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Black-Eyed Kids In Kansas

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It was warm for a December afternoon in Hutchinson, Kan., when Katie came home from work in 2008. Katie’s ride dropped her off across from her duplex, and as she stood in the street, her ride moving slowly away, she knew something wasn’t right.

“I noticed two boys standing in my driveway,” she said. “One had longer dark hair and the other had his hood up so I couldn’t see him very well.”

The teenagers, about 15 or 16 years old, seemed to be watching her – Katie felt they were waiting for her. She steeled herself and walked nervously across the road toward her porch. The boys had lurked around her neighborhood for months, but they’d never been so bold as to stand this close to her home.

“I had seen them before, lingering in the yard, but they always left before I got out of my ride’s car,” Katie said. “I had seen them late at night as well standing across the street when I would go outside to have an occasional late-night cigarette.”

But, although pangs of unease told her to run, their boldness angered her. She stopped and asked them why they were on her property.

“They told me they needed to use a phone and that the neighbors would not let them in,” she said. “That was when I noticed their eyes – they were coal black. Just black. No white and not even a hint of iris or pupil.”

Fear shot through her, but as evenly as she could, Katie told them she didn’t have a telephone. Katie walked up her porch steps and began to unlock her door when the boy in the hood spoke.

“He asked if they could come in for a glass of water,” she said. “I turned to look at them again thinking maybe my mind was playing tricks. But no, when I turned and looked into their eyes they were pitch black as the first time.”

These children with dead, black eyes had spoken softly to her, emotion and vocal inflection absent from their words. As she looked at these boys, whose long hair and hooded sweatshirts she felt hid more than skin, she knew she had to get away.


“I felt panicked and fearful but also very vulnerable and cold,” she said. “It was like I wanted to let them in but I knew there was evil present. I had felt uneasy before seeing their eyes but now it all came out.”

Then one boy said something that turned her fear into complete terror.

“The hooded one then told me they couldn’t come in unless I told them it was OK and that they hoped I would because they were thirsty,” Katie said. “I opened my door and darted inside. At this point I shut the door and locked it.”

She dropped onto the couch, her breaths coming in short, heavy gasps, when something tapped on the window behind her head.


“One of the boys stood there staring through the glass,” Katie said. “I remember his words very clearly; ‘just let us in, miss. We aren’t dangerous, we don’t have anything to hurt you with.’ I was beyond frightened at this point.”

Katie jumped off the couch and ran through the duplex, checking doors and windows to make sure they were locked.

“I did wonder if they really couldn’t come in unless invited but I didn’t want to find out,” she said. “I sat in the living room silently waiting for a sign that they had gone.”

When her boyfriend came home a short time later, the black-eyed teens were still at the house.

“(He) asked if I knew who the two boys outside were and I said ‘no,’” Katie said. “He told me they had been standing in the driveway when he pulled up but walked away when he stepped out of the car.”


He didn’t notice the boys’ eyes, but “they gave him a strange feeling.”

Katie later asked her neighbors if the black-eyed children had asked to use their telephone like they had claimed. The neighbors noticed the teens standing in Katie’s driveway, but never spoke with them.

Although it’s been more than a year since Katie turned the black-eyed children from her door, she knows they’re still around.

“I still see them every now and then standing across the street watching,” she said. “But they have not approached again.”

Written by Jason Offutt – you can see much more of his stuff at his blog, From The Shadows. I highly recommend it!

As an additional note, this is supposedly a true story, so if you think it should’ve ended differently, learn to time travel/become God/Haruhi Suzumiya/etc…

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97 thoughts on “Black-Eyed Kids In Kansas”

  1. An Unwitting Accomplice

    Jeez guys, calm down. It’s most likely real, and real things often don’t have satisfying creepy endings because of a little something called ‘fight or flight instinct’.

  2. Katie Creepylover

    I know this is supposedly based on a true story but this is a creepypasta. You gotta give me a little more thrill.

  3. Black eyed kids are always a creepy story.
    There have been so many encounters with these children all over the world its really eerie.
    The stories are similar because like hell anyone would want to invite thosr kids anywhere! I sure wouldn’t!

    1. Katie Creepylover

      I read that one woman actually invited two black eyed children in her home and since had bad fortune. Look it up on google! It’s a great true story and very creepy.

  4. I have heard about BEKs, and about people saying they met them in real life. No idea if that’s true, no idea if these are demons, but for sure they must be dumb if they don’t even try to hide their one detail that gives them away to anyone looking. Demons, I believe, would have mastered the art of wearing sunglasses long ago.

  5. I first heard about these Black Eyed Beings in a radio show and it gave me the creeps. It seems that in most encounters they have to be invited into a home. Supposedly if they are invited in they soon disappear. This is followed usually by the person becoming ill and in some cases death. If you encounter such beings do not let them in.

  6. Creepypasta isn’t all about gruesome endings. I personally like it more when they sound almost true and doubtful, like “it could be true”.
    I find the idea of these weird kids standing in front of my house everyday pretty creepy. But that’s me…

  7. Even though people claim this as “lame” I actually liked it. I have heard about BEK from other sites a while ago but I have never read a writing in this nature in regards to BEK. Interesting for me. It satisfied the “want-to-read-a-story-that-had-a-tiny-creep-factor” impulse that I sometimes have…

  8. I live close to hutch and me and my parents are going there shopping I’m going to keep a eye on
    To see if I spot them hmmmm……..


  10. These phenomena are supposed to actually be real. There are tons of accounts that say almost the same exact thing as this that claim to be true. I found out about them when I was one day looking up demons, when I first started getting interested in them. On a site, it made a reference to them, so I looked them up seperately. One site said that they were demons in human-form, that demons can imitate what humans look like, but there’s always something wrong with them….. it seems like the eyes are a favourite then… i wonder if it could be other things wrong with them, like a forked tongue, or tiny tiny horns. It would also explain the fact they can’t come inside the house without permission. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t know, but I sure as hell would like to find out.

  11. I feel like the story has an open-ended theme. He is leaving the readers to decide for themselves what might happen. It’s not a story you read and forget about later, it’s one you can keep thinking on for your own, personal entertainment and perhaps birth your own version of BEK.

  12. I wonder how it would happen next if she let them in? I still think that they won’t hurt her. Anyway, they are just black-eyes kid, I do not think they will hurt her. Somehow, I think she is a bit ruthless ==! If I were her, I may let them in :-S and whatever happen next, I just do not care. Because … how to say … I do not believe in ghost that can exist today =))

  13. i think those boys are reffered as vampire sort of from “supernatural” series……n also those boys appeared at night

    1. They’re not vampires. Its supposed to be real, there’s tons of claims of this happening everywhere, theres tons of sites with tons of accounts. They’re supposed to be demons in human form, because demons can’t fully imitate a human, there’s always something wrong that gives them away. Thats why they cant come inside without permission.People think thats a vampire thing, but its the same for demons… i mean vampires are called ‘the devils agents’, so it would make sense that they need permission too.

  14. I read a story similar to this in a book I have, only it was called The Nasties(as that was what they referred to these children with hollow dark eyes and ragged appearances, not because they are mean/wicked, but because they look “nasty”). They kept begging to be let in as they could eneter no other way and the narrator refuses and it ends with his aunt/grandmother(I don’t remember who) telling him that the ‘nasty children’ had been polite had helped her to clean up a mess made on her lawn the previous night and she invited them in for dinner.
    It was freaky.

  15. anonymouseisanon

    So, black-eyed vampire kids. I bet they sparkle, too.

    PRO TIP: If creepypasta reminds me of Twilight, it is not creepy.

  16. So black eyed vampire kids? Ooh, scary. I wonder if they sparkle, too.

    PRO TIP: Creepypasta that reminds me of SMeyer? Not creepy.

  17. Crap ending is crap? Good build-up…not really an ending as far as I can see. It’s more of a ‘We’ll tell you more after the commercial break,” sort of pause.

  18. Wow. Lots of hate for my story on Black-Eyed Kids. As a few people pointed out, this is NOT fiction – it’s a true story. The ending is the ending because that’s what happened. Period. Although I’ve interviewed more than a dozen people who’ve encountered BEKs, I’ve never talked with someone who’s let them into their home.

    And for the person who’s convinced these entities are smart-assed punk kids playing a joke, these type of contact lenses do exist, but they involve a prescription, cost between $200-$400 a piece, and tend to irritate the eye and pop out frequently. There are probably not a lot of kids out there who will go through that just to play a prank.

    For those of you who enjoyed the story, thank you.

    1. Do you know what they really are??? I enjoyed it because I know what they’re supposed to be. They’re supposed to be demons, imitating humans. Thing is, is that when they do, something is always wrong with the appearance, the imitation, because they aren’t human, they’re demons, to give them away. Probably why when you look at them you feel the worst fear ever. Tell that to the next person who saw them you interview!

  19. Was a bit put off by the “ZOMG! Totally real guys, so don’t flame!” disclaimer. Nice foreplay, but I hate a minuteman.

  20. hm…when they said they had to be invited in, and the thirsty thing, my mind just clicked on vamps…although…I doubt they were…something more sinister this way comes..

    …also, totally irrelevant, but the one thought that totally blew the whole pasta for me was that the description of the kids sounded like me and my best friend when we were 16…you know, minus the black eyes part.

  21. Why was it in the third and the first person? She did this…. Then she said. “I ran to the stairs and blah blah blah.” Fail….Just… Fail… *facepalm*

  22. how bout dis

    “(He) asked if I knew who the two boys outside were and I said ‘no,’” Katie said. “He told me they had been standing in the driveway when he pulled up but walked away when he stepped out of the car.”

    He didn’t notice the boys’ eyes, but “they gave him a strange feeling.”

    A couple hours later, her boyfriend answered the door. He came back into the room, and Katie asked who was at the door.

    “Oh, two little kids wanted a glass of water.”

    Katie and her boyfriend have been missing since March 2005.

  23. Yes it was true, it’s obvious they were wearing oversized contacts. I like it, to me it’s not that scary…just a bunch of phsyco teens messing around…nothing to serious.

  24. i love BEK stories. the original was great, supposedly true. the one brian bethel published? god. i kind of want to believe these things are real– i actually want to encounter them someday if they are, as crazy and as stupid as that sounds.

  25. Some scary kids were there, she wanted to let them in but she didnt. Then nothing happened.
    Absolutely climactic. <_<
    Who was she even talking to this whole time?

  26. @Who Was Phone: Yes, blinking glittery disclaimer MIGHT work. And you are right, that IS what makes it creepy. We would all freak out if that happened.

  27. they’re attempting to build up a source of stories on the black-eyed kids

    the more people who claim to see them the more real others will believe them to be

    like aliens

    minus the probing

    fail fail is fail

  28. After 12 pages of scouring, it appears the story has “dissapeared” if you will. All links to it are dead, or it has been deleted off webpages. Sorry.

  29. As stated before, the ending was pretty bland.
    That being said, I wondered why the lady just didn’t bring the glass of water to them? I mean, they wouldn’t have to enter the damn house, but they’d have their water. I wanna know what they’d request next, just to see a different ending.
    Seriously, man. I was waiting for something to happen.

  30. @Anon 10 –

    I’ve been looking for that BEK story, but the page w/all the different BEK experiences at where it used to be 404’s now. Do you happen to have it?

    Also, I think I need to install a huge font, blinking, glittery disclaimer that THIS IS SUPPOSEDLY A REAL STORY. That’s what makes it creepy, that’s what makes the other BEK stories creepy. They’re allegedly a real phenomenon.

    1. THANK YOU FINALLY SOMEONE WHO KNOWS. WAS WONDERING IF ANYONE ELSE DID. They’re supposed to be demons by the way, demons imitating humans. But there’s always has to be something to give them away, and its the eyes, and since eyes are the window to the soul, and black is supposed to be an abscence of colour, that would mean they have no soul… obviously as they are demons… i know almost everything about demons, as i have looked at almost every single site out there thats about them….. SO IM SORRY IF I GET MAD AND ANNOYED WHEN PEOPLE DONT GET IT RIGHT

      1. The Old King Critic

        To clarify they are called Mimics. It starts of with a stronger demon possessing and individual he would become the leader. Then he would kill someone usually a child because its easier and he knows what a mimic must do to collect blood to summon one of his brothers. This requires a mimic to gain accesses to a persons sanctuary( Aka residence) to kill them. After the mimic kills someone they would summon another mimic to take control of the body imitating. There is a body form for mimics. Short sharp claws impish looks and extremely fast.

  31. I always like BEK stories. But I wish sometimes they would go more in depth into what the kids actually are. Sooo wanna see someone battle it out with them.

  32. Didn’t resolve very well, as stated, but more importantly I couldn’t really get behind the style, either. It’s a news brief? What the hell is the narrative aiming at? Seems kinda weak in general, although it’s technically sound.

  33. I think the best one of the BEK stories is about the guy and his friend in a parking garage. Its the only one that is remotely creepy really.

  34. ive read at least two other stories about black eyed kids, although in the last one they were younger and at a movie theater wanting a ride in some dudes car. And i second second comment, the end was lame, as all the ends are for black-eyed kid stories (SINCE EVERY ONE IS THE SAME).

  35. Really? That’s it? What kind of ending is that? “These kids scared a woman and nothing happened.” I was expecting to find out the boyfriend had invited them in, a predictable ending would’ve been better than the real one.

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