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Under The Blanket

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Looking back, I’d say I had a pretty enjoyable childhood, nothing bad ever happened to me. I barely ever got sick, never broke any bones, or got into fights with my cousins when I visited. I was basically a picture perfect child, not to brag. Except, one time when I was visiting my older cousins I experienced the strangest event, and even today, I still can’t tell myself that it was just my imagination.

I was probably about six years old at the time, but I still remember everything about that night like it was yesterday. I was climbing trees with my cousins most of the day, and when it got dark, we went inside. My aunt and uncle went out for dinner so it was just us left in the old house. And then I suggested it, “Let’s play hide and seek!” Sometimes I wonder how it would have been if I hadn’t suggested that.

Either way, it was Alex’s turn to be it first since he lost ‘rock, paper, scissors,’ and Ray and I scattered to find a hiding place. First, I tried squeezing behind the sofa, my favourite hiding spot, but it was closer to the wall than normal. As lanky as I was as, I couldn’t fit that time. Alex was half way done counting, so as a last resort I ran into their bedroom and looked around, trying to find any place to hide, obvious or not. Thankfully, the room was quite messy, so I figured that if I hid under the desk, I would blend in enough. Anything was better than being caught without a hiding spot. As I was about to dive under the desk, I noticed my other cousin, Ray, had already beat me there. I could see some of her long dark hair peeking out from beneath the blanket she was hiding under. Alex was almost done counting, so I had no choice but to join Ray.

I said to let me under the blanket with her, but when I reached out to pull some of it over me she scooted away. I scooted closer and reached out again whispering a really long ‘pleaaase,’ but she jerked away to completely avoid my touch. Fine, I thought, I guess that’s fair anyway, since she was here before me, it makes sense for me to be the one to be caught first. I teasingly whispered that I could see her hair anyways, and she rustled around in the blanket trying to cover it, not succeeding. When I looked around from my hiding spot, I could see that it was definitely a good place, with some boxes blocking the view of the door around the corner, so if someone just gave a quick glance over the room, they wouldn’t have seen us. I leaned over and whispered how this was a really good hiding spot. Ray rustled around under the blanket in response. Then suddenly I heard Alex walk into the room, he looked around, checking under the bunk beds, right across from the desk. I held my breath. He got up and walked to the closet, checking in there, before going back out of the room. I let out a quiet sigh of relief, and whispered to Ray how close that was. Ray rustled under the blanket again.

From outside the room, I heard both Alex and Ray shout the traditional, “OLLIE OLLIE OXEN FREE!” from the other room. So I started to get up, proud of not having lost hide and seek, and said come on to Ray, but she didn’t move from under the blanket.
That’s when I realised that I had heard both of my cousins call for me to come out. I backtracked in my mind to realise that only my two cousins and I were home. Panic fell over me as I ran to the other room as fast as I could and saw both of my cousins standing right there. I tried to explain to them as fast as I could that someone else was in the room with me, and they of course, being older, were reluctant to believe me. I tried pulling them to the hiding spot so I could prove it to them, and it took some actual pulling, but I finally got them there.

My heart sunk when we looked under the desk.


The blanket was completely flat.

My cousins laughed at me as I frantically I searched the whole room, top to bottom, and scoured the boxes next to the desk for any trace of the figure, or anything I could have mistaken it for, with no luck.


It was gone. And still, many years later, I have no explanation of what it could have been, and frankly, I’m glad I never got to see what was underneath that blanket.


Credit To – Cori

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74 thoughts on “Under The Blanket”

  1. I AM LEGIT CRYING RIT NOW LIKE NO. I feel real bad for her because its basically that kind of thing where its there one mnute and gone the next. Like come on now.

  2. The way the story was told was so good that it gave me shivers. Btw, I think the obvious plot thingy was one of it’s charms because from the readers’ view, you would clearly know that it was a ghost or something and what would happen to the narrator along the encounter is what gives you the thrill. Love it!

  3. My cousin had a similar thing happen to him. he was the seeker and he thought my sister was in the closet cause he saw long hair and what he thought was a girl. Turned my sister was in another room

  4. Hey, would you( the author) mind if I did a read of this on YouTube? Ill credit you and everything. My name I’m YouTube is Kittylover2772.

    1. Of course!! If you haven’t already! I’ve already seen so many great readings of it (I just realised today that people have been reading it on YouTube, and leaving more comments here and I’m soo flattered, oh my gosh.)

  5. I really appreciate the playful tone contrasting with whatever dark entity we’re left to believe the narrator encountered. A bit predictable but coming off as the naive obliviousness of a young child. If I may add a suggestion, elaborate a tad bit more on your conclusion; it’s not bad by any means, but many stories these days end abruptly with no proper ending. Otherwise, great job! 8.5/10

  6. Doesn’t really seem like any good reasons to be afraid of it. It didn’t attack or anything. Seemed more afraid than anything else.

  7. If that ever happened to me I would never go back into that room again. I’ve had a few sick paranormal experiences in my life with being screamed in the ear and being face-to-face with an apparition but I never had an experience like that.

  8. Not bad. Saw it from a mile away with the hair and not talking… still good though.

    Punctuation is crucial.

    If she’s 6, and her cousins are only a little older, why are they home alone? And if the cousins are old enough to babysit (12-14) why are they playing with someone that young.

  9. I thought this was well written and it made me remember that when I was younger my bro tried to scare me by hiding with a gorilla mask on

  10. Hmm, I didn’t exactly like this one too much. There was a great sense of atmosphere and the reveal was rather unnerving. However, it ended very abruptly. Perhaps it’s my own personal preferences, but I would have liked a bit more back story. There is nothing wrong with the unknown, but here, way too much was in the dark. I will give a 6/10. Good buildup, not so much with the ending.

  11. as someone who has lived in a haunted house I can tell you that you captured the moment very well.
    I myself was in denile over the fact until I walked into my home and saw who i thought was a friend leaving the room, when I followed I saw my “friend” turn into another room. When I entered the room I was alone… I know there are weird things that people miss every day because they don’t notice them…

    just as a side note.
    I shared my experiance to relate to the story. I know CreepyPasta is getting heat right now because of the incident with those three kids. I just want to say to anyone reading this that while I have had odd things happen to me in RL that doesn’t hold any grounds with this website and anyone on it.

  12. Wow! What an experience you had there! Do your cousins still remember? And them being the oldest they clearly should have believed you. This story is like so scary. I’m glad that you didn’t see what was under the blanket!

  13. My dad told me that it was a ghost. My dad’s friend owns a beach resort. In that beach resort, at the lighthouse, outside on the surroundings of it… There is a ghost that can imitate the looks of people. It’s the same thing as the one in your story.

  14. I enjoyed it. I love the naivety of it all. It was a simple day, a childhood game, a blanket and mystery with a touch of fear. Sounds like a humble beginning for a paranormal private eye lol

    1. I definitely agree, this story shows the author has quite a great deal of potential. He/she’s managed to take something as simple and innocuous as a childhood game into an intriguing mystery. Hope to see more from this author and encourage him/her to take risks in future works!

  15. this was good, I liked it very much. you know, don’t you, that the majority of unknown, unexplained events happen to us when we’re alone? there’s more to say–there’s always more to say–but that’s enough for now.

  16. Good read, mate. The Rake has fallen into its punk/emo phase and now sulks beneath a blanket. Everything is so deep and life is pain. The story is fun, “by the campfire”, and doesn’t take itself too serious. Unlike emo Rake. I mean, pika pika pikachu.

  17. It was a good story, this is my first time in this website and I can say “I love it” I get scare because when I was reading my blanket felt down.LOL

  18. I thought it was good, but I think some parts were lacking. It was a bit predictable that it wasn’t Ray, and you never specified their names before talking about them, or about how Ray was a girl.

  19. Not bad. The writing was good, and I didn’t notice any grammar or spelling errors. The story was very predictable, however. The title gives away the ending, so there isn’t much of a twist. Yet you kept the “creature” unknown and refrained from giving it too much of a description, which made it all the more eerie. The idea that our main character was so close to this unseen entity gives the story a good chill. Overall, this was an alright micropasta. I would be interested in seeing more submissions from you.

  20. Old timer.:
    I was very confused when you said that Ray and Alex called “OLLIE, OLLIE, OXEN FREE”from the other room, when Ray was supposed to be in the room with you.


  21. I would just suggest to add to the beginning of the story a little bit. Maybe introduce the cousins before they just pop into the story already playing hide and seek. Other than that, great story!

  22. I was expecting some kind of demon under the blanket – I must say I liked the ending because it was a nice surprise~

  23. i liked the story really much but like the last person said the plot twist to is was kinda obvious at the beginning of the story. But like i said before i really enjoyed the story:)

  24. My only real criticism is that there are some run-on sentences and a few other grammatical errors. That, however, may have been intentional; when you write in the first-person voice, it’s often desirable to make the same mistakes the character would make. Love the story, though. Nice twist.

  25. Are u serious? Thats it? The ending to this story was so wack that i dont even know what to say. Overall this pasta gave me food poisoning and if this is not considered a crappypasta soon then i must seriously sit and question the sanity of the people who enjoyed this foolery.

  26. Grizzly Pistolero

    That would scare the crap out of me.

    That happened to me once too,
    But it ended up being my sister pranking me.
    We had just watched the grudge in theaters, so I almost died lol.

  27. I was very confused when you said that Ray and Alex called “OLLIE, OLLIE, OXEN FREE”from the other room, when Ray was supposed to be in the room with you.

    1. I enjoyed it as we’ll nut,like you said the twist was obvious, as soon as he got to “she didn’t respond” I was like “it’s not Ray!!!!!!”

  28. Such a classic story, and well told. The amount of foreshadowing and “Ray’s” strange responses made it pretty clear what was afoot, but the narrator’s obliviousness (because s/he did not know s/he was in a creepy story) made it enjoyable nonetheless. It’s not groundbreaking, but it is a really solid ghost story that I think resonates with a lot of childhood scares for me. I would have loved a bit more backstory into the “ghost,” just to add an additional hint of danger, but it feels more like a true story as it sits now. Thanks for a classic chill, and happy writing!

    1. This has happened to me before. When I lived in an apartment . There were two beds in the kids’ room. When I woke up one morning I saw someone in the bed across from me. I thought it might be my mom but I realized that the head was small and its hair was really long . The blanket was perfectly spread on the bed covering its body. So I quietly sneaked out of the room panicking. I went to check in my parents room next door and my mom was sleeping there and both of my brothers were with her. So I ran to my dad in the living room and I told him that some lady was in the bed in my room and I was freaking out. I forced him to come with me . When we checked no one was there. My dad said I was imaging things. But what made me believe that I wasn’t was that I remembered that the blanket was perfectly placed on the bed and when we checked It was rolled up in a ball in the corner.

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