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I Used to Work on the Deep Web ? Audio Story (feat. Dr. Creepen)


“I approached the barn in my car, driving up the old dirt road as I had those times before. I killed the engine and got out. Something was wrong…”

And so here we are; we’ve finally reached the incredible finale of this story, one of the best I’ve ever narrated!

Here are the time stamps for the various episodes:

Episode 1
– Part 1 00:45
– Part 2 17:07

Episode 2
– Part 3 38:00
– Part 4 49:00

Episode 3
– Part 5 1:02:40

Episode 4 (this video)
– Part 6 1:20:30

Have a great weekend, I have some incredible stories lined up for next week!

‘I Used to Work on the Deep Web’ is an original story by Panley 01, who has kindly given me exclusive permission to read her stories in this series:

Narration by: Dr. Creepen

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