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Cellular Phone

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If you call yourself on your own cellular phone, sometimes you will get an answer. You won’t hear anything other than heavy breathing, so don’t bother waiting for them to speak. If you then say the name of a person you know and a reason that they should die (reasons like “I just want them dead” do work), then they will die a gruesome death within the next 24 hours. Their horribly mangled corpse will be completely unrecognizable, and there is never any evidence pointing to a specific perpetrator so the person(s) that performs this service has never been caught. This was how the infamous Black Dahlia murder was perpetrated.

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110 thoughts on “Cellular Phone”

  1. Jeanine Holleman

    It told me to enter my password. Probably thought I was trying to access voice mail. I’m actually glad I didn’t hear my own breathing. Would’ve been creepy as hell.

  2. *Calls phone*
    *This actually works*
    “Hey, I need some people dead. Their names are Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, and Amanda Bynes.”

  3. Damn, that Black Dahlia murder was a lot different – and a lot more recent – than I’d been led to believe…

  4. Tried this. Instead of heavy breathing, I heard a robotic voice saying I had 3 new messages. Did I do something wrong?

  5. Nice little touch, but there is a small flaw in your ending. The “Black Dahlia” was murdered in 1947 and cell phones where invented in 1973. So she couldn’t have possibly been killed that way.

  6. Kyle:
    When I called my phone I got this creepy, almost robotic sounding voice that said “You have 1 new voicemail, and 1 saved voicemail, press 1 to listen to your voicemail, press 2 to delete all.”


    Ohhh you have the CURSE OF VOICEMAIL!

  7. this is just like that anime show death note you write there name down and they die unless given a specific way.

  8. I just called my phone from my phone, and my phone picked up I guess, it said I was in a call. Didnt go to voicemail or anything, and I do have a voicemail.. All I heard was static type noises. But it freaked me out because it sounded a bit like breathing. I hung the hell up e.e

  9. Love how people actually think the call would get through and you would get to hear your -own- breathing…-_-‘
    People are getting dumber.

    This was a pretty interesting idea, though!

  10. That’s how the Dahlia was murdered? Now we know who that time-traveler lady was talking to in that Charlie Chaplin film. But seriously, cool idea and pretty good pasta.

  11. Woaaaah!!! So, I called myself and a WOMAN answered! She told me I had 6 unheard messages and 8 skipped messages. Delete press 7, Save press 9. More options, press 0.

    I\’m so scared! :(

    The Story reminded me of Deathnote.

  12. Woaaaah!!! So, I called myself and a WOMAN answered! She told me I had 6 unheard messages and 8 skipped messages. Delete press 7, Save press 9. More options, press 0.

    I’m so scared! :(

    The Story reminded me of Deathnote.

  13. “Juiz, kill these assholes.”

    “Order confirmed. Noblesse oblige. I pray for your continuing service as a savior.”

  14. Heh, I know that it just goes to voicemail but…when I was little I did the same thing with a walkie-Talkie made to look like a phone….didn\’t hear anything but a noise like someone else was using the other phone….

    Never did find the other walkie talkie phone…

  15. something you guys seem to be forgetting is that a man suspected of the Black Dahlia murder, had a son who became a crime investigator, and he died convinced beyond all doubt that his father was the murderer, I\’ve been wracking my brain, but I can\’t remember any names.

  16. A few people have said this already, but the Black Dahlia murder was long before the cell phone was invented. Before freaking touch tone phones were invented (I think. I’m almost certain ^^; )
    So… yeah. Also, calling your own number on a cell phone leads you to your voicemail…

  17. Untraceable Hitman

    Christ. You guys, of course you get sent to voicemail. With all of you people calling me at every hour of the day, asking me to kill people, don’t you think I have moments where I can’t pick up the phone?

    Leave yourself a voicemail. I’ll get back to your request as soon as possible. Just don’t check the voicemail yourself before I get to, because then I won’t get it.

  18. Enjoy that heavy breathing you hear and be happy it isn’t you he’s coming after.For you just had a convorsation(in a sense) with Mr.Welldone…and lived.

  19. Interesting concept, but there are some historical errors. The Black Dahlia murder happened in the 1940’s, and I’m pretty sure cellphones weren’t invented during that time period. Also, Beth Short (the victim of the Black Dahlia muder) was still recognizable after her death.

  20. @Lauren:

    (in nasally 1940s style tone)

    “Hello ah-peh-rata? Get me Saskatoon 224. I’s gotta phone myself to get this dizzy dame whacked. Thanks. Yer just the bee’s knees.”

  21. This could work, provided you are a serial killer suffering from multiple personality disorder as well as schizophrenia.

    (Very original insanity plea: “Your honor, I was ordered to kill the victim by a man on the phone who sounded exactly like me!”)

  22. Wait… the Black Dahlia happened in 1947–a time before cell phones even existed. How would someone be able to use a cell phone when there were no cell phones?

    Other than that, this was pretty good. The idea itself is interesting. Probably inspired by Death Note.

  23. Whoa whoa, as many other people said, of course you would hear breathing, for you called your own phone. However, maybe that’s it’s own interesting dynamic. Perhaps you telling yourself who you want dead so much that you would try something this crazy would lead YOU to kill the person in a systematic, untraceable way.

  24. shortys roc my sox

    ok first of all this is just crap ppl made up it was good though but yall who have some one u want to kill thats kinda mean i mean of course i’m gonna try it but the the person u want to die will is kinda mean i mean i hate some ppl but that doesn’t mean i want 2 kill them cuase if there was some one that wanted to kill u, u would b mad wouldn’t u

  25. …So I’m assuming this can be done on a regular phone and not just a cell phone, considering the Black Dahlia murder happened in 1947.

  26. When I called my phone I got this creepy, almost robotic sounding voice that said “You have 1 new voicemail, and 1 saved voicemail, press 1 to listen to your voicemail, press 2 to delete all.”


  27. I would kill the fucking idiots who vote for people like bush then complain that bush is an awful president, ANd now there going to vote for mckain and i hope to god he doesnt fucking win the election. Of course I wouldn’t kill anyone at all if i really could because it’s not my place to judge who lives or dies and it seems unfair to use that kind of powe, it seems like (You could probably kill me in one hit so im going to hide behind a device that can kill you without me doing work)
    I choose this because I hated light yagami so much. I was laughing when he died.

  28. This is actually Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (which actually might as well have been Persona 3). And he was identified: Tatsuya Sudou… the JOKER killer. Also, whoever uses this “service” is forced to take on the persona of the Joker and kill the same person they request… as well as anyone else. It was a great game.

  29. wouldnt it be you answering the phone? you would hear yourself breathing, thats why it says to not bother saying anything cause they want you to believe that it’s actually someone else.

    idk, pretty good though.

  30. :[ all I got was my voicemail when I called. How will I know when it’s the right time to try this? Because I already know who I want dead x]

  31. When I save up enough to get a Mio (accept no less!) I am SO doing this.
    But what would happen if you said “god” or “you” or something? What if you said a group?

  32. Way to steal shit from Persona. As soon as I read the dialing your own number part,I knew where this was going.
    Still,not bad.

  33. If you call ur self won’t your listening to yourself breathing. Right? Unless the government is tapping your phone.

  34. What an idea. One person dead, anyone you want. ANYONE. Shit, that would take forever to decide who. Someone in your personal life, a celebrity, a politician, or a world wide terrorist?
    Decisions, descisions.

  35. Ah, I knew this would show up eventually. This is actually based off an early plot point from an old PS1 RPG called “Persona”. Look it up. It’s a good creepypasts, but it’s not exactly original.

  36. The logic in this one is kinda flawed though…there were no cell phones when the Black Dahlia murder occurred, although maybe they used regular phones instead.


    You know what, when I read it back at myself, that does sound very Death Note. That wasn’t my intention, though.

    But, still. The ability to kill one person. There would be no evidence that you perpetrated the crime, and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I could muster the nerve to actually use this hitman, but it is an interesting prospect, in a hypothetical sense.

    1. Actually for me its sounds more Chakushin ari (One Missed Call) too me. If you haven’t seen that movie, you should.

  38. Sorry, typo.

    In my unfinished sentence, I meant to say:

    “Or, maybe, you could send it after people you think are undesirable, that the world would do better without.”

  39. Interesting idea.

    So, if I call my own cell phone at the right time, some unknown organization/person will kill anyone I want, for free!? This isn’t a creepypasta, it’s an advertisement. Does anyone here know exactly how valuable an untraceable hitman is? You could send him/her/it/them after the world’s most undesirable people; Osama Bin Laden, for example. Or, maybe, you could send it after people you think

    Too bad this is just a creepypasta. It would have been interesting to have the death of at least one infamous terrorist on my hands. The weirdest thing about it it that I’m not sure whether it’s a terrorist organization or a charitable organization.

    1. Well, if you think about it, hit men don’t work for free. Even if this did work, there would probably end up being some horrid kind of payback that would come about you later. Whether it be a curse, or the hit man might even hold it over you as some sort of ransom for something or other. You never know >.>

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