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5 Chilling Full Moon Horror Stories You Need to Read

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Horror stories about full moon mysteries have terrified many of us for centuries. While some people think the full moon phenomenon is just a made-up tale, people fascinated by supernatural creatures believe in the eerie occurrences that happen under the full moon. 

Whether the full moon is a period where paranormal happenings actually take place or it’s just a myth, chances are that these 5 spine-chilling legends will inspire every horror enthusiast out there!

The Story of the Werewolf of Bedburg

When someone mentions the full moon and scary stories related to this lunar phase, the first supernatural creatures you would think of are likely werewolves. There are numerous werewolf stories available where the full moon transforms ordinary human beings into supernatural creatures. One of the most famous among them is indeed that of the Werewolf of Bedburg.

The legend of Bedburg is related to a small town in Germany that was terrorized by a series of murders in the late 16th century. The main character of this story is a man named Peter Stumpp, who is known as the Werewolf of Bedburg. He confessed that he was responsible for numerous murders but blamed the light of the full moon, under which he would transform into a beast. 

Considering that so-called “werewolf trials” were common back in those days in Germany and France, Stumpp was executed. Interestingly, this legend still excites people and in honor of it, horror enthusiasts today find different ways to enjoy and revive similar sensations. That’s why many people try to engage in online gaming experiences like those in the Moonspin Casino review, where simple games help them feel the essence of full-moon horror tales.

The Moon controls fertility

This legend may sound especially terrifying for women since it links their fertility directly to the cycles of the moon. Yes, believe it or not, early civilizations believed that the moon determined when women could become pregnant. The reason for this is that the menstrual and lunar cycles are completely similar in length. 

This myth became especially common in the 1950s, when the Czech scientist, Eugene Jonas created a theory that women ovulate when the moon is in the same phase as it was at their birth. His influence was so great that people still believe that full moons lead to an increase in births even today. While there’s no real evidence to support this theory, some women these days still try to adjust their family planning based on lunar phases.


Lunar Impact on the Pets’ Psyche

Another horror story regarding the impact of the full moon is related to our beloved pets – cats and dogs. A legend says that during a full moon, cats and dogs go crazy and display unusual sometimes even erratic, behavior. It’s almost like their behavior is driven by an unexplained lunar force that affects the psyche of pets. As a result, you might notice hyperactivity and aggression in cats and dogs during full moons.

To be more precise, during the full moon, dogs might howl more frequently, bark when there’s nothing in front of them, or just act disruptively. When it comes to cats, they become more restless and dart around the house, as if they’ve seen a ghost or a supernatural creature. 

The Curse of the Full Moon

Now, you already know that the full moon is associated with various superstitions and legends, that include violence, lunacy, or erratic behavior. But the most disturbing one among these tales is the one which suggests that the full moon leads to criminal behavior. This particular legend is known as the Curse of the Full Moon and based on it, during the full moon, people become more vulnerable to committing crimes as they find it hard to control their impulses. This cold explains statistics that prove higher numbers of crimes during this lunar phase.


Legendary Beast of Gevaudan

Our final story is related to a particular person, just like the story of the Werewolf of Bedburg and it’s indeed one of the most terrifying tales linked to the full moon.  In the 18th century, people in the French province of Gévaudan experienced violent attacks from a creature that was described as a wolf-dog hybrid. This legendary creature targeted men, women, and children who were living near livestock. 

At first glance, this might seem like a typical attack from a wild animal. But locals believed this incident had mythical reasons. That’s why the Beast of Gévaudan remains a symbol of the unknown horror even today.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to understand whether the power of the full moon actually works and turns normal individuals into supernatural creatures, or all these scary tales are just a part of our collective imagination. Either way, we can’t deny the impact these stories have on our psyche and the way they influence our emotions. And if you’re one of us who believes in the supernatural or simply enjoys a good scare, we bet you’d find these 5 eerie full-moon stories as inspiring as we did!

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