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Dance, Dance

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There was a girl who had an illness and was bed-ridden for the majority of her life. She was recently diagnosed to die within the next couple of months so her parents decided to spend as much time with her as they could before her time came. They decided that the best thing was to go camping at a local site for a little bit since the daughter was stuck in the hospital for so long.

On their way there, the girl was quiet as usual and laid in the back while the parents talked amongst themselves. When they finally reached their destination, they pitched the tent, unpacked everything and started a campfire. The mother was constantly filming the area and her daughter while the father went out for more firewood. It was getting dark when he came back, but he suddenly heard the mother scream so he rushed over to discover that his daughter was standing on her feet and was doing a wild, erratic ‘dance’ before she suddenly dropped dead.

After all the funeral processions and grieving subsided, the parents wanted to see the video the mother recorded on that very night. They put the tape in the player and began to watch. At first it just showed the mother looking at the scenery and random animals that passed by in the distance, but as the time frame skipped, it jumped to when she was inside the tent with the daughter as she stood up and began to jerk around.. But there was something wrong. It first was in the corner of their eyes but as they replayed the scene, their horror became more and more real.


The entire time the daughter was ‘dancing’, there was a ghastly white hand latched onto the top of her head.

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153 thoughts on “Dance, Dance”

  1. This is probably the only CreepyPasta I’ve read that I’m still scared of. //shivers

    It’s wonderfully well-written, and the ending caused my heart to skip a beat.

  2. Back Hand Slap

    I think this pasta needs more spice. I mean, a girl getting jerked around by a white hand? woo ghost spooky.. Just not enough on my pasta, which is what caused it to be less enjoyable. 5/10 for efforts tho

  3. Omigawsh.

    I read this Pokemon conspiracy story recently- Blahblahblah, Lavender Town’s music is ebil, deathdeathghost, dead people communicating in the first patch of grass in the game- And… There’s this sprite, that nobody has discovered, but apparently, it’s a dead, rotting white hand with flesh peeling away from it.

    I wtf’d and I think my case of the shivers increased slightly.


  4. Creepy as heck. I enjoy pasta where the true creepy part is only discovered after the event, adds extra chilling effect somehow… And this was very well-executed. BUT WHO WAS HAND?

  5. I knew there was going to be some sort of “hand” or something, but I was really hoping for strings like a marionette, you know?
    Would have been cool if the kid was screaming.
    Really scary if she was talking normally while the whole event was going on.

  6. Despite the obvious errors in this work, I’m glad that it was posted. I have been methodically working my way through all these stories, ans it is good to see a actual scary one, considering the lack of the aforementioned creepyness.

    Fear the Darkness


  7. it’s not so much the hand that scares me but just the idia of a bad quality shaky video of a girl doing an odd wild dance before dropping dead in some campsite

  8. Very well written.

    The dancing part made me laugh, but found out what the real reason she danced.

    Only a toy to the hand.

  9. I read this on my iPod, and it just isn’t as scary while I have fall out boy singing dance dance through my head phones. Epic coincidence the song came on when I read this though, my iPod had shuffel playing 900 songs randomly.

  10. Wow.. I like this story also.. It is kinda creepy though because you know the girl was possessed or something.. Man, if i had a daughter and she did that… I’ll totally get a shaman person right away… Freaken creepy shit..

  11. I’ve been awake all night reading pastas in complete darkness. Now at 6 A.M. this story had made me turn on the television in fear! Love it.

  12. The ending made me jump, although I’d have jumped regardless of what made her dance. Demonic/ghostly possession would have done the same for me, especially if it was caught on camera.

  13. Dammit, who was the damn hand? Seriously.

    That ruined it for me. There’s no depth. There’s no reason.

    There’s vague, but then there’s leaving out all of the important details.

  14. This is the creepiest pasta I’ve read yet, including the one with the man peeking through the keyhole and the one with the eye on the post-it note.

  15. lmao not creepy scary or anythin lmao i laughed at this the most pathetic “scary” story ive heard oooh i white hand???? lmao hehehehe

  16. @ Llama

    Fall Out Boy has a song titled “Dance, Dance”

    Dance, Dance
    We’re falling apart to half time
    Dance, Dance
    And these are the lives you’d love to lead
    Dance, this is the way they’d love
    If they knew how misery loved me

    So that’s why lots of us started giggling as soon as we read the title, though the Pasta it’s self is pretty scary.


    Is it bad thats the first thing that popped into my head reading this pasta? In all honesty, it was one of those ending that scares the **** out of you.

    What fall out boy song has anything to do with this, anyway? Not a huge music fan.

  18. This wasn’t really that great, I think the more entertaining part of it was that you know everybody started singing Fall Out Boy songs right after they read the title

  19. HOLY SHIT. The ending made me almost scream. Its that kind of ending that makes you shit bricks.
    Good pasta.

  20. 3:28 in the morning, Hell yes this is scary. Its about time too I had started to lose hope in this site.

    Imagine a dead girl ragdoll and flailing next to a campfire while her mother screams. Now imagine a huge ghost hand holding her up and shaking her.
    I love it.

  21. Is it sad that I immediately thought “evil puppeteer” as soon as I saw the name of the story?

    “Dance, my puppets! Dance!”

    No scary, but kind of surreal in my opinion. I can see why the parents would be scared, though.

  22. Very creepy.

    Although I agree, it could have used a little more build up- it felt somewhat rushed, although you got the point across.

  23. This one was decent. Though it would have been creepier if the parents went on to view other videos of their daughter and the hand was always somewhere, like on her shoulder or something. That’d be cool.

  24. OSHI– DDDD:

    This one was pretty good, had an old-school creepypasta vibe to it. Y’know, from the days when they were short and genuinely freaky. <3

  25. that is the first creepypasta that has actually made me pee my panties a bit.

    and i’ve read them all.

    off to get changed now.

  26. hey, guys, i’m sorry about that. i was trying to get some sleep in my tent and she got in the way and i went topick her up and mover her but she kinda stuck to my hand so i tried to shake her off. girls are VERY sticky.

  27. Kind of good, it has potential, but it didn’t do it for me either. The dancing part for some reason gave it a Ring/Grudge feel.

  28. The Sims: Dancin’ Corpses Add-on! Buy it and let your favourite bedridden Sims suddenly dance, and watch the hilarious reactions of their Parents!

  29. Nice. Good ending, but it could use some cleaning up. Perhaps more description on the hand, or what exactly it was doing. It coulda just been a hand chilling on her head while she crazy danced.

  30. Oooh! That was genuinely creepy. Finally broke the steak of shabby pastas of late. Nice and short too.

    The “White Hand” can be found in old English lore. It is one of the many traditional harbingers of death (banshees, birds, etc.).

  31. Jesus Tapdancing Christ

    I liked this. Short, weird, and ended with a punch. You don’t always need everything spread out before you, completely explained…

    God, the ending was creepy. I shivered.

  32. meh, it didn’t do it for me. But then again, it is the middle of the day. If it were night time, I’m sure it would’ve done something for me, but it just didn’t. CURSE YOU SUNLIGHT!! PS. Nice play on the fear of going in the woods.

  33. The Person Formerly Known as 'Noneya'

    My whole perception of reality is thrown into questiong.


  34. It reminds me of the story of the red shoes. With that girl who got the shoes and couldnt stop dancing so this dude chopped her feet off :D

  35. justthesweetweather

    This is the way they’d love if they knew how misery loved me?

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself.
    Not a bad pasta.

    1. Why don’t you show me the little bit of spine you’ve been saving for his mattress?
      (All the FOB references!)

    1. I’d prefer if you guys didn’t use my insides as your temporary shelter, but if it can’t be avoided at least keep the dog out.

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