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It might happen one morning that you wake up home alone. This could be normal depending on your situation, but this morning will be different. While your environment will all seem exactly the same, you’ll notice that everything is quieter than normal. If you go outside, you will notice a distinct lack of anything like birds, insects… or people. As far as you travel, you will not encounter another sentient human being. The entire world will be intact, but empty except for yourself.

There are currently over 100,000 missing persons cases in the United States. Some are just normal cases of murder or kidnappings, but in others, the disappearance cannot be explained and no remains of the person are ever located.

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75 thoughts on “100,000”

  1. If this actually happened to me I would be so happy I could do whatever I wanted and Watch as much anime and youtube as I wanted XD


    Guys please read this. you might think I’m just faking, but… I don’t care…. there’s probably no hope for me anyways…. I figured out that the internet still works…. actually everything works like there was still people working on it. Only there’s not. Its really kind of creepy, but I get used to it after a while…. sort of. Anyhow the internet can connect between the worlds… so I can comunicate. It still gets to you after a while, not seeing a human but the messaging works alright. No skype though, or facebook. Anything with images of people just fails to load. I get all the food I need, and I’m currently staying in a small cottage. I wonder who lives here in the real world…. please if you find a way to get back just please help me its nice here and all but I miss people….

  3. Honestly I’d jerk off after a while :T…I’ve kinda always wanted to disappear into a world alone, on my birthday so I can get some solitude…maybe I’ll try that key thing

    I would do everything I wanted to

    what if it’s you who’s missing and is actually trapped in an empty, lifeless, alternate universe?

    This is pretty easy tho! I’d just call out CANDLEJAAACK! and then he wi

  5. Kill yourself? Are you kidding? As long as there was still electricity and an ample food supply, I’d be in heaven. But maybe that’s related to my extreme dislike for most people.

  6. I Prefer Solitude

    I actually wish that that would happen to me. I would love it to be just me, with no-one else in the whole world.

  7. I read this and then the next day I woke up and found my brother and mom gone. Luckily they came back later

  8. Wouldn’t they be able to see each other? Like all be connected because they’re in the same never-place?

  9. Don'tDreamItBeIt

    The last part actually reminds me of a poem I read, it’s called “beware : don’t read this poem.” Have you read it? The whole statistic of 100,000 people was in it, so is that where you got it from?

  10. Well, since I have all the world’s resources and time at my disposal, I’ll just train myself in extreme comp sci and create artificial intelligence. I’ll have a sentient being to interact with then.

  11. 100,000 missing persons cases in a world that just hit 7,000,000,000… I really can’t see the terror that should be inflicted but still a kick in the psyche. 7/10

  12. I would totally stock up on a tricked out RV, fortified like a tank with ammo and armor and such. Then I would map out fresh-water sites, orchards, dump-stations, supply stores, gas stations, etc. and explore the new world I’m in. :D

    1. I hope it’s a friendly talking animal.

      BUT I get the ax ready behind the door just in case… and then peer out a window.


  13. I woke up alone in my house once when I was five and couldn’t find anybody in the house until I went outside and there was my family. It still freaked me out though.

  14. MarshmallowMassacre

    It’s actually quite nice in this other world. Screamers aren’t scary and there’s no wife to talk to you. In some ways it’s heaven.

  15. Wait… No animals? But what if I want some meat? After all, the meat in the stores is going to go bad eventually

    Come on. At least leave us fish. Unless you’re Jackie Chan, a fish can’t make a good companion

  16. I think I would actually enjoy that since it’s a matter of perspective. Imagine not knowing there was anyone else like you, not understanding the concept of society. Yet you have all of this cool shit and knowledge around you created by humanity, and it serves as your personal playground.


  17. What really scares me, is that you won’t mean any sentient human beings. Or any living beings for that matter.
    The dead however, fit neither category. There are over 9000 million dead people….

  18. Wait, if 100,000 people are taken to this world, then they’re not really alone.

    Or are they each taken to a separate world?

  19. i have found something out….there is a pasta that says if you ever want to end your own life write a suicide note to your lovedones,cut it away int othe shape of a key,pretend to unlock a door with it,and open the door,youll go to a second earth,then repeat the process in the other earth,youll return bac kto this one,at least,thats how i got back.

  20. i have found something out….there is a pasta that says if you ever want to end your own life write a suicide note to your lovedones,cut it away int othe shape of a key,pretend to unlock a door with it,and open the door,youll go to another earth,then repeat the process in the other earth,youll return bac kto this one,at least,thats how i got back.

  21. This pasta reminds me of Stephen King’s short story, “The Langoliers” in which a bunch of people on an airplane flight fall asleep. When they wake up, they are still on the plane, but everyone else on the flight, as well as everyone else in the world, have disappeared.

  22. This is my favorite creepypasta. I love the idea of such a world, although I would hate to exist in such a place.

  23. If I was in such a world, it would definitely be a good test of my sanity.

    Would I kill myself? Probably not. I think I’d try to live my life out as if I was the last man on Earth. Eating what food I could find, joyrides, and the like. However, I would also attempt to find others like me, by leaving bonfires. What are the chances that I’m the only one there.

    Additionally, I would read about the subject. After all, there are still libraries in this alternate universe, and what harm could come from learning about my predicament. Perhaps it’s happened before and someone managed to escape, and wrote a book about it.

    However, I don’t know the strength of my psyche, and every moment leads closer to the eventual loss of my sanity, and once that happens, who knows what I’ll do.

    1. Father Litmatch

      True, but then you could last an incalculable amount of time if you created imaginary characters to interact with, perhaps using maniquins or even (for desperate measures) blow up dolls

  24. Pffft this explaination of the 100,000 missing people is obviously wrong, everone knows it’s vampires that cause the majority of missing person’s cases. The rest are caused by Pedobear.

        1. Dad WTF you take credit for some of mine too dont act like all those missing persons are yours

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