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Come Resurrection

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Hello, beautiful. If you can read this, please listen to my confession. You probably don’t know me, but I’ve known you for a very long time. And I don’t know if I should say this yet, but… I love you.

I do, I love you. I do, I really do.

I love you so much, that I built your entire world for you, so you may live on and on and on. I built it just after I met you. You were so beautiful lying there, with your dreamy eyes tenderly shut. Your near-translucent skin, which seemed to be growing paler and paler by the second. The way your limbs were twisted, delicately mangled at the joints to form such an unearthly vision of vulnerability. Oh, that must have been such a long fall. Not only did the building possess incredible height, but I know how the most glorious of angels must fall the furthest. Oh, my angel. My contorted angel on the pavement. Your soft flesh had been scraped away in just the right places, revealing your inner body’s artistic formation. No one could ever appreciate such a sight but I. No one but I could ever admire the curvature of your neck, bent a perfect ninety degrees to the right and twisted around twice, and only twice. As soon as I saw you there, I just had to reach out and touch you. I shivered in anticipation as I traced my fingers down your body, right to where it was already beginning to split. It stunned me with excitement, making me wonder at every second whether you’d burst apart.

And I carried you. I was ever so careful, making sure I didn’t damage what was left of your body. Some fragments of your skull fell out on the way, but I was quick to push them back in. Don’t worry, you were still in one piece when I brought you home. I brought you to lay on my bed, shattered arms crossed over your chest. You looked just like the pretty corpses in old fairytales. Even more so when I dressed you in my mother’s wedding gown. I took out my spellbook, ready to resurrect you. But no, the time wasn’t right. I was afraid I would frighten you away. So I created your afterlife, one just like the world you knew. Then I could keep loving you, you and your wounds, for what could be eternity.

But I think you’re ready to be revived now, to gaze upon the blackened eyes of me, your savior from below. You will live again, with love and beauty that will never die, as your wounds will always be fresh, and your bones just as mangled as they were when I met you. You’ll be able to feel my touch for the first time. Our fluids mingling together… your cold blood…


Don’t worry, my love.


I’ll be just as gentle as I’ve always been.

Credited to Lindsay S. (HackerOnHacker)

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161 thoughts on “Come Resurrection”

  1. I really liked this it reminded me of the end of Pet Cemetary when Rachel comes back,although the mention of “fluids” made me feel bilious

  2. Wow I leterly went into my bathroom and vomited and my mom thought I was sign NO SCHOOL, and good jobMr.Welldone

  3. I liked the theme, loved how he described every single thing , although it was in a rather disgusting way, but it showed how much that person/ creature was very interested in her, although she was destroyed, and very much dead. Good one.

  4. MannaAndTheQuails

    That’s pretty sweet. Somehow. And don’t dress me in your mother’s gown love, this is not how a gay relationship works :):)

  5. Think about what he’s doing to the corpse at the end… Then reread the title.
    Yeah, I made that mistake. Ick.

  6. Wait… This was awesome! But the last few sentences were really odd. Is he having sex with the corpse? Also if he’s going to resurrect her… Why would he want her to remain broken? If he’s so concerned about recreating her world? Wouldn’t it freak her out? Ehh anyway this was a great pasta, just thought of those few things.

  7. Holy shit…
    This just… just…
    Omg, it was incredibly beautiful. I don’t even know what to say. I really feel for this poor guy. And no, I don’t mean the girl’s body.
    Though she sounds beautiful too.
    Fuck, author. You touched emotions in me I didn’t even know I had.
    Thank you.
    Thank you so much for this.

  8. What the actual fuck!? This…This…Gahhhhh.
    This was just…EXEMPLARY CREEPYPASTA!!!! Seriously.

    Scary as hell, but…somehow…epic. Just awesome. You win an internet. And a half.

  9. With my low self-esteem, “Hello beautiful” left me feeling so flattered!… until the point where you dressed me in your mother’s wedding gown. I’m a dude, dude. Whatever.

  10. DarkMoonLightMist

    Mmm. That was some good pasta! Are we allowed seconds?
    When I read this I thought it was a love letter from the devil himself.

    “Don’t worry, my love. I’ll be just as gentle as I’ve always been.” If I’m right, that means he’ll be pretty rough. *shudders*

  11. This looks like a continuation of “The Guardian Angel” describing what happens next. This is no less unsettling.

    If she/he/it is so infatuated, then why not present her/him/itself while I am, or you are, still alive? Is it timidity or just necrophilia?

    A corpse makes for lousy company and a mangled specimen in constant agony is no fun either.

  12. Reminds me of Carl Tanzler. He stole the decaying corpse of the woman he loved and kept it in his bedroom for years. He kept her dressed in a wedding gown and well preserved (even though she\’d already rotted some) until he was caught.

  13. I don’t really like the idea of some creepy guy capturing me and cross-dressing me in his mom’s clothes.

  14. Not bad, considering that it automatically assumes that the reader is female. Because of my mixed feelings, I am unable to rate it. Sorry.

    Fear the Darkness


  15. This is absolutely beautiful, I am quite literally in tears.
    Everything I’ve ever wanted to believe, you’ve written.

  16. Really makes you think about life. What if this life *is* the afterlife? Will we be in the regular world when we die?

  17. Local authority figure

    Remember kids, Necrophilia is still a crime.

    And quite messy, take it from me on this one, most people don’t even lay out a tarp or disinfect the body, which leads to horrible stains, and usually some nasty diseases.

  18. well thats nice he finally found someone that interests him hahaha crazy fellow he is but dont count your chickens before they hatch or should i say maggots??

  19. Wow… This is my interesting site to come to now.. I Like the story… This person really know about love.. But it’s kinda creepy.. carrying around a dead boned body.. But yeah what so ever.. Lol..

  20. As disturbing this may seem to an average person…I find it so horribly sweet. I really do feel for this person. (S)He is twisted, but oh so gentle and sweet…it wasn’t like they had done the initial damage. They only retrieved their mangled love…

  21. @ Lee
    The neck could have twisted around twice when she hit the ground. She might have landed and tumbled and somehow wound up with her neck twisted. It’s possible.
    I’ve never noticed how creepy it is that I pay attention to these things. 0_o Oh, well. :P

  22. Naturally Unlucky

    This one struck a chord with me. The now-deceased love of my life was the only person to ever call me Beautiful. It’s like reading an insane account written by him from beyond the grave.

    With his memory in my mind the entire time this was very difficult to read.

  23. Read this pasta and then go listen to Avenged Sevenfold’s “A Little Piece of Heaven.” The two compliment each other fairly well.

  24. How come “Mr. Welldone” doesn’t write with punctuation in the places it’s meant to be? I thought he was meant to?

    This pasta was random. It was starting out like Guardian Angel, and then it was just plain weird. Not enough to make me vomit.

  25. Either I’m living in a dream world a necrophiliac necromancer made or this is the crazy fantasy of some perverted necrophiliac.

    Liked it and reminded me of that Guardian Angel story.

  26. What a nice guy. I mean, who else’s creepy stalker boyfriend would (or could) literally raise them from the dead?

    Mr. Necrophilia is sweet, charming, and seems like quote the catch.

  27. I love this story.
    It is detailed, but not too much, so that everyone could feel adressed. It leaves space for your imagination just at the right places. And it leaves you with a cold chill and a somehow unsettled feeling, like each pasta that reminds you of the fact that you can’t be sure whether this reality we’re all interacting in right now is “real” in the end or just the construct of someone who’s playing with us.
    I truly love it.

    Lizs last blog post..30 Tage – ein Objekt: Tag 8

  28. Wow, that was the most delicious pasta in a very long time!

    No matter how mangled and deformed I am I will be loved…YAY!

    Very gross but horribly detailed images…very desturbing. I wish I could write like this.

  29. This one was nicely written, but it didn’t really affect me in any way. It wasn’t creepy or different… it just… WAS.

  30. AWWWWW!
    I quite like this one.
    No matter how disfigured and deranged I may be
    there will always be someone to love me.
    How sweet. ^^

  31. Gah. -twitch-
    This was really delicious pasta. If the [my?] body weren’t so mangled, this would have made a great love story. Which is why it was so creepy, because if one detail were changed the entire story would change. Anyone understand?

  32. TwistedIllusions

    Wow! Thorughly creepy and just enough detail to bring it to life but let your mind create what you think it may look like. Very well done. I loved it.

  33. I feel like 99% of Creepy pasta is all just ripped off of other Creepypasta. This isn’t really original at all and just seems like someone trying way too hard to be creepy. Like Mr. Welldone but even worse.

  34. Mixed feelings. It wasn’t creepy in the creepypasta way, if that makes sense. Quality creepypasta is typically, “Well shit, looks like I’m sleeping with the lights on tonight.” This was more, “Well shit, looks like my dinner is going to make its way back up my esophagus!”

    That said, the grammar and description was immaculate, I got a very real image of the corpse. And as for my first statement, I hope it isn’t misunderstood that I am calling this story bad, it’s a good story, it’s just not scary. Exquisitely grotesque is more suitable a phrase.

  35. Not creepy in the gives-me-chills sense.
    Creepy in the that’s-pretty-disgusting sense.

    But a very good story nonetheless.
    Great job!

  36. The Person Formerly Known as 'Noneya'

    That made me laugh, cough in embarassment, and get the chills all at the same time.

    Good pasta, well written. I would hate to be her when she wakes up.

  37. Wasn’t my style of pasta.

    That having been said, I agree: it was very good. Very well written. The narrator unflinchingly details what he finds beautiful, rather than trying to creep us out. In the end that’s always more creepy, innit?

  38. Positively exquisite. I adored this pasta.
    Also, good to see you are still lurking in the shadows, Mr. Welldone. A tip of the hat to you.

    Good day.

    1. I was just about to say, this is like a love story Mr. Welldone would write!
      You beat me to it, man. Congrats on your new girl though.

  39. @4, worse than necrophelia, necropheliacs aren’t normally attracted to TWISTED FUCKING NECKS and EXTREME LEG WOUNDS.

  40. I imagined a mad demon/necromancer and his mangled, vacant-eyed zombie bride sitting on a porch swing hand in hand watching their half-mangled-zombie spawn play on the lawn.

    I have a really terrible sense of humor.

    Ignoring my bullshit, this story is amazing.

  41. I applaud. I thoroughly enjoyed this pasta.

    It had enough detail to make it fascinatingly creepy as well as the whole, this isn’t really the true world-ness to be wonderful

    Thank you for darkening my day

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