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Daddy’s Little Angel

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She has her mother’s bright blue eyes, Daddy’s Little Angel does. And the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. She could melt an iceberg, she could. Everyone that knows her just loves her to death, and I’m so proud to call myself her father. She’s a gift from above, I know it, which is why I must protect her, no matter what the cost!

Some people just don’t understand.

It all started a couple of weeks ago. Some nasty little girl was teasing Katie, my Little Angel, and she just wouldn’t leave her alone. She was saying nasty things, saying how poor she was and saying she was dirty and such. She just had the filthiest mouth; little girls shouldn’t be so nasty. Well, she followed Katie home that day throwing dirt at her and telling her to take a bath in it. Well, my Katie showed her what’s what, yes she did! And Daddy couldn’t be more proud. I don’t think anyone should hurt a child, even if they don’t mean it! Don’t get me wrong! But Katie never did anything to anyone, and I love her to death.


You’ve gotta understand.

I was only being a loving father when I hid the body. You see we live in a very rural area, and that nasty mouthed little girl clearly had no business following my Katie in the first place. But I know no one would understand, and I just can’t let anything happen to my Little Angel!

Of course, that’s when my wife came home and saw that our little girl had a few bruises. Can you believe she actually glared at me? As if I’d ever so much as think of hurting my Little Angel! Of course, I was upset, but the sweetheart that she is, Katie set her on track sure enough. She told her how the filthy little girl harassed her and wouldn’t leave her be. And I tell you, that lit my wife right up, she was so angry. I had to restrain her, she was gonna call her parents then and there. It was nine in the evening!

Well, I finally talked her down, even though she was furious with me that I hadn’t handled it sooner. Of course, by then she just didn’t trust me to settle it no matter what I told her. I said I’d do it first thing after work the next day but no, no! She insisted she’d call them herself the next day. Even Katie pleaded with her not to call her parents, she said she’d be so embarrassed at school if everyone found out she’d run home and told mommy.

Of course, we both knew we couldn’t explain that the filthy little girl had gone “missing” after their little scuffle, now could we? I mean, she’s my wife and I loved her, but she just wouldn’t understand. But she just sent Katie straight to bed and wouldn’t hear another word from me on the matter, her mind was made up. And she’s a very headstrong woman (it’s part of her charm, you see) so there’s no arguing with her once she’s made up her mind on a matter.

Well after that I went to tuck the Little Angel in and read her a bedtime story, and she begged me not to let mommy call the filthy girl’s parents, but I told her how persistent Mommy is, and that she wouldn’t listen to me. Of course, that didn’t sit well with Katie at all. She knew that Mommy wouldn’t understand…and neither would her schoolmate’s mommy, no, especially not her. I told Katie I would think of something, and I promised that I wouldn’t let anything happen to her…but Daddy’s Little Angel is clever. Daddy’s Little Angel already had her mind made up.


I shoulda understood.

The next day I came home to see my wife lying at the bottom of the stairs in a crumpled bloody heap. There was so much blood, and it had long since dried into the carpet when I got home. She had never made it to work that morning. The official story was that she had taken a nasty fall down the stairs and cracked her head open like an egg on her tumble…but as I look into Katie’s eyes, so empty, so emotionless. No, no, no! Daddy’s Little Angel did not hurt anyone that didn’t try to hurt her first! She’s special…

Anyhow, there was a funeral and the whole family showed up. Katie couldn’t have been more bored; she just sat there staring into nothingness as the eulogy was given. When it came time to view the corpse she barely gave it a glance. I like to think she’s coping with the loss in her own way. Daddy’s Little Angel loved her mommy more than anything.

It was just before the burial the next day that an investigator showed up at the door. It was Katie that answered as I was rushing to get ready. I rushed to the door as this man was questioning my little girl, gently scooted Katie outta the way and stepped up to the door.

“May I help you?” I asked, trying to sound polite.

“I need to ask you some questions about the circumstances of your wife’s death,” the investigator said.

“Who are you?” I think some of my frustration was coming through, but it might have been my self-consciousness.

“I’m sorry,” he said with a laugh. “Detective Kimble, local PD. I just got the results back from the autopsy, and the blunt trauma your wife suffered, and the bloodstains found on the carpet don’t exactly match up. I was wondering if you could give me a little more insight…”

“Well I’d love to, Detective, but as I told the responding officers, I only found the body when I came home from work. I wasn’t here to see it happen.” The detective tried to speak again, I think, but I cut him off. Frustration was filling me. “If you’ll excuse me, we have a burial to attend.” I grabbed Katie’s hand and walked her out the door, locking it behind me. I glanced back to see that the detective was watching me as we drove away.


Katie was silent the entire trip there and back, and as soon as we got home she retreated to her room. The poor baby has it so rough, all this death surrounding her. I shampooed the carpet the best I could to get the stains out, and fixed up dinner for us. We ate in silence, and it filled me with pain to see her suffering. I’ll never forget, just before she got up to take her plate to the sink she looked at me and smiled so softly. Oh, my little Angel has the sweetest smile you ever did see.

A couple of days passed, and I thought things were getting back to normal–well as normal as they could be, without my beautiful wife to come home to–when it happened. You see I rush home each day to meet Katie as she’s coming in from school, but yesterday I was lost in thought and took my time getting home. You see, the day before my wife’s sister suggested that she come over and bring Katie’s cousin to visit, and I couldn’t refuse. So I had to get in the mindset…I had to show her we were coping.

The house was quiet when I got there, but that wasn’t so unusual as Daddy’s Little Angel tends to keep to herself and spends most of her time in her room playing with her dollhouse. She’s always so clean, and always so quiet, I couldn’t have asked for a better little girl.

I walked up to check Katie’s room and it was empty. I then proceeded to check the rest of the house and found her nowhere, until I came to the door leading to the cellar. Odd, it was cracked. I pushed it open and started down the stairs. I could see the light spilling across the floor at the bottom of the staircase, illuminating a small puddle of blood just a foot from the bottom step.

“Just hand me the gun,” a voice said softly. “I’ll get you out of here, take you somewhere safe.”

I rushed down the stairs and found Katie standing a mere two feet away from Detective Kimble, who sat bound with rope and bleeding from the head. I approached my daughter and eased the gun from her hands as the detective seemed to eye me with the most dreadful gaze anyone’s ever given me in my life. I took the gun in my hands and was surprised at how natural it felt, though I’d never held a gun in my life. The exhilaration that filled me as I lifted the gun and watched the detective’s face contort in horror almost sickened me.

“Why have you come,” I asked him as I aimed the gun at his head.

“Your wife’s death was not an accident,” he replied.

“I was at work when it happened, and Katie was at school. It’s been deemed an accident. What did you hope to find here?”


“The coroner stated that she died in the early morning, around the same time you leave for work.”

“I loved my wife!” Unconsciously I began to pull the hammer back.

“If you kill me, the police will know where to look,” Kimble pleaded. “There’s no way out of this. Do the right thing. Do it for your little girl!”

“If only you understood…”

I put a bullet in his head. It’s all I could do. Of course, I knew he was right, I knew the cops would come soon, looking for him. I turned to my girl–she stood staring at Kimble, vacantly – and I told her to run and get the tarp from the corner. She did. Daddy’s Little Angel is so good, she even helped me wrap the body.

And I carved.

My sister-in-law showed up that night with her husband and kid, as she said she would…and dinner was ready by eight-thirty. I really think they loved it, my new recipe. I think they’ll be back for more.

Credit: Chris Phoenix

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190 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Angel”

  1. To me, the Dad seemed like a pedophile, and you could tell he was sick from the beginning. I was honestly expecting him to rape her in the end or something to show he’s creeping on her (I love how most of the comments here are ignoring that, though it’s clearly obvious). As well, I feel the cannibalism made no sense, and the story wasn’t very well written. I liked the concept, but the only thing that creeped me out was the Dad, and you didn’t go with that in the way you expected. Nice try, 5/10

  2. Slow to grow and somewhat predictable. Fried green tomatoes style. A good read, captivated by the murderous youngling, the father came across as whiny, to me. Still 9/10 bravo.

  3. i really enjoyed this pasta! I wish there were more out there like this one. Not too long but not to short either!

  4. hmmmm how odd xD my question is how did the cop end up in the basement i feel as if something was left out there did the daughter do it and manage to tie him up??

  5. "My sister-in-law showed up that night with her husband and kid, as she said she would…and dinner was ready by eight thirty. I really think they loved it, my new recipe. I think they’ll be back for more."

    this part made me shiver, the only other book that has done that is "cell" and the "shininig"

  6. That was beautiful. Not creepy, but absolutely lovely. Such a caring and protective father, such a dedicated kid. They’re a good team.

  7. PastaAndKimblePlease

    Tasty pasta. Loved it. But Detective Kimble reminds me of Kindergarten Cop so I was imagining Arnold Schwarzenegger being killed by a little girl xD

  8. Entirely un-creepy. Boring even. The cannibal thing just seemed like it was thrown in there at the last minute.

  9. ?… This is just a coincedense right?….Thats my name is Katie? GOD story with my name in them really… scare me… but I love the pastas still.

  10. It was a good Pasta but the over use of Daddy’s little Angel 12 times (Yes, I got bored after reading it 3 times I decided to count it) seemed a little over done. 3/5

  11. @bratman

    That’s one of my favorite stories ever. :D

    As for this one… I loved it. 8.5/10, very delicious pasta, well done. But in the beginning, I noticed that Daddy seemed a little afraid of his Little Angel. I expected her to come and attack him or something, which would’ve been even better. And of course he would love her right to the end.

  12. Patrick Bateman

    It wasn’t very scary, but it was somewhat interesting to see where it went, so it was good in that aspect.
    There were a few spelling/grammar errors, so watch out for those.
    The cannibalism was an…Interesting route, but it seemed so randomly placed. To me, it seemed like you just kind of got bored, and decided to wrap it up with something that might have scared a few folks.
    The revelation that the wife was killed around the same time the husband usually leaves for work was an interesting concept. However, it seemed a little rushed. I know the story was long, but I think it would have been so much better if you paced the surprises a bit better, to add more suspense.
    But all in all, it wasn’t a horrible story. It was actually a better read than most of the crap on here.

  13. Patrick Bateman

    It wasn’t very scary, but it was somewhat interesting to see where it went, so it was good in that aspect.
    There were a few spelling/grammar errors, so watch out for those.
    The cannibalism was an…Interesting route, but it seemed so randomly placed. To me, it seemed like you just kind of got bored, and decided wrap it up with something that might have scared a few folks.
    The revelation that the wife was killed around the same time the husband usually leaves for work was an interesting concept. However, it seemed a little rushed. I know the story was long, but I think it would have been so much better if you paced the surprises a bit better, to add more suspense.
    But all in all, it wasn’t a horrible story. It was actually a better read than most of the crap on here.

  14. I dunno about anybody else but that just worked for me :P One of the best I’ve seen on Pasta, and I know it’s been a while but it was a brilliant insight into a man’s insanity, denial, etc. etc. etc.

    I’m a tough judge.

  15. The ending is very similar to an old story by ‘Roal Dahl,’ where a woman murders her husband with a leg of lamb and then feeds it to the police who investigate, to destroy the murder weapon and the key piece of evidence against her.
    Was the similiarity intentional?

  16. Odd, lol.
    For some reason i would like to see the daughters perspective.
    Anyways, nice pasta. nom nom nom.


    I enjoyed this story. I expected some sort of huge ” OH SHIT! ” revelation, but instead recieved a well-written conclusion. I was amused at how it turned cannibalistic in just a few sentences.

    One of the only flaws I could find was the Detective’s unprofessional way of speaking…for lack of a better way to put it.

  18. that guy...yeah,him

    i was left hanging.this was a story of a dad being manipulated by his love for his daughter and becoming an accomplice in her murders but it just suddenly ended in cannibalism.the story was good however and i enjoyed most of it.thats what matters i suppose but i wasnt left with a satisfying chill.

  19. The ending didn’t suit this story, eventhough the ending was good….it also ended quite suddenly, not enough closure.

  20. The father and daughter… buried the first two victims, and then…

    Ate the last one?

    WHY? What, are detectives tastier than bullies and mothers?

    Meh. 3/5

  21. The ending seemed a bit rushed.
    “I love my daughter.”
    “I’d do anything for my darling girl.”
    “Now let’s eat a law enforcement officer, sweetie.”

    Fear the Darkness


  22. that was bizzare.

    at first, I was thinking that Katie was the killer but then as it went on I started to think it was the dad, which I’m pretty sure it was.

    Delicious pasta. would eat again.

  23. I liked this, he seemed to love his daughter a lot and protect her not matter what happened, it was a bit sick and lame.. but sweet too

  24. I liked this, he seemed to love his daughter a lot and protect her not matter what happened, it was a bit sick and lame.. but sweet too

  25. that was ridiculous,the ending was abrupt as if rushed,and the whole time i thought something more would happen than just cannabilism.stoopid story i didnt like it.

  26. This is SOOO good! So didn’t expect the ending!!! I luved it! Im gonna use this at my friends sleepover! Hee hee hee! Thnx alot!

  27. wow that was weird my dad and i have a great relationship but i wouldnt kill someone… wait ya i would…

    HA HA HA LOL JK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Okay, let me get this straight; Katie killed the filty little girl, then killed her mother, then the dad killed the cop and fed the body to his relatives?
    It’s a bit confusing at first, but I love that it’s more original then most pasta’s.

  29. Vanilla villan

    Kind of reminded me of the book bad seed in the beginning i mean the way the girl was described and how the father was so enamered with her

  30. it’s been months since I wrote this but if I recall correctly, the father leaves for work before the girl leaves for school.

  31. did the father kill the dirty little girl or was it katie and who’s was the other persons blood and how did the mother die because katie was at school and he was at work and then how was the detective in the basement I mean the girls six what would she be doing with the detectives gun and what was he carving im so confused????????????

  32. Brohan and Brosef

    There was a whole motif going in the beginning the whole “Daddy’s Little Angel” phrase, but it sort of disappeared by the end of the pasta.

    And the ending is a bit too Sweeney Todd-ish (which is rather humorous) to be all that creepy.

  33. ….. That ending was unexpected. Kind of boring pasta. Interesting at first, but got boring and just plain weird when it became a cannibalism story. Had potential, little payoff though

  34. Also, I just noticed, all the times he says something about understanding. I love that. It’s a really nice touch.

  35. It feels like it should have continued. Although it was packed with grammar issues, I was still brought into the father’s eyes. He could see her doing no wrong and would do absolutely anything to protect her from everything. I think that something should have happened with the sister-in-law’s family and then carried on somewhere you wouldn’t have seen. I wouldn’t go anywhere with the cannibalism other than it being a convenient way to dispose of the body.

    As long as the same tone and atmosphere were kept, I could totally see a rewriting and an extension. Think of it like a first and unfinished draft…

  36. Aww, that’s SICK.
    The ending was just…

    THAT’S what he was doing with the bodies? *gags*

    Other than that, this is a VERY well-written story. I liked it very much. Keep up the good work, mah boy.


    I love it when clearly insane people try to rationalize their madness, however, I think it would better if it started a bit more subtlely (but of course that would add to the length).

  38. It was alright, if only because I have a soft spot for pastas written in casual, colloquial tones, but the conclusion–if a conclusion it can be called–was weak and completely out of context, ultimately offering no real resolution to the conflict or the rationale that it could have built up to. Nah, a fair foundation, but a sloppy finish.

  39. Great dad.

    Reminds me of a story of a guy who also had a loving mom. He killed everyone who pissed him off and threw them in a well only to find the bodies gone the next day every time. Later he killed his mom and threw her body in the well. The next day the body was still there, and the next day too, and the day after that…

    That story’s from Saya-sama, if my memory serves me correctly.

  40. was kind of expecting the little girl to not exist and for the man to be psychopathic (or rather, more than he already is.) otherwise, decent pasta.

  41. nonono. it was great but y did focus suddenly change at the end? we were talking about the little girl. what does it have to do with the guy making dinner outta the body? yy?

  42. this was stupid.
    at first i was like, oh cool, it’s going somewhere.
    but wtf?
    turning it into another cannibalism story?
    and no revelation, no real plot twist or sudden epiphany or any sort of realization on the narrator’s part at all?

    static and dullll.

  43. not that i would ever try it but that is the way to get away with murder eat them. XD

    The only thing is that the story didn’t get to me, I mean that if that were to happen would you not think,”This again”. Not to say that it was a bad story but it has been done. I was waiting for the father to say something like,”Yes my angle, anything for you”. It did however hold my intrest more than most (hmm, maybe i’m too hard to please O.o oh well)

    Good work anyway

  44. I like it. A father really would do ANYTHING for his little angel… I like that plot. It’s kinda sweet in a… twisted way.

  45. O…..damn. What, he not have time to eat his wife or something? I thought the little girl killed her mom at first, but now I think that it was her dad and Katie didn’t react because she trusted her dad so much. Wow, this story is twisted……

  46. Delicious pasta- felt an increasing sense of unease as I was reading. Nice change of pace too, there are too many pastas these days addressing the reader, blah blah blah you-will-die-after-reading-this sort of pastas.

    Also, I don’t think it was cannibalism- he wrapped the body. I think it was just a hop back from callous murderer to warm family setting to heighten the unease. :)

  47. Well, to me, I seems that the pasta kinda just changed directions at the end. It went from a creepy over obsessed father to cannibalism in about one sentence.

    The pasta was tasty but the ending was a bit off.

  48. You can’t eat bones, bro. He’d be better off going deep into the woods and burning it or dissolving it in lime or something.

  49. this is…really, really terrible. You can guess everything that’s going to happen right away, it’s not subtle at all, and it’s just horribly drawn out. He could’ve started out more normally, and the daughter could’ve at least been given a name. And who wants to read about someone who’s consistently insane? More descent into insanity, kthx.

  50. I appreciate the feedback, both positive and negative. But I’d simply like to point out that a majority of the complaints are about how the ending didn’t seem to fit, or how it was a crappy “twist.”

    I wasn’t going for a “twist” really as I don’t think they’re necessary in every story. The tale is more of a testament to the mindset of many parents these days. It’s about a father who loves his daughter so much that he’s willing to delude himself that everything she does is virtuous one way or another…to the point that he sinks to her level in order to protect her.

    No body, no crime.

    He felt burying the body left the chance of it being found. Eating his remains was the only surefire way to dispose of him indefinitely. There were other possible endings, but I thought the whole “making x person imaginary” was a bit too cliche for my tastes.

  51. It was really good, but I feel like the ending was tacked on. It seemed like it could have been better with “daddie’s little angel” being a doll or something.

    But it was still relatively creepy.

  52. There’s no way anybody could call this decent – the build-up is all pointing in one direction (the nature of the daughter, is she possessed, what the fuck, etc.) and in the last paragraph, the author decides it’s a cannibalism story. More to the point, because it’s somewhat lengthy for a pasta of its type, you spend a long time putting up with the suspense of “deluded father obviously not seeing the demonic nature of his child” to get to that point.

    There’s a difference between a surprise twist (Oh God, Bruce Willis *was* dead the whole time!) and randomly springing new story elements on your reader. Good twists are like Encyclopedia Brown stories; if you go back and read the whole thing, you can logically deduce the twist, you just didn’t get it the first time because it spun the story sideways. This pasta doesn’t bother with any such pretense.

    Imagine if you were reading Kerouac’s “On the Road,” and in the last paragraph Sal just ate Dean. Surprise! It was a cannibalism story all along.

  53. whats with the lack of wincest? i just skimmed through seemed very scary, there needs to be a sequal,

  54. It was good enough. I was expecting the girl to be possessed or fake or something. I wasn’t really expectng the cannibalism thing.

  55. Highlordmugfug

    This was, for lack of a better word, retarded. Did not enjoy this one at all. There was no big revelation, nothing too interesting, and a crap-thrown in ending. This feels like it was just thought up as it was written. It feels like there was no real plan for this story; It’s just a bunch of crap thrown together. Sucked. Sorry Chris.

  56. “Everyone that knows her just loves her to death, and I’m so proud to call myself her father.”

    This sentence and the rest of the terrible grammar strewn throughout ruined any chance of this being creepy or scary at all. Learn English before you attempt writing, please.

  57. I like the American Psycho reference.
    Very cool story, cannibalism, a little lame though.
    I thought it might have ended with them killing the visitors too.

  58. Ah,I remember reading a story like this once. A wife and a husband, but the husband wanted to leave the wife. The life didn’t take this well at all and killed him with a large leg of something. …Lamb,that’s it. “Lamb to the slaughter” was the story. Bah, in the end the police came and couldn’t figure out what on earth the murder weapon had been, as the wife offered them a yummy leg of lamb. Nom nom nom.
    :] Good pasta. Didn’t expect the cannabalism at the end, but it wasn’t all too creepy. Still good though.


    woww, can’t believe i’m the first to write that.
    yay for me


  60. Wow..Sick
    They turned the officer into a supper and fed it to his sister-in-law and her family.
    It’s amazing how they don’t taste the human in the food.

  61. Klara Dragonblood

    Nicely done! Wonderfully creepy, and although it /did/ look long, it moved well and was very engaging.

  62. completly chilling. was a bit confusing. at first i thought that the father killed the filthy girl, but then the story showed it was katie

  63. Reminds me of a story I read in tenth grade english about a lady who kills her husband with a leg of lamb and then cooks it and feeds it to the cops.

  64. Awesome.

    There was an actual murder something like the mom’s in my hometown. The little girl had pushed mommy down the stairs because “mommy made me sad” as she had said. The dad ended up taking the heat to protect his daughter, but she confessed a few months later

  65. i was waiting for a huge shock like other pastas but there wasnt one it was good at first but the ending was a bit boring :/

  66. Lmao. They DID eat the cop. That made me laugh, this pasta was alright. Not fab, but it was ok. A bit lacking in build up altough it did seem to try.

  67. It was very good, but if the ending referenced cannibalism, then it doesn’t really fit the rest of the theme.

  68. It’s a good story, nice twist at the end. Never expected the cannibalism, makes you wonder how much the daughter is like her dad.

  69. @ maggi: no I also got that impression and apparently so did blinded by tears.

    Its not bad. The relationship between the father and the daughter is extremely twisted which gave it promise, but the events that occurred were rather cliche and predictable. Also, it felt like the whole cannibalism thing was thrown in there just for the heck of it.
    3/5 stars

  70. @ maggi: no I got that too…
    as did blinded by tears
    That is one sick, twisted relationship. It was an interesting idea, but I don’t think it was that well written. It wasn’t very engaging and was quite predictable (except the cannibalism part, which feels like it was just kind of thrown in for good measure). Overall I thought it showed promise with the father/daughter relationship and with some work it could be improved, but I thought most of it was cliche.
    3/5 stars

  71. No brix, but a unique story. Different from most other cannabilism stories, too. I think it should have had a more… spooky ending, though. But don’t get me wrong, it was very well written. Good story.

    1. Well, aren’t you just the smartest? It wasn’t vaguely hinted at, or anything; the author was one step away from straight saying “… and then we crammed the cop I shot earlier into the oven and ate him for dinner. You know the guy from the basement? Yeah, him.”

  72. Hm… I was waiting for some huge revalation of some kind, it just never came. But I like the idea; it’s a nice chance of pace, since most pastas are directed towards teenagers.
    3/5, pretty good.

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