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Eerie Movies That Will Leave Spooked for Days


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From the paranormal to the unexpected blood-chilling turn of events, horror films have a way of hooking even the most unsettled viewers. It is the fun of watching something that gives you an out-of-the-body experience. You just want to keep your eyes glued on the screen even with an eye behind the window curtain. In the silence of a long trail to nowhere, a deafening silence is suddenly breached by a grotesque feature lurking deep in the woods. At this point, you may be thinking of the Wrong Turn film series but that is only a bloody beginning. Before you scream your heart off, this website should help you ease off some tension.

The catch with horror films is that they are hugely addictive. But for someone who has only viewed a few of them, you may want to watch something that will spook even the most hardcore horror film, addict. Maybe, just maybe, consider having a friend around when watching the following eerie films.

Ring (1998)

Imagine watching a horror film and it begins to feel like you are a victim of a grotesque creature in the heat of the moment. That is what Ring; a Japanese classic movie brings to your living room. Stranger than fiction happenings forces a journalist and her ex-husband to embark on investigating mysteries deaths of teenagers who die a week after watching ‘Ring’ film. The `Ring’ film will make you suspect even your TV. It seems no one is safe from the paranormal occurrences until the truth is unravelled.


The Shining (1980)

The Shinning is a spooky film that is unrivalled in many aspects. When you thought winter is for family-get-together, it turns out everything around you is haunted. When Jack moves to the Overlook hotel, strange things start happening. The father of six-year-old Danny starts acting paranormal, and attention shifts to room 237. A blend of a madman and ghosts in this film will drive you insane if not make you feel otherworldly.


Gerald’s Game (2017)

All seems well when a spouse moves to a lake house for a vacation they hope would save their troubled marriage. However, in the heat of bonding, Gerald gets a heart attack, leaving her partner, Jessie handcuffed to bedposts. The rest is a story of the captivating struggle of a protagonist character who must free herself from the lake house while hoping for help that may never come. A starving dog and a strange night guest compound Jessie’s struggle. Watching Gerald’s game will leave you feeling both awed and uneasy with a bitter taste in your mouth.


The Ritual (2017)

A hiking journey to commemorate the death of a friend turns into a dangerous affair when injury strikes one of the friends. The movie delves into the bond of friendship. Getting lost in the forest marks the beginning of everything disturbing in this movie. An eerie ritual, broken friendship and insanity are spooky combinations that will make you rethink your next hiking trip to unknown lands. Even scarier is how a weakening bond between friends triggers tension in a way that everyone becomes scared of the other. It is a fight for survival that only begets unending tension as the movie unravels even more blood-curdling imagery.

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