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Extra Credit

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A university in Canada has two unusual things about it. One is a series of tunnels running under all the buildings. These were built for convenience in transporting things from one building to the next, and for students traveling from class to class during the winter. One building, the experimental psychology building was never attached to this tunnel system. There is only one door out of the building, and a keycode is needed to enter or leave.

The second unusual thing is that all first year psychology students are encouraged to submit their names to the experimental psychology department to be test subjects for harmless research. And for extra credit of course.

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51 thoughts on “Extra Credit”

  1. Kinda creepy about the tunnels. Cause in my apartment, downstairs in the cellar, you can see all the old cemented in tunnels that used to lead to the rest of the original hospital that my house once was.
    My house is about 103 years old and it does not fail to make me wiggy.

  2. Eh, I am a psych major. Every university requires first year students to complete experiments either as extra credit or as actual marks going towards their final grade. I’ve participated in countless research over the years. Mostly you sit there and fill out survey after survey about random topics. The most I’ve had to actual do was watch a screen for 5 minutes and fill out my observations. Not scary.

  3. Sounds like McGil in Quebec. I’ve been in those tunnels, and they are indeed creepy. Fun fact: While the tunnels are great for not freezing your ass off in the winter, during the winter suicide rates go up. Why? Students not getting enough sunlight :D

  4. This is a true story, my friend went to the school, and I have been in the tunnels, in the winter they get full of steam and it is super creepy

  5. This pasta was meh. Mostly because it seems extremely ordinary.

    Fact: Undergrad Psych students are required to participate in research studies because the Graduate students/and or Honours students require subjects for their mandatory research projects for either their thesis or their required credits.

    Buuuut to each their own, of course.

  6. My university used to be a military bunker, and we’re encouraged to do psyche experiments for chocolate, small change, etc…
    … Well, damn.

  7. I had to participate in 30h of experiments to pass a class in my first year of psychology. I can assure you,most boring 30 hours of my life.

  8. the tunnels under the university of waterloo are awesome, but way too creepy. i never feel alone in them, stomach always turns when i’m down there.

  9. hi, dont turn around

    This one is short but sweet, I figure the “psych expirements” where mental mutation, and they locked them in the psych ward, no tunnels out for student safty… One could continue the story by adding a main character and… well… using the tunnels >3

  10. my old school in new york use to have this door that went to a basement (my guess anyway) no one ever went in or out of it at least thats what i thought. one day when everyone was in class i skipped class to try to go inside it but the door was stuck of course. then i heard loud foot steps coming up i was shitting bricks so i hid next to the door. out comes a kid with downs or something aka a retard he left the door open so i got a peak inside. it was a stair case that lead to a special ed class room

  11. My school has a series of tunnels that are heated by steam pipes. They are actually used to keep the sidewalks clear during the winter. Also, you have to sign up for experiments in Psych 101 because the grad students need people to test….

  12. Rofl. Do you go to my university because it’s like exact place exact requirements. We also have those tunnels and everything.

    DigitalMadness, that book actually sounds interesting and could definitely happen.

    Which makes me think if getting those extra credits was such a good idea. >D

  13. I’m a psychology student, partaking in a volunteer study, and I’ve turned out fi…AAAWRAEGNEWSWE4ZHZGENZS49936346YOULOSTTHEGAMEWGWZG4W464367346Y73E.

  14. This kind of makes me think of Stephen King’s book Firestarter, where the psychology department at a university works with the government and doses people up with a drug to make them telekinetic. Two of the people in the test have a kid, and the government goes after her.

    Anyway, yeah, this is a good story. I’ve heard a lot of urban legends about the tunnels under college campuses, like the rumor that they were all built in the 1960s and 70s so that riot police could get anywhere on campus if there were a huge protest.

    My college doesn’t have any of those, but it does have a bomb shelter that was made to house the president if a nuke went off while he was nearby during the Cold War. You don’t even have to think very much about that for it to be pretty interesting. I’m assuming no one one knew it was there until fairly recently, since a place like that would have to be kept secret while there was plan for it to be used.

  15. All of that is the case at UNB. :)

    I went to STU, which is their sister campus. See, we were normal, we just had a heavily locked series of rooms in our psych building and the same encouragement.

  16. Psychology experiments have been relatively tame since Milgram’s shock delivery experiment, and even then the only danger was mild psychological trauma on the subject’s part. I guess if I’d been a little less educated then I’d be more frightened by this pasta.

    1. Yes but they might be a little too interested in my rare undefined insanites even my crazy Grandma who worked (made them more crazy even her co-workers agreed) with crazy people, can see a lot of my undefined insanites and I don’t want that on my record I had to destroy 3 people’s lives for that just to keep my undefined insanites off of my record and to keep them a secret, good thing I live around idiots then to because if anyone around me found out then I would be so fucked it wouldn’t be funny plus I’m always thinking somebody is watching thats not going to help anyone and my shameless ways will make it harder for them and me that plus my random what if questions will make matters worse hell they might just give up and send me to a crazy house because they don’t know what to with me if I ever got out of there I would be so fucked no one will ever go near me out of fear and I’m already forever alone as it is oh and if you think can tell people I’m crazy, I have a lot of cards in my hands I can play to stop the rumor or destroy your life so be warned.

  17. This is stupid. It just sounds like either they…

    a) Just lock up any volunteer in this tunnel and dont let them out.


    b) Thats where the department is.

    Oooooh, scary b).

  18. Sounds like the University of Lethbridge (Alberta, Canada) where I go…never seen any ads for experiments though. The odd ghost story floats around…

  19. Parts of this is true at my university. If you have been to Ryerson University, all the buildings are connected to tunnels, and not only psychology students are encouraged to go do experiments. They are flyers around the campus to do various experiments. I never seen the psychology building but there is a psychology department. Hmmm… I wonder.

  20. Not really scary…for some reason it made me think of the book Firestarter, and the whole situation in it with a guy volunteering for ‘harmless research’ that gives him psychic powers and causes his first born daughter to be really mixed up.

  21. This is nice. It’s realistic, since a lot of schools have those tunnels, and psych classes do that kind of thing. I like it.

  22. I like this one. My school has tunnels running through most of the buildings (although not all), which we students can use whenever we want. Made me think of that :)

  23. Fun fact: at Ohio State University, to pass Psychology 101 you are required to volunteer for a certain amount of experiments (I think it was 7, but I can’t recall anymore – It was a few years ago that I was in that class). I ended up having to drop that class because I was too busy with work and school to squeeze in a bunch of random psych experiments, so I wonder what sort of things they involved?

    But yeah, this one reminded me of that fact. I wonder if that policy is really that uncommon? Either way, it has potential for your imagination to go wild when you’re thinking about why…

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