A Man Claims I Stole His Apartment

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πŸ“… Published on December 17, 2017

"A Man Claims I Stole His Apartment"


A man claims I stole his apartment.


When he first showed up on my front porch, I had no idea.

Narration by: ClancyPasta

when he first showed up on my front
porch I had no idea coming out of bed I
overlooked my home a two-room apartment
in a renovated building it was my new
I just moved in this month my eyes
rested on a few pieces of laminate
flooring in a corner and some old
newspapers found under the floor my dad
and I redid the carpet floor this
weekend and I hadn’t cleaned up the
remnants of the operation yet then the
doorbell rang feeling almost happy that
day I opened the door with the delighted
can I help you
my smile faded as a gray face met me the
man looks like a Jehovah’s Witness
clothed in a gray suit and wearing a top
i brace myself to get rid of him
politely but he didn’t speak
no Bible in his hand either after a few
awkward seconds I repeated well can I
help you
you don’t know who I am he had a
peculiar way of speaking forming words
slowly I’m afraid I don’t
should I you’re living in my house he
you have one day to leave
I blinked my eyes to the unexpected
one day that’s all I can give you
he walked away immediately giving me no
time to reply I stepped outside and my
eyes followed him through the street
until he disappeared behind a corner
what the hell
despite assuming I dubbed the confused
person I was somewhat disturbed
something in his voice and expression
had been wrong somehow but a daunting
pile of work at your desk helps you
forget pretty easily
I worked the day away trying to catch a
deadline I would never make work hadn’t
been an option for the last couple of
too much had happened don’t think about
that I muttered
every time my mind started to wonder
this is your new life so I worked on
trying to shake the bad thoughts
it was long past midnight when I stepped
into bed I found sleep quickly and my
alarm clock seemed to go off just
seconds after that it couldn’t be
morning already
right peering through my eyelashes and
prepared to hit the snooze button my
heart skipped a beat
he stood right next to my bedroom door
barely visible in the scarce daylight
I couldn’t make out a face but the top
hat was unmistakable I got even more
stressed out when I found I couldn’t
move a muscle
locking eyes with the still silhouette
the alarm kept blaring but a hissing
voice somehow overwhelmed it
time’s up I clearly heard finally
managing to lurch myself up right I gaze
of the spot by the door just my clothes
draped around a chair just a dream
get ahold of yourself for God’s sake
I’d muttered to myself swinging my legs
out of bed
was the loneliness getting a hold of me
this quickly I stood to get dressed
rolling my clothes from the chair my arm
froze midair shirt dangling in my hand
there were scratches on the chair
carvings that hadn’t been there
yesterday upon further examination I
could make out two words form did crude
long characters times up
with goosebumps on my arms I swallowed
and pulled my eyes from the chair it
wasn’t real the scratches had been there
before they must have been
I was secretly glad to be around people
that day working at a client’s office
but creepy had and men stayed in my mind
throughout the entire day I got home to
a dark apartment and went through every
corner of the house of course I found
nothing and laughed at myself for doing
it what did I expect
a man cramped up into my bedroom closet
I made myself a microwave dinner and
sunk into my couch halfway through a
Netflix episode I found I was dozing off
and stood with the yond walking to the
kitchen to clean up I almost dropped my
plate an undefinable mass between my
sink and fridge slowly took form as my
eyes got used to the dark kitchen
you wore the same suit as yesterday and
hadn’t taken off his hat the man just
stood there in the dark like a tall
statue convinced my mind was playing
tricks on me again I reached for the
light switch that his voice removed all
doubts that I was hallucinating one day
I said last chance belief the last word
came through gritted teeth
it made my neck hairs prickle what what
the fuck it finally utter get out of my
it’s not your house I think a few steps
back to the living room and go up to the
handle of the door to swing it open
get out he looked at me for a short
while and then to my immense relief
obeyed I don’t know what I would have
done and he refused probably run away
myself a cold feeling went through me as
he passed in the dark hallway the man
time’s up he said with his back turned
to me get out I repeat it with a shrill
voice when he vanished out of sight I
slammed the door shut my first impulse
was to call the cops I searched for my
phone in panic too short knocks on my
door froze me I realized I hadn’t
checked if you really left the house get
I yelled terrified hello
a woman’s voice queried something wrong
I heard noises
I opened the door to my upstairs
neighbor Ana who had just moved in as
her expression went from confused to
worried what she saw my face you okay
that man I began trying to form a
coherent sense you saw a man leave just
now he had gotten into my house broken
in probably Ana appeared through the
corridor just now I didn’t hear the
front door
I’m calling the cops I said resolutely
you should come in it isn’t safe with
him walking around she looked for me to
my dim-lit apartment and suddenly turned
around I’ll I’ll just go to my room and
lock the door she walked up the stairs
hastily and I realized I must have
sounded creepy the police showed up half
an hour later
they checked to see the man was still
around he wasn’t and asked their routine
they said they’d called me if they found
out more it advised me to double-check
the locks on my doors and windows but
all was said and done it was long past
I dropped my clothes on my chair trying
to ignore the carved in chair
I didn’t get much sleep that night the
doorbell woke me at 10:00
I fear the worst and peered to the
window but saw two unfamiliar people
standing on the porch a man and a woman
both wearing suits
when I open the door confused the woman
spoke up immediately
good evening mr. Bennett were with the
police she flashed a batch
can we come in sure I said opening up
the door wide when they followed me into
my apartments I asked so you found the
guy no but it never hurts to do a second
opinion on a peculiar case like this the
woman replied
then she bombarded me with questions
when did I first see the man but did he
say exactly
and he acted violently meanwhile her
partner walked around my house
halting at certain points not doing
anything in particular
I got suspicious about the – when she
started asking more personal questions
did I just come out of a long-term
relationship and had it ended
emotionally I frowned how does she know
all of that why is that important
sir did you find any strange items in
your home items I asked confused like
what it’s an old house maybe you found
something when you moved in
no I replied nothing why and what’s with
all the personal questions
we just want to get a full picture
she scribbled something down in her
can I see your badges again
she looked at me and then to her partner
I think we’re done right
the man nodded thank you for your time
mr. Bennett would I walk them out
I asked you’re not cops are you the
woman turned to be gravely want some
advice get out of this place as soon as
some coincidence that’s the same thing
that crazy guys said I replied annoyed
you better leave before I call the real
cops who who are you talking to
I turned and saw Ana on the staircase
just some
I began looking back at the door the man
and woman were God
a try to get over my shock and pondered
what would sound less crazy than fake
some door-to-door salesmen I finally
look about the other night don’t worry
about it I have to go to work and I
interrupted me brusque ly she walked
past me and didn’t look back yep
she definitely thought I was crazy back
in my living room
I dropped myself on my couch exhausted
I didn’t know what to make of all of it
except that someone had set up some
deliberate scheme to get me out of this
apartment I couldn’t imagine why it
wasn’t that special was it
nothing out of the ordinary happened in
the following week though sometimes I
noticed small objects moved in my
magazine left in the bedroom found
opened on the dinner table for instance
my toothbrush dropped on the couch
although I was certain I’ve used it in
the bathroom an hour ago but I paid it
no mind myself not to be the most
orderly person around then one day I
suddenly awoke in the middle of the
it was still pitch dark
and I wondered why I was awake
then I heard a voice from the living
room convinced the intruder was back
I crept out of bed and listened at the
door with my heart in my throat but it
was a female voice I heard she sounded
agitated although I couldn’t make out a
word she said
then she suddenly went quiet
followed by dead silence
I set my hand on the door handle and
allowed pounding on my bedroom door made
me stagger backwards get away a terrible
voice treat
get away from me somehow I found some
courage to swing open the door
seeing no one on the other end i stalked
through my living room peeking behind
every corner not a soul
I went back to bed lying fully awake for
then I finally sunk back into sleep
things got more crazy after that during
the day I period over my shoulder more
than once convinced someone was standing
behind me breathing softly I never saw
anyone nights were worse I was awoken
more than once by strange sounds a
scratching at my door a single knock or
even a whisper at my ear after another
restless nights I started to ponder the
advice the police woman had given me I
should get out of the house
I’d never been a believer of the
supernatural but something was going on
with this place I thought about going to
my parents but didn’t want to be a
they had helped me out enough this last
month I even scrolled to the number of
my acts as my finger floated above the
call button I shook my head she wouldn’t
answer so I stayed why the hell did I
stay for once that night I slept all
right but I didn’t feel at all rested
when I stepped out of bed thinking about
a weird dream I couldn’t remember in my
arm stock
I looked at them noticing several
scratches across my wrist what the hell
I walked up to my bathroom mirror
noticing eight cuts on my right cheek as
after cleaning up I sat down on my desk
pondering over my injuries I made up my
mind a couple of minutes before I would
leave for my parents house today
it was still very early in the morning
so eventually I got on my laptop to get
some work done but I hadn’t gotten much
done in the last couple of days my
attention elsewhere I started to
research my house it wasn’t much to be
found I could only surmise it had been
built in the late 1900s as the Sun
peered through the windows I figured I
had to eat something and went for the
gazing at the back garden
I gasped the seed was horrific
so I’ll make it brief
a cat lay in the middle of the yard I
recognized him immediately
he always stalked through the back
garden he was unmistakably dead his body
parts porting into weird angles and
dried up blood glistening in his red fur
right under the dead animal two words
were spelled out in dark red letters
gets away
suddenly noticing the scratches on my
arms I looked back at the cat
the next moment I ran for the toilet
rechak back in the living room I sink on
the couch tears stuck in my eyes I
couldn’t have I didn’t
what was happening my eyes rested on the
old newspapers I had found under the
floor last week sir did you find any
strange items in your home
I stepped up to the papers all from the
50s and 60s and searched through them
instantly an object rolled out an old
I opened it
I stared at the thing for a moment
how couldn’t I found this when I pulled
the papers from under the floor then
feeling like a character in a bad horror
movie I stuff the thing inside my pocket
and walked to a nearby river
I threw away the locket as far as I
ignoring a strange looks from a man
walking his dog
when I walked home I felt strangely
relieved I hadn’t been out of the house
much for the last week and it felt
refreshing like a fog in my head was
back home I knew I had to do something
about the dead cat
sudden unbelievable tiredness kept me
from going outside just a few minutes of
shut-eye then I would know what to do
lay down on my couch
when I next open my eyes it was past
9:00 in the morning I sat up feeling
even more groggy than before
then my eyes were pulled as something on
my coffee table my stomach turned to ice
they’re in the middle of the table stood
the old locket the same locket I’d
thrown in the river earlier it wasn’t
empty anymore
there was a brownish black and white
photo inside a portrait of an
old-fashioned couple I saw
Amandla a woman both staring at me
gravely the woman looked two very
unhappy skinny with dark bags under her
eyes the man or a gray suit the top hat
I couldn’t see his face
it was blackened by what looked like a
cigarette burn but I figured I knew
exactly who he was I was barely able to
recover from the shock when a sound came
from my bedroom I turned my head so
I heard the bones in my neck crack the
bedroom door was opening inch by inch
too terrified to move I could only stare
long bony fingers curled around the edge
of the door
very slowly a woman appeared she wore
the same dresses in the photo but her
face was twisted
a naturally pale and skeletal then white
hair sticking to her skull
the red eyes lock of mine
they were filled with madness and anger
and fear I thought randomly
I told you to get away she shrieked
through yellow teeth
that was my cue to stumble out of the
apartment and run from my parents house
making my way through the street and
I suddenly bumped into someone I warned
you didn’t I
when I looked up and recognized an
all-too-familiar hat I dashed off
but even now they’re not done with me
yet I’ll shower aghh
I can make out a female silhouette
through the curtain she was gone when I
dared to go look what does she want I
left the house right that’s not all
peering through the window of the guest
room I swear I saw the male and female
cop standing at the edge of my parents
lawn when I ran outside to confront them
they were God
it’s late at night now there’s a
constant scratching at my bedroom door
I’ve pulled the blanket over my head
like a little kid typing this on my
some help would be appreciated
hey everyone I hope you enjoyed today’s
video if you want to see more let me
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possible I have a good night everybody

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