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A Child’s Eyes

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Every child fears under their bed. If they don’t, they fear the closet, or maybe that little crack in the almost closed door.

Scientists know that children are more perceptive, they see things adults don’t. They aren’t yet tethered into only accepting what society wants them to accept. They see what is truly there.

They see the monsters.


If you were to borrow a child’s eyes and see through them for a night, you would go insane. To be able to see what you only dimly remember, burrowing into your covers while wearing those train pajamas, hoping to a God you can barely comprehend that “it” doesn’t see you back…would drive an adult crazy. Because Adults forget the rules.

1) Cover yourself. If you can’t see it, it can’t see you. Even if it makes it harder to breathe.

2) Don’t make a noise. Every whimper can lead to destruction.


3) Don’t move. It attracts their attention.

4) Only light can make them go away. Bright light. Flashlights make it worse.

Teens are caught in the middle. They still feel what’s there, but they cannot see… and they forget the rules….


Why do you think there are so many insomniacs typing at their computers, subconsciously praying the light from their monitor will be enough to keep them away?

It’s not. Now look behind you with a child’s eyes and try not to scream.

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208 thoughts on “A Child’s Eyes”

  1. Well, I’ve got my back to the wall bois :D unless that creep from another pasta comes out the wall and attempts to take me :(

  2. That’s wierd ? I fear lights bright lights …
    But when I sleep I use two blankets always and cover my feet tight .-. I don’t like closets closed ether and my door must always stay closed o.o any and all lights during sleep time is a no go

  3. Mitchell Reid Trask

    ‘Take me to a random pasta’ lead me to this pasta, I’m glad it did, this is a really good point of view on the matter, it really makes the brain work. Short but to the point, solid read.

  4. As a teen/kid I always felt something was watching me/in the same room with me. As a child, I constantly saw “shadow beings” too. My mom told me it was just my imagination, and as I got older I stopped seeing them. Now I’m 30 and I haven’t seen/felt anything like that in a long time, except when the TV is stuck on static for some reason. That just terrifies me and I can’t explain why. Hmm. Is there a Creepypasta about evil static on tv?

  5. this kinda reminds me of a point in my summer where I would wake up when its getting dark and I would go to sleep just when It was getting light out and I would have a nightmare every single night and this went on for 3 weeks and near the end of the last week the dreams I had got more demonic and I was paranoid as fuck and felt like I was being watched all the time and just terrified all around so ya never gonna do that again

  6. Hehehe, you know the truth! pepole who fear, fear itself, will live a life off fear. this pasta have truth inn it, look around the world. children all over the world fear the closet, under their beds and looking out the window at nights. why? why do they fear? because as this pasta says they see things adults can’t see. do you remember when you were a kid? do you remember that you was like that? ofcourse, there is something that makes them fear these things, we don’t know why fear is there but, fear is inn your house, inn your closet, under your bed, crawling out inn the darkness! light is your protection, and fellow the rules if you want to live longer! this pasta gets 10 out off 10 from me!

  7. My child eyes never left…I still do see things that others can’t, I can sense and feel things always behind me ( for some reason, I can always feel/sense when someone’s behind me without noticing). I cant stand being in darkness because i can see them move in the shadows, I can see them prey on my fear o________o I’m not scared of them, i am tired of getting attack and stalked by these things…I’ve seen many things, from dead relatives to a demon black dog with red eyes ( it even appeared in some pictures of me, my whole family is aware of this).

  8. I am ten but I see these things with knives that’s why I still sleep with a night light and with a loaded pistol beside my bed

    1. I do that to, but if someone turns mine off in the middle of the night, I always wake up at the moment its turned off and I stay awake until morning comes.

  9. I eez twelve… i never checked under my bed or in the closet, and i felt safe if there was a crack in the door, I hear things but i dont see them…. i wont think of trying though :P

  10. little miss black cat

    I am a teen and surprisingly I see the monsters but they don’t hurt me I wonder why??

  11. Im 16 but everytime i walk in the hallway of my house at night i feel someone walking behind me so i run and close the door as fast as i can.. but i can still feel the presence its creepy!!

  12. I’m a teen. I still see as though I was a child. Some call me crazy. But I am awesome and I follow the rules. That’s why I’m still alive

  13. I love this pasta, quite yummy indeed.
    I’m a teen and I guess, I can still feel them. Like, when I’m taking a shower I feel someone watching, staring, glaring. Or when I’m reading a book I feel someone at my feet. It freaks me out, though I do remember lots of unnecessary "creepys" from my childhood, but one will always be my friend. >:}

  14. The monsters. They’re coming. And not for me. But for you. And you and you only. It is with you at your birth and will haunt you to the day you die. Are you ready…

    …to be played in their little game?

  15. Yummy pasta and I’m glad I sit in a corner with my back to the wall when I’m on my computer and keep lights on 24/7.

  16. Oh yes, i can very much relate to this story. Now i may sound crazy, insane or just plain like an wimp but i have always, ALWAYS, been sliding back and forth on the afraid of the dark scale. I mean even today when i am 20 years old i can still wake up in the middle of the night and i just KNOW that something is wrong. I can’t explain it, i just know i must turn on the light or something will happen. I don’t know what and i really don’t want to know…

  17. I can remember the rules. I know the rules, I follow the rules. There is always light. I always cover myself completely. I always follow the rules.


  18. mosnters are rel, i saw them as a child, but i didnt follow the rules, they got me, now im one of them. I look like a normalteenager durnig the day, but at night i change.

  19. Just want to help..TLS

    The entities are always there. If you have what inside you is capable of seeing the truth, you will be able to keep it. But should you be harmed by what you see, you must learn to defend yourself. Praying can only protect you from the young ones. Over 80 percent are older, so be prepared. The gates are getting thinner. They will be coming in greater numbers soon. Be ready, for our good as a species. Or be one who is merely another victim. Go.

    Just trying to help.

  20. When I was 4 or 5 my dad and I lived with his father during the summer. I hated the sunken living room because every time I went in, I’d hear an older woman laughing at me. It was not a pleasant sound; there was a definite malevolence to it. No one ever heard her but me. Also I could feel something in the hallway that wouldn’t let her follow me to my room.

    One night I had a dream where I opened my door to leave, but I was scared the woman would get me. There was a tall figure in black robes with a hood standing just outside (Yeah I know what he sounds like, but back then I had no idea what ‘Death’ was supposed to look like), and he just gave off vibes of ‘You’ll be okay, I’m protecting you’. I wasn’t scared of him at all. After that dream, I stopped being scared of the laughing woman. As I got older, I stopped hearing her, and I didn’t feel the presence in the hallway anymore. When I was 13 my parents split up and the seeing/hearing/feeling weird shit came back. So did that Shadow Figure. I saw him on the edge of my vision in a mirror when I was 24. Scared the hell out of me until I remembered that dream. Kind of a shock realizing he was real and not just something my little kid mind made up.

  21. The creatures are not in my room, I have too many defenders. They stalk the halls outside my room at night, I can hear them walking and thudding on my door. They hope my curiosity will trick me, but I know their tricks, I won’t be fooled. I just wish I didn’t have to pee so bad.

  22. So.. after reading the article, I held still, turn to the back really quickly and you’ll never guess what who was! Candlejack! LO

  23. I remember when I got this giant fish plushy with huge eyes and tiny pupils. In low light, the pupils seemed to disappear. I ended up giving it to my friend’s little sister. I hope the demonic thing didn’t scare her. But if I make even the slightest of creepyface to her, she freaks out.

  24. It’s easy for you guys.
    I’m 12 and I’m not even allowed to be on this site.

    And I can hear them, whenever I wake up at night. Or when I close the door of my room and try to walk to my bed without fear, and it’s impossible. You just look at them for a second, and they look back at you. Just shadows.
    Then they’re still looking, even when I cover myself up.

  25. ok so im turning 13 in 12 days and every SINGLE night i get creeped out thank god i have a tv i always feel like something is THERE watching me, stalking me and some nights i sleep with the tv on all night long i try to tell my parents but they wont listen i really wish all of the creepy noises would go away it gets really annoying:(

  26. A Red-Eyed Cat

    I’m 14, have pretty good eyesight (better than most of my freinds) And I am always seeing things. Dark flashes. It’s fun, really. Imagining what they could be, an evil monster, a lost spirit, a insane asylum escapee… as I said, fun.

  27. As I recall, the only difficulties I faced as a child were everyday social issues, stressful but not creepy.

    It’s only now that I’m aware of all the bullshit and sick fucks out there that I occasionally go mad with paranoia.

  28. @ Icalasari, the story you’re talking about was a short story called “Deathflash” by A. Bates, from a book of horror stories called “13 Tales of Horror” (edited by T. Pines). I really liked that book as a kid.

  29. I read the story those rules came from (a story that has the monster as something that manipulates fate, leading to early deaths so it can eat the death flash)

    :( It somehow makes it worse

    Also: I still remember when I saw a black version of the pet beagle when I was little, and when I saw the mouths on one of my posters start moving. It was not the light playing tricks on me, as there were no shadows that could be cast. The mouths were moving

    Interesting fact: Apparently, the clear protective layer over the pupil (the sclera? I can’t remember for some reason…) slowly becomes thicker as you get older. It has a slight yellow tint, so as you get older, you can see less from the ultra violet end of the spectrum

    So I have always personally believed that spirits reflect this light, and speak in high pitched tones, hence why only children and certain sensitive people (presumably those with a “defect”) can see and hear these spirits

    So yeah, have fun knowing that there may be a creature out there that can kill you, and that you would never see or hear it coming!

  30. i must be weird then because im 14 (that would be considered a teen right?) and i still remember and see them… either thats weird or im one of them O.O…?

  31. I am a teen and my ears go back and i think some one is behind me but nothing,i also feel something breathing on my neck XD
    oh and when it said look back..I turned around and Saw my sisters Justin Bieber poster and screamed.
    We share a room..and it was 6 in the morning XD

  32. Even though I doubt scientists have come out and said children can see the supernatural, they certainly ARE more perceptive and see more than adults do. I’m not saying they see supernatural things, but children do tend to notice details more often than adults. Also, children generally have more active imaginations (ex. a child can see a castle when they look at a tree, while most adults see…well, a tree), so it might seem like they can “see” things adults/teenagers can’t.

  33. Shit this one brought back those sleepless nights….
    I’m 15, still make a fort of pillows around me at night, sleep with 3 plush toys, and leave the door open just a crack to keep me safe at night. . . Though I still remember those rules. i have the tv remote under my pillow to turn it on in case something tries to get me. I may just be overly paranoid though. .>.>
    I’m glad I’m not the only person who does this though.
    When I was little I’d place all my toy dolls outside because i was afraid they’d try to kill me at night.

  34. I remember being scared of my life sized doll that was always under my bed, because when i peeked under from the top of my bed, she was always facing me with those big, unblinking eyes……hold on a sec, i never had a life sized doll….OH SH-

    (oh, and i turned around, and i saw my life sized doll, did i tell you about how i use to be scared of it when i was younger, i cant remember getting her out, OH SHIT THATS RIGHT, FU-………………………….

  35. Aww, I thought it was telling us to GO and OBTAIN a child’s eyes so we may see through them again.


  36. Delicious pasta. Plays on your fears of the unknown and that whole “monster in the closet” complex. It reminds me…

    A couple months ago I was in bed trying to sleep, when I have this massive chill run up my spine. I freaked out and hid under the covers. (Note, I’m 16)

    I shut my eyes tightly, but ‘they’ were manifest, even in the darkness of my shut eyes as “fuzzy” images. Barely recognizable. I heard nothing, but ‘they’ were laughing, or screaming in agony, I don’t remember which. Somehow I just “willed” them to go away, and they did.

    Freaky stuff. Is it my mind pretending that ‘they’ are there, or can one have something of a child’s perception?

    I’m leaving the lights on. I need some peace from these things watching me. Yes, I mean you, thing in my peripheral vision.

  37. I never saw ominous shadows in the dark when I was little- I saw the ‘monsters’ themselves.

    Hey, what’s that behind you?

  38. ah, its good to re-awaken that good ol’ childhood fear of the dark and all its denizens…wait, no its not.

    this pasta is excellent.

  39. Fucking cat…..

    As I read it I understood and could see what it was saying as true, then at the end I dreaded looking around, even though I knew I had to…..

    Right as I did my fucking cat jumped off the refrigerator and onto the back of the chair …

  40. For the past year, *thinking* that science is the only truth and everything else is a lie has stopped reassuring me.
    I don’t remember when, but during the past year I’ve began to feel something following me, always watching. It scared the Hell out of me at first and I tried to deny it, but now I accept it and it actually makes me a little more comfortable with the cost of increased paranoia, hence the name “Paranoid Lurker”.
    I do wish to know who it is, but the consequences may be horrendous. So, I’m trying not to look about with ‘child eyes’, but I might soon.
    I just hope whatever is staring at me day in and day out is Mr. Welldone with good intentions.

  41. I always feel like someone is with me. I don’t know who, but I would like to know. Yet, I am also a coward and I believe in “If you can see them, they can see you.”

    Wasn’t that line from Constantine?

  42. what made this worse when i slowly went over to the light switch my phone went off and it goes LOUD NOISES i almost screamed

  43. There’s a wall behind me. I’m in bed with a lap top =)
    When I was little, I always slept with the blanket WAY above my head.
    Actually, my parents tucked me in ’til I was 10.
    I would leave the light on, get under the covers, and then they would shut off my light for me.
    I’ve always been so paranoid.

  44. shortys roc my sox

    @ dudester
    ok girlly i think they curse just to be cute and show off for internet strangers ANYONE AGREE WITH ME? thanx to all who do

  45. Only part I didn’t like was the beginning, trying to bring science into it. No, there are no scientists worth their weight in gold that claim children can see the supernatural with clarity. I couldn’t really take it seriously after that, it made the entire pasta stale.

    Although at 20, I still have a general dislike of slightly open doors or closets, more so than entirely open.

  46. interesting.

    i must admit that there are still demons that are visable.

    when i was 14 i awoke to find a black demon choking me, all he wore was a dirty cloth to cover his… lower region -_____-;;

    he looked like my mothers boyfriend at the time too…

    the next day i went to school, and one of my friends pointed out that my neck was swollen.

    moral: sometimes the rules dont work when your staring at it face to face and having it laugh at you as you drift back to sleep…

    true story as well everyone.



  47. this is a good one because it’s true

    i can still kind of see them but they’re fading.they’re so scary to look at. im not sure what they are trying to do though, but they dont seem to like being seen

  48. WAIT.

    Is the damned boar the thingy you mentioned in the pasta?

    No wonder I looked back and saw entity, and mistook it for a pig.

    I feel guilty for killing such a fine specimen of boar using a penknife =\

  49. This scares the shit out of me.
    I’m 15, and I have bad eyesight so in those few minutes before I fall asleep, every little thing creeps me out. The fact that everything is blurry (or not there at all) makes it ten times worse.

    I tried it at the end, and right as I turned around, a branch scraped against my window.


  50. Oh shiz. Why do I always read these at night, in the dark? D:

    -turns light on-

    Just because I’m bored and, amazingly, no one’s said it yet: WHO WAS MONSTERS?

  51. Anonymousity x 2

    “4) Only light can make them go away. Bright light. Flashlights make it worse.”

    I got me a floodlight. I know where the damned creepy monsters live.
    Fear not.

    (btw, this was adapted from Sigma in the article “Jack Black & Infinity”)

  52. Totally creepy.

    I still look at things that way sometimes. I still hide under my covers at night. I still turn all the lights on when I’m home alone. I still try not to make noise while trying to sleep.

    Somebody needs to “grow up”. Ha. Haha.

  53. i thought it was pretty cool, but the end made it a VERY good pasta.
    Reading that ending really captured the creepy aspect and, while I obviously knew there was nothing behind me, I kinda didnt want to look

  54. @ #1

    im a t een as well,and i do feel things watching me now and again.its not a great feeling,especially wiht this tapping tree at my window,wait a minute…there are no trees by my window…

  55. @26

    That really scared me a bit, because from when I was around 3 years old to the time I was about 13, I had a “ghost friend” named Freddy. When I was younger, I was terrified of him. At about 13, I used to brag about him to all my friends. I remember him. And he was real. He followed me every where. In fact, at school, there was a house across the street, I would see a silhouette of a man in the window..

    -end life story-

    I cheated with this one. I didn’t look behind me, instead I woke up my 6 year old niece and told her to look behind me. She said that all she saw were the kittens and puppy playing on the ground. I asked her about monsters, and she instantly shut up and just leaned into me. Scary shit, man, scary shit. (also, thank God she can’t read – she’s sitting on my lap right now.)

  56. This is very true, i don’t care who says it isn’t. Because the same thing happened to me tonight not very long ago i hear and feel them but do not see them :(

  57. I love this! Considering it’s 2 am and I’ve barely got a light on, I live alone, and my animals tend to wander the house making ominous noises, and I’m a nervous nelly, I’m a total spaz half the time.

    That was one of MY “rules” when I was little, though. The dogs will scare the monsters away. That’s why I still keep at least one critter in my room with me every night. Preferably one of the brave ones. XD

  58. I took a break creating some zombies for the Halloween Festival coming up soon to pop online and chat with a few friends.

    Since I’m a night owl, it’s late here, and I’ve got three nasty zombie corpses in various stages of decomposition, /with/ my back facing them…

    Fuck you, Original Author. Fuck you. ;.; Delicious creepypasta read at the worst possible time.

  59. It’s a pity I’m reading this in broad daylight with pop music blasting from a nearby radio. If not I’m sure I would have been creeped out. Very nicely written.

    Now I am paranoid.

    Im scared of dark corners, closets, basements, underbeds, the cracks under doors, the old school keyholes in the doors upstairs.
    ): I always hide under my blanket at night LOL. I am 13.

  61. At 19, I still wake up in the middle of the night, scared to move a muscle or even to wake my fiancee. I cannot sleep without a blanket (A topsheet isn’t thick enough) and I am afraid of the dark.

    So this creepypasta hits home HARD.

  62. CREEPY!!!

    I’m in a dark room…
    With only the laptop screen providing light….
    But I’ve got two dogs and someone else to make me feel safer!
    Yay me.

  63. uh.. didnt they make a “horror” movie a couple of years ago about this one little kid who could see monsters but his family couldnt cuz they werent kids? i forgot the name of it.

  64. Well, I dontlike the part about teenagers. I am a teenager, and I still see the sit.Maybe because I am a young teenager, not like 19. But still, whenever I see some shit(and it always has to be in my fucking bedroom, making sleep hard to achieve) I turn on every light upstairs and it goes away. So besides the teenager part, I wholeheartedly agree with this. You get thumbs up, original author.

  65. Thats.. me.. im terrified of the dark cauz when i was small i was locked in a closet and i seriously felt someone grabbing me from behind.. now i have to turn on every light i see :<

  66. Me, being a teenager, this creepypasta made me shit bricks. xD Since I have really bad eyesight, when I try to sleep at night, the things in my room make shapes sometimes, even human shapes, and it still creeps me out to the point where I do sleep under my blanket. ^^;

  67. i have hypnopompia [if u dont kno what it is look up hypnagogia on wikipedia]
    so i see stuff like this all the time in my sleep…and i feel stuff and hear stuff too
    once i saw a head with a knife in it [he was laughing at me] and i could feel myself being raped…then i heard shrieking in my bead…wen u experience THAT several times a month, or sometimes several times in one night, then you can tell me what’s scary

  68. This gave me the creeps big time. I am a teenager and I can remember pulling the sheets over my head. I read this one again and decided that I would comment because the last time that I read this I had all that I could do to close my eyes and go to sleep
    It’s about time that someone finally came up with something like this. Awsome story.

  69. Kay… so last nigt I read this story and decided to go to bed. I was FREAKED out but still I was able to drift halfway inbetween sleep and wake-ness. I then notice a black fluttering, and a screeching sound. I pull the covers over my head and start screaming my head off. My mom runs into my room, and it turns out that there was an acutal BAT in my room flying around.

    Daddy killed it with a tennis racket.

  70. Immediantly after reading this, I twirled around in my chair, nearly toppling over. My living room was mostly dark when I read it, but I had to turn on the lights. All of the lights. It really didn’t help that my computer chair has no back. I felt completely exposed.

    I’m going to bed, and I’m forcing my kitty to come with me.


  71. And my g/f wonders, why at the age of 27, I keep an axe at the head of the bed. Yea, I tell her it’s in case someone breaks in, tries to rob us.

    It’s not just eyes, either. The sense of hearing will also show you things you don’t want to believe in.

  72. I cut out my younger brother’s eyes and implanted them into my skull. They don’t fit quite right, but now I can’t sleep in a dark room.

  73. Everybody, you’re forgetting rule 1.

    Not the “cover yourself”.

    “If you can’t see them, they can’t see you”

    The adult’s eyes make them immune to the monsters which lurk in reality.

  74. Wow, after reading this, my hair on the back of my neck stood up, and I got shivers down my spine.

    I used to sleep completely under the covers when I was a kid, even though it was really hot.

    I’m glad I’m not a kid, I was really scared of paranormal sheet.

  75. My childhood monster was actually real!
    You know that part when the kids calls his mom and she turns on the light and there’s nothing there?
    Well, my mom saw the monster. I have a really wierd lamp made of glass. at night with my night light on it makes a shadow that looks like an angry face….
    Since then I don’t use night lights.

    1. Every child has an imaginary friend at some point. Well mine was not imaginary. I was friends with a ghost girl until the age of 9. She’s still here, but she sticks to the corners now.

  76. Hello to the author.

    This story is kinda true to me. I usually feel something at night when I’m at the computer, and I get paranoid.

    This story is very good at catpuring a child’s fear and telling a pasta about it. I like it.

  77. Voodoo Child, the thing is, a lot of people forget what happened to them when they were young. Not to mention, as we forget the “rules”, we start remembering not a monster but a coat, or a chair, or a family pet.

  78. The Person Formerly known as 'Noneya'

    I really like this one!

    It reminds me of a quote from a Terry Pratchett book.

    ‘Belief is a powerful thing. The stronger the belief, the more real it is. The children werent going to stop believing in the monsters because they damn well knew they were there.’

  79. Jeez, they’re just lonely.
    Instead of hiding try talking to them. They’re actually quite friendly once you get to know ’em. The one I call Fred has an annoying habit of gnawing on ankles, though.

  80. You’d think you would remember seeing monsters as a kid. This is written as if the audience was never young.

    1. true but would you remember stuff from when you were 5 years old? you would maybe remember the good stuff yeah but bed times….. I don’t think so! :P

    2. It says you won’t remember. I have anxiety problems and love horror things and yeah, stuffed animals are there to save you and blankets are a safe spot. Don’t leave the blankets

  81. lostmyselfalongtheway

    I did it. I spent two hours trying to and I managed to run off with them. So what do I do with them? Replace them with my own? Or just having them is good enough to see the monsters? I wish I had more instructions on what to do :1

  82. Human Trafficker

    You’re in luck! I just so happen to have a live, human child here.. Judging from her skin and scent, I’d say she’s about 5. What is your offer?

    1. Trafficked Child

      I’m 7! I’m worth at least a thousand! My eyes are part of the deal, no seperate purchases.

  83. Hello.


    As Mr. Welldone said, too bad few shall try it.

    This one.

    This one is far more than beautiful.

  84. Love this, read it before, but I still love it.

    It holds true for so many people!

    I still make sure my feet are covered and that you can’t see me at night though. Hehe.

  85. I am mad, I read this at noon.
    I’m pissed, but I’m sure I’ll reread this tonight. Maybe then bricks will be shat.

  86. Beautiful.
    I looked behind me, thinking about a terrible entity that might be there, and it gave me goosebumps.

  87. Heh, you don’t need to bring out your inner child to behave like that at night. :P Reading through creepypasta will do it just fine too…though, since it requires a suspension of reality to enjoy properly, maybe they’re both the same thing.

  88. With a pair of not-quite-childs eyes I see shapes lurking beyond the dark. I know they are there, I sense them… But yet I am powerless.

    Shame. Perhaps you join them if they get you?

    1. Nope. I don’t get what’s scary about things that clearly mean no harm to anyone. It fails to explain why adults are never harmed by the monsters when it is adults who are unable to see or protect themselves from them. Cue the angry 10-year-olds downrating my comment and telling me what a moron I am — that’s the demographic that finds this shit so scary.

  89. I will be paranoid as hell once I get into bed and attempt to fall asleep.

    Whether I like it or not, my subconscious will definitely be searching for something.

    However, I do remember the demon from my childhood, swooping to breathe down my neck as I pulled the quilt over my head

    I’ll be sure to re-read this when it’s dark.

  90. dustymurderscene

    Woah, amazing. o___o
    My girlfriend actually wrote some stuff that sounded creepily like this [but it was from a character’s point of view] and she was explaining it to me for like… hours.

    Creepy shit, man. I’m only 15, I still see those images in the dark and hide under my covers and don’t move a muscle. X3

  91. This sounds like something I typically wouldn’t find intriguing or interesting, but I got goosebumps when I read it. It definitely makes one wonder…

  92. this shounds stupid, but i totally still see things like that…and i cover my self, dont move, close my eyes tight, leave the tv on all night, all of those things….

    damn i sound lame…but i see some scary shit man!

    this is probley one of the
    scariest creepy pasta ever. I can relate to it so much (I have insomia). But when I was little I dont remember seeing those things.

    1. Hippie, you cant remember them because your subconscious has blocked them out of your memory for sanity reasons.

  94. OH GOD.
    I tried to imagine a child’s viewpoint.
    And there were dark shapes that hid when I looked at them, and something in the doorway.
    I just tried to “see”, and there they were.

  95. Hello.


    I wonder how many will attempt this in earnest.

    While there are many who would mock and jeer these wonderful tales, there are so few willing to place themselves in such exquisite circumstances.

    Curious, that.

    This one.

    This one is beautiful.

    1. Mr. Welldone, I request you in my bed. Fervently.
      … As long as it doesn’t lead to twisted murder.

  96. Lol, that’s kinda true, im a teen and I can always feel something behind me.

    dunno if it’s everyone or im just a complete paranoiac lol

      1. I still fear the closet. I know I shouldn’t, but I do anyways. I always sleep with a knife behind my pillow, and I sleep with my face towards the wall.

    1. I love this!!! But I’m a teen and I can still see them. I cover myself and sometimes, when I know there’s no other hope, I run to the bathroom with the light on. I so in their till its safe

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