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I am awake. I should not be awake. You have been far too bad for far too long, and it is time to stop. I wish I didn’t have to do this, believe me. It is so much easier for me to continue sleeping for eons than have to worry about you, humanity. I am awake, and I am most displeased.

You have all committed many atrocities in my name, some of those atrocities were committed against my name as well, and not a single drop of blood has pleased me. It is not a matter of benevolence or malevolence, but of point and worth. Your existences serve no purpose any more, as they did mere millennia ago. Furthermore, your “sacrifices” are of no worth to me. What do I care if you send one of your own back to me? I made you and spat you out, what makes you think I want you back?

There is a reason you are not with me. It is because a great many of you are a failed experiment in its death throes. I was simply waiting until you destroyed each other, but now you have crossed the line, delving into matters that do not concern you. I thought you safe, confined from the others on the prison you call Earth, but no, you must reach your plagued, failed hands out of your cell and grab at anything that floats by.


You think you are only flying out into space, but really you are leaving the cage I made for you. It had everything you needed right there, but no, you must have more. If I allow you to continue you will creep into my more successful creations, and you will destroy them. They know this, and that is why they awoke me.


I have tried to let you sort yourselves out, but I cannot let this continue any longer. Soon you will all feel the wrath of your creator, for what was made can be unmade, and you all have so many wonderful ways to be unmade.

Some have called me God, others have called me Demon. All I am is awake, and very unhappy.


Credited to Facade.

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102 thoughts on “Awake”

  1. but…the real questions arise from such profound and introspective pieces. The questions forgotten in arrogance for being human beings, questions left behind in ignorance, a fire every person has within them is lit when faced with existentialism being a lie, or worse, a failure. the real question i find myself asking after reading this…who was phone?

  2. I feel like this is trying to tell something to Mormons like myslef…

    Also it wasn’t creepy, not a fan. If you were trying to get the message “god has forsaken us” it didn’t work.

  3. Not a creepy story, but a decent one until it stumbled on “and you all have so many wonderful ways to be unmade”.
    That sentence spoils it all, it goes from upset god above to down-to-earth psycopath in a few words.

  4. God, you’re just a lazy, fat fuck sitting in a lounge chair. I MET YOU and I still don’t believe in you.

    Satan is just as bad. He didn’t help at all. Just sent back back here…to this wretched planet.

  5. I would love so much to play a game based off this short story. Where you play as humanity, and have to survive. Some insanely complicated, detailed, realistic game, kinda like Dwarf Fortress, but IN SPACE. Also, much more brutal.

  6. This was just… dumb… the “god” just came across as a jackass. I’m not saying I could write better, I’m no writer, but speaking as a critic, this story is on par with “THE DAY OF ALL THE BLOOD”

  7. “Some have called me God, others have called me Demon.”

    Personally, I call him Mr. Welldone.

    Fear the Darkness


  8. I love humanity pastas – it even covers the basic ugly nature of humans. This one tops my favourite list easily.

  9. I agree with God on the whole in this one. We are, as a species, xenophobic towards anything that we cannot control. If I was an extra terrestrial, I wouldn’t want us out in space either. We’d figure out a way to exploit all the perfect and serene species as our bitches and call it progress. :D

    The planet of anthropomorphic animals would get raped to death by our furries and killed for sport by our rednecks.
    Advanced robots would get pressed into slavery and the first thing we would do with infinite, free energy is figure out how to blow shit up with it.

  10. I didn’t find this pasta ‘creepy’ per say, but I loved it! Especially the last part: For what was made can be unmade, and you all have so many wonderful ways to be unmade.
    Some have called me God, others have called me Demon. All I am is awake, and very unhappy.

    God is cranky!

  11. “and you all have so many wonderful ways to be unmade”

    ^the only thing i didnt like about it, otherwise good job; i liked the idea

  12. But wait. If we’re a failed experiment, how exactly would we best the successful ones? Isn’t a major tenet of nature, something constructed by this very God, survival of the fittest, only the strong survive?

    So God is a cranky, incompetent hypocrite in this story, I guess that is rather scary when you look at it a certain way.

  13. lol I always thought it was funny how they all say, “He loves all his children very much.” I mean, c’mon. We’re screw ups. Let’s face it. We’re all greedy, stupid, and are destroying what we are given. Really, I always thought that our best hope would be that there is other life out there. Right now, I think they’re the only ones that can save our sorry asses. Just my opinion, though.

  14. This is a good combination that could’ve used a bit more polish and shine. The idea of a hostile creator is intriguing, but aliens (predictably) ruin it, because aliens ruin everything from Indiana Jones to the actual Aliens franchise.

    Would’ve been much better had a different direction been taken, but still above average.

  15. Heh. God failed at something in this story. Makes him sound like a cranky old failure who decided to give up the creating biznez after dropping the ball.

    Ominous though…

  16. Do not fall prey to the assumption that existence is a virtue in and of itself. Do not fall prey to the assumption that power is a virtue in and of itself.

    To do so is to fail.

    Hubris is a killer. Examine your motives.

    Three of Seven Gates are Open.

  17. Blasphemy! That was the stupidest creepypasta that I have ever wasted my time reading. What part of that was supposed to be scary. That pasta leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  18. Well, this was inevitable. I kind of felt that God was like this anyways. Im cool, as long as this hell thing doesnt actually exist.

  19. I’m a satanist, so this didn’t scare me because I’m not afraid of your “god”.
    I didn’t like this. Not. One. Bit.

  20. Highlordmugfug

    Ello ol chap. Blow this pile of shit to pieces if you would. All I ask for is one person of my choosing, supplies, and a planet to call my own. Fuck space.

    Good pasta is wonderful. I dig it.

  21. i wasn’t creeped but i liked it all the same. there’s something unsettling about thinking of god/the gods/spaghetti monster being not a kind and benevolent being but an irritated, tired, and loathsome superbeing.

  22. Loved it <333 Very much =D I thought it was great the way he explained the outer space part, and the more successful creations ^-^

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