Please Don’t Text Momo

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📅 Published on August 1, 2018

"Please Don't Text Momo"

► “Please Don’t Text Momo” by ClancyPasta
I hope you all enjoy my first ever original story!

Narration by: ClancyPasta


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tonight’s narration
July isn’t the easiest month of the year
for me
I suppose in most people it brings to
the surface memories of summer break and
hot sunny days by the poolside soaking
up the Sun I care in the world
and that was the case with me too all
throughout my childhood and early adult
life until July 5th two years ago the
day my little brother disappeared before
my very eyes we were having a family
campout of my great uncle’s backyard to
celebrate the fourth he lives in a
modest little home on a decent plot of
land about 20 minutes out of town his
backyard was beautiful filled with large
pine trees and a stone fire pit in the
center it always seemed so vast to me as
a child with a forest off in the
distance near the end of the large plot
after lighting off some fireworks and
toasting some marshmallows my parents
brother and I decided to stay the night
so we set up a couple of tents my father
bought down a Kmart when they were on
sale five years ago he stores in his car
I still stand by my opinion that it was
most likely a waste of money at the time
but I am glad that were lying around for
an occasion like this my parents took
one tenth and my brother Samuel and I
took the other due to the massive age
difference between us me being 22 and
him being 6
I’ve always felt kind of like a second
dad to him even more protective than I
think I would have been had we been born
closer together when I turned off the
vintage gas lamp my brother thought was
oh so cool I told him goodnight and he
did the same
adding a love you Danny before drifting
off to sleep when I awoke at 5:00 a.m.
to see Samuel was not in the tent
I was only slightly concerned maybe he
missed my parents and wanted to sleep
with them maybe he had to take a piss
maybe maybe maybe it wasn’t till I
peeked out of the tent and looked to my
right and my concern turned to worry
my brother was standing about a 100 feet
away back facing me next to one lone
large pine tree he was wearing a little
red jacket as well as his backpack in
these two bright green gloves he
couldn’t ever be separated from he
wasn’t moving just staring off into the
back towards the dense forest his lack
of movement was contagious and I ended
up freezing at the side of him what in
the hell was he doing
after watching him watch nothing for a
while I decided I’d spent enough time
waiting around the moment after I said
hey Samuel he looked immediately to his
left towards the large pine tree and
then walked right behind it out of my
field of view I stared at the tree for a
few long seconds before getting up and
beginning my walk towards the pine
now please keep in mind that this tree
was a good ways away from any of the
others and was more or less the only
artifact on an otherwise completely flat
and boring area of the yard so when I
rounded the corner behind the tree to
find my brother was nowhere to be seen
you can imagine my horror and confusion
my parents and I searched the yard for
about five minutes before calling the
police they weren’t able to find
anything either two years later and
there’s still no leads nothing my
brother just stepped behind a pine tree
and disappeared without a trace
including his backpack and everything
else he had on him the only thing that
piques the investigators interest even
for a second was a clump of long black
hair they found about 15 feet from the
edge of the forest though this was
dismissed almost immediately after they
noticed the similarity to my father’s
clean-cut jet-black hair
though I don’t know how his short hair
could form a clump of long strands like
that or get that far out into the
distance from where we were that night
anyways I went to visit my brother’s
grave last week my friend Jacob came
along with me
despite my frequent reminders that he
shouldn’t feel like he has to he’s a
good friend always going above and
beyond to try to be there for me and
that includes standing in the middle of
a graveyard with me on a rainy day while
I pay respects to Samuel
it’s painful enough visiting your little
brother’s grave in the most normal of
circumstances whatever the fuck that
would be but the fact that his grave
stands empty and I’m no closer to him
standing right in front of his tombstone
that I would be sitting on my couch
really disturbs me the events of that
night two years ago loop in my head
constantly just peeking out from the
tent seeing my brother beside the pine
tree watching him walk behind the pine
and then what what happened next
what happens when you turn the page I’d
been standing there long enough for
small talk to not seem so inappropriate
anymore Jacob and I started talking
about some YouTube drama we found
mutually amusing and then moved on to
talking about some of the creepiest shit
we found online I’m not much of a
believer in the supernatural but I do
enjoy suspending my disbelief to really
get into a scary story urban legend or
ghost photo every once in a while he
started telling me about this Momo girl
or creature or whatever it is
it’s a girl with large little–i size a
long face and an inhuman mouth that
curves up like a weak checkmark she also
has long greasy black hair
Jacob showed me the viral photo of her
everyone spreading around and explained
more of the lore apparently someone was
able to link most photo to a phone
number on whatsapp there’s been a few
copycat numbers on there as well with
people trying to impersonate Momo by
posting her unnerving photo to their
page but the one that far preceded these
copycats and then most people regard as
the original is from Japan upon sending
a text to Momo most received no response
the some claim to be sent weird daxing
threats or disturbing photos
this creepy urban legend was fun to
speculate about no doubt but the fact
that almost everyone who texts the phone
number doesn’t get a response led me to
believe that just like all the other
urban legends I’ve stumbled across on my
time browsing the web this one was just
a hoax
you gonna send her a text tonight Jacob
asked I don’t know you gonna write a
letter to the tooth fairy Jacob rolled
his eyes yeah yeah try to act macho all
you want man but I know deep down you’re
a little scared I mean it is a really
creepy photo
I’m not scared man I said I’ve just been
on the Internet long enough to know
bullshit creepypasta when I see one
there’s nothing more believable about
this thing and there was about
Slenderman or the rake or something
I gotcha man and I gotcha
Jacob responded nodding his head and
looking off to the side and
understanding I guess I just can’t get
out of my mind how creepy would be if
the Momo number did actually respond and
neither could I
I don’t know why but throughout the day
I couldn’t get the mental image of the
Momo photo out of my head or the thought
of possibly communicating with it my
logical sign was telling me to focus on
more productive things like lying on my
couch eating through a family-sized bag
of chips watching the latest episode of
comedians in cars getting coffee but my
illogical side which was much more
seductive by the way was telling me to
indulge in my fantasy
send a message to Momo maybe she’ll
respond respond with what I didn’t know
that was all part of the fun the mystery
of it all after stirring over the
prospect of reaching out to her all day
I decided I’d had enough and grabbed my
phone I downloaded whatsapp and looked
up Momo as a legend number and sure
enough seconds after adding her to my
contacts I was greeted with that
horrifying face I felt a rush of
adrenaline as it flashed across my
screen even though I knew it was
probably bogus I didn’t change the way I
felt staring into those large lifeless
eyes I started a text chat with Momo and
quickly sent the message hello I began
beating myself up almost immediately
after setting it trying to think up an
introduction that could have been any
more boring or generic regardless of
whether or not this thing is real
whoever’s running the phone number will
probably be much more likely to respond
to a message that’s a bit more
I thought for a few moments before
sending my first proper message
show me something I won’t believe
if you asked me then what exactly I
meant by that I tell you the same thing
I’m gonna tell you right now I have no
idea but it did sound more luring than a
simple hello and so I figured that might
be enough to bait some sort of response
and so I waited and waited until four
hours had passed and it was 1 a.m. I put
down my Xbox controller and stretched
over to my nightstand to grab my phone
no new texts from Momo should have
figured as much
I mean I pretty much already knew it had
to be a hoax but I guess I let my
fantasy and desire for some creepy
excitement get the best of me I’ll
probably delete whatsapp in the morning
and forget about this whole Momo thing
for the most part that a week or so
after the hype dies down I plug my phone
into the wall turn the lamp in my
nightstand off and close my eyes ready
to drift off into the dreamscape
my eyes squinted open as I heard my
phone receive a text message I turned my
head to look at the clock it was 4 a.m.
Jesus Christ’s fucking light it would be
messaging me this early in the morning
I rolled over and grabbed my phone to
see who I was gonna be pissed at the
next day but upon unlocking my phone
screen I was greeted by Momo’s carved
smile and piercing eyes on the message
I jumped back a bit in shock I don’t
care who you are or how tough you
perceive yourself to be when you’re
woken up in the middle of the night and
the first thing you see is Momo’s face
staring right back at you you’re gonna
be startled I hadn’t received a text
response from her but I did receive a
photo my pulse picked up a bit I wasn’t
expecting any sort of response to begin
with but a photo I clicked on the
conversation and loaded up the image at
first I wasn’t quite sure what I was
looking at expecting some highly
disturbing shocked photo I was
underwhelmed by the benign image I found
in my text no blood no guts nothing but
then the realization of what this was
hit me like a freight train and all of
the blood drained from my face the photo
was taken in the woods either very early
in the morning or very late at night
with some sort of external light source
behind the camera most likely a lantern
or strong flashlight I could make out
some trees surrounding the dead leaves
and branches covering the forest floor
but what really got me and what is the
entire reason for me writing this now
were the two bright green gloves laying
on top of the debris they were the exact
kind my brother was wearing the moment
he disappeared just like the moment I
saw my brother standing next to that
pine tree over two years ago I froze my
eyes darted around the screen looking
for some detail that would rule out any
connection to my brother but he looked
identical to his beloved pair of gloves
after a few moments I forced myself to
snap out of it a download of the picture
and did a reverse image search on Google
and try to see if whoever’s running this
Momoa account just got some random image
from the internet and my perceived
connection is all a big coincidence
but the reverse image search came up
wherever this photo came from it didn’t
come from the Internet at least not the
surface web
panicked and without thinking Ishod Momo
another text where did you get that
photo who the fuck are you ice at the
phone down
I couldn’t stare that disturbing image
any longer and I was getting dizzy I
went to the fridge and grab myself a
cold bottle of water to try and soothe
my dry throat I leaned my back against
the fridge door and took a long drink
from the bottle my head was spinning I
could barely even think about what this
could possibly mean what is Momo know
about my brother
and where in the fuck did she get that
picture from another text alarm from my
phone brought me back to reality I
rushed back into my room and unlocked
the phone another image I braced myself
and viewed the photo this one was also
taken in a forest the camera was
positioned in the middle of a trail path
leading out of the dense forest and
opening up onto a large lake with a pier
and a small wooden boat the Sun was just
beginning to come up but there was still
enough light to make out the scene
the majority of the light this time was
coming from reflections on the lake so
the dense trees were dark in shadowy in
contrast there were two things I noticed
in the photo the first was the forest
trail itself is called the Tillotson
trail it is actually located within the
same force that connects with my great
uncle’s backyard though maybe a few
miles or so in the distance it opens up
to Lake sage and I know exactly where
it’s at the other thing I noticed was
the short three and a half foot tall
figure leaning up against a tree at the
entrance of the trail it was too dark to
make out many details but I could see
that a find outline of something it was
wearing like a backpack that couldn’t be
my brother could it what would he be
doing standing out in the forest at that
time of night I looked out of my window
to see the Sun was barely starting to
come up as well and then I looked back
at the photo could the image have been
taken just moments before I received it
the lighting would definitely be the
same without were the case and the trail
has only about 30 minutes away from my
apartment I decided it wouldn’t be wise
to pass up this opportunity I grabbed my
phone jumped in my car and started
speeding down the lonely country road
towards the forest rain was starting to
come down and a light drizzle as I
pulled off of Elmore Road into the
parking lot at the Tillotson trail the
location where most photo was taken was
on the other side of the path
but with a forest being so large and how
much time it would take for me to drive
around it to get to the other side I
figured it would be faster to just cut
through the trail itself I hadn’t been
to the trail in quite a while and was
surprised by how rundown it seemed I had
to constantly step over weeds and
saplings throughout the trail as well as
stuck under rogue tree branches that
have grown their way through the middle
of the path you can get through it of
course but I can’t imagine how the
average trail hiker would enjoy such a
rough and unrelaxed in walk
as I turned the last corner of the trail
I was given a straight shot view down
the end of the path opening up to Lake
Sage the exact perspective from the
photograph Momo sent me
and the childlike figure was still
leaned up against a tree at the edge of
the forest my heart rate went into
overdrive I felt my whole body tense up
and began to sweat profusely
I began sprinting towards the edge of
the path towards the little brother I
watched disappear before my very eyes
two years ago I couldn’t comprehend how
he could be here now but I also couldn’t
comprehend how he could have disappeared
in the first place
I suppose the view is able to snap out
of existence two years ago behind that
pine tree then you should be able to
snap back into existence beside another
given the circumstances and how the laws
of nature seemed to no longer apply that
makes sense right
as I came within 15 feet of the figure I
can make out not only the backpack over
his shoulder but the little red jacket
he was wearing on the night of his
if it was ragged and dirty I wouldn’t
have been surprised in the slightest but
the jacket was vibrant and pristine like
it was brand-new and didn’t just spring
back into existence after a two-year
vacation from reality the hood was
pulled up over his head and from what I
could tell his hands were placed in his
jacket pockets
I was now just a few feet behind him and
had slowed it to a walking pace I
observed him from behind not prepared to
come face to face with a child I’ve
thought about every night as I drift
asleep for the past two years the child
I was supposed to protect and watch over
that night but instead let fall through
the fingers of time and space Samuel I
muttered softly
I lifted in my trembling hand and slowly
placed it on his shoulder squeezing ever
so slightly as I did my hand was greeted
with little resistance and a crinkling
squish like I was squeezing a teddy bear
filled with newspaper
my eyes started up and I quickly walked
around to his front under my brother’s
hood was a large head sized bundle of
pine tree branches stuck together with
either clear glue or some sort of thick
tree sap
I could see now the sleeves that led
into the red jackets pockets were
completely empty flapping lightly in the
wind using my foot to lift up one of the
pan lakes I realized this counterfeit
body was being supported not by two legs
but two large tree branches buried in
the ground and leading up through the
pants into the jackets abdomen
this was not my brother or maybe it was
and this is what’s left of him
perhaps II try to come back but the only
thing that made it out of wherever he
was being kept was his jacket backpack
and pants
I looked over this pseudo Samuel for a
moment I’ve been turned away gazing out
towards the lake the rain was beginning
to pick up a bit but luckily the dense
foliage above made it a bit lighter I
stared at the reflection of the Pierre
in the water as a tear began its journey
down my cheek I was so close to being
with my brother again so close to
starting the long process of making up
for lost time in comforting him through
what has no doubt been a horrific two
years I was so close to making things
right but things aren’t right in fact
I’m not sure if things have ever been so
fucking wrong I turned back towards what
should have been my brother I looked at
its head filled with pine branches its
arms blowing in the wind its legs
nothing more than wood and then I looked
at its body I walked over to the figure
and unzipped my brother’s jacket for the
last time
I was unsurprised to find it filled with
newspapers but I was surprised at the
quantity instead of whole newspapers
being crumpled up and shoved into the
body it seemed as though it was filled
with individual pages I took one of the
pages out and unwrinkled it it was from
the newspaper issued the day after my
brother’s disappearance displaying his
image and asking people if they’ve seen
this boy I took out another paper same
page before I knew it I found myself
viciously digging through my brother’s
jacket desperately trying to find a
different article but they were all the
whoever stuffed this jacket full would
have needed to have hundreds of July 6
issues of my local newspaper from 2
years ago but that’s not all upon
ripping out the last newspaper at the
bottom of the jacket I discovered two
bloated green gloves obviously stuffed
with something and tied together with a
red piece of yarn they were undoubtedly
my brother’s gloves the same gloves in
the first photo I received from MoMA
I took them out of the cavity and untied
the cheap piece of yarn within those
gloves were two pieces of paper listing
my full name address both current and
former social security number IP address
where I work where I typically go on an
average week and my daily schedule as
well as a list of close family and
friends with the same information on
them that was listed for me on the back
of the second page was also a list of
various highly personal accounts and
passwords I’ve never shared with another
soul in the world and don’t even have
written down for fear my information
getting stolen though that doesn’t seem
to have mattered one bit to Momo at the
bottom of that page was the first
written message I’d ever received from
Momo it is at this point the only
scrolled quickly in black ink with an
over exaggerated question mark at the
end can you believe it and to be
perfectly honest I can’t
I called the police and turned over all
the evidence I had it was obvious the
police officers I talked to were
disturbed by the events that had taken
place that morning but it’s been a few
days since then and I don’t think they
have any sort of leads yet and I have a
feeling they won’t I haven’t sent
another text to Momo since then and I
don’t think I will
I can’t stop thinking about what
happened that night
in trying to form some type of coherent
explanation in my mind but I don’t think
I’m going to get one at least not now I
don’t know what Momo is but now I think
about her alongside my brother
constantly I can’t even look at a photo
of my brother’s innocent smile without
seeing her demented face in my mind’s
eye is Momo a real person or is she
something else I considered that perhaps
the phone number is run by some
underground trafficking ring but
realized that no person would possibly
go through such an elaborate setup like
what took place that morning just to
fuck with me
and it all happened so quickly after my
first text
it was like Momo was waiting for me
did she take those photos or did she
just have access to them what really
happened to my brother two years ago and
where is he now is he still alive or is
he gone I’m afraid I’ll never know I
don’t want to give up but I don’t see
much of an alternative at this point
besides sending another text to Momo and
I don’t think I can bring myself to open
up whatsapp anytime soon
upon leaving the trail that night just
moments before I called the cops I took
a look back towards the lake before I
rounded the corner I got out my phone
and looked at the last photo Momo send
me most likely taken at the exact spot I
was standing in at that very moment
everything was more or less the same the
figure leaning up against the tree the
trail opening up to the lake at the end
of the forest
but I did notice one difference the spa
next to the pier that was previously
home to a small wooden boat was now
vacant and I could see something behind
the dense rain floating off in the
distance carrying what looked like two
human figures one short and child sized
and one standing tall and inhumanly
everyone I hope you enjoyed today’s
video if you want to see more let me
know in the comments below and tell me
what you thought of this narration make
sure to follow me on Twitter for updates
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check it out and don’t forget to show
some love to the amazingly talented
authors who make these narrations
possible I have a good night everybody

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