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Blue Nightmare

blue nightmare

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Police and ambulances surrounded a house where a family of five had been murdered last night. This wasn’t the first murder that has happened in the area. In fact it was one of many others. Police couldn’t explain who was doing the murders and why they were even happening. What was the murderer’s motive for killing all these innocent people. The EMT’s were pulling someone out on a stretcher who was at the brink of death. It was a male in his late 40’s and one of the cops walked over to him because he was trying to say something. All he managed to utter out was “Blue Nightmare.” After that he coughed up blood and took his final breath and died. The news got out about this Blue Nightmare. Who was this person and what was their motive. Please if you hear or see anything, call the police.

Zoe Karlon was only six years old living in a small town that no one really hears or passes by in California. In the house it was just her, her mother, and her older brother Kevin. her father had left them when she was only 4. She started off happy growing up for the first few years of her life then when she turned six her older brother started pestering her, telling her scary stories. She started waking up with nightmares from the stories she was told. Her mother would come in and try to comfort her but all she said was “Kevin is just being a pest trying to scare you. Don’t let it get to you.” Then she would leave. Zoe woke up the next morning and as she was walking, Kevin jumped out from behind a corner and yelled then started laughing “Hahaha Zoe your such a baby. Your so easy to scare.” He turned and walked off laughing. She walked down stairs for breakfast. As she entered the kitchen Kevin acted as if he was going to throw his fork at her and Zoe screamed then he started laughing and said “HA! I’m always going to be your worst nightmare little sister. You’ll never escape me.” Ms. Karlon hit him over the head and said “Kevin that is enough torturing your sister. now sit down and eat so you can get to school.” He grumbled then started eating his eggs. Zoe climbed up on her chair and started eating and their mom drove them to school.

Today was Zoe’s 14th birthday and she has been having a hard time in school lately. She tried telling those she attempted to make friends with about her brother and how he would scare her and she would end up with nightmares and they laughed and some of even said “Zoe aren’t you too old to believe in all that stuff and get nightmares? Oh my gosh its so funny. Your such a big baby.” They went on laughing until she went home. She only had one friend, Mandy, and they have been friends since they were both 10. At home Zoe sat in her room alone and away from anyone. Lately she had been feeling a tad strange, like she wasn’t herself at times but she brushed it off and ignored it. Her mom walked in and started talking “Come down stairs sweetie, Mandy came over for your birthday and today Kevin promised to behave and not scare you on your 14th birthday.” Her mother held her hand out and Zoe took it and was led downstairs for her small party. It was just her, her mother, Kevin, and Mandy, but she didn’t mind. She was happy with it and her brother sort of behaved. He scared her with a fake snake down her back. That night she scared herself awake from another nightmare. She sat up breathing heavy and in a cold sweat. Her nightmares have been becoming more frightening. At times she kept seeing a girl but she couldn’t make out her face yet but she could feel something scary coming from her. She didn’t understand it right now but she hoping to figure out what it meant. The next day as her and Mandy were walking home a strange man pulled Mandy into a dark ally way and tried tearing off her clothes. When Mandy started to kick and struggle, the man hit her head against the brick wall several times to where her skull cracked open, ending up killing her. The stranger dropped Mandy’s corpse and started walking over to Zoe, sneering. “Get over here little girl, your friend didn’t give me what I want to you will take her place.” Zoe’s left eye started twitching and her hands shook. Her eyes looked over to her right and she saw a large broken shard of glass. Her left eye started to change. It changed from a vibrant green to a piercing icy blue. From that point on it was like a switch flipped in her and the once cheery, bright, happy, and caring Zoe, seemed to be gone and she was replaced with a mechanical, twisted, and insane version of herself. Zoe grinned and looked at the man and walked towards him, kicking at the glass shard. She acted as if she stumbled and fell to the ground, she kept grinning and curled her fingers around the shard and held it close to her side as she stood up. Zoe looked at the man then started letting out a creepy giggle. She jumped at the man and held the shard above her head, slamming her head against his chest, hard enough to knock the wind out of him. He stumbled back and started coughing and that’s when Zoe took her chance and slammed the shard into his gut. She laughed and started stabbing him over and over again. The man tried to push her back as he was also trying to cover himself from being stabbed. His arm ended up with cuts in it as she brutally murdered him. Before he died he scratched over her left eye so blood got in it and she had to close it. Once her now blue eye was closed, her personality die a 180 and she returned to her old self. Zoe saw the man beneath her and covered in blood and stab wounds she freaked out. She could tell he was dead and she had his blood on her. For a second she didn’t know how this happened then she saw the bloody shard in her hand. Zoe looked over at her friend then looked at a broken mirror leaning against the alley wall and blood from the scratch was running over her eye and down her face. She screamed and someone came running “Oh my gosh what happened here? Girl what did you do?!” Zoe looked back and shook “I….I don’t know what happened. One m….moment this man was t…trying to force himself on my friend and then he killed her. After th…that he was coming at me and th…that’s all I remember. I must have done th…this trying to fend him off. I…I just want to go home and f…for this to all be over!” Zoe had to remain there what emergency services came and took care of things. EMT’s put bandages around her left eye after cleaning the cut. She looked at a mirror and frowned. she almost looked like she was missing an eye. A cop drove her home and when her mother saw her she started freaking. “Oh geez Zoe what the hell happened? Why are you covered in blood?!” The cop spoke up “Calm down mam’. Your daughter here killed someone who killed her friend Mandy and then tried to force himself onto her.” Ms. Karlen ran over and hugged Zoe. “Come on dear lets throw those clothes out and get you cleaned up.” Her mother took her inside and when her brother saw her he stepped back “Gosh you look like a mess Zoe….what’d you do? Dive into a pool of cherry filling?” He snorted at his own joke and their mother snapped at him “Kevin that is enough. Mandy was just killed and your sister was almost taken advantage of by some stranger. She killed him in self defense.” Kevin gulped loudly at the thought that his little scardy cat sister could actually kill someone let alone someone who was twice her size. At night while she was sleeping she had the same nightmare again of that girl she kept seeing, only this time she could see her face. It looked just like her only it wasn’t her. This girl had her hair covering her right eye and her left eye was a piercing icy blue. The girl grinned at Zoe and spoke “well well well we finally get to meet Zoe….I’ve been waiting so long to meet you.” Zoe tilted her head and looked a little scared. “Um who are you and how do you know my name?” The girl laughed and walked towards her “Why Zoe I am you! Only I’m the darkest parts of you. The parts you push away and the part who wants to make others suffer….those who scare you and laugh at you for being scared, as well those who don’t do anything about the ones hurting you. I’m the you that will help…that will make it all go away.” Zoe started shaking her head and holding her hands against the side of her head. “No no no no…..your not me! I don’t want to hurt anyone! I’m not a murderer.” The girl who claimed to be her walked up to Zoe and placed her hands on her shoulders. “Zoe accept this, open your mind. Shall i show you what we did today, what happened when you shall I say blacked out.” Zoe looked at her then looked around as images swirled around what happened. The very gap in her memory. Zoe gulped and watched as the images played. She saw every last broody thing that happened and seeing herself laughing and smiling as she murdered the man in such a brutal and bloody way that for a moment she couldn’t even believe it was her. “But how….I don’t remember any of this at all.” The girl chuckled “Oh that’s because I emerged. Your sat in the back of our mind and just freaked out about Mandy. Take off those bandages and take a look at your left eye.” Zoe turned and a random mirror popped up, so she pulled the bandages from her left eye and looked at it. She saw it was the same shade of blue at the girl’s, who stood next to her and pushed her hair away from her right eye and it was the same green and Zoe’s. “See I told you…I am you. We are one Zoe and just think of what we can do to those who hurt us.” Zoe pushed the girl back and started screaming. She only woke up cause her mother was shaking her. Zoe sat up and panted then hugged her mother “Shhh its alright Zoe it was just another nightmare. Everything is okay, you just went through a lot today.”



Her mother left the room, leaving Zoe alone with her thoughts. A voice in her mind that sounded like the girl who also sounded the same as her “Just so you know if our blue eye shows, you go into our mind and i am free to have fun. Once I have had my fun I will cover our blue eye and you come back out and i go in.” Zoe shook her head and tried to ignore the voice. The next day when Zoe went to school, everyone who laughed at her for always being scared kept coming around her and telling her how sorry they were for her lose cause they knew Mandy was her best friend. They all said things like “Oh she was such a good person” and “We will miss her so much.” Zoe grumbled to herself and her inner self spoke up “Oh geez they are all such fakes. They didn’t know her like we did. They should just all go away.” Zoe was starting to agree with her inner self about it. She hated how they were being fake to her just because her only friend was killed. She hated her brother for torturing her most of her life, scaring her and causing her nightmares and she was hating her mother for doing nothing about it. Never stopping it and only yelling at him for it. As she walked home she seemed to talk to Zo as she started calling her inner self. Zo seemed happy about it, being able to talk to Zoe and have her agree with her way of thinking. As days went by Zoe and Zo’s mind start to really think alike but the only thing was Zoe couldn’t do the things Zo could. Zoe couldn’t kill anyone but Zo could. Zoe started becoming more isolated to herself, thinking about all those who hurt her, who laughed at her, who scared her and who didn’t help her when she really needed it. The following week her and Zo agreed that all of them had to go away. So during the weekend she went through her father’s things in the attic that her mother never got rid of and found an old sword that her father had collected. She pulled it from the sheath and saw it was in perfect condition still and it was still perfectly sharp. She dug some more and found a serrated hunting knife and her and Zo knew that it would rip and tear through a person’s flesh. She walked downstairs while everyone was sleeping, Kevin passed out on the couch with video games still going and her mother was asleep in her room. Zoe pulled off the eye patch she wore cause she told everyone she couldn’t see out of that eye cause of the scratch but that was a lie. Once the eye patch was removed Zoe went in and Zo emerged then grinned. She walked into her mother’s room and seen that she had kicked her blankets off. Zo walked over and held the knife above her head and slammed it down into her mother’s gut. Her mother woke up and screamed in pain from it, asking her what she is doing. Zo grinning “Oh mother, this is your fault. Your should have stopped Kevin from scaring me and giving me those nightmares. Well mother…its time for you to go into a permanent nightmare.” Zo tore the knife through her mother’s abdomen, watching the blood pour from her body and laughing at that and her mother’s antagonizing screams. Zo stabbed her mother in a different spot and blood sprayed from her body “oh look at all the blood spraying from your body mother! Its beautiful!” Zo cackled and stabbed her mother again and tore through her flesh, ripping her skin open. Her mother started coughing as blood started to come up through her throat and she started to choke on her own blood. Zo stood back, marveling at her work, watching her mother die slowly and painfully. “Oh mother we wouldn’t be going through this, if only you had helped me.” Her mother looked at her and tried to reach out to her. Zo watched as the life faded from her eyes then she turned and heading down to the living room. Kevin had woken up hearing the scream and only thinking it was Zoe having a nightmare again and he chucked to himself. He was sitting there playing video games again, not paying attention to anything. Zo walked up behind him and pulled the sword from its sheath. She walked around so that she was standing next to her idiot brother and giggled. “Hello Kevin, what are you doing?” He didn’t look up and said “playing my video games. Did you have another nightmare scardy cat?”



He chuckled and paused his game to look at her and jumped up, dropping his controller. He saw blood spattered on her clothes and dripping from her face. Kevin started to back up and stammered “Z….Zoe what did you d….do?” “Oh just had a small conversation with mother and the same one i am going to have with you.” Zo cackled and swung her sword, Kevin put his arms up to only be cut badly. He let out a scream which only made Zo laugh and grin more. She stepped closer and slashed at him again, him not being able to cover himself now cause of his arms ended up with a large gash a crossed his chest. He tried to turn and run away and Zo slashed her sword a cross his back but didn’t get as deep this time. He yelped in agony and started to run up the stairs. Zo took her knife and threw it at Kevin, ending up hitting him in the back of his left leg to which he fell down and tried dragging himself up the stairs. Zo giggled and made her way to her brother and tilted her head and smiling manically.He shook and tried kicking at her with his good leg but she cut it. “If only you hadn’t scared me so much and gave me nightmares then we wouldn’t go through all this. You gave me nightmares so its time to send you into a permanent nightmare.” With that word Zo slashed her sword acrossed his he through, cutting into it and watching his blood spray out from it. She giggled as he laid there gurgling on his blood and taking his last breath. Zo laughed as the only noise in the house was her. She walked out of the house and walked to the house of one of the girl’s who laughed and teased her, her reddish brown hair blowing back in the wind and her porcelain cream colored skin splattered with deep red blood. Her green eye and blue eye had a crazy look and little giggles escaped from her lips. When she got to the house she saw that all five of the girls were there. Looks like they had a sleep over. Zo had hit the jackpot being able to wipe out all those girls at once. She thought to end them quickly but at the same time make them suffer so as they slept she went around the house and sealed off any way out except for one door which she would be standing near in case anyone would come out and if they did she would kill them. She snuck in and messed with an electrical socket, cut a few wires and connected it to something very flammable. She watched at it started to spark from the wires then slowly catch fire. She also took the batteries out of most of the smoke detectors and left only one working. The one in an upstairs hallways. She walked out the the back door which she had left open and unsealed and waited. After about ten minutes the one smoke detector started going off loudly and she could see the fire has spread quickly. It helped she had laid a bunch of dish towels covered in vodka to help spread the fire. Zo heard the girls starting to scream and could hear them yelling that many places wouldn’t open. Zoe deep in her own mind could tell what was going on. Its almost as if she could see it and here it like she was there and the one doing it. She had a big smile on her face and was swaying a bit and giggling. Zo heard running of someone coming towards the door she was standing at. She pulled out her sword that still had Kevin’s blood on it and held it tight in her hands with a wicked grin on her face. One girl, the more timid but still rude one ran out and Zo swung her sword and the girl’s head flew off and her body fell to the ground. Zo listened and hearing them coughing and still trying to escape. She knew one of them had serious asthma and heard her coughing the most and the other girls telling her to hang on that they were going to find a way out. Zo waited, talking with Zoe and watched the house go up in flames. Getting bored waiting for them she tossed the girl’s head then her body into the house and closed then sealed off the door and walked off into the shadows grinning and saying “They are going into a permanent nightmare.” She ended up leaving the small town and wondering around killing off others. Zoe and Zo heard the news of the murders that followed her and snickered as they said the hunt for Zoe Karlon was still going. Zoe sat in a house of her newly murdered victims, cleaning up herself and getting new clothes and something to eat. She heard one of the people in the house that she thought was dead. It was the 17 year old girl so she pulled off her eye patch then Zo walked over to the girl and stood over her, Zo grinned and leaned closer to her, only her blue eye showing and Zo said to her “Time to send you into a permanent nightmare” after that she stabbed her sword into the girl’s heart and watched her die, laughing. Zo walked out of the house, putting the eye patch back over her blue eye and Zoe was back out again.


She wondered around for a while without hitting any houses but sneaking in them to eat so she could stay alive. Little did she know she was being watched by two people, they had been watching her for a week now and were about ready to approach her. Later that night Zo and Zoe were bored so Zoe let Zo out. Zo walked up to a small house that only had a couple in it. She broke in and brutally murdered them, their blood all over their bed and room. She walked out and was approached by a boy with black hair, wearing a blood stained hoodie. She looked at his face and saw a smile carved into it and he was staring at her. She could make out in the shadows a very tall man, one who was as tall as the trees. The boy spoke to her “Hello there Zoe or am i talking to Zo.” He chuckled and Zo held her knife up to his neck “Who the hell are you and how do you know us? Are you going to be our next victim?” The boy put his own knife to her throat and said “Don’t test me or I will make you go to sleep.” Zo didn’t like how she was being treated so she pushed the boy back and pulled out her sword. She started swinging it at him and he started walking backwards, avoiding her blade. He walked back to the trees until he was close to the tall man. The man didn’t move but something wrapped around her waist and lifted her into the air. Zo struggled and the man spoke “Keep still and I will explain everything. The boy down by my side is Jeffery Woods or as he is known by his victims Jeff the Killer. I am the Slenderman and we have been watching you for some time now and I can offer you protection at the same time you can still do what you like and have this fun. All you have to do is accept my offer.” Zo crossed her arms and was still for a while. She was talking with Zoe and they were discussing his offer. Zo looked at Slender and let out a breath “We have discussed it and we accept. We don’t want to be caught and placed in a mental hospital and locked away forever in it.” Slenderman put Zo down and she put her eye patch back on letting Zoe come back out. She gave a smile and held her hand out. “Hello I’m Zoe Karlon and i am very happy to be joining you and your special family Mr. Slenderman sir.” She followed them into the woods and they seemed to disappear. The search for Zoe ended when they found her bloody clothes in the woods. She was presumed dead but murdered still happened.


So if you open your eyes one night and see a single icy blue eye, don’t even try to scream or try to fight her off because no matter what you do the Blue Nightmare will always “send you into a permanent nightmare.”

CREDIT : Kristen Bach

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