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5 Unlucky Characters from Horror Movies: Ranked from Least to Most

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Most of us who watch horror movies on a daily basis know that it’s hard to find a movie where all the characters end up happy and satisfied. After all, it’s a horror genre, right? This means characters are supposed to deal with sadness, anger, frustration, and multiple other negative emotions. 

Regardless of their unfortunate fates, some of them still manage to find happy endings. But the rest are just doomed to struggle with unhappiness — in simple terms, they’re unlucky and have always been destined to have terrible lives.

Want to know who the most unlucky characters are in the history of horror movies? Let’s see who ranks in the top 5 on our list of horror movie characters with the most unlucky fates.

5) Sidney Prescott from “Scream”

How many times have you watched the classic murder mystery franchise “Scream”? If you’re a horror movie lover, we bet that you’ve seen it more times than you can remember. The story of 1990s scream queen Sidney Prescott is a vivid example of how bad fate can play on you in times of difficult moments in your life.

First of all, her mother was brutally raped and murdered. But even after she tried to process the trauma and move on, she’s been targeted by serial killers not just once but multiple times during 5 movies. 

This might be the reason why online gamers and gamblers consider this movie their favorite among so-called “slasher” horrors. Sidney’s story is almost as unexpected as a game table where you play online roulette. In both cases, you can’t possibly predict the outcome. Therefore, Sidney’s unlucky fate will resonate with anyone familiar with the thrill and uncertainty of gambling.

4) Marion Crane from “Psycho”

It’s no use explaining the plot of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic horror movie “Psycho”. Marion Crane is a woman from this movie — an ex-receptionist who leaves the city and ends up in the mysterious Bates Hotel.

Everything that happens in the movie to her is proof that she’s an unlucky character who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. What if she didn’t fall asleep in a layby and managed to drive straight through to her destination without stopping at the Bates Motel? 

But she did and that’s why all the bad things happened to her one after another. And this is a clear sign that she’s just one unlucky character among many others in horror movies.


3) Paul Hackett from “After Hours”

Martin Scorsese’s “After Hours” isn’t a typical horror movie people watch to have fun and entertain. Instead, it’s a black comedy that often leaves the audience either confused or surprised at the end. Considering the director’s amazing skill to create unique characters, it’s not particularly surprising that Paul Hackett from his “After Hours” ended up in our list of unlucky horror characters.

Just like Marion Crane, the main character in this movie, Paul Hackett, was just on the road, returning home after a long night. However, he accidentally loses his money and that’s where a series of multiple unfortunate events begin — he experiences a non-ending cycle of wrong choices, bad luck, and absurd situations.

2) Peter Parker from “Spider-Man”

Seeing Peter Parker on the list of horror movies may seem strange at first glance. However, if you think twice, you might as well agree that his story was indeed a horror movie at its best. Okay, his story isn’t that unlucky in the beginning — a high school student suddenly realizes that he has superpowers and starts defeating evil forces.

However, soon his life turns upside down: his relationships fall apart, all of his loved ones die (without exceptions), and his personal tragedies don’t’ seem to have an end. What’s even worse, alongside these struggles, he also deals with inner dilemmas because of the heavy and sometimes even unwanted responsibility of his powers


1) Dr. Robert Morgan from “The Last Man On Earth”

The first and most unlucky horror movie character on our list is Dr. Robert Morgan from the 1964 movie “The Last Man on Earth”. Why is he so unlucky? 

Simply because he’s actually the last alive man on the planet who has to fight against deadly vampires. The only bright light in his being is finding a dog who becomes his friend during this tough time. We won’t spoil your experience by telling the end of the story but considering he is listed in first place among the most unlucky characters in horror movies, we doubt you can already guess what happens to his little companion. 

Final Thoughts

So, here we are, at the end of our list of the 5 most unlucky characters in the history of horror movies. You might agree with us or think that there are plenty of more characters who could make the list. 

In both cases, let’s admit that one thing is for sure — the world of horror movies is full of misfortune and tragic stories. And these are just a few of the many characters whose lives were completely changed by their unlucky encounters with cruel fate.

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