Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Eat Your Greens

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    My mother always told me to eat my greens. Like most I was a fussy and picky child and didn’t want anything to do with the disgusting looking mass of otherworldly slime that she slopped onto my plate every meal. Give me meat, give me dinner rolls, anything but that!

    “Eat your greens so you grow up big and strong. If all you eat is meat and sweets, you’ll just turn into an aggressive thug,” she always told me. Well, I certainly didn’t want to be a thug. I was a nice person, you know. I was always polite to everyone and always patient too. I couldn’t stand those jerks who played football and stuffed other kids into lockers.

    “You’ll just have to repay them with kindness and outlast them with patience,” my mother always advised.

    Well Mother, I guess you were right. I will be more kind and patient than all the thugs and jerks. See? I invited the jerk over for dinner. Wasn’t that nice of me mother? I’ll even eat all my greens this time to make doubly sure that I won’t turn into a thug!

    I just wish that it didn’t take so long for the human body to turn green. I’m getting really hungry and my dessert will soon spoil, Mother.

    Credit To – Cosmo Fish

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