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Déjà Vu

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A déjà vu is actually a glitch in reality, and it indicates that something has just been changed. Someone or something has ceased to exist, all memories and records of their existence erased forever. A déjà vu happens when they get into your brain, when they need to change your memories. Maybe to erase your brother from the world. You know, the brother that you never had.

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108 thoughts on “Déjà Vu”

  1. Pretty great, but I’ve experienced deja vu before and I still have all five of my brothers. So, did I have more that died, or….are they supplementing my memories, and then giving me new brothers????

  2. Sounded dumb at first…but as I read it again, slower than the first time, I realized just how much of a deep though this really can become…

    Funny how that shit works…

  3. I just wanted to point out this has more comments than words in the short story. I’m rereading the pastas again and seeing what I’ve missed the first time around.

  4. very good story…. and oddly relatable save for a few deja vu’s i’ve had that were tests….. what was saposed to happen durring the tests I wonder….

  5. reminds me of the Matrix!!!!!!
    And, yes, I have an older brother :)
    …But I think the “reality” is malfunctioning, because he’s not gone yet…?

  6. This reminds me of some dream I had some time ago.
    That dream was about my big sister which I have not seen in 10-years. Funny thing is that I never had an older sister…

  7. We are living in a virtual world… Like Roxas… And DiZ and Riku just changed something. Or spilled coffee on the computer and glitched out the server…

  8. The brother that I never had, he must have been younger than me. Somehow I did felt like I had a younger brother once, like 4 years younger than me. Who knows.

  9. God, my life changed so much then. I have deja vu a least three times a week.

    (Sorry about the accents, I haven’t figured how to them in on a tablet yet.)

  10. Yeah, it’s most likely plucked from the Matrix idea, but so what? The pasta itself- short, sweet, and effective. Makes you stop and think, if only for a brief moment. 7/10.

  11. It’s terrifying because my mother was pregnant with a boy before she met my dad and it died in the womb. did they delete my big brother?

  12. Yes, I’ve seen the Matrix as well. Interesting idea (Someone being erased from reality without anyone ever knowing) but the connection to The Matrix sort of detracts from it.

  13. I just had a dream that every deja vu memory I ever had happened all at once, to everyone in the world. But this “deja vu” was not just “deja vu” it was a symbol of the END. In the end, everyone will see the same trivial little “glitches” that they’ve been seeing all their lives but never really paid attention to, until that moment, I don’t remember the beginning of the process, but I remember the last part becaue it’s happened to me twice. The entire universe will align and take a shape thats indescribable for me at the moment; everybody will then make a surprised face, then their hearts will start beating harder faster, to the point where they all jerk up and say “owww!” from the pain, and then they will drop a gas can, or hear a gas can drop, and then they will realize that it’s all over and they will be so shocked and will all scream “HOLY SHIT!”

    and then it’s over.

    The thing about this dream though – I was awake the whole time.

  14. Anonymous Punk

    Or maybe to replace a hallway with a brick wall causing you to die while dual-weilding machine guns.

  15. hoooooooooly shiiiiit.
    there’s this one spot a few hundred feet away from my school, and about 5 times when I drove by I had deja vu.


  16. No, deja vu is not a change in reality.

    It is the feeling that what you just saw happened before.

    In which case that means they got rid of your brother, but then returned him and let you know youve always had a brother.


  17. shortys roc my sox

    @ lolol

    have you ever been asleep and then it feels like you just did a flip and then atomaticly wake up, thats when another you dies

  18. I always thought that was when another you died while doing the exact same thing you were doing. It freaks me out either way.

  19. like the black cat from the matrix that neo sees twice…the agent’s ‘changed something in the matrix’

    -rolls eyes-

    nice try though

  20. That extraordinary feeling that you’ve lived through something before.

    That extraordinary feeling that you’ve lived through something before.

    That extraordinary feeling that you’ve lived through something before.

    That extraordinary feeling that you’ve lived through so…

  21. i like how everyone is trying to be all funny saying “how come you never told me i had a brother” but men, this is serious I NEVER HAD A BOTHER!!

  22. But I have a brother – he’s the thing that keeps irritating me about something or other.

    I never listen to him, ‘though.

  23. I’m going to stop and recount all the deja vu I’ve experienced.

    I’m going to stop and recount all the deja vu I’ve experienced.

    Nope, nothing.

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