Sunday, February 17, 2019
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    Estimated reading time — 4 minutes

    He came into town on a cold, dry wind
    Kicking up dust and blowing sand
    The sun dimmed for a moment that day
    The howling wind seemed to say
    “He has the look of a dangerous man”

    His eyes were hot and black as ash
    Glaring at those whom he passed
    A gun at his hip and a hidden knife
    Surely he ended countless lives
    Whispers rose like the hiss of snakes
    “It’s plain to see, anyone can
    He must be a dangerous man”

    Not a word he spoke as he came through town
    His mouth twisted in a constant frown
    His footsteps echoed in an empty street
    The locals hide when he came around
    They closed windows with a tinny creek
    Trying to avoid the dangerous man

    He checked the inn where he planned to stay
    The keeper shivered from his gaze
    The man paid up front and spoke no words
    That betray the thoughts of a dangerous man

    The locals gathered around and spoke in fear
    The Sheriff ran to grab his gear
    The Pastor called out to his god
    They wailed and cried out for a plan

    Save us from this dangerous man

    A young man named Johnny held his girl
    As she trembled and shook with fear
    “If you are a man you’ll confront him dear
    To save me from the dangerous man”

    So he grabbed his knife and found the Inn
    He snuck into a darkened room
    And creeped to prepare his mortal sin

    When the bed he had in sight
    He stabbed the body 20 times
    But when he turned on the light
    It was not the dangerous man

    He shook and screamed in his fright
    He had killed a man without a fight
    A crowd was coming, no room for flight
    Fearing the law and the people’s might
    He leapt from a dangerous height
    His bones cracked, his blood ran out
    And he died damning a dangerous man

    The sheriff stood by the dead
    And removed the hat from his head
    “Two lives he has claimed today
    How many more will he slay?
    We must stand up before we lay
    At the feet of a dangerous man”

    A crowd gathered round to chant and cheer
    With torches and knives they came right near
    The old in, where it seemed too clear
    That inside slept a dangerous man

    The keeper cried as they threw the torch
    He choked back a sob and tears

    And watched it burn his life and home
    “You must be wrong! I was alone
    I couldn’t let him stay inside
    Though it may hurt my pride
    I simply fear a dangerous man”

    A scream was heard from the Inn
    The keeper shouted “it’s my wife!
    “I thought she left, but she’s trapped inside!

    If you don’t help her, I’ll end my life!
    A victim of the dangerous man”

    “Liar!” the people shouted
    “You work for him, and let him go
    Now you want us to burn and die
    We will punish you for your lie”
    They tied him up with ropes and chains
    And threw him into the flames
    He screamed out loud and long
    As his flesh melted and turned black
    chocking he let out his final words
    “I am not a dangerous man”

    Confusion grew in the street
    They had burned the inn to dust
    But nothing was gained from the bust
    Someone must face the wrath
    Of a people ready to fight

    A man was picked, his job to greet
    The stranger he was first to meet
    They chained him to the rock hard ground
    And beat him beneath their feet
    Till all that’s left was a bloody mound

    All for befriending the dangerous man

    The sheriff too incurred their wrath
    He had failed to halt the path
    That caused the pain that occurred that day

    “You did it too, I’m not to blame!”
    He shouted out, but was ignored
    Some stood by and fought to death
    Cursing former friends with last breaths
    The sheriff was cut up in bits
    An hour he suffered beneath their knives
    As he screamed and tried to fight

    His head was posted on a spike
    A warning to the dangerous man

    But in their haste to fix the wrong
    The people missed a problem that grew
    The flame spread on a wind that blew
    The smoke rose and blocked the sun
    All the people tried to run
    But they burned and chocked on smoke
    Till they were dead, every one
    Without the help of the dangerous man

    A stranger stood, feet in blood
    Which soaked right through skin and ash
    Bodies lay on the ground
    Mistakes that worked like a plan
    He stared at what he found
    With the black eyes of a dangerous man

    Credit To – Eric AMBM

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