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5 Creepy Places in Canada for a Haunting Adventure

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Anyone who’s on the hunt for ghosts, spirits, and supernatural creatures will find Canada an ideal place to face the unknown. It turns out that the country is full of spooky places that tell stories of paranormal activities and surprise visitors with their dark past. 

While you can find hundreds of abandoned buildings, haunted cemeteries, and mysterious streets in Canada, today we decided to focus on 5 of the most haunted places in Canada which are enough to satisfy your curiosity and have an unforgettable, spinning chilling adventure.

Casino Regina

There are so many haunted casinos around the world that it seems almost like ghosts of dead people enjoy the excitement that comes from gambling just as much as the living. As scary as it sounds, you don’t have to put yourself in such danger and can easily play online slots in Canada on various reputable websites instead of exploring haunted physical casinos. But if you’re up to it, Casino Regina in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan is indeed the best place you can start with.

In the 20th century, the place where now Casino Regina is located used to be a train station. But the paranormal activities began only after it was turned into a casino in 1996. Today, the casino employees think it’s haunted, as they often notice figures of former train station employees, their noises, and eerie feelings of sudden cold spots while walking in the building. 

Quesnel Museum

If you’re the type of person who finds toys and specifically, dolls to be creepy, then the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia is a must-explore place for you while you’re in Canada. This museum acquired the reputation of being haunted thanks to a doll named Mandy. This doll tells ghostly stories once you scan its QR code when you’re in the museum. But of course, that’s not the reason why horror enthusiasts adore this place. 

In fact, Mandy is a doll that has been living in the museum for more than 100 years. The story of this doll is no less creepy – a woman donated it to the museum in 1991 because she didn’t want her daughter to play with it. Why? Simply because the doll was haunted – the woman was frequently woken up by her baby’s sudden crying in the basement and she linked that to the doll. 

We don’t know if the legend is true and Mandy actually follows visitors through the museum but by visiting Quesnel, you’ll indeed have a chance to listen to a doll telling her own creepy story.

King’s Playhouse

Unlike Quesnel Museum, King’s Playhouse in Prince Edward Island isn’t related to kids and playing despite its name. But it’s not any less creepy. In fact, it’s an old theater that no longer functions as it’s rumored to be haunted by Captain George’s ghost. George was a kind sea captain and maybe that’s why his ghost is considered friendly. 


Another reason why CBC has classified King’s Playhouse as a ‘hotspot’ for paranormal activities is a famous legend about a little girl who always sits in one of the theater’s seats. As a result, today ghost hunters often check out this place to witness unusual activities and experience the eerie atmosphere. 

 The Fairmont Banff Springs

The next haunted location will indeed make you want to prepare for an actual ghost haunting. The Fairmont Banff Springs is a hotel located high in the mountains of Banff National Park that looks like a castle. The hotel was built in 1888 and since that, the visitors have witnessed various ghostly apparitions, some of which even became famous ghosts. 

For instance, here you might encounter a ghost of Sam the Bellman who was a longtime employee of the hotel. Interestingly, when he was alive, he often said that he would come back as a ghost in the hotel. Staff and the visitors have encountered a ghost of an elderly Scottish man as well, who’s dressed in old-fashioned clothes, not to mention the popular “doomed bride” who doesn’t hesitate to dance in Cascade Ballroom in front of any audience. As you can see, this haunted place in Canada is indeed full of entertainment options for ghost lovers. 


Simon McTavish’s Tomb

The final haunted place in Canada among our top picks is no less, no more but a tomb that belongs to 19th-century businessman Simon McTavish. As you probably already guessed, his spirit still haunts the area and scars out anyone who’s around the place, especially at night. However, if you’re lucky, you might notice the ghost of McTavish dancing by his grave on the faint sound of music that looks like an eerie waltz. 

You can find this tomb on the slopes of Mount Royal in Montreal. Just make sure to visit it at night if you really want to meet the spirit of the famous Simon McTavish.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, these 5 haunted places in Canada are enough to get started with your supernatural adventures and start exploring the mystery that’s hidden behind the country’s creepy locations. However, be careful if you’re not experienced enough, because these places aren’t just random scary spots that look eerie. They actually hide the unknown and wait for brave adventurers to be explored.  

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