The Estate

Every town has its own set of urban legends, or “ghost stories,” if you will; alligators in the sewers, crop circles, cave spirits, the like. I, personally, never believed them. They all seemed highly unrealistic. They were just myths created by adults to scare kids away from certain areas, or …

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November 2014 Discussion Post: Creepy Comic Books + Related Giveaway!

Over the past couple year and a half, we’ve slowly been accumulating lists of community recommendations for the best in creepy movies, games, books, and more – here’s the round up of all the related discussion posts thus far: MAY 2013: What’s Your Favorite Creepy Video Game? JULY 2013: What’s Your …

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“Swallow something, canned, frozen, Ungodly festering source. Dragging and kicking and screaming for more, That burns, burns, burns, burns.” – Made Out Of Babies, “Cooker.” “I’m not going to sleep well,” thought Olas to himself. He was sweating through his shirt to the point where peeling it off would take …

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The Stalker

Part 1 Transferring to a new school in the middle of the semester really sucks. First off, it’s a logistical nightmare jumping into the thick of seven new classes and getting caught up with all the material that may or may not have been covered in your old school. More …

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You lie on your bed, huddled under the covers with a fresh book from the library. Your eyes feel somewhat droopy but you are reluctant to put it down, the story too enticing to pause so you can sleep. It’s nearing the end anyway, you reason silently; not even thirty …

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I’ve heard there are two kinds of people: those who have vivid dreams, dreams of things and events, some impossible some mundane, some joyous some horrible — and those who have the same kinds of dreams but don’t remember them. I’d give anything if I could fit into either category. …

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