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Color in Darkness


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In the darkness we are strangers to ourselves, gray-skinned, white-eyed and black-haired demons rather than the usual familiar streaks of color that we see in a lighted mirror. Our grayscale faces are as blank as that of Slenderman’s, our hearts as black as a killer’s, and there’s not a thing that we can do to change this.

In the darkness, we are different.

Why? Say you’re holding a book. It’s red. You can spill blue things and black things and smear food on it, but, regardless, the book is red. Red as apples, blood, a heart. Red, and very much so. Switch off your bedroom light, though, or hide inside your closet with the door closed, all the while clutching onto the book, and it will become immediately apparent to you that the book is no longer scarlet but, in fact, gray. Black as night. Darkness moving at something akin to the speed of light turns all our external and internal colors to its own favorite colors the very moment we step into its spindly, bony held-out arms, whether we like it or not. Once it’s pulled our torsos close tight to its own we don’t have option of pulling on a yellow dress or slipping into a comfy pair of blue socks. It’s simply too late- we are a part of the darkness.

Once the darkness takes your hand it will never again grow red with sweat or purple with cold and bruises. It will forever be the one solitary shade that is gray…

In this way, nightly exposure to the darkness fixes our bodies and minds with a tendency towards black rather than white, poisoned apples rather than sweet ones. As we sleep soft dreams our inner selves are continually sliding further and further away from color and light.

If our waking selves could forget all of this we might be able to convince ourselves that we are alright, but shadows are everywhere, hiding inside our clothes and between our fingers and even just beneath our feet. They make us remember the darkness.

Trying to escape? There’s nothing you can do to get away from the hands of the gray world because, regardless of all effort, we all eventually close our eyes.

Credit To – ts-squid

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16 thoughts on “Color in Darkness”

  1. This was really good! It deserves a better rating. I just don’t like the part where it mentions slenderman. That kind of made it silly. Still, even though it’s definitely not scary, it’s quite thought provoking, and just a bit eerie. LOVE IT

  2. But who was fifty shades of grey?!?!?!!!!!

    Sorry. I just had to.

    Anyway, this pasta is conflictedly received.
    I personally didn’t think this pasta was very good.
    Just because something is written in scary-style, doesn’t make it scary.
    And this pasta just relied too heavily on the writing style to be scary, without actually being scary In itself.
    Oh, and things dont turn grey in the dark. Color is just an illusion. Caused by light.
    And how would you even see the greyness of something if it was in the dark. For that you need darkness mixed with enough light to make it visible, but at the same time desaturate it.
    Which completele goes against the main thing in the story.
    It tried for a short story.
    But the targeted audience/number of people who found it scary was just too small to make this one successful.

  3. I loved the story a couple of people that have left comments said that it is not that good. I personally think it was wonderful, I do agree that we do only see black not gray. I think that we hide from our shadows when really they ARE attached to us. We try to run away from our deepest fears and “monsters” when really we are the monsters, we are trying to run away from our selfs. society is our enemies, we are all different monsters. Have you herd the saying “you can be no one else in the world but you, everyone else is taken”? Well this saying applies to it, yes we are all different but we are all monsters who take our level of scariness different levels than the others. But we all torture our selfs and our peers because we are ugly beasts under our beautiful masks that we individually created. We all create a reputation that starts out so sweet all of us do it, then as we grow we become more evil and demonic. I know that this is long but it is an idea of a story first off and my feed back. Anyways as i was saying we all have killed the beauty in ourself’s, not outside but inside we are the murders of the future and of happiness we have created a hell that no one controls. Not to make anyone feel bad but we all including me have killed what we desire. So think about this ponder because you have created it.

  4. I enjoyed this. Much more poetic than the poetry pasta I just read. Very cool little philosophical story. 7/10 Keep reading and writing

  5. Sorry to be in total opposition with the rest of the comments, but I just don’t see the point of this whole pasta.
    It’s well written, this I admit, but the basic concept is “in darkness everything is gray” (which isn’t even true, in darkness everything is exactly like it is in light, but you can’t see it. You don’t even see it gray, you just don’t see it, otherwise it’s not really darkness).
    And it doesn’t scare me or creep me because darkness is just a natural occurence, we walk in and out of it several times a day, and we don’t get grayer every time (just older, which is indeed much scarier).

  6. Wow, I have to say this completely sucked. It was one of those pastas that use ominous writing and spooky language to try to make creepiness out of a whole bunch of nothing.

  7. This deserves a better rating, for the pasta’s sake it’s decent! I’m not really prone to fearing the dark myself, but I can imagine why this would be downright horrifying for some. Don’t down vote just because you have nothing at all to fear peeps. Kudos to the author and this is a well written pasta.

  8. I like this a lot. It did not creep me out or frighten me, but that is probably because I feel comfort inside the shadows and the dark. I belong there. I can imagine that being inside the dark for someone used to light would be terrifying. With that in mind, I must say I can see the creepy factor. The fact that you are a very talented writer also adds to your story.

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