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5 Popular Scary Movies Where Survival Depends on Luck

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Not everyone loves horror movies, but most of us remember peeking through our fingers or covering our ears the first time we experienced a good scare from a movie. 

Unfortunately, sometimes horror movies run the risk of being predictable clichés. The reason might be related to the fact that, currently, more than 36,000 movies are listed in the horror genre on IMDb. Therefore, choosing the best one among them isn’t the easiest thing for horror lovers.

Luckily, some of these movies stand out with their unpredictable plots and we can’t guess until the end scene whether a character will survive or not. Why? Because their survival in these movies is left entirely up to luck.

Sounds intriguing?

Let’s explore 5 popular horror movies where the thin line between life and death depends on nothing more than pure luck.

5 Popular Scariest Movies of All Time 

1. Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho is a classic movie every horror enthusiast has seen at least once. This movie is undoubtedly one of the most influential films in the genre’s history. While most of us are aware of its plot and characters, chances are that you haven’t noticed how the survival of the main character, Marion Crane, depends on luck. 

“Psycho” stands out with its unique storytelling. A sense of unpredictability in the eerie voice of the narrator builds tension in the audience, making it hard to distinguish between imagination and reality. This element of luck may be the thing that makes Psycho all too relatable for Canadian gaming enthusiasts. As they say, the excitement from winning the jackpot at the top Canadian gambling sites, just like the ones enumerated by this source, is almost identical to the adrenaline rush caused by watching this horror movie. 

Thanks to the slow-burning plot and some of the greatest twists ever, you will notice that Hitchcock created a distinct tension all around. And that’s probably why each of us finds this movie so unsettling.

2. The Exorcist

If you’ve ever watched the movie “Exorcist”, we bet you can’t deny that this is a must-watch classic horror movie for any fan. But interestingly, the plot of this famous haunting movie is also related to luck.

The film’s storyline is simple and emotionally resonates with horror fans: a young girl named Regan starts playing with an Ouija board and accidentally becomes possessed by a demon named Pazuzu. As the movie continues, her mother tries to rescue her with the help of two priests, Father Merrin and Father Karras.   

Perhaps not surprisingly, the main characters struggle against the powers of darkness and it’s totally up to their unpredictable fate whether they can save the little girl. This movie reminds us that sometimes the odds of overcoming dark forces are as uncertain as a game of chance. 

3. The Shining

The next movie on our list of unpredictable horror movies is another classic horror film — Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece, The Shining. No one can argue that its unique characters, intriguing narrative, and some of the best scripts ever made in movie history are only a few reasons why it still fascinates people regardless of their age and culture.


This 1980 movie is often referred to as a standard thriller. However, the truth is that The Shining stands out with its deeper themes of evil and family tragedy. That could be why there are multiple fan theories to finally explain its ending. Despite these numerous interpretations,  one thing is for sure — the element of luck is ever-present in this movie.

The Shining is still admired today thanks to its technical mastery in addition to its compelling story and deep, underlying mythos. 

4. The Silence of the Lambs

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Dr. Lecter and his mind games? Without a doubt, The Silence of the Lambs is a film that made a significant impact on the genre of horror and inspired hundreds of psychological thrillers. However, if you’ve seen the movie, you might be surprised to see it listed among movies that contain elements of luck. Dr. Hannibal Lecter didn’t choose his victims based on fate, after all, did he? 

That’s right —  the element of luck is not immediately apparent in Hannibal’s thoughtful actions. But don’t you remember that Clarice Starling, a young and inexperienced FBI student,  gets involved in the Lecter case somewhat by chance? Besides, her interactions with him can be perceived as opportunities that could swing in any direction.

This horror currently has an 8.6 rating on IMDb from almost 1.5 million users. And this is one of the many reasons why it’s the most prestigious and well-received film in its genre.


5. Halloween

And the final movie that fascinates us with its incredible game of chance is Halloween — perhaps the most suitable one for this eerie autumn season. Even if you have seen it multiple times, it’s hard to resist the temptation to rewatch this movie once the Halloween period approaches. 

It’s a John Carpenter’s classic thriller that remains one of the most successful horror films even after decades since its release. Its popularity can be attributed to its genuine artistic talent and taste, as well as the exciting elements of humor, suspense, and terror in the script.

What makes it stand out in the realm of luck? Well, it’s the random selection of the victims — a familiar plot for most detective movies. Michael Myers doesn’t have any clear pattern for stalking his victims — his next target could be anyone. Therefore, the characters’ survival is often determined by mere luck.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the element of luck is a natural part of most of the classic horror movies that have captivated audiences for generations. Our selection of movies will indeed win your heart if you enjoy watching scary themes like childhood trauma, dreadful family secrets, man-eating monsters, and many more.

So, consider watching any of these movies once again and try to find elements of luck in the path of the characters and the outcome of the stories.

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