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I was adopted. I never knew my real mother; rather, I knew her at one time but I left her side when I was too little to be able to remember. I loved my adopted family though. They were so kind to me. I ate well, I lived in a warm and comfortable house, and I got to stay up pretty late.

Let me tell you about my family real fast: First, there’s my mother. I never called her Mom or anything like that; I just called her by her first name. Janice. She didn’t mind at all though. I called her that for so long, I don’t think she even noticed. Anyhow, she was a very kind woman. I think that she is the one who recommended my adoption in the first place. Sometimes I would lay my head against her in front of the television and she would tickle my back with her nails. She is one of those Hollywood mothers.

Second, there’s Dad. His real name was Richard, but he never really liked me much so I began to refer to him as Dad in a desperate attempt to gain his affection. It didn’t work. I think that no matter what I called him, he would never love me as much as his own child. That’s understandable so I really didn’t press the matter. The most notable attribute of Dad was his unmoving sternness. He was not afraid to pop his children when they did something wrong. I found that out before I could use the restroom properly. He didn’t hesitate to spank me. Well, I’m in line and it’s because of his methods.


Lastly, is my sister. Little Emily was really young when I was adopted, so we were about the same age, but she was slightly older. I liked to think of her as my little sister, though. We got along better than any sibling could possibly get along. We would always stay up late together and just talk. Well, she did a lot of the talking; I mostly just listened because I loved her. It was a great setup that we had! We were short on bedrooms, so- because I didn’t want to sleep in the living room by myself when I was littler- I had a pallet set up for me next to her bed on the floor. This is where I have slept since. But it was cool with me because I enjoyed being with her and I had always felt pretty protective of my little sis.

Everything changed on a horrible Wednesday night. I was at home taking a nap when little Emily opened the front door. The sound of the door opening pulled me to a state of consciousness and I walked from the room down the hall to the living room. That’s when I first remembered it was Wednesday. I was never any good at keeping track of what day it was. Actually I’ll just go ahead and say it: My sense of time was HORRIBLE! But nevertheless, I knew it was Wednesday because Emily had just come home from her Church’s youth group gathering. She walked in the front door and hugged me, and then was followed in by Dad and Janice.

“You have a good nap?” Janice said teasingly as she ruffled up my hair. I just shook my head away and snorted in a manner that clearly expressed that I was teasing back with her.

“Don’t you snort at your mother like that!” said my father gruffly with authority. He shut the door behind him and hung up his coat.
“I was clearly joking…” I growled under my breath. He must not have heard me because I didn’t feel him smack me. Emily then proceeded to our room and I followed. She started telling me about her day. You know… usual teenage girl stuff. But I listened so that she would feel better. After her summary she suggested watching TV and I obliged and jumped onto the couch as she was going for the remote. She rolled her eyes at my little-brother-like immaturity and scooted me over and sat down. The TV turned on and we watched it together until the sun went down. Emily was the kind of girl that- instead of watching cartoons and soap operas- would rather watch Discovery and Animal Planet and Natural Geographic. I like those too so I didn’t mind. Actually, those were the only channels that can hold my attention.

So it got late and Janice walked up behind the sofa. “Emily it’s past your bed time. Turn off the television and go to your room. You too.” she pointed at me. Emily turned off the program we were watching grudgingly and stood up. She started down the hallway to our room. As I followed I couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.

We went into our room and Emily turned off the light. Just as she did, I caught a flash of movement out of the corner of my eye. It was out the window, but as soon as I redirected my line of sight to where the window was no longer in my peripheral vision, what it was that I thought I saw was gone. I still remained alert. For my sister’s sake.


I laid there in the darkness with nothing but the thin ray of light from the street lamp outside to illuminate the room. It wasn’t much. Time and time again I could have sworn that I heard subtle sounds just out the window… a twig break, leaves crunching, clothes jostling. And all the while I could smell a faint stench of sweat and blood. I kept my eyes open most of the night.

The sounds outside subsided and the smell left my nose. I began to feel at ease. My eyelids closed.


Not long after that, I heard a very loud crash on the other side of the house. I was up in an instant. “THERE’S SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE!” I barked with extreme adrenaline coursing through me. “Wake up!” I shrilly pleaded with Emily. She did, and as soon as I saw her sit up I ran to my parent’s room…

Dad was dead. His neck was splayed open and gaping as blood spilled out of it, off the bed, and onto the floor. I saw that the master bathroom’s door was closed and just before it- on the outside- was a man.

A man… I don’t feel comfortable calling it that.

He was very large and rugged. He turned around and saw me and that’s when I saw him accurately for the first time. I wont forget it. His eyes were large and beady and trapped with lust. He was styling a beard that was badly unkempt with blood dripping off. His clothes were dirty and his face was cold. Just then I noticed the same horrid smell of sweat and blood from earlier, but this time it was overwhelming.

He saw me. He saw me and grinned with a set of crooked yellow teeth. That smile threw me off. I thought that I was going to die, but then he turned back to the bathroom door completely unperturbed by my presence. I was terrified and didn’t no what to do. I just yelled and cried. I watched as he shouldered through door that was Mom’s only protection. I watched as he raised the large razor that he was carrying, but had obviously neglected to use properly. I watched as he sliced her open and tore her to shreds…


I then heard something; the last thing that I wanted to hear… It was Emily’s scream coming from behind me. The large monstrosity looked up from my butchered mother and stared at my little sister. I was distraught. He stood up and quickly started walking toward us. My sis turned and ran, and I was at a loss when he bypassed me and went straight after her. Why was she still in the house? Had she not assessed the situation and run? Apparently not, and now she was dead and I was alone.

I ran after them both. I expected the man to kill her as he had the rest of my family, but I was sadly mistaken. He grabbed her by the arm and jerked her as a way to make clear that he was in control. He dragged her through the house… I was making all of the noise I could now, hoping and praying that someone would come to my aid. He mustn’t take her. Not her.

As he passed me I backed against the wall and whimpered with terror, “Why?” He didn’t respond except by putting his free hand on my head while Emily screamed in the other and saying “Good boy.” He gave another crooked grin and a very cold, unnatural laugh. I followed him to the door where he dragged my helpless sister after him. He opened it, pulled her out, and slammed it shut behind him.

I am now sitting in the house with my mutilated adopted parents, shivering and whimpering with dismay. He’s out there with her. Doing who-knows-what to her, and I can’t do anything. I would if I could, but I can’t. I would chase after them in a heartbeat, but I can’t. I sit here, looking at the front door. I look down at my paws. If only I could open doors…

Credited to aCJohnson

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588 thoughts on “Doors”

  1. …Doggo.
    I want to be appalled at the murder.
    But he didn’t hurt the doggo.
    We can be grateful for that much, yes?

  2. My dogs would tear any intruder apart..most dogs would..even a chihuahua would fight tooth and nail to its last breath for its family..not very believable -_-

  3. Did not see that coming. After I reread it, I could see the clues but the first time I read it, I was just slightly confused. He said him and his sister were about the same age when he was adopted and now she was a teenager which means he must be too so I was rather confused as to why they were still sleeping in the same room. I guess I did pick up on some of the clues thinking they were mistakes but I didn’t put it together.
    I would have liked it better if the dog had attacked the guy and Emily was saved. I’m just going to assume that Emily gets away from the kidnapper and her and the dog live happily ever after. :)

  4. I liked the story it was creative, but it wasn’t written all that well. The entire introduction which takes up a majority of the story falls pretty flat in conveying emotion. The murder ending section of the story was better but not great. You should have focus on a more tense and suspenseful ending and cut the intro a bit short. The clues showing that the narrator was a dog were too blatant, even though I didn’t actually know the end twist, the all stood out to me and the ending would have been a lot more effective if the clues were subtle and blended in. All criticism aside, I think you should rewrite this and spend a lot of time on it, and it could be one heck of a short story.

  5. Is it just me, or does anyone else find the blatant comedic irony in the correspondence with the title of the pasta and the ending?

  6. There are a lot of stories out there with that kind of twists at the end, but in all honesty this one is one of the very best! I didn’t really see it coming; after the last phrase I found myself thinking back on the story in a new light and I believe that’s sign of a great short. Not as corny as a lot of stories out there. Great job!

  7. I thought this was so clever and awesome, call me slow, but i didnt realize until the last 2 sentences he was a dog. Great pasta!

  8. Jesus Jones, I find it hard to believe that a dog would just sit there and let it’s family get mutilated without even trying to protect them. Especially one with this level of cognition. I’ve seen pint sized dogs run off bears to protect their family, their instinct to defend is incredibly strong. So strong that they will sacrifice themselves if necessary. This family adopted the “Scumbag Steve” of dogs unfortunately.

    “Sees family getting butchered. Goes and blogs about it in journal”

  9. Read this on Creepypasta Wiki, didn’t expect to see this here. I think this is one of the most overrated pastas I have read. Sure, it’s sad, and the twist is amazing, but ask yourself this: Is this really a horror story?

  10. beutifully tortured

    This is such a boring pasta and such an overused plot I must say that i am very disappointed in it

  11. THIS is the first creepypasta that i’ve read that has truly had an original twist ending i NEVER saw coming. Literally, mouth dropped open when i read that last sentence. ALL THE APPLAUSE TO YOU!

  12. well…was not expecting that ending, the detail was pretty in depth which was good, and in general the whole story is quite good

  13. One of my favorites. I’m usually able to predict when a twist ending is going to happen, but this one came right out of the blue. :)

  14. Wow, the plot twist is excellent! There were times when I wanted to bail from the story, but I realized my time was not lost at the end! I like it.

  15. This kind of pasta either completely disappoints you (because you are looking for the twist and keeping an eye out for all the clues and you figure it out early on), or it wildly impresses you because the twist is fantastic and you never saw it coming.

    And then you go back and read it again and you see all the clues and realize how perfectly well crafted it was.

    For me, it worked perfectly and I can’t believe what an amazingly good setup it was, without giving it away. Very scary and very sad, really puts you in the mind of a worried dog that loves his family and watches as they are brutally murdered and taken. 10/10

    One of my favorite pastas ever.

  16. I can relate, aCJohnson. I am a dog as well. There are other famous dogs too, like Snoop Doggy Dogg and Al Pachino, wait, he was a godfather, not a dog father…

  17. ahhh wasn’t expecting that, although I do see now that I overlooked quite a few hints. It made it so much sadder for me though. I got genuinely upset when I saw it was from a dog’s perspective. Very good.

  18. IT WAS A DOG!!!

    IT WAS A DOG! Was all I could say for a hole day! Lol! Nobody knew what I was talking about! So funny… I do feel bad for the dog though, but a DOG WAT THE FUDGE?!?!?!?
    Love it! I’m gonna tell my friend, she loves scary stories,like me XD

  19. IT WAS A DOG!!!

    IT WAS A DOG was all I could say for about one or 2 days! Lol nobody knew what I was talking about! The ‘good boy’ part and sleeping on the floor was weird but WAT THE FUDGE?!?!?! A DOG?!?!?!
    So awesome! I feel bad 4 that dog though…

  20. I do enjoyed “Concealed environment” stories, but unfortunately if you’ve read very many (or watched the Twilight Zone a lot), the style broadcasts just what sort of story these are relatively early in the piece. The author had good intentions, and seemed to generally have the skills necessary to write a good pasta, but just needed to read a bit more widely themselves.

  21. I think if you explained the dog thing a bit more, people would understand. I thought she was a human……. Anyway, I didn’t get the last part of the story, so I just assumed she was a human. XP

    Nice story by the way, like a cup of milk. X)

    I’ll favourite this one. XD

  22. I first read this story near the end of last year. I thought it was really good, and I definitely did NOT see that twist coming! I think it’s a pretty unique story here, since the dog is the one narrating the story. Besides Smile Dog (another animal pasta I kinda enjoyed) and BEN Drowned, I think this is my most favorite out of the ones I enjoyed here.

    When I first saw the line, “I looked down at my paws.” I was like, “…Paws? What? Is that a mistake or something…? Did he mean ‘paws’ as in ‘human hands’…?” But then I looked back at the scene where the bad guy said, “Good boy” and then I was like, “Oh my god, he’s a dog!”
    Though I really like this story, I kinda feel like the main character could’ve at least tried to attack the guy so he could be a lot more sympathetic. But I guess it probably depends on the breed of dog, and whether they’re a big dog or little dog, whether they’re a pup or an adult, shy or fierce and protective. And at the same time, it’s not explained what breed of dog he is, so for all we know he could be a little dog (Havanese, Italian Greyhound, etc), and like I said, I think it also depends on the personality of the dog and maybe even whether they’ve been abused or not (plus, wasn’t the father of this story a bit of a anti-dog person? Like, he would spank the dog, shout at him, etc). :)

    I may be wrong about this stuff, but whatever. I still really love this story. There were no grammatical errors as far as I can see, and the characters were pretty likable. I really love these ‘Girl and her Dog’ types of stories. And it was more depressing than scary. I give it 9/10, and keep up the good work.

    — HellhoundMutt

  23. Oh my batman. I was not expecting that. I read the “I looked down at my paws. If only I could open doors…” line and had that “Holy mother of batman, are you shitting me?” moment. But in all seriousness, I guess it did leave little hints. Like the pallet, getting smacked, using the restroom properly, et cetera, but when it says that he tried calling Richard Dad, was he barking it? Just curious.

  24. And this my friends, is why I own a 120 pound German Shepherd…
    Cuz’ he can just throw himself through a window. Or tear mr. Serial killers throat out in the first place.

  25. I didn’t even realize it was a dog until it said “I looked down at my paws” but everyone else already noticed *facepalm*

  26. This one is most definitely my favorite . I love how the end was so surprising . I was not expecting him to be a dog .

  27. Is it sad that it took me a minute to realize it was a dog though?(….I think yes. xD )) I was sitting there like “da faq’? why does a human have paws, and why can’t this kid open the door and what is-…..OHHH.”

  28. I’ve been toying with the whole ‘suddenly it’s a dog’ thing for a while, but never did anything with it, thank you so much, this was an incredible story. Also, f*ck you for killing emily =) (with that i just mean to say that i really loved the character and extremely appreciate the drama and emotion surrounding it)

  29. Am I the only one who got a dog insurance ad popping up during the story? Because yeaa that kinda gave it away.

  30. Reminds me of the movie “The Others” in the sense that there’s a big twist at the end, that once you read back through the story, makes perfect sense. I love it. 10/10.

  31. my dog can open most doors, the ones you have to pull down the knob. he jumps and his paws pull the knob and pushes the door further open with his body we lost him3 times being careless

  32. Just went back through the story after reading the end….. realized when he shouted “SOMEONE IS IN THE HOUSE!” He was probably just barking his ass off.

  33. I scrolled down and read the first comment first and I was super confused. I thought the murderer guy was a dog and turned the boy into a dog but I was kind of suspicious about the part where he barked and him being so nice to his sister.

  34. I thought it was a kid the whole time, until I read the comments. -.- I need to pay more attention to the details.

  35. I knew it was a dog or a cat since “My mom tickled my back with her nails ” or “my dad spanked me because i couldnt use the bathroom properly” or even “she did all the talking” People are so dumb I am too smart for this i am literally so advanced i see einstein as a retarded old man who followed the manual on how to become a genius … Thats it my human needs me in his head .Your race is doomed without my existence I control your whole body Yet i am the one with the pink silky wet body.I do not open completely to you because i hate the fact that i am the one with no noby You
    people think i am a useless blob….

  36. Amazing story, I loved it so fucking much but I noticed that at the beginning it was written as if the events about to be told were in the past but then at the end it was a “and now here I am…” Ending but otherwise amazing story

  37. Not a fan.

    This pasta started out ok: half-decent backstory, moderately descriptive . . . Until things started to escalate a little too quickly. You started out announcing everything that was happening and going on, instead of subtly transitioning from one event to the next. For example, “everything changed on a horrible Wednesday night” and “dad was dead”. The body and climax of the pasta lacked imagery and description. If the events were described and stretched out more, it would make for a more interesting and satisfying pasta. So, to sum it all up, a dry, unoriginal pasta that lacked details and was not creepy or scary at all.

    1. It’s extremely hard to reaping to idiot comments like yours because its just such a fucking long process, but I will say this, the only thing that is dry, and half decent if it even deserves that good of a description is your comment

  38. kings-and-jacks

    oh my god im almost at fucking tears THE FACT THAT HE WAS A DOG MAKES IT SO MUCH WORSE poor little dude…………..oh yeah this is a badass pasta good work bro :}

  39. so sad imagine seeing your parents murdered (foster or not)
    and your little sister dragged out of your house by a stranger in this story it may be a dog and you might think that’s funny but dogs have feelings as well.


    i was like this is a good story then at end i was like HOLY SHIT ITS A DOG

  41. I don’t actually comment but i had to. this story actually sent shiver down my spine even more when the narrator was a dog. i actually love dogs because they’re loyal but that is not the only reason why this pasta will get 10/10

  42. Holy crap, I really liked the story and then…BAM! it’s a dog. I felt almost stupid for not catching on earlier, bravo! fantastic story, and great ending!

  43. OH MY GOD that was a great creepy pasta it started good and they ended it when the perfect twist they need more creepy pastas like this

  44. So, I am absolutely lost for words at the moment… well, not really; but you know what I mean. This was definitely something that put me on edge and I felt like I had to somehow help the kid out; then it said “I looked down at my paws”… and I was just like “whoa! wait a second here, did I miss something?”

    Well, beautiful job on the story; it really got my heart pumping and I felt like kicking the crap out of someone; but as it seems, this is a story with one hell of a twist.

    Magnificent job!

    -10/10 voted for the twist

  45. I thought this was a person, but when I got to the ending, it’s a dog. Had me surprised, but I like the story. :)

  46. Woah didn’t see that coming! This is very good. One of the best short stories in my opinion. Broke my heart though. Why would people say this is funny? It’s quite tragic to me…

  47. I love the foreshadowing, how he says I kept my eyes open for Emily’s sake. I love how he kind of refers his name in 3rd person, Pasta tasted excellent!

  48. creepypasta fan

    You know, it would actually make more sense if the guy told us in the beginning that the guy in the story was a dog.

  49. that line that said he was napping while the sister was at church immediately told me that it was a dog. dang, im experienced.

  50. If this were a German Shepherd or a Belgian Malinois, the story would’ve ended very differently.

    Cool ending though!

  51. Didnt see dat comin

    Lol i kinda figured it was adog when he said barked, but it was good pasta. would order it again! in fact, i already did :)

  52. I really don’t know how no one noticed it was a dog. I knew from the second paragraph (the one where he describes the mom.) I could maybe understand how people wouldn’t get it early on, but honestly there’s no reason for anyone to not get it after the 4th paragraph where he talks about the sister. It was really obvious, well written, but obvious.

    1. I guess I’ll just be honest and say I didn’t really like it. I can understand how people might think it was brilliant if they legitimately didn’t see that it was written from a dog’s perspective, but I saw it coming almost instantly so the story really had no twist or interesting developments or even quirky writing with that in mind. Honestly it was kinda boring knowing how it ended.

  53. Damn shoulda Seen that one coming, I mean what kinda teenage girl talks to their adoptive brother about her day. SERIOUSLY…So many hints yet I’m too stupid to notice.

    Good story

  54. As I was reading this and wondering why it was so highly rated… I was thinking it was quite poorly written and had lots of weird plots and a few plot holes.
    – However, the ending blew me away and all my doubts suddenly turned out to be amazingly clever ideas and a creative and quite frankly heart breaking story!
    It was so good! I re-read the last three paragraphs, knowing what would happen at the end.
    I can see why this is so highly rated. Brilliant!

  55. so his “adoptive family” are all humans right? or is his sister a dog to? i mean, i know the parental figure are humans right? wait the sister has to be human… im confused. who is a dog and who is human?

  56. Don’t really understand how that was “funny” like the top comment suggests. That twist ending was incredible. Did not see that coming AT ALL. Love it when that happens. Makes you want to read it again.

  57. Omgosh. That’s sad T.T That poor doggie. This is very well done, to an extent. Why didn’t the dog rip at that man? T.T I hope my dog would do better than just bark wildly D:

  58. I actually saw it coming from miles. From the moment he mentioned that he was sleeping beside the girl’s bed, I think.
    (And I know people will downvote me just because I saw it coming)
    Good one though.

  59. I was wondering why the brother, who was not blood-related, was allowed to sleep in the same room as the girl. Makes sense now.

  60. At first i expected it to be the real father taking his kid back…until i saw “good boy” then i started to see it wasn’t what i thought it was and turned out to be a dog….nice job

  61. What a shit dog. Didn’t even try to attack the killer. This is why you should buy a big dog and not one of those gay little fluffy things.

  62. O.o

    F’ing brilliant! It’s not brilliant until you read the story a second time, and realize how many times the author “tricked” you

  63. OMG I try to predict where the story’s headed and sometimes I get it right, but this one completely caught me off guard. Love it!!!! 10 stars

  64. I’m laughing so hard right now. I loved the pasta, but once I finished it, all I could keep thinking of was “Yes, this is Dog.”


  65. This made me terribly sad, but I couldn’t help loving it. It’s so sad that he couldn’t do anything to help anyone. Such a wonderful twist. Amazing story.

  66. At first I was like, “What sort of insane parents let two non-related teenagers sleep in the same room?” then I thought, “Why isn’t he doing anything?!?!?!?! THE DUDE IS KILLING THEM!!!” Then I got to the end and sort of sat back and thought, “Oh. That’s why. He’s a dog.”

  67. Am I the only one who figured that because he’s a dog he would have fought back twice as hard? He talks about being super protective, yet he didn’t make any attempt to save/defend anyone. I would think the first thing he’d do is latch onto the guys balls and rip them off. I guess he didn’t know he could, because he’s a dog…..or something?

  68. What I loved about this story is the WAY it was done. Okay, it’s not ‘original’ with a narrator turning out to be something else that what the reader first thinks – but that doesn’t mean a writer shouldn’t use it as a device, if they use it well. It’s been done in the past, and it’ll be done again – and, in this instance, I thought it was handled deftly. I didn’t see it coming (although reading back, there were subtle clues which then became an ‘aha’ moment second time round). What chilled me about this particular story though was that it actually conveyed, very well, the powerlessness of the narrator. It didn’t matter that it was a dog – it could have been a human who had some incapacity which rendered them powerless to protect the person they loved most in the world.

    It brought to life how there must be many, many times when an animal is distraught beyond words but can do nothing about it – and it’s this aspect which I found utterly chilling. Well done.

  69. Fantastic pasta!
    I typically find the more realistic pastas to be the most disturbing. A lot of people are saying that it wasn’t a scary read, but I believe it was. To think that murders like this happen so sickeningly often. Then to read, in first-person, the resulting heartache of a creature so loyal and affectionate as the family dog.
    Sure the writing and grammar were not perfect, but they were good. Only flawed in the view of nitpicking.
    Overall, this pasta was enjoyably thought-provoking and well-represented (particularly with the subtle hints as to the narrator’s true identity).
    I wouldn’t order many pastas again, but I would re-order this one. Also would highly recommend it to others. Superb!

  70. I understood that it was a dog the entire time, but I really enjoyed that aspect. I have a giant pittbull that I love and rely on for protection. This story really broke my heart. It was incredibly sweet.

  71. So he was able to write out this whole story, but couldn’t punch in three numbers, 9-1-1, on a telephone? XD

    This pasta was delicious. I was definitely not suspecting that twist. After reading it again, I caught the subtle hints you gave us readers. Very nice indeed, 9/10.

  72. The sounds outside subsided and the smell left my nose. I began to feel at ease. My eyelids closed.

    Did anyone notice that these few lines rhyme? Well, kind of… But still, I found it cool.

  73. Yeah, maybe it’s a dog, BUT MAYBE IT’S A CAT! Why does a pair of paws lead everyone to dogs? Why not a RACCOON for Pete’s sake? *laughs* Anyway, I read it, then re-read it, then wondered: How, how, HOW does a dog call someone Dad? Or..or maybe he never noticed…? ACK! Another Creepypasta mystery! I SHALL SOLVE IT! Come along John, let’s solve this. It shall be…elementary. *ba-da BING*

    1. maybe it’s the fact that there’s these lines in the pasta…

      “THERE’S SOMEONE IN THE HOUSE!” I barked with extreme adrenaline coursing through me.

      When was the last time you had a barking cat? I know as hell mine doesn’t.

  74. Oh my Glob!!! whew! I thought he was a human I was shiverin-tremblin (of MADNESS) didn’t see that one comin.

  75. Dude! So did not see that coming. Super clever. And also really sad. You never think about things from a pet’s point of view. It makes you think…

  76. Read it, got surprised that it was a cat, read it again with that mindset, then read the comments. Dang it!! its a dog!! hahaha

  77. That ending truly surprised me. I never saw it coming. I thought he was just a boy. Good job :) 10/10
    Now that I know it’s a dog, or a cat, probably a dog, I look back and all of the details make sense. Jolly good show!

  78. I was raging and i was like, I’d die trying or succeed in getting my sister/brother back, But it was a dog! i didn’t even realise til the first comment..

  79. My mum told me about this time when I was like six months old, I was in a pram and she had our dog. Some lady tried to reach into the pram abd she was all those omgggg sooo cute noises talking all high pitched about what lovley eyes i had and our dog went berserk and bit the lady, then he had to get put down. The dog in the story is a pussy, it didn’t really love its owner.

  80. When I finished, and it said he looked down at his paws, I was like, What the… Then I look in the comments and see that he’s a dog, and it all comes together.

    Moment of derp.

  81. My first thought at the end was, “Oh! It’s a kitty!” Does it ever say it’s a dog? Dog seems more probable though…

  82. This is my favorite pasta on this whole fucking site. Today was probably my 100th time reading it. It so well done, I decided I’d finally comment.

    I love how it stays in character the whole time, just adding to the twist. There is no way you can go back into the story and find things that wouldnt make sense for a dog. Like how you used the words growl and bark and whimper instead of said and shouted and cried. Its beautiful.
    This story also brings on a lot of feels, because it shows how much a dog can love their family and the family not even know.

    10/10 Best pasta on this site.

  83. So Emily died, then came back to life and screamed? “Had she not assessed the situation and run? Apparently not, and now she was dead and I was alone.” and then ” He didn’t respond except by putting his free hand on my head while Emily screamed in the other”

  84. I was in like, the 5th paragraph and thinking, “My dad is EXACTLY like that. >:(”
    and then i get to the last sentence and I’m like, “What? Why wouldn’t you be able to open a door? Do you have no legs or something?”

    And I reread it 5 times.

    And see the word “paws”….

  85. I don’t know why people were so shitty towards this pasta. It was tasty AND filling. Much better than I thought it would be at first because I thought it was the boy who was the murderer. The ending was extra tasty. Very much would recommend this pasta if any of my friends were into this kind of thing like I am.


  87. Quite sad, I am picturing my shaking, whimpering dog in the hallway of our house, unsure of what to do because me and my family had just been killed.

    But at the end it’s slightly humerous. “D: Why didn’t he kill him? OH WAIT HE’S A FUCKING DOG LOL.”

  89. People actually didn’t realise that it was a dog? I was like, “okay, it’s a dog..” from the beginning. There was no twist, it was clear as day. Pay attention, people.

  90. LOL. when he started saying things about the man’s smell and how he could smell him from outside, i was all like “that guy must be reaaaaaaally smelly .-.”
    but it all makes sense now! :’c

  91. Saw'd it cummin

    ZOMG dis stoary is teh crappz, cuz ov mi big brain I got’s it was a dawg b4 I redz it *Derp!*

    That’s how I see these comments regarding the story’s “predictability”… Ignoramuses that probably had their intelligence somehow insulted by the twist. Feeling the need to save face by insulting the author.

    Dad’s accosting the canine protagonists growling however was a poorly constructed, deliberate red herring. That worked but not in a clever way. Dad may as well have said “don’t you snort at your mother like that our totally human adopted child who is soo not a dog”
    Hopefully the author has improved since 2009…

  92. Didn’t see the ending coming. Pretty good and unique. Not exactly “scary” but still a very good read.

  93. Rainshine, the Grammar Hyena

    Okay, all you immature people who keep saying the story is “poorly-written,” tell me… what makes it so “poorly-written”? The grammar is almost perfect. (There is only one mistake, and that is when the author uses “no” instead of “know.”) The story builds up to a helpless ending. The family members are well-developed, and the only reason the main character isn’t is because his identity is revealed in the end by the sudden realization that he is a pet. The only thing I would really change would be the father saying “Don’t you snort at your mother like that!” because Dad obviously didn’t see the dog as his child, so he wouldn’t have admitted that his wife was a dog’s mother. Other than those very few mistakes, this pasta was amazing! I rate it a 9/10, and I will definitely be re-reading it again. OuO

  94. Holy crap. I never thought it would be a dog, and I STILL didn’t get it for some reason at the end. I thought he had stumps for hands or something. Also, how would a dog know the color of a man’s teeth? They only see black and white.

    Also, screw you, Liver. You obviously don’t know love.

  95. That was an awesome twist. I really should have seen it coming due to all the clues but I didn’t until the paws part.

    And I agree with Collin. It’s more of a realistic horror from a dog’s perspective rather than the supernatural shit.

  96. One last detail about her being his \"little\" sister. In reality he was around I don\’t know… 13 or 14 years old? When they were teenagers of course. But in dog years he was around 91 – 98, a very old dog indeed. And that\’s where the \"little\" sister comes out. ;D

  97. That got me completely off guard. I loved it. Best I’ve read so far, and I’ve been reading through this site for two days reading literally every single pasta.

    But I get it now. He listen, but couldn’t talk. He growled under his breath, but “dad” couldn’t understand him. Also, the only channels that could hold his attention? I loved that detail, let alone the bathroom use, and when Janice would tickle his back.

    Again, I loved it. You get a solid 10/10 from me.

  98. Holy shit, at first i though it would be just a story about a killer that murdered people and killed the protagonist fathers, blahblahblah…but when i saw the end, HOLY FUCK I SHAT BRIX, i seriously did not expect that(probably because i never actually readed any “the main guy was a X at the end!” creepypastas), but i think i shouldnt be a dog because he would have everything he can do to protect his family, i think he would be better of as a cat (even a cat would at least do SOMETHING about it), but still, epic story, definetly the best creepypasta i’ve readed until today

    Great story, I had no idea it was a dog until he said good boy. The only thing is; Wouldn’t the dog get fucking piiiiiiissssssed and bite that asshole in the throat? If I were a dog, and my family was getting murdered, I’d take that dude out.

  100. For all you guys giving this pasta negative comments, imagine this: Put yourself in the dog\’s place. Your family being killed, your best friend being dragged off by a maniac and possibly raped and killed… and you being powerless to stop any of it. honestly, the thought of that happening to me sends a chill up my spine. That\’s where this pasta gets the creepy factor from, not the generic supernatural/apocalypse thing that this site is filled with.

  101. Great twist.
    I didn\’t realize it was a SMALL dog at all.
    For those of you who think he was a cat, he barked.
    Also, the dog knows english, but he has no vocal chords, and he has a few fingers, which is how he typed this.

    Epic pasta is a twist.

  102. I don’t know if it was just me or not but I kind of saw that coming when he was talking about his bad sense of time.


  104. Interesting. That was a pretty good story in there. Really makes you think back for a while and wonder what a wonderful twist the story has. And I thought it would be those scary stories where someone’s waiting at the door or something.

  105. “Good Boy” “I was clearly joking, I GROWLED under my breath” “There’s someone in the house, I BARKED” Wonderful twist great story! :D

  106. Wait, why wouldn’t the dog bite the guy? Big dogs can be quite nasty when they see someone they perceive as dangerous, and small dogs… Well, they tend to act self important and will still nip at someone

    Still a great story, but hell, that dog must have been coddled WAY too much


  107. i was like wtf why cant he open doors? then i thought and it came to me.
    It’s a MotherFuckin’ DOG. that was good. i give it a perfect 10.

  108. Loved it.

    I\’ve read a story like this once before, where you think a mother is about to murder to feed her babies, when you realise she\’s a cat..

  109. The twist was okay, but after the twist, a lot of the story makes no sense at all. Why would the dad yell at the dog for snorting at Janice? You tried to make him far too human and failed. I get it, dogs aren’t self aware, but still, some of his actions were a little retarded. 5/10

  110. Well, it’s a good thing the dog can apparently type, so the cops can get his testimony.

    It also seems that Hagrid is going on a murder-rape killing spree, again.

  111. I liked it. but I did see it coming a mile away. Still, not much of a dog, must have been a small breed. Should have gotten a German Shepard.

  112. I liked this. It was full of little hints, but not so obvious that you lost interest before you read he had paws.

  113. I managed to spoil the end to myself before even reading the whole story by checking the last paragraph.
    Why do I always do that? >.<

  114. Once again, this was a long pasta but definately worth it.
    Reading back at how the dog “barked” at the girl to wake up and how he was abused by the father and never talked as the girl talked to him, it all came together.

    He was a freaking dog the whole time :)

  115. You guys are douches. It was a very well written story, and no, you did not see the twist, you are not impressing anyone. STFU

  116. oh my god, i loved it. absolutely loved it. the classic story of the love between a pet and the owner. so sad, yet…a great twist. fantastic. my favorite one

  117. ….so…was this a chuauhaha (however the hell you spell it -__-) or something? i mean, why didn’t the dog freakin’ attack the damn murderer?! sheesh. half-baked and could use more seasoning.

  118. To me, it seemed as if you changed your mind in the middle. you dicided after you started writing that you would twist it into the character being a dog. If you ask me, you shouldn’t have had the dog “talking” in the beginning. You went in the opposite direction of trying to subtly hint from the beginning that it was a dog.

  119. oh my dog

    yeah, the lack of dialogue was quite unnerving, but really cool twist.
    reminds me of a tv-ad I saw the other day, where a goldfish witnessed a burglar.


  120. oh my dog

    yeah, the lack of dialogue was quite unnerving, but really cool twist.
    reminds me of a tv-ad I saw the other day, where a goldfish witnessed a burglar.


  121. I DIDN REALIZE IT WAS A DOGTILL I READ A COMMENT XDDD i thought it was an orphan boy this whole time and then at the end i thought it was a crippled boy bcuz it said he was just sitting there staring at the door wishing he could open it but man was i off xDDD

  122. Obvious dog narrator was obvious. His lack of ever talking, the pallet he had to sleep on, the words like “growled” and “whimper” and when he pointed out all the noise he was making.

  123. Holy shit, i was expecting a “high-tension” like twist where the main character had a split personality, and it was actually her killing them after i read that the “man” ignored him/her. But my jaw dropped as i read the last sentence XD. Superb.

  124. Didn’t see that one coming xD
    But by the end when Emily was taken, etc. I was thinking, ‘Why aren’t you doing anything’ as I would do everything I could for the murderer to take me instead. BUT there ya go. Tasty Pasta.

  125. Somehow i knew by the fourth paragraph it was a dog and it ruined it for me.

    Think it was the whole sleeping on a pallet thing.

  126. Wow… well written. and when you go back through the story, it all makes total sense… the dad hitting him to train him, discovery channel, adoption… Person who wrote this, you are genius.

    Of course, not all that creepy. just kind of… obscure.

    BTW, who was random hobo murderer/rapist.

  127. I figured it was a dog form small little hints, But i was not very sure of it at first. I laughed when i found out it was a dog….but there was something bothering me about this…. What type of dog was it? Because if it was a dog on the bigger side i am sure that the dog would not just let the guy kill his family…Hell i even heard of smaller dogs attacking robbers and other people that come into their home. other then that the pasta was well written to me. Besides everyone writes different and so what? :D

    This pasta was meant for the dogs C:

  128. The flow was kinda choppy in places, but I certainly didn’t see the twist coming at all. I’d give it a 6/10 for twist.

  129. Shitty shitty writing, I gave up half way through and skipped to the end. Okay conecept I guess, not really creepy pasta in any way :/

  130. …The disgusting thing was that I was reading the majority of it as if it was the start of an epic rape-porn-pasta instead of a creepypasta. T_T

    Good story, great twist ending, totally didn’t see it coming at all. Not creepy, but still funny/sad/sick.

  131. i think this was pretty good, in fact. i liked the turn in the end. there were some typos, of course, but when he feels someone in the house, that creeped me a little.

  132. that was a strange tasting pasta, but oh well! omnomnomnomnom! i was wondering why the narrator didn’t scream or get a knife from the kitchen! he doesn’t HAVE aposable thumbs cuz he’s a dog!

  133. So… The dog allowed the guy to kill the entire family, kidnap the girl, AND pat him on the head while doing absolutely nothing? Every dog that I have EVER had would’ve ripped that guys throat off. Should have been a cat or some other non-protective animal…. Fail ending is fail….Everything else was well written though. So… Kudos?

  134. That was so adorable! Okay, some of you may say, the person got brutally murdered, well I say nieh. I think it is realistic, because: If there are parents and then young girls in the house, parents are always murdered young girs areb taken to be abused in some way, but usually not murdered by creepy old men. 2: My mother also considers my dogs and cats and guinea pigs as brothers and sisters so the fact that these people would consider the dog as their son is realistic. Dogs are very protective of their owners, especially when you sleep in the same room as them, so, of course the dog would refer to the girl as little sis, ect. And for those of you who figured out that twist, then wooptiedoo! You should win an award! But, oh wait! you won’t! You’ll be too busy wasting you lves away at this site. For those of you who didn’t, and who actually liked the story, and who aren’t negative jerks, then you keep posting! You, keep reading! And, You don’t be pressured by the rest of these negative butts! So congrats to the writer, think what you want to think everyone else, but don’t be pressured if the majority doesn’t like it! And, random, but I think the dog was a pug!

  135. Okay. I have read a great range of comments from “Best pasta ever” to “utter crap pasta”. I guess you either loved it or hated it.

    Couple of things:

    People have made reference to a R. L. Stine book that this reminds them of… what is this book of which you speak (for I have never read it and therefore couldn’t have copied it intentionally).

    For the people who did not like the father telling the protagonist to shut up when he snorted at his “mother”, and finds this far fetched: my family has a history of treating their pets like sons/brothers/sisters/etc. My mother honest to God tells me to “Let my sister in the house” when she scratches on the door.

    And finally: What is so bad about my writing (for those of you who claim that it is poorly written)? Could you give me some USEFUL feedback? Or possibly tips on how I could improve it?

  136. The only bit where you screwed up was where the father says, “Don’t you snort at your mother like that!” Who says that to a dog?! If he were soppy enough to think of the dog as his kid, he wouldn’t shout at it just for snorting. Anyway, when a dog snorts, it’s usually sneezing.

  137. I really liked this story a lot! It really came as a surprise to me that he was, in fact, a dog. I didn’t get what they meant with the part about his sister, that they were about the same age, but she was still older, but he still saw him as his little sister. Neither did I get why the killer didn’t murder him the second he saw him. It all made sense in the end though.

  138. I also thought the narrator was a dildo before I read the end. At first I thought the killer was the guys biological dad.

  139. NO! said john, I MUST FIGHT THE MURDERERS.
    No, john, you ARE the murderers.

    and then john was a jack russel terrier

  140. I love how all you people are pretending that you predicted the ending just so that you can say this pasta is bad. :P

    This is my new favorite pasta. You topped that one about the computer that kept mice. Good job.

  141. WAT A TWEEST! Kay the story wasnt all that well written but i honestly had no clue the narrator was a dog(or some other animal with paws).

  142. This was so great! A dog, that was so unexpected! Thats was fantastic! It was so unexpected. This has to be one of the best pastas I`ve ever read, but I do think it could`ve been wordded differently. Dont worry about the bad comments, cuz I garentee there are more good than bad. Good job. :)

  143. What a depressing ending. That feeling of helplessness must have been hell (even though it’s a dog)

    and all because he couldn’t open doors!

    But still, you’d think that the dog would have went ape shit on the intruder. What kind of pussy ass dog is that?

  144. This story was so terribly written that I didn’t even bother to finish it. I don’t see why it’s getting so many good reviews; I guess too few people have an accurate sense of writing quality.

  145. This was the most obvious “you think its a kid then its a dog” story ever.
    Still pretty cool though, i like them.

  146. Excellent twist, with a lot of good referrences and hints beforehand. Going back and reading it a second time was fun, which is the sign of a good twist. However thats pretty much the only feature of the story, without it its just a short story about a household intruder with no conclusion. On the fence about this “creepypasta,” but an excellent twist nonetheless.

  147. Definitely unexpected ending. Writing was a little choppy (no pun intended) but the ending made up for that. I’d say 8.99999/10

  148. I don’t understand how anyone could not have seen this ‘twist’ coming from a mile away. What a boring read. There are so many better stories on this site which get totally slammed…

  149. jesus tapdancing christ on a cracker

    I couldn’t even finish reading the third paragraph. This is horribly written– the sentences don’t flow well, and there are too many “filler” words.

    Whoever wrote this: you should be ashamed.

  150. Jesus H. Christ! So I’m supposed to find this creepy because there’s random murder and a dog? That’s fucking gay.

  151. Oh, that ending made me happy.
    Really, I was so annoyed with the protagonist for not doing anything at all. Good thing it was just a dog.

    I read it twice, though, because then the choice of words made more sense. (Barked, whimpered, etc)

    Great pasta. Not the creepiest I’ve ever read, but clever and original nonetheless.

  152. this is probably one of the few stories on here that has a general “woah i didn’t see that coming “consensus with all the comments

    the story was generically written for the most part, but the plot was pretty original. i have to say i was expecting the killer to be the narrator’s real dad, coming to kill the adoptive family… which would have been SOOO typical, so thank you for picking an ending that surprised me and feel really sad for that little dog :'(

  153. It wasn’t creepy at all, well written? Yes, but not creepy. The dog part was easy to figure out, but it didn’t give me chills or anything, it just made me sympathize with the fact that he’s a dog, that’s it.

  154. I’m seeing the only lawlz here as the negative commentary.

    The story had a good setup, flowed nicely, and wasn’t too long at all. And, you have to admit, the twist at the end was well-applied.

    I suppose my only question is what sort of dog it was, and why it cowered in fear, rather than fiercely protect its master like plenty of dogs would naturally do?

    All-in-all, too many people don’t know how to appreciate good work.

    And that, my friends, is lawlzy. :P

  155. A good twist, but the fact that’s it been done before by R.L. Stine mostly just made me scoff/laugh. Oh…. wait, it’s also the fact that the writing itself is absolutely fucking terrible.

  156. …what the hell? It’s like freaking Robert Lawerence Stine wrote this story. Might’ve been scary if you’re 9 years old. Good description though.

  157. Pain is the only truth in this world. This man should be celebrated for his efforts, while this dog should be held as an abomination for daring to prevent sorrow and tragedy.

  158. A dog is not capable of perceiving others as a mother/father/sister figure. Dogs abandon such things right as they are able to do things on their own, and their mothers do back at them. Dogs will mostly see humans as their masters/god. So really, the character might as well have been a turtle or a fish.

    1. I don’t think we exactly know what animals are capable of perceiving. In any event, this is fiction. A writer can attribute whatever characteristic/emotion they wish to a character (even if that character is a dog). If we stuck by strict rules of what we believe animals can understand or do, The Wind in the Willows, Black Beauty, Tailchaser’s Song, Watership Down and many other great works of fiction would never have been written.

  159. I saw the twist coming and when it came, it was still good. A little surprising considering how i was expecting a creepy imaginary friend or something haha.

    The writing was a little too mechanical for my taste though. Sometimes you were mature, other times you were like a little immature boy.

    But the clues you left throughout your story were clever. After realizing that it wasn’t going to be some other being, all the clues fell into place neatly. Good pasta, not creepy though.

  160. Wow! I thought it was written kind of badly straight up until the end, which surprised me. That was one of the best endings I’ve read in awhile.

  161. For the life of me I can’t understand why this is being so well reviewed. The writing was god-awful (maybe that was the point because dogs are dumb or something, but still), the twist has been done in Goosebumps, of all places, and the father’s behavior when they return makes no sense whatsoever considering that it’s a dog that’s doing the snorting. And on top of all that, IT WASN’T CREEPY.

  162. You guys are seriously surprised by the “twist” in this? It was obvious the narrator was a dog from, like, the third paragraph. The entire time I’m just thinking to myself “Okay, he’s a dog get to the scary”, but the scary never came.

    Boring pasta propped up by a lame twist ending that has nothing to do with anything.

  163. Whoa…I was expecting a run-of-the-mill, cliche pasta, but the ending caught me completely off guard.

    Definitely worth a read.

  164. Also, is it weird that I didn’t care if the man killed Emily, but when he hinted at rape I no longer liked this story?

  165. The ending really surprised me, and a melancholic shiver ran down my spine.
    Very well-written and catchy pasta.

  166. i really enjoyed this. not too heavy on the creepy side, but the ending was unexpected and yet made so much sense, very good execution. congratulations mr. johnson, i salute you for bringing a quality pasta to this site.

  167. WAIT, WHAT

    F**KING SH*T I didn’t see that coming… at all!. That was a real shock. I can’t say that it was too creepy, or very well written, but it was a really good pasta, enough scary. PERFECT ending though, and a story’s ending is the most important part. The desperate situation of the main character was very well transmitted to my own feelings.

    Congratulations. I shat bricks.

  168. Now THIS is a twist ending done right. On the second read through, it’s great how subtle little things add up to the conclusion. The author obviously put a lot of effort into that. Delicious pasta.

  169. So…him being a dog is suppose to make me shit brix? How is this pasta creepy in any way? Someone care to explain?

  170. What a stupid dog. If he was loyal at all, he would have attacked the shit out of that motherfucker. I don’t see what is creepy about this.. it is an okay story, but… HE WAS A DOG ALL ALONG. WHAT A TWEEST.

  171. This has got to be one of the best pastas I’ve eaten in a while. The twist at the end was really good.

    9 out of 10.

  172. Shit, if I were that dog I’d have ripped his throat out when I saw dad dead on the bed. Like, proper ripped it out.

    Also, first?

  173. Wait, what? If he was an animal the whole time, why would the father yell at him for snorting at the mother?

    It wasn’t even well-written.

  174. I had to read it a second time before I figured out the payoff. Interesting tomato-in-the-mirror twist, but when you read it again it stops being creepy and becomes depressing.

  175. Wow what a great twist! Loved the story, despite it not being paticuarly creepy. Well written and I hope to more like it.

  176. i thought this was pretty mediocre until the very last lines which really saved the pasta for me. it made me go back and read the whole thing again to notice all the hints. i like it a lot more now.

  177. For me, this was extremely predictable. I dunno why but throughout the whole story I got the sense that this was being told through the eyes of a house pet. Maybe it was the fact that he slept on the floor or maybe it was growl when the family came home from church. What really confirmed my suspicions before the paws gave it away were the attentiveness towards television channels that generally focus on animals, and then the keen sense of smell and awareness. It wasn’t too creepy, but I did get a strong feeling of helplessness. Glad to see a pasta finally told from a different point of view than a human or transformation of a human. Kudos!

  178. OMG i ssee the clues… “barked” “growled under my breath”… “a bit protective to her”…. “PAWS” … “CANNOT OPEN DOORS”…


    at first I didnt get it


    I get it.

  179. OMG!!!!! PAWS!!!!!!!! URE A DOG!!!!!!!! THEY ADOPTED A DOG!!!!!! NOW I GET IT!!!!!!

    this isn’t as good now….

  180. DELECIOUS!! LUVED IT!! …he can’t open doors? They cut off his hands????… omg… where the hands cut off that night? or where they cut off a long time ago?… Was that why he was abandoned??

    I LOVE the mystery in this story
    and the action too

    YUMMYLISIOUS PASTA! I’d love to have more… :D

  181. this had a lot of potential, but it took way too long to get to the fucking point and was poorly written, it sounded like a livejournal post for the first ten paragraphs.

  182. Awesome story,I like it how you put little clues about the protag – barking,whimpering.

    Not that scary,but really well written.

  183. Definitely didn’t see that coming but I’m sure plenty of people will say it was obvious due to the channel selection or something. I think it is creepy in the way that it’s insight into a thought process some may never have considered.

  184. I wasn’t very fond of the person narrating until the very last sentence. I kept thinking to myself what a tool, who sleeps on the floor? Great story.

  185. That was way cool :) by the end i thought “this it stupid, why didnt he call anyone or fight back or go after him or anything” and then the twist ending definitely got me. Was not expecting that at all! Loved this one! It makes so much sense now! haha

    1. That was the only thing on my mind at the end. I wanted to cry so hard. But at 2:30 in the morning, after reading about 10 Pastas, I’m emotionally drained. Dead, you could say.

      1. Razor_Knife_Killer

        I am dead. In all of the ways. I see we have something in common. I must end you because there can only be one.

  186. This is a good one. I had a hunch that the protagonist would end up being a dog, but I had actually forgotten all about that hunch by the time I was half-way through they story! After finishing it, I went back and skimmed over it again. It was then that I noticed the somewhat subtle hints — the doublespeak, if you will — that alluded to the narrator’s true form.

        1. Because the man shut the door afterche walkedout with the daughter. The narrator could do nothing but sit and stare at the door because he was a dog. Therefore; ‘Doorss’

        1. I honestly didn’t see it coming, strange though.. Considering I own a doggie. I mean, there were subtle hints, such as how he was able to get the sent of sweat and blood coming from outside. I read it to my boyfriend, and as soon as I got to that part, he said “The ending… He’s a dog isn’t he?”

      1. At first I was thinking everyone was going to get murdered,but yes that was a shocking ending I had to read over it to make sure what I read was right(I’m reading at 5 in the morning I usually get paranoid at that time)

  187. So, um, this is more funny than it is scary. You’re expecting bloody murder, suddenly HOLY SHIT IT’S A DOG LOL

      1. Well he’s stating the obvious in a humorous way, not a bad way to get a rated comment. Not quite as dull as some comments.

    1. Kayla SilentNight Gales

      You know, it kinda makes you wonder. I’m picturing a dog with a human body typing the story, you know, like those rubber horse masks you can find at a novelty store. And now, every now and again he has to go to a psychologist. Forgive me if this is offensive to anyone but it find it completely hilarious. But still it’s a good story.Not an ending you’d expect.

    2. Probably impossible to convince anyone, but I figured it was a dog like a quarter of the way through the story. Something about the dialogue and the action words chosen just left me way too many clues. Anyone else?

      1. I know exactly what you mean… Just the little hints… ‘Pallet set up for me’, the choice of the term ‘barked’ and the heightened sense of smell and hearing tipped me off :)

        1. I just thought it was a normal kid living a strange life. His mother scratches his back with her nails? i found that pretty odd, i was having trouble picturing it until i found out he was a dog.

      2. i was actually waiting and looking for a pronoun the author would use on “it”self, seeing as to how “it” was allowed to sleep in Emily’s bedroom. stupid dog… lol

      3. Yea.. I almost immediately caught on to the fact that it was a dog. I tried pushing the thought away from my mind. But it was too painfully obvious…

      4. Justwannadisqus

        I knew it was a dog as soon as he said he slept on a pallet next to her bed. After that it was obvious. I even tried to think of him being a boy while reading but I couldn’t. I came to read the comments thinking most people picked up on it. Guess not.

    3. this isnt funny <:( this is really sad. imagine a family pet (a dog) that is trying to defend its owner from a stranger as they are being murdered and the dog doesnt know whats going on. only that its dangerous. pets do bond with their owners if they are good owners, so this story makes me feel really sad :( especially that the dog would now be alone with only unresponsive corpses of its owners and never being able to see its 'little sister' ever again. probably going to have to find a new home once someone comes and finds that this crime was committed and takes the dog away and puts it up for adoption.
      its a really unique story told from a different perspective. you never really take into account how pets see situations like this. the only kind of stories that are written up are about the persons perspective but not of a pet that might be in the house.
      but you are still wrong about one thing, it still is a story about bloody-murder, the fact that there was a twist and that it was a dog narrating the whole time doesnt mean its not a murder story anymore so you saying 'you're expecting bloody murder' doesnt make any sense since it thats what it is, a murder story the perspective wont change that….it might not be scary but thats obviously not the point of it all.

      1. I thought so too for a while, but the speaker uses words like “growled” “barked” and “whimpering” to describe their vocalizations. A cat probably would have said that they “shrieked” “yowled” and “hissed.”

        1. Wow you make a great point….I read the story but didn’t really read it you know what I mean!!? I need to work on my comprehensive skills !

    4. id say its more sad than scary and definitely not funny. the dog considers himself a part of the family. like one of the kids. he is so certain that he is one of them that he doesn’t even hint at the fact that hes different until the very end and still experienced all the same emotions that a human would watching his family die. well I guess there were subtle hints when he could hear and smell the intruder at the window. but that wasn’t as obvious as looking down at his paws.

      1. Justwannadisqus

        Or sleeping on a pallet next to his sisters bed? Don’t understand how people did not immediately pick up on this.

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