The bad luck and numerous deaths have long been attributed to the exclusion of the sacred eye at the top of the landmark pyramid the building boasts, which is said to attract bad energy.

Also working against the resort is the inexplicable closing of the Nile River Ride, an attraction that was popular for three years following the resort’s launch. After multiple reports of petrified passengers seeing spirits in the tunnels of the ride, there was enough reason for the casino to drain the canals and close the attraction permanently. 


If you love the thrill of the unknown, the chill of the macabre, and the suspense of dealing with the supernatural, you should add Sin City to your list of places to visit. The multiple haunted locations will give you all you need to get your hackles raised and your pulse racing. 

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