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Clickety Clack


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There was a family of 5. A mother, a father and 3 daughters. The daughters names were Jennifer, Jade and Janine. Their father was a carpenter, their mother unemployed.
The eldest daughters often excluded Janine from their group so one day, she ran crying to her father. Feeling sorry for her, that night he fashioned a wooden doll. It had a small pointed nose, a purple dress and woolen hair. When he presented the doll to Janine, she fell instantly in love with it. Janine brought the doll with her everywhere she went, and slept with it every night.
But Janine inevitably grew up. She started to lose interest in her old toys and eventually, the doll ended up behind her wardrobe. It spent years there, discarded and forgotten. Until one night, not so long ago.

Janine, now aged 10, was sleeping in her bedroom. She turned in her sleep, thinking she heard a noise, but dismissed it. After a while the noise became louder and now Janine could hear it clearly. Clickety-clack. Clickety-clack. She sat up in her bed and noticed her old wooden doll on the floor. But it had changed. It was standing on its stumpy little feet, all on its own. Its face was distorted into a sick smile and it was holding something in its hands. It gave a leap and landed on Janine’s chest. She shouted, but the sound was cut short as the doll plunged a dagger through her throat.

When Jennifer walked into Janine’s bedroom the next morning to wake her, a terrible site met her eyes. Janine’s face was a bloody, gory mess. Her bed was splattered with blood and she had her old wooden doll gripped in her rigged hands. A dagger lay on the floor. Jennifer let out a scream and soon the house was full of policemen and family. Everyone mourned the loss of Janine that day, and soon only the family was left in the house. That night, they cried themselves to sleep in their separate rooms.

As Jade slept, she felt that somebody was watching her. She looked around her room through eyes that were blurred with tears, and spotted the old wooden doll outside in the hallway. She turned over in her sleep, trying to sleep away her pain, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that she was being watched.

She sensed the doll before she felt it. It landed with a thump on her legs and took out a long, sharpened blade. Jade screamed as the blade pierced her legs. The doll ripped out tendons from her leg and she writhed in agony. Her father burst into the room, shotgun ready. The doll took another long knife from its back and hurled it with extreme accuracy. The knife jammed itself into the father’s heart. He was dead before he hit the floor.

Jade dragged herself to the door, desperately trying to escape but the doll was too quick. Clickety-clack. Clickety-clack. It was over to her in seconds, driving a blade through her eye and into her brain. The doll ran through the hallway, the smile still plastered on its demonic face. The mother woke with a start, seeing a face leering over her own. She thought it was one of her daughters, or her husband. But as her vision cleared, she could clearly see the wooden face. Her life was over before she even had a chance.

Jennifer woke up to the squeal of her mother. She walked out of her bedroom door to find the bloody figures of her father and her sister on the floor, bathed in moonlight. They were unmoving. As she approached her parent’s bedroom door, Janine’s wooden doll ran out, clutching a knife and a large section of her mother’s scalp with hair still attached. Jennifer turned and ran, with the rhythmic “clickety-clack” following in her wake. She flung opened the door of the garage and headed to her fathers workbench. She grabbed a saw, turned and dived for the doll. The doll backed up in surprise and Jennifer tried hacking off its head. This only infuriated the doll even further. It let out and inhuman scream of fury and latched on to Jennifer’s face. It pulled her eyeball out slowly and painfully. She screamed in protest but to no avail. The doll cracked her skull open and tore out her brains. It hopped out just as her body fell, all life drained out of it.

————–YEARS LATER—————
The gang of teenagers were hanging around the supposedly “haunted” house. They were taking turns chucking rocks at the windows. One of them went sailing through the window and landed with a clatter on the ground. The guy who threw it smirked and hopped in to the house to retrieve the rock. While he was picking it up, he noticed a wooden doll lying on the ground. He stuffed it in his pocket and walked out again. This’ll do my sister for a birthday present, he thought.

Credit To: The Dunnes.

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49 thoughts on “Clickety Clack”

  1. sword art online fan :p

    okay ifthis is suppsose to be scary it isnt barely intresitng and they should make a second beacause the boy getting the doll as a present for his sister so make a second i would read but use what we think it should be like in the next

  2. This was okay but it could have been better. Some detail about why the doll went crazy would have been nice. All in all a nice effort. If you just tweak this and add some seasoning this pasta would be much better.

  3. OK, so we’re talking about, presumably, a DOLL SIZED doll here, about a foot in height. Where the hell is it pulling those knives from? especially long knives that are probably about the same size as it. Its like a bad PC RPG where the protagonist reaches behind their back and pulls a 2 handed club from nowhere

  4. Dalek67:
    I barely had to read two sentences before I knew that this pasta would be awful. In my humble opinion, pastas should always have an unexpected part that makes you like the story. Nice try, but it failed. And check your grammer.

    You should check your spelling. I cannot stand when people insult someone else’s spelling and grammar when they don’t have a handle on it themselves!

  5. Why would he go inside to get the rock back? It’s a rock; they’re not exactly hard to come by. Also, No one finds an old tattered doll in an uninhabited, crumbling, supposedly haunted house where five people were mysteriously and brutally slaughtered and thinks, “Hey, this’d make a neat present for my little sister.” If it’s your typical derelict building, the thing was probably lying in a nest of rat shit, used needles, and discarded beer cans.

    1. Nicola Marie Jackson

      Maybe he hates his sister? Maybe he loves her and it was her rock he chucked and rthen he retrieved it because it was special to her? I’m at a loss here myself Hon xxx

  6. even though this pasta wasn’t very creepy I still liked it for its imagery and setting. It may have been a little cliché but I thought it was still good. 8/10 [X]
    P.S. Loved the gore in it :D

  7. I have to agree with Ghom. The part where the doll threw the knife into the father’s heart was the best part of the story. Not because it was good, but because it was so stupid it literally, and I don’t mean a fake lol, I mean I LITERALLY laughed in real life, such was the stupidity of that section. The rest needed more seasoning, was undercooked, and was low quality.


  8. Also another story, again with a doll
    Each night the doll kills someone and it moves down a level on like a cupboard
    On the last night either the mother or the girl who owned the doll realized it was the doll who killed everyone
    Like ech night it killed someone and it moved down, yea.. Totally not suspicious.

  9. I heard a similar one from my friend like 8 years ago
    A chick with long as nails, but like paralyses or some shit
    The noises made were
    And yea it just ripped the s**t out of all it’s victims

  10. I remember hearing different versions of this from my friends. One was an ogre doll owned by a boy and the other was a ragdoll owned by a girl called penny.

    The ragdoll became dirty and so penny threw it into the trash. That night, the doll climbed out of the bin, grabbed a kitchen knife and made it’s way upstairs.

    As it did so, it sang:
    “Pe~nny, I’m on the first step.”
    “Pe~nny, I’m on the 5th step.”
    “Pe~nny, I’m on the last step.”
    “Pe~nny, I’m in the hallway.”
    “Pe~nny, I’m your bedroom.”

    The morning after the Mum walked in and found her daughter sprayed with blood and her head had rolled onto the floor. With the ragdoll resting in Penny’s arms, smiling innocently.

  11. I think it’s sad, the father obviously worked hard making a pretty doll for her and then he has to see it killing her and him :(

  12. Writer is stupid. Computer literate but stupid. Lol i vandalized a house so ill retrieve a rock i threw in because rocks are precious. And suddenly a doll becomes possessed? Are you kidding me? And it has super strength? Omg stop please.

    1. Bringer_of_tacos

      And then you just pick up a FREAKING doll off the floor, in a rumored HAUNTED house, and you want to gift it to your little sister? Honestly, I have can’t imagine a more stupid brother.

  13. seriously, what made that doll kill like that? I mean, extreme agility and accuracy? What the hell? Sounds more of an assassin than a wooden doll. Furthermore, what drove that doll? Simple neglect? Come on. I’ve been neglected for 5 years and I never killed anyone. And the ending just sucked.

  14. fuck you, that's why

    This was really cliched and the ending was predictable. To be honest after a while I just skipped to the end.

  15. It’s a decent effort, but a common concept.
    For starters, you are over looking important details.
    What prompted the change in the doll? Are we supposed to believe that simple neglect turned a hand-crafted garage project into a sentient homicidal maniac? Oh, please.
    Also, what ten year old girl doesn’t still play with dolls?
    If its been ‘many years later’ then thirteen at the very least sounds more believable. At least at that age girls start developing crushes on boys and try their best to begin maturing.
    Better luck next time, this pasta was bland.

    1. I barely had to read two sentences before I knew that this pasta would be awful. In my humble opinion, pastas should always have an unexpected part that makes you like the story. Nice try, but it failed. And check your grammer.

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