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A Ghost-less Sheet

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The house was unbearably still. Not even a bug dared to move in the dust that covered the old oak floor, for even they were terrified of what crept in the dark corners. Mel knew it was a bad idea coming here from the start. Not even the sun in the middle of the day could lighten the feeling of dread she had. Her friend Jasper nudged her forward, snapping her out of her stupor.

“How are you scared? There’s nothing in this house. It’s just like any other supposed haunted house.” He rolled his eyes.

“How are you so calm? I can’t find a single reason not to be terrified.” Mel whispers, feeling like eyes were watching from all angles.

The floorboards creaked and cracked with every step, it probably hadn’t been stepped on in a decade or two. Their flashlights cut through the thick spiderwebs and dusty mist. Mel squints, rubbing her eyes to free them of dust. A quick flash of white sped by the corner of her vision, but she just played it off as her imagination. Deep down she felt like that wasn’t just her imagination at all.

“Hey, did you see that white flash? Over to the left room.” She asks Jasper, a chill going down her neck.

“No, I didn’t. It was probably just your own imagination. Let’s keep going.” He sighs, unamused.

Mel shakes her head and lets Jasper lead the way. They make their way to a pitch-black, seemingly endless hallway. Their flashlights didn’t cut through the darkness this time.

“I don’t want to go down there.” She tells Jasper, backing up. Mel didn’t care if he saw her as a coward.

“Wow okay, fine, if you’re gonna be a little bitch about it.” Jasper spreads his arms out and walks down the hallway. “See? There’s nothing. Come on, let’s go.” He yells.


She sighs, if Jasper could make it down she could too.

Mel begins down the hallway, using the wall to help guide her. As she got closer to Jasper her hand hit something warm. It was wet and smelled strongly like copper. She stopped in her tracks and her thoughts began to race. Bile rose in her throat as she looked down at her hand to see the ruby red and sticky liquid. Her eyes widened and her heart raced, matching the sound of her feet pounding on the floor as she ran to Jasper.

“We need to get out of here!” Mel screams, going to grab Jasper’s hand.

She tugged, and the tearing noise was sickening. His hand, and just his hand, was the only thing she was holding. She screamed louder and threw the hand. She panned the flashlight to the wall. Her friend, who she had just been talking to, or thought she was talking to, was pinned to the wall with old rusted nails. She didn’t dare look at his face, she only turned and ran.


As Mel turned a corner a white figure rushed into her. She fell harshly on the wood, which broke beneath her weight. She fell into the darkness, all the while wishing she hadn’t listened to Jasper. She landed on her back and her vision blurred heavily. The stinging of her body was nauseating. The white figure, no, a sheet as she could now tell, fluttered into the hole. She tried moving but her body was rigid with fear. A scream tempted Mel’s lips and she opened them, but nothing came out but a squeak. The sheet fluttered down. It was torn at many areas, blood-splattered and dirt-caked. But that’s just what it was. A floating sheet. Not like those sheet ghosts of old tales and Halloween costumes with glowing red eyes. Just a floating, empty, white sheet. It seemed to have an invisible grip on her, pulling her upwards and back into the hallway. She finally found her voice and screamed, but it only made the sheet angrier. It dragged her on the floor, not caring whether she slammed into the objects strewn across it or not. She tried to find purchase on anything she could grab, but just as she got a grip she was torn away. She screamed for anyone, even if it was another ghost, to come and save her from her fate. She began clawing at the sheet, survival instincts kicking in, but it did nothing. It threw her down the rest of the hallway with inhuman strength, her head crashing into the wall. The only thing she could muster was a soft laugh after she slunk to the floor.

“A ghost-less sheet.” She muttered with one last shivering breath.

Credit : Catbeans


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