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6 Creepy Places in Atlantic City That Will Take Your Breath Away

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Are you an adventurer craving a creepy thrill? Or perhaps you’re simply enthusiastic about discovering more about Atlantic City’s dark legacy. In either scenario, you should be aware that the city has a terrifying side hidden beneath all the sparkle and glamor. 

This article is going to explore 6 of Atlantic City’s spookiest locations, from an establishment where visitors have claimed to have seen ghostly appearances to an abandoned pier where mysterious noises and unexplainable sightings have been reported. 

In this article by NJCasimile, we take a look at 6 of the creepiest places in Atlantic City, from a place where visitors claim to be haunted, to an abandoned pier where mysterious sounds and unexplained phenomena have occurred.

Let’s discover some of the most haunted locations in Atlantic City if you are fascinated by supernatural activities or are just searching for a creepy adventure! 

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Top 6 Creepy Places in Atlantic City

1. Trump Taj Mahal 

Even though numerous casinos have a reputation for being haunted, the former Trump Taj Mahal is likely the most haunted casino in Atlantic City. Ray Kot, a security guard who passed away on the job in 1989, is a central figure in many of the claimed paranormal incidents at the Trump Taj Mahal. 

In certain parts of the building, especially close to the location where Kot passed away, visitors and staff reported observing abnormal shades and hearing mysterious sounds. In addition to Ray Kot’s ghost, the Trump Taj Mahal was also the scene of claims of other ghosts and abnormal activities. Some claim that this is because the casino was built over a Native American burial place, which might help explain the hauntings.

Even if the casino is no longer functioning, those wishing to take pleasure in the thrills of gambling in Atlantic City can explore the best casinos which include a variety of live games and promotions.

2. The Claridge Hotel

The Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City was built in 1929 and is a remarkable historical site. However, it seems to be the residence of plenty of ghosts, including a bride who passed away on her wedding day and a little child who can be seen playing in the corridors at night. Additionally, visitors have experienced strange occurrences, including objects moving by themselves and water taps turning on and off on their own without human intervention.


3. Absecon Lighthouse

The Absecon Lighthouse is frequently regarded as one of Atlantic City’s spookiest locations due to the numerous paranormal occurrences and stories associated with it. Since the lighthouse was constructed in 1857, many people have come to believe that the spirits of the previous keepers and their families still roam the site.


There have been claims of paranormal activities inside the lighthouse, including ghosts that have been captured on camera and weird voices and movements. Visitors additionally stated that they felt a presence or witnessed moving spirits inside the tower, especially on the upper floors.

4. The Atlantic City Boardwalk

Although the Atlantic City Boardwalk is a well-liked tourist destination, it is also rumored to be haunted. Visitors have described witnessing a ghostly woman wandering by herself along the boardwalk at night. Many consider her to be the spirit of a woman who passed away in a vehicle accident on the boardwalk in the 1920s. While walking on the boardwalk at night, many people also reported hearing creepy noises and experiencing discomfort.

5. Ghost Church 

The cemetery at the Church of the Redeemer, also known as the “Ghost Church,” is the location of some of Atlantic City’s spookiest graves. The cemetery has reportedly been the scene of paranormal activity over the years, including incidents of ghostly sightings, terrifying feelings, and mysterious sounds. 

Some claim that they even witnessed or heard the ghostly apparitions of kids roaming nearby. People have claimed to feel uncomfortable or nervous while walking through the cemetery. It is reported to be especially eerie at night.


6. The Pine Barrens

The Pine Barrens is an extensive stretch of forest that is associated with the legend of the Jersey Devil. The legend describes the Jersey Devil as a flying beast with a horse-like head, a hooked tail, and the power to let out a blood-curdling scream. 

Feelings of fear or tension may be intensified by the dense forest and the absence of civilization, which can lead to an overwhelming feeling of helplessness and vulnerability. The history of the Pine Barrens also includes reports of piracy, murder, and other criminal acts.

Final Thoughts

We sincerely hope you thoroughly enjoyed this creepy journey through Atlantic City’s mysterious legacy while exploring the spookiest locations. From abandoned hospitals to creepy boardwalks, the genuinely horrific locations in Atlantic City will frighten even the most courageous adventurers. 

So, why don’t you explore these locations for yourself and discover if you are capable of experiencing all these creepy feelings? You never know, you could even have a haunting story to share!

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