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Apparition Or Apprehension? Supernatural Sightings In Their Birmingham Office

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A Birmingham based online vape retailer known as have recently reported eerie ghost sightings in the historical vaults underneath their office.

Formerly a bank dating back to 1835, their four-story office in Bennetts Hill is shared with chain restaurant The Cosy Club, which is part of the Loungers’ group of bars and restaurants. 

Many staff members claim that they’ve noticed strange occurrences which can’t be rationally explained.  Intrigued to find the source of the ghoulish goings-on, the company decided to set up night vision cameras in the building’s underground vaults where they captured footage which sent chills running down their spines.  

The video appeared to show an outline of a distressed woman banging an object against the steel cages, which would have once stored thousands of pounds in cash as well as other valuables. 

Jake Green, one of the building’s main contractors, was among one of the first people to spot supernatural sightings while he was working in the hidden vaults beneath the building.

Speaking of his encounters in the vault, Mr Green said, “The first time I thought something was off was when I was finishing off the electricity in the basement. Inside one of the vaults, I heard what I thought was someone behind me.”

“It was really odd, but I put it to the back of my mind. About a week later, I was back in the vaults with a few other team members. That’s when we heard what could only be described as a massive thud against one of the safe doors, almost like someone was trying to break it down.” 


“As we moved closer, a cold wind-like sensation came past us and the door stopped banging. It was almost as though someone ran past us at great speed. When Jane later showed me what they’d caught on camera, I didn’t want to go down there again.” 

Jane Buxton, General Manager of the company, quoted: “When we saw the footage, we jumped out of our skin. We couldn’t explain what it was even if we tried! Having experienced these paranormal sightings, we’re feeling quite unsettled, but it’s out of our control.” 


One of’s web development team members claims that she had a first-hand encounter with a supernatural entity while she was down in the vaults by herself.

Commenting on her experience, she stated, “I was unpacking some equipment and had to take some of the boxes downstairs. As I was walking back up to the main office, I heard the loudest bangs from one of the vaults.”

“When I turned around, I couldn’t see anything that could have made that noise. I waited for 5 seconds or so before I saw a flicker of light and something move in my peripheral vision. That’s when I felt a bony hand touch my shoulder with a firm grasp. I’ve never ran up a flight of stairs faster in my whole life. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I can’t explain what I saw.” 

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